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  2. He took out a full page ad in the Boston herald in support of Trump (picture of him, his wife and Trump), basically saying (I’m paralyzed), that Trump has done a great job in the pandemic and has taken a unfair blame since he’s taken office is best person to lead USA. To what - the Armageddon??
  3. Ahh, different what i thought. Who knows, maybe Byron, Lehkonen get moved opening up some room, and/or Poehling really does turn heads at camp? Seems odd, when you hear that, for example, a Hudon (McCarron, etc) comes into his 3rd, 4th or 5th training camp " well he is 10lbs lighter this year"...so WTF was he doing the previous off seasons, mailing in his training and diet, which as a young borderline NHL/AHLer with skating issues, you would think is crazy? But guess is why many prospects just dont get it and end up playing overseas or for the Swamp Rabbits, like this happy fellow.
  4. I do agree with this. My original point was that I think Poehling has the skills to be much better than he was the past season. But while his skills might have been good enough to skate around the opposition in high school hockey and at St Cloud, that's not the case in the NHL. Or even in the AHL. So, he needs to be hungry, to really want to succeed (yes, like Gallagher). And if sitting in the pressbox during the playoffs gave him some of that motivation, that's a good thing.
  5. Hey, he is old and rich and if he thinks piling up more $$, before he packs it in, is all important, Trump's clan is most friendly to those...just smart business to set grand kids up. He may be thought of as a bit kooky, like Tim Thomas but not sure will be huge deal. Granted, i havent heard what he said and assume was basically same as Favre, Nicklaus and millions of others.
  6. That wouldn't surprise me if there is strong interest in Poehling. I really believe he has great potential and I think last year was just one of those years, started off injured, never really got untracked and lost some confidence. Of course it is up to him to earn it. I am cheering for him though. Reminds me a little of another big strong winger they had who showed flashes but never really got untracked until he was traded to Philadelphia along with Eric Desjardins for Mark Recchi, that trade didn't turn out well for Montreal but it sure did for Philly.
  7. It helps that most of Montreal's legends remain in Canada and therefore don't have to wade into American politics.
  8. I simply had Poehling on my 4th line in the thread where we made our lines, and I’m not going to change my mind simply because it’s not the popular opinion. I’m not saying it will happen, it’s just my projected lineup. I am not something like a huge Poehling supporter but I don’t think there’s a huge disparity between Evans and Poehling, in that Poehling brings other attributes to the table outside of statistics as well. One can look at it like this: “Go play in Europe, or the AHL, play a lot of minutes, boost your confidence, kid. On the other hand, I could care less about Poehling’s development if he is unable to crack Montreal’s top 4 lines depth chart at center, with three of those centers being 20, 21, and 24 respectively. If Poehling cannot crack our lineup soon, he won’t ever be a Hab. Sure, he can increase his trade value by continuing to improve, but tied in with my initial statement where I did not want his hat trick & shootout winner to be the highlight of his time with the Habs, that won’t do anything when it comes to bettering his future with the Habs organization. I guess to some my thought process wouldn’t be rational. However, I don’t think it’s a far fetched idea. 1) Poehling was on the Habs before Evans (meaning as recently as last year, he was viewed higher on the depth chart than Evans) 2) Poehling’s year last year was possibly a down year. Of course if it wasn’t, he’s a goner. However if it was, the sky is the limit. It’s funny because it seems both sides would be arguing what they believe is better for Poehling in the long run. Others: Go play large minutes because we want you to be a top 9 player. Me: Hopefully you’re our 4th best center now because if you aren’t, you won’t be with the Habs for very long. It’s no coincidence Poehling’s name is brought up in 87% of the trade proposals involving the Habs.
  9. I just have to give thanks that a Habs legend hasn’t come out endorsing DJT. The Bobby Orr situation is regrettable and could end up being a disaster for the Bruins brand.
  10. There were some NHL teams pushing to start the AHL in December just to get their prospects some playing time. Evidently, there weren't enough of them willing to do so with the league pushing the date back.
