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  2. Is this a real problem? I don’t know where to find this as a team stat, so I added up D goals and assists for the Habs and the Leafs. Points/game is very similar but our D have more goals (Petry!) while the Leafs have more assists. Am I looking at the wrong stat? Or do the Leafs have the same issue?
  3. I'd just throw this in there after watching the kid last night. I think he'd fit better on a line with KK and Lek rather than Danault and Tatar. Better set up centre, A speedy winger with great defence, and a pure sniper. Move Staal to wing or centre on 4th line. I wasn't so sure about Caufield playing NHL hockey this season, but that performance last night was no fluke, AHL defenders had no answer for his skill, speed and shot. The kid is an NHL player no doubt.
  4. I do but I'm using it to tie myself up whenever I'm tempted to do gardening. Fortunately these are very rare attacks!
  5. Even if Weber was exposed and not taken, I’d see if we could move him to Seattle, m exchange for picking another player that we’d have an interest in or picks. I think Seattle could move him and get a better return if they were willing to eat half his cap hit, with the assumption that a Weber only plays another two years and than retires. Not sure they’d be willing to take that cap hit for the all of the years he’s got remaining, if the feeling was that Weber wouldn’t any to retire and actually wanted to keep playing until he is 40, despite the low actual salary he is being paid during
  6. Bumping this thread because I've seen a great discussion on the forum about if Weber would be picked up by Seattle if he was unprotected at the expansion draft. I think he would be (and then flipped with salary retained), but it still might be worth the risk if Bergevin can bring in another top 4 defenseman with term at the trade deadline. The Habs aren't getting enough points from the back end, and the left side in particular is rough. I'd risk having a hole on the right side next season if it means filling a hole on the left this season. And who knows, maybe Allen is
  7. Oh, no real expectations. But it would be nice to have that kind of talent. Just extremely wishful hoping.
  8. Hopefully but im not gonna compare him to a hall of famer.
  9. I’m hoping Kariya is the comparable for him - although CC is more of a shooter
  10. Let me just add one more point here ... Our PP was running at 18.3% under Julien. After Ducharme took over, it's been 23.4%, which is better than 20 other teams in the league.
  11. Agreed. We’ve already rushed too many young players because of need, rather than their readiness. Having him play at least 4-5 games minimum in the AHL isn’t going to hurt him (unless he gets headhunted as a big name rookie). Rushing him might hurt him in the long run.
  12. Tabarnac le jeune is impressionant!!
  13. I agree with that. What I’m trying to say is that if you have an Ekblad, Herman, Dahlin, Hughes type of d prospect, you have a better chance that the guy becomes a top pairing, or even top pairing D - and even that’s not guaranteed. Very few 18-19-20-21-22 year old dman are ready to be top pairing/top 4 guys at that age. Hedman was not the player at 19-20 that he is now. The guys we have are not even close to those types of prospects. They may become top 4, maybe even top pairing, but to expect them to be in the top 4 to fill our hole is unrealistic. An elite forward can let his offensive tal
  14. I’m thinking about the next 10 years, not just this season. I’ll trust the Habs’ judgement on this.
  15. Seperate those who won as seniours and those who won as freshmen and sophmores and you see the difference. Lots of players dominate as an older player in their fourth year of college. When you do it as a teenager in your second year there is a big difference.
  16. I think any caution is looking to ensure it is the right time for Caufield as well as for the Habs
  17. We lost a guy who had 14 goals for the rest of the regular season, have a sputtering powerplay, and a bum with 2 goals is currently occupying a top 6 LW slot. I'm not sure what time we would be waiting for exactly that could be more perfect than right now.
  18. There is no question that he has far more skill than Poehling. In my mind, the real question is whether one AHL game is enough, and whether now is the right time to move to the NHL.
  19. Doesnt seem like this award has gone to very many good NHLers. A few good NHLers on the list. Winners Year Winner Position School Born 1981 Neal Broten Center Minnesota Roseau, Minnesota 1982 George McPhee Left Wing Bowling Green Guelph, Ontario 1983 Mark Fusco Defense Harvard Burlington, Massachusetts 1984 Tom Ku
  20. https://theahl.com/stats/game-center/1022575 5-3 win, nice. Caufield 2g1a 5shot 1st star in debut, awesome and got a feeling he will follow it up with more offense than some others have, sorry Ryan.
  21. So far this year he has 32 goals in 32 games. That's almost a goal a game!!
  22. So happy for the kid and hopefully our next goal scoring sniper...
  23. Great too see, further evidence that he can score, pretty impressive debut.
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