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  2. ... or at least we should drop the whole topic, and instead discuss the Leafs' struggles and whether we should bet on them missing the playoffs?
  3. Why, an arrogant & bigoted mouthpiece got what was long overdue. We should be celebrating the move, no?
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  5. Belleville Senators (6-6-1) visit Laval Rocket (9-5-1) tonight. Ryan Poehling should be back in action in Laval, assuming the traffic wasn't too bad this afternoon! https://twitter.com/RocketLaval/status/1194626726560772096?s=20
  6. Hate this conversation, but absolutely love this post. Well done.
  7. Claude Julien deserves a big piece of the pie. He made a great decision when he didn't call a timeout with about a minute to go. He knew that the 5 Columbus' players were exausted and chose not to call the timeout. He chose not to send his own top players and believed that whoever he would play would have a good chance to score because of how tired the opponents were. So went with Tatar, Suzuki, etc. Kudos.
  8. Seems like he's close. I wonder if they won't play him back-to-back though (Fri/Sat) so perhaps Weal gets a game as well.
  9. With his simply gorgeous skating ability, its my guess that once he's really confident in the defensive aspect , he'll gradually start to use that deep skill offensively and probably do quite to very well at it. That's my hunch anyway.
  10. Suzuki is ready for the NHL, no doubt in my mind. Poehling is not there yet, in spite of his first game last spring.
  11. This. That pass by Suzuki was something else. He waited and waited and waited for the right moment. Didnt look like a rookie to me.
  12. Great play by Suzuki on the tying the goal. The Habs have now forced OT 4 out of 8 times when trailing after two periods.
  13. For a bubble team, they are doing great. Price's CH teams always have a chance to win when he is on, and he has been lately. Can't wait for the 20th game, hope for Kincaid in goal saturday and for a win against Suban's latest team.
  14. Everyone has a right to their opinion. Sure. No one has a right to a million-dollar salary and a privileged platform on a prestige national broadcast. With that platform comes responsibility. And that includes not using that platform to spew hateful opinions targeting vulnerable groups of fellow citizens.
  15. Too much hockey left to be looking months away. The 2 back to backs home&away upcoming in next week should be good test.
  16. I do think the Habs outplayed them in the second. But only in the second. And I'm very happy with that OT PK ... PK has "improved" to 29th in the league now.
  17. Where is the love for Weber and Chairot... Chairot must of been out there for 2:30min straight and Weber for 1:50 PLUS they both get chances on the rush WOW Price in the 3rd and OT... Hes starting to really turn it on. Im starting to see some swagger again.. Is he finally back?
  18. Two games above .500 and second place in the division for now. I hope they manage to build on this for the next month or two, the last month of the schedule will be brutal.
  19. 2 point larceny. Get out of the building before the cops show up.
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