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  2. 2018 draft thread

    That still doesn't address the fact that its only in hindsight of what Galchenyuk has become that we can say we should have traded the pick for an existing NHL centre. But if we are going to play the hypothetical game, who is to say that the centre we acquire doesn't suddenly go all scott gomez on us and forget to score after we acquire him? Who is to say that Galchenyuk doesn't become a star with different development in another organization? I mean its all fine to say 5 years later that we should have made some hypothetical move that none of us even know was available... it doesn't mean it would have worked out.
  3. 2018 draft thread

    Just because nobody moved that year doesn't mean nobody was available. An actively shopped 3rd OA pick could have brought in some offers for otherwise unavailable players.
  4. I would choose Niemi over Lindgren

    I agree, but if they want McNiven getting starter minutes in Laval then Lindgren as backup next season might be written in pen.
  5. I would choose Niemi over Lindgren

    If Lindgren can go down, sign Niemi.
  6. Report: Joel Bouchard Hired by the Habs after QMJHL season Ends

    No one would cry tears over Daignault either, but Lefebvre's track record of failure is a whole other level. Whatever happens, it's good that the Habs are pulling in quality bilingual talent.
  7. I wouldn't necessarily think this is to replace Lefebvre. For starters, I could see Lefebvre replacing Daigneault if they decide to 'shake up' the NHL staff. If this is true, it's also no guarantee that Bouchard is coming to coach - he could be named GM as well given his background. I've wanted Bouchard as a coach for a couple of years now so hopefully, this winds up happening with Lefebvre heading out the door.
  8. After yet another losing week, the Rocket (24-33-8) return home to take on Charlotte (37-26-3) for a pair of games. There will be plenty of new faces in the lineup for Laval as Jeremiah Addison is expected to make his season debut (not his AHL debut; he played four games for St. John's two years ago) while newcomers Nikita Korostelev and Anthony Beauregard are expected to play as well. (Lines based on +/- data from last game and some guesses as a couple of players have been recalled since then) Wallmark - Saarela - Gauthier Brown - Kruger - McKegg Kuokkanen - Roy - Bishop Foegele - Poturalski - Schilkey Kichton - Robertson Samuelsson - Ganly Carrick - Didier Nedeljkovic Rychel - Cracknell - Terry Boucher - Petti - Eisenschmid Veilleux - Ebbing - Gregoire Addison - Beauregard - Korostelev Parisi - Taormina Bourque - Gelinas Hamilton - Petgrave Lindgren Puck drop is at 7:30 PM EST on Friday and 3:00 PM on Saturday. 91.9 Sports has the coverage in French for both games. Saturday's contest can also be seen on RDS.
  9. 2018 draft thread

    You know...that centre that buffoon Bergevin missed on. Am sure was a centre or two traded sometime that year and a Sam Pollack would of had one of those of course.
  10. Report: Joel Bouchard Hired by the Habs after QMJHL season Ends

    And it only took six years of failure for them to consider moving on Lefebvre! The 35-year- rebuild is going like clockwork.
  11. Gotta have a backup in place if Lefebvre gets an assistant coaching job in the NHL, like he tried to get last summer...
  12. The Official CFL Thread

    Anthony Calvillo left the Alouettes' coaching staff saying that he didn't plan to coach in the CFL next season. Now, he has been hired by the Argos. That's a weird sequence of events.
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  14. 2018 draft thread

    Hindsight is 20/20. And what centre was even available that year?
  15. I would choose Niemi over Lindgren

    my bad, i forgot that goalie rules were different.
  16. I would choose Niemi over Lindgren

    Regarding Lindgren's waiver status, he is exempt for next season. He has four waiver-exempt years from his signing season (goalies get longer than skaters) and this is only year three (he signed in 15-16). He's also 43 games away from needing waivers based on games played so it's a safe bet that he'll be exempt through next year.
  17. 2018 draft thread

    Our window to win a cup is closed I think, unless we can some how get tavares. but at the time of galchenyuk draft year it wasn't. I would of traded the pick for a Proven center if not a top then a 2nd line center. We would of been better off, right now as a team.
  18. Sounds like a good hockey guy !
  19. He doesnt have drafted players but he has excellent 19 year olds ans 20 year olds. Gm bouchard built a stronger roster than it appears if you are just looking at nhl prospects. Coach bouchard also did a good job with that club. Its both.
  20. Honestly looking at the team Bouchard had, how did he even manage a great record like that? Doesn’t seem to have any huge talents which suggests some top notch coaching for sure.
  21. Just the news that they are looking at him is a good development. If they dont get bouchard, they could move to other targets like Ducharme. Heck Bouchard taking Carriere's role and Ducharme taking slys might be ideal.
  22. Nice. A good hockey guy to add to the organization.
  23. Report: Joel Bouchard Hired by the Habs after QMJHL season Ends

    I've heard stronger wording in an Eklund rumour, but I'll still keep my hopes up. Maybe Justin Molson finally woke up and was like, "Uh George I'm hiring a successful Q guy to see if you're not breaking all your toys."
  24. Report: Joel Bouchard Hired by the Habs after QMJHL season Ends

    "Strong possibility" "Unless he refuses the opportunity." "It is written in the sky."
  25. https://radioego.com/985fm/media/joel-bouchard-chez-le-canadien-des-la-fin-des-series-de-la-lhjmq?page=5# He is the Coach and GM of Blainville-Boisbriand. Hopefully he is coming in to replace Sly.
  26. I would choose Niemi over Lindgren

    I would chose Lindgren over Niemi. Ideally Lindgren would be able to go to the minors for one more season to work on his game and come back as the backup 19-20 season, but waivers will prevent that from happening. Long term I think Lindgren has the potential to be better than what Niemi is right now. I also believe he has the potential to have better trade value in a year or two than Niemi has right now or will have in the future. As long as Price is in a Habs uniform, he will be the starter and play the vast majority of the games regardless of who the backup is. Perhaps Lindgren shows the same potential as Cam Talbot did with the Rangers and the Habs can get a similar return (3 picks - 2nd, 3rd, 7th rounders) if they trade him in a year or two. Perhaps even as good of return as Boston got for Martin Jones (1st rounder and prospect Kuraly).
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