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  2. 2018 HW NFL Pool

    If you guys hold live fantasy football draft with friends, you might be interested with a game that a friend of mine created. It's on KickStarter for now. Looks awesome. Instead of picking names out of a hat. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/38967838/draft-order-madness-fantasy-football-draft-order-g?ref=555280&token=583f437f
  3. Habs sign Jesperi Kotkaniemi to his ELC

    He's playing a charity game with Saku Koivu today.
  4. Non-Rocket Habs Prospect tracker

    Kotkaniemi will play at the 4 Nations Cup next weekend. Ylonen won't be there but he's expected to suit up in his first preseason game next week.
  5. Non-Rocket Habs Prospect tracker

    5 points in 4 preseason games in finland. He looks faster.
  6. Max Pacioretty Watch

    Hello hab29RETIRED, I thought you were over at the other thread enjoying a session of moaning and complaining... what's new ?!
  7. Non-Rocket Habs Prospect tracker

    Kotkaniemi gets 1g 1a in 3-2 pre-season win.
  8. Yesterday
  9. The Habs will have a new English play-by-play voice on TV next season as John Bartlett is leaving TSN to go back to Sportsnet where he will replace Paul Romanuk as Toronto's regional voice as well as calling some Saturday night games. It will be interesting to see if Dan Robertson moves over from the radio booth or if they bring someone else in. (It'd be nice for TSN to add the Habs to the rotation for Chris Cuthbert and Gord Miller but I'm not holding out hope of that happening.)
  10. He had a reasonable coaching resume to that point - two years as an AHL assistant and then the next three in Colorado as an assistant. The logical next step for him was as an AHL head coach. There was a good non-buddy argument to be made to hire Lefebvre. (Unfortunately, things didn't go well and they held onto him way too long.)
  11. Cunneyworth's lone season in Hamilton was quite the good one - he always has been a good AHL coach. It's unfortunate that the mess he took on with the Habs (including getting thrown under the bus about the same time he was hired) has tainted what had been a pretty good coaching career to that point.
  12. Max Pacioretty Watch

    If the habs were acting professionally MB would have been fired by now.
  13. 2018 Rocket/ECHL Team TBD Offseason Thread

    Soldiered on??? The guy is a useless incompetent bum!! The only reason he got a job to begin with is that he grew up with MB. The guy should never have been hired and than should have been fired in his second year?? Soldiered on? He made good money in contributing to the crap development of the kids we had. Good riddance and I hope the bum gets fired faster in his next job!
  14. 2018 Rocket/ECHL Team TBD Offseason Thread

    I hope he does well. He was out of his depth with the Bulldogs/Icecaps/Rocket; but he soldiered-on. He makes me think of Cunneyworth
  15. Max Pacioretty Watch

    That's another way to put it, yes
  16. Max Pacioretty Watch

    He has a new Domi to play with.
  17. After failing to land an NHL coaching job this summer (which should come as a surprise to precisely no one that has been paying attention these last few years despite some in the local media saying he was up for multiple posts), Sylvain Lefebvre has accepted an assistant coach position with San Diego of the AHL.
  18. Max Pacioretty Watch

    I like Pacs. But he can't do it alone. Trade Bergevin. ... I work cheap...
  19. Last week
  20. Max Pacioretty Watch

    Yeah, it's called acting professionally
  21. Max Pacioretty Watch

    Until a deal is close, basic PR bullcrap demands that everyone play-act as though everything is hunky-dory.
  22. Max Pacioretty Watch

    They were trying to get him moved at the draft but he wouldn't agree to an extension with the Kings. After that, the offers for him got worse and worse as teams filled their LW needs. At this point trading him as soon as possible would be getting 30 cents on the dollar.
  23. Max Pacioretty Watch

    I thought Pacioretty was supposed to be traded as soon as possible??? Ahh cant wait for another drama filled season with the habs.
  24. With all of the changes in Laval, I've done a rundown of all the newcomers and departures. Newcomers: http://www.habsworld.net/2018/08/rocket-rundown-the-newcomers/ Departures: http://www.habsworld.net/2018/08/rocket-rundown-the-departures/
  25. Max Pacioretty Watch

  26. Why will you watch the 2018-19 Habs?

    I wasn't talking about the times when a dump and chase works, I'm talking about dump and chase as a strategy. It's crap hockey.
  27. Why will you watch the 2018-19 Habs?

    Whether I agree with it or not, this particular coaching staff wants players who can retrieve the puck from the dirty areas on every line. That leaves players like Gallagher and Lehkonen in the top 6. The players they are trying to retrieve the puck for are skilled based, less hard nosed players players like Drouin, Galchenyuk and even Pacioretty. I thought Galchenyuk and Drouin have been treated differently from one another under Julien, so I'm not sure it's particularly that he doesn't like creative players.
  28. Why will you watch the 2018-19 Habs?

    When Aaron Asham turned the puck over, it was usually because he lacked skill. When Galchenyuk turns the puck over it's more often than not because of poor decision making. There are also goons who lack skill and have a low hockey IQ. I just don't particularly think Asham was one of those guys. I'm not personally attacking Galchenyuk's hockey IQ, but the Russian ice is much bigger than here in North America and so retrieving the puck after a dump in would be a little more difficult. Less chance to wear the defense down by getting the body on them deep which in turn leads to a relatively easy loss of possession.
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