  11. The only way I see Poehling even having a chance to start on the 4th line is if there is no AHL season. Even then, Id send him to Europe before having him on the 4th line. To me its top 9 or AHL, if he can't crack the top 9, he needs to play 20+ minutes a game in the AHL.
  12. Ylonen 1g (ppg) 12:31, 3rd line Kotkaniemi 53.8% 18:22, 2nd line
  13. Not really a rumour. They say sometimes the best deals are the ones you don't make - this defiantly isn't one of them!! https://www.si.com/hockey/news/what-if-cam-neely-had-been-dealt-to-montreal-instead-of-boston I had heard about the Roy for Nolan/Fiset deal that Savard was working on, but didn't hear about the McPhee for Neely!!!! Mcphee played an important role and scored some important goals in the 86 cup win and 89 run, but damn!!!
  14. Anyways, I just cant see a spot for him on the Habs, 4th line centre is only option and Evans had decent showing in 6 games he just played and solid AHL season before that. And you dont want Poehling as 13th man sitting in the pressbox. So even without AHLfan revenue, might NHL teams still want to get AHL games rolling so that prospects can play competitive games in Feb? Or is that a non-starter and need fans for AHL to operate?
  15. Think the only chance Ryan would have to catch on in Europe would have been if the Habs were looking to assign his contract for the full season ... import slots rarely go to "visitors"
  16. "a Gallagher" is more what i was referring to and not talking specific skills of each, simply that Gallagher is the type who works hard consistently, shoots a ton and creates offensive opportunities for himself and i think Poehling should take some pointers from him to improve from 1g1a in 27gms. I wasnt sure if it was Poehling couldnt find a European team, or that Habs are simply hoping AHL fires up in new year?
  17. No one is comparing him to Gallagher. But I believe he needed an attitude adjustment, and maybe sitting in the press box in the bubble gave him some extra motivation. Maybe. Poehling would not have an easy time finding a spot playing in Europe as all the teams have import quotas. Ylonen, Leskinen and Kotkaniemi had no troubles as they don't take up import slots.
  18. Yesterday
  19. I would reverse that ... I think Evans has earned the right to be the presumptive 4th line centre (if a vet isn't signed) ... it is Poehling who I will wait to see how how does in camp
  20. Still, the words he used about each one were telling. He didn't talk up Poehling's skills, but he did bring up his desire to play. It doesn't make Poehling's skills any better, but maybe the desire to play is now burning more brightly? Galchenyuk just said exact same thing yesterday about joining Sens, does that make anyone think he will have break out year there... Only reason I am hopeful is this is the first time Poehling has had a disappointing year and then "said the right thing" ... Galchenyuk has an album coming out
  21. In the past we all have heard so much hype about how hard some prospects train in off-season, post themselves videoed working out and just doesn't translate into success on the ice. Whereas a Gallagher was no hype or brass statements, he just worked his bag off every shift, as he had in junior. But, do hope AHL is a go this year, otherwise Poehling should likely be in Europe playing now.
  22. I don't think so much bias as optimism about "his" prospects. Still, the words he used about each one were telling. He didn't talk up Poehling's skills, but he did bring up his desire to play. It doesn't make Poehling's skills any better, but maybe the desire to play is now burning more brightly?
  23. Why would you? You know is highly unlikely. Talk is cheap, Ramage is obviously biased and simply couldnt say anything negative.
  24. All I know is that if you’re Ryan Poehling, or a Habs fan, the hat trick+ game can’t be the highlight of his career as a Habs player. How anti-climatic that would be. On a separate but related note, I have him starting on the 4th line with the Habs. We’ll see how Evans does in camp.
  25. Poehling was quoted in an Athletic article about Rob Ramage and player development, asked about being in the bubble during the playoffs: Hunger, that's a good thing. Maybe it really was a good thing to invite Poehling into the bubble, even though he did not get into a game.
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