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  2. Non-Rocket Habs Prospect tracker

    Josh Brook's season won't be starting anytime soon as he has undergone wrist surgery and is expected to be out 8-12 weeks.
  3. Habs announce training camp roster

    That one surprised me as I thought he'd get a look at Laval's training camp.
  4. 2017 NHL Offseason Thread

    So is Big Bird snake bit or did MB not think BigBird is the Man? http://www.journaldemontreal.com/2017/09/21/larry-robinson-se-joint-a-lorganisation-des-blues
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  6. Sept 21, DEVILS vs HABS, 7PM

    I like to see this.. Byron Danault Gallagher Galchenyuk Audette Scherbak Carr JDLR McCarron Marty Mitch Waked This is definitely Jerabek's opportunity to create some distance between himself and the competition. ( Davidson, Morrow, Gelinas & Streit.)
  7. Sept 21, DEVILS vs HABS, 7PM

    Carr was solid last game
  8. Sept 21, DEVILS vs HABS, 7PM

    Notes i see immediately 1) Jerabek is being given big responsibility and opportunity. That pair will likely face the Devils line with Taylor Hall. 2) Poor Byron. 3) Price going in back to backs (i know he's playing half the game) this early in pre-season... oof. 4) DLR at C, and McC at RW is notable.
  9. Sept 21, DEVILS vs HABS, 7PM

    I'm at work so I'm stealing parts of Brian's template and the lines from HFboards After dropping the first 2 preseason games, Montreal will look to get in the win column on Thursday as they host the Devils. Devils Projected Lineup #9 Taylor Hall - #90 Marcus Johansson - #21 Kyle Palmieri #23 Stefan Noesen - #13 Nico Hischier - #63 Jesper Bratt #64 Joseph Blandisi - #40 Blake Coleman - #47 John Quenneville #51 Brandon Gignac - #58 Kevin Rooney - #42 Nathan Bastian #5 Dalton Prout - #25 Mirco Mueller #7 Brian Strait - #16 Steven Santini #8 Will Butcher - #32 Michael Kapla/#53 Jacob McDonald #55 Ken Appelby/#1 Keith Kinkaid Canadiens Projected Lineup #27 Alex Galchenyuk - #24 Phillip Danault - #11 Brendan Gallagher #41 Paul Byron - #48 Daniel Audette - #38 Nikita Scherbak #37 Andreas Martinsen - #25 Jacob De La Rose - #34 Michael McCarron #43 Daniel Carr - #17 Torrey Mitchell - #97 Antoine Waked #28 Jakub Jerabek - #26 Jeff Petry #45 Joe Morrow - #36 Brett Lernout #52 Eric Gelinas - #20 Zach Redmond #31 Carey Price/#30 Zach Fucale Puck drop is at 7:00 PM EST on RDS and some other English medias (probably). English Radio: TSN 690 French Radio: FM 98.5
  10. Post Game Format

    it would be kinda cool to include how many points, games played, goal for/against... board somewhere kinda helps keep track without too much search. I must be getting super lazy from the all the pre-legalization, since I already am on the inter-web, lol (edit) but that is also why I Love this site. The community here is my 1 stop Habs info Crew
  11. Sept. 20, Washington vs Montreal, 7 PM

    Agreed but I suppose its part of a matrix of pluses and minuses. One important variable with a centre. Which reminds me.. where'd I put my bag of important variables.... gotta go look for them..
  12. Faceoff% is not overrated. Is vital in critical situations, especially on special teams and late in game in defensive zone when coaches will run out their best faceoff centre to take the faceoff. Who is considered the best defensive centre in the NHL...Bergeron and what is his faceoff%? Just coincidence? Why did the best player in NHL work hard to develop his proficiency on faceoffs, because it is important facet of being a top centre?
  13. Sept. 20, Washington vs Montreal, 7 PM

    I agree and I'm still hopeful that Drouin will pan out at center. I keep relating him to Crosby and he's found a way to be a career 52% despite his size and so hopefully Drouin can keep working on it and keep getting better. Hopefully the refs haven't treated Crosby any differently over the years when it comes to allowing him to cheat, etc.
  14. Sept. 20, Washington vs Montreal, 7 PM

    That's very well put but when you have an individual who plays center, they are placed into more puck battling situations than your conventional player and so it seems only logical that someone who plays center should be good at battling for the puck off of a face off. While it's true that 51% vs 49% won't make much of a difference in a short sample when a player is your #1 center, they should be the player you have confidence throwing out there to win that controlled puck battle, especially when it is in the offensive zone. There's nothing worse than having 5.4 seconds left on the clock with an offensive zone draw, or 10 seconds left on a 5 on 3 with an offensive zone draw, or the list could go on, and having that feeling that your team is at the disadvantage when it come to winning the draw. After some time a pattern develops and it can become almost predicatable. If I had the choice, that's not who I want my first line center to be because he's going to be out there in the key situations. As much as I said all puck battles are relevant, who cares if McCaron wins a puck battle and then flip it out into the other team's glove because of the lack of skill he has to do anything with it. If Drouin were to be good at face offs, it would be a huge benefit to our team because he and his line mates have skill to be dangerous with possession and they won't have to play as much defense simply because they didn't lose the draw. The best defense is offense and you can't score without the puck.
  15. Sept. 20, Washington vs Montreal, 7 PM

