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  2. His trade value hasn't changed. Teams know what they're getting. I don't see another way to get a quality D-man
  3. Habs win 3-2 and turn their season around after this game
  4. You're probably right Stogey... he may have value, but worries me that he may need till the playoffs to get back to what he can really do, and that we trade away a young guy that has proven he can score a bit.
  5. Let's hope MB doesn't make a desperation trade to save his job and send Sergachev to Arizona
  6. On paper, I'd think he would be. Considering they dealt Eaves yesterday for a 2nd, I also think they haven't been offered that yet or he'd already be somewhere else.
  7. Don't remind me that this team could have had McDonagh and Subban on the aame blueline. Gainey threw away a Cup-worthy defence corps. Arrrrrrrrggggghghhhh
  8. Ah, ok thanks Brian. He's gotta be worth a second no?
  9. Beaulieu's and Tinordi's failures in addition to McDonagh really hurt now
  10. Today
  11. Your absolutely right. Many of us said it when the trade happened. Beulieu would need to take some big steps, or Weber would start getting out of his comfort zone and trying to move the puck more than he should have to. Guess what...
  12. I know, it is a poor offer from the Habs. What I was thinking and didn't write that if Beaulieu will never be the top-pair partner for Weber then we shoudl get rid of him in a trade and package other stuff (cap space/contract in DD, and draft choices) to get us the LD we need for a run at the cup. Not doing so, to me, is a total failure of what the CH set out to do when we traded for Weber to compete Now.
  13. The problem is he was shit before the hand injury. Really like Gallagher, but he's a trade chip that can reap a return.
  14. So a bottom pair d-man, a guy who can't cracks Habs roster, and a late first for a top pair D-man.
  15. Game is also available as the free game of the day on
  16. Bozak may not play for the Leafs tonight (game-time decision); Ben Smith was in his spot during line rushes at their game day skate. Worth noting, Babcock noted it's not an injury-related thing which has resulted in all sorts of speculation. Him being out would be a nice break for the Habs though.
  17. I wouldn't go for Hutton or anyone that may be at Beaulieu's level. I would trade Beaulieu + Desharnais + 2017 first round draft and a conditional 2018 2nd for a first pair LD that would push Markov and Emelin down. I think that would get us over the hump
  18. It depends on what they want, really. Do they prefer a pick or an already-drafted prospect? They could use a goalie prospect but I don't think the Habs would move Lindgren and I can't see them wanting Fucale while McNiven/Hawkey are too far away from being NHL-ready. I imagine they'd want a 2nd rounder at this point, especially if they're eating salary or taking a cap dump back.
  19. Ahhh, the old cap thing. Do we have anything that Dallas may want to make it happen? Goaltending prospect maybe?
  20. Never considered it that way, I was thinking the idea of giving Galchenyuk some help to score, not Plekanec to check. Hopefully Gallagher's hand gets better, then I'd be happy where he's at.
  21. I think they like the idea of that Plekanec line (which, based on recent ice time with Julien, I'd probably call #2) being a checking unit. They can't do that if Gallagher and Shaw flip spots.
  22. Too much doom and gloom, we cannot lose to the forking laffs. I believe that there was a law passed after 3 Royal Commissions that says it is illegal for the Habs to lose to tarawna. We are the better the better and the floodgates will open. And stay open.
  23. It would make more sense now as a rental player. Whether it's down the middle or on the wing, the Habs need another player or two capable of scoring. Sharp isn't a front liner anymore (and his concussions this year are a concern) but he could fit in as a useful secondary scorer. That said, they can't afford his salary outright so either Dallas would have to retain or they'd have to take someone like Desharnais back.
  24. Maybe DD can make a tape to tape? But then again, Michell or Ghetto would miss the net, so there's that. I couldn't say McCarron stays on his feet any better than DD over his last few games, so whatever... Switch Shaw and Gallagher and get Emelin off the top pairing and I'd be happier.
  25. To me that should be plenty, too much in fact.
  26. Yea sorry fellas, Plek has been dead weight. Copy and past mishap.
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