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  3. I am far from an authority on prospects, but I suspect Ikonen’s injury history will scare some teams away. Poehling might have some value, don’t get me wrong - but not at the level that will bring back any quality NHL talent or high picks, surely. Perhaps if he had responded to his “demotion” more maturely, he’d be in a better position; you can handle an elite talent acting like a prima Dona, but it’s much harder to take from a checking role-player.
  4. I agree with your view on putting draft picks on top lines based solely on pedigree not actuals Who do you think has more value as a grade chip - Poehling as you described him? - or Ikonen who seems to perform better when healthy?
  5. Yep. It looks suspiciously like Poehling is the latest in a long line of fan darlings who will never amount to much more than an adequate NHLer at best. It’s analogous to the idea - propagated with great intensity by quite a few fans - that Eller was a #1C being irrationally held back by the cruel, cruel Habs (although at least Eller was a legit NHLer - but the principle is the same, a guy being blown out of all proportion by a significant chunk of the fan base). Despite some fans’ comically pencilling him as a top-6 C the very next season after his 4-point explosion, the fact is that Poehling
  6. There was a Zoom chat with Bergevin and Molson last night (I assume for select season ticket holders or it was some sort of contest)...anyways, this was something to note (though not entirely surprising):
  7. Exactly Add in the fact that he shows up to camp in less than ideal physical condition year after year reminds me a lot of Hudon
  8. Poehlings offensive numbers in college and the AHL just arent there for him ever being more than a 3rd liner at best. Id include him in a deadline deal for what we need for the playoffs.
  9. Agree, Poehling went to training camp with high hopes and expectations, was actually having a good camp and then suffered a concussion, never got it going after. Certainly he didn't go to the AHL with the right attitude. I am just saying that it can be dangerous to give up on a guy who just turned 22 that has some talent. Everybody matures at a different rate. Not everyone matures as quickly as a guy like Brendan Gallagher.
  10. Yeah, the difference in attitude (after being sent to Laval) was like night and day between Poehling and Kotkaniemi. One of them figured out that he could learn something there, the other one didn't clue into that for a while.
  11. With respect, I would still say flashes, was tournament MVP and best forward at the World Juniors in 2019 where he scored a natural hat trick against Sweden. When he went to the AHL he pouted a bit, that's why I say he still has some maturing to do. He is still young.
  12. With respect ... he showed A FLASH of brilliance ... one night ... and little since ( 1g, 1a in 27 NHL games last season ... he was 21st on the Rocket last season in points/game).
  13. Poehling just turned 22, has shown flashes of brilliance, perhaps has some maturing to do. I would have to get a pretty decent return to give up on him.
  14. If we could get a first for Poehling I’d jump for sure. He will struggle to make 4th line and not sure he will ever be much more.
  15. His market value is low right now, way too early to give up on him. Still think he has a lot of potential.
  16. After 7 months I don't know everyone's particular "sense of humour" ...
  17. Man, oh man I never thought you would be so sensitive to my nonesense Sorry buddy!
  18. Ok ... then happy ... or whatever other reason you "tiny-troll" people
  19. Yup ... misread the date of his surgery
  20. Yesterday
  21. To be fair, the bump was accompanied by on-topic discussion before it shot off into the random blackout discussion.
  22. Steen is out for the season but Tarasenko isn't so they really can't dip into his salary to go add payroll and they already used Steen's savings to sign Hoffman and re-sign Dunn. They have about $600,000 in a full-season cap hit they can afford to add to their books so someone like Edmundson or Chiarot would be too expensive.
  23. Jim Rutherford resigns as general manager of the Pittsburgh Penguins citing personal reasons - TSN.ca Hope all is well, wish him the best
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