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  2. We need to make sure we're at 7 or 8 and not 10-12. We should rest the vets and play the kids more. Give Price every other game off, play Weber less and give him games off, ditto for Petry and Gallagher. We should have been doing this on some level for a couple months now.
  3. Must be the new moon! 😄 And somethings shadowing the moon later in the evening as he faded back to bad Domi
  4. A few things Players don't tank. You are never going to get a team full of professionals to lose on purpose. Right now we would pick 8th.... based on Pts% (how much do you want us to tank?)
  5. You say top 10-12, but don't think that tanking is imperative? That's the difference between being in or out of your own list of elite prospects, not to mention having some choice of which one you favour. I'd much rather come in at #8 than #12 if there's 10-12 elite guys.
  6. Fortunately, any points we drop are good for us at this point. Crazy how we're running Price into the ground on this nothing season.
  7. may play 75 games, lol pathetic although the zamboni driver has as many wins this year as Kinkaid
  8. Good lord, put Lindgren in net next game and give Price a break.
  9. Blew another 2 goal lead clearly more bad luck
  10. That was a brilliant example by Domi of how not to play defence. As Horvat skated to the point, he was doing fine. Then, he sagged off Horvat (first big mistake) on the pass to Toffoli to cover Toffoli. That left Horvat wide open to accept the return pass. He then gave it to Toffoli who was somehow left wide open as Domi forgot to check him and went puck watching instead (second big mistake in about three seconds).
  11. couldn't get the puck out of their end.
  12. You could feel that coming. Eh...game doesn't matter anyways since we are out of it. Not gonna get upset.
  13. lolll true!!! I think some one on the ice saw la guerre des tuques not long ago and said: la guerre ! la guerre?! mais on veux Lafreniere!!!
  14. UGH was just for the seeing eye Edler goal... though it could apply (in a different way) to the Virtanen goal.
  15. they were still up 1 at end 1st, that was good for me and I felt (still do) the effort is there from the jump
  16. The top of this draft is excellent. I think its just an average draft once you get past that top 10-12 though.
  17. What I heard Pierre McQuire say on TSN radio a few months back was that was the best and deepest draft in years. He said this was the year to not trade away draft picks and the more picks you had the better positioned you would be. But from what some of you are saying, maybe that’s not the case.
  18. Hard to fault Price on the Edler goal. That was quite the screen.
  19. im liking how they playing tonight the Team looked to hold after the Van surge
  20. I don't remember them having any kind of crazy chemistry before this, but Domi does like to hold the puck and give guys time to get open, and Byron does like using his speed to find free ice near the net, so they really should be a match made in heaven.
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