    When I paid attention he lost the draws. I'm surprise too that he was at 46.. but who was he facing? The tryout crowd? It would be nice if one of these guys could excel and flourish at centre but if not.. c'est la vie.
  16. Sept. 20, Washington vs Montreal, 7 PM

    All puck battles lead to possession. 1 on 1 puck battles have also been studied, its about a 5 to 1 ratio vs faceoffs. Winning an uncontrolled puck battle was also said to lead to slightly more High Danger Scoring Chances than a faceoff. This is because teams are not coached and set up to defend winning/losing a one-on-one battle in the corner, where there are numerous strategies to defend against a face-off loss. Yes, they aren't always successful, and some faceoffs lead to good chances and goals, but the fact remains that more chances are created from winning a battle for a loose puck following a rebound, or in a corner than off a draw. Are face-offs important? sure. Are they more important than other puck battles? No. in that way, faceoff percentage has become overrated. Give me the players HDSC% or Corsi% over his face-off number any day of the week. I care about the total number of chances he is on the ice for, at both ends of the rink created from all situations (including but not limited to faceoffs). To me that is a far more relevant number than a pure percentage of faceoff wins. yet another example of a stat that is becoming outdated. ... like plus/minus. Useful in some contexts, but others are far more important indicators of whether or not the player will become a good centre.
  17. Sept. 20, Washington vs Montreal, 7 PM

    It's not a right perspective. These are controlled 1 on 1 battles unlike other ones. I guess the NHL is completely oblivious when they try to increase offense by changing rules related to where faceoffs are, who puts their stick down first, etc. You'll not change your perspective on this but faceoff wins lead to possession. Any smart team will use a faceoff win to their advantage. If you win the face off and then dump the puck in, sure the faceoff meant nothing. If you win a face off in the offensive zone on a powerplay, it makes a difference when compared to losing the faceoff and having the other team send the puck down the ice. If you win the face off in 3 on 3 overtime and play keep away from the opposing team, the faceoff mattered. Dozens of puck battles don't neceseccarily happen every shift. Teams like Anaheim who thrive on cycling and winning puck battles want to play that way but smaller teams who rely on puck movement, speed and posssession shouldn't play that way. And so what, those other 1 on 1 puck battles along the boards are also critical and players who are soft on the puck often get criticized for it as well.
  18. Sept. 20, Washington vs Montreal, 7 PM

    Face-off percentage is largely overrated IMO. It is merely a measurement of just one of the dozens of one-on-one puck battles that happen every shift. I think a bigger issue is if Drouin will be defensively responsible without the puck, playing 5 on 5. That is what will make or break him as a centre. Not his faceoff percentage.
  19. Habs announce training camp roster

    Maxime Fortier was also sent back to the Q.
  20. Sept. 20, Washington vs Montreal, 7 PM

    Great ... or at least well above mediocre comments guys! I got my RDS $59. package here by Lake Huron (Goderich, On.. the city that time forgot..) and luvved my first Habs fix. Meanwhile the armed forces are having a practice day at the closed teen rehab centre and we're off to a house shaking explosive start to the season! EDIT: When I spoke of house shaking explosive starts, I was not , repeat, not referring to farts. But come to think of it...
  21. Sept. 20, Washington vs Montreal, 7 PM

    Good point. Scheifele is 6"3 and it obviously didn't help him at the dot. Who knows how his size helps the rest of his game as a center though. I want Drouin to thrive. I've repeated that I've seen him outplay Crosby in specific games. At the same time, people need to temper their expectations. He's maxed out at 53 points so far and all of a sudden we expect him to be a PPG player. Even Scheifele had points in the 60s before he reached 80. It's 100% possible but the expectations need to be temperered. I live in Southern California now so I'm not around it as much but all I had to see was Mario Tremblay's expectations prior to game 1 and the only reason he thought we would be a better team this year was "Jonathan Drouin". Nothing else mattered when it came to assessing why we were an improved team. It's true that he's capable of being more elite than anything we've had up front in a long time but it's the manner in which it was said. Finally, no one gave a damn about Scheifele's face off percentage nor his 82 points because the Jets didn't make the playoffs. I emphasized Drouin's completely hypothetical issues coming to fruition when the going gets tough. By that, I was imagining the playoffs.
  22. Habs announce training camp roster

    No surprises yet.
  23. Sept. 20, Washington vs Montreal, 7 PM

    Scheifele is a 46% C too. And nobody gives a damn rat about it cuz he puts up 80 points.
  24. Sept. 20, Washington vs Montreal, 7 PM

    I don't know what it is about Galchenyuk that makes me see him as a capable center. It's not because I want him to be for any stubborn reason and it's also to the extent that I think he can be a good center. He does turnover the puck too much I admit but the center of the ice gives him a little more room to be shifty. Correct me if I'm wrong but I see Galchenyuk as a decent East-West player and the middle of the ice would allow him to go left or right 1 on 1 against the D. On the other hand, people have often criticized his shifty play and have accused him of being selfish for not finding his teammates so the exact thing I'm mentioning could be used as an argument against him. It depends what you're looking for. Coincidentally, Drouin did not impress me at the face off dot. I was surprised to see he was 46%, which may indicate some expectation bias. I want him to thrive in the position and it's just one game. There's no doubt in my mind he'll get better. It's just my personal opinion that I can already see how winning face offs may be difficult for him against some larger players once the going gets tough.
  25. Injury news

  26. Injury news

    Juulsen out 6 weeks with broken foot from blocking a shot vs Boston.
  27. Someone didn't get the memo that Chucky isn't a center anymore...
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