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  2. Need Kotkaniemi to score a bit on the road, 10lbs heavier and a year under his belt should help.
  3. No, 12:28/gm icetime, 10shots in 8gms, +3 and team only given up 11g in first 8gms. https://habsprospects.com/romanov.html https://en.khl.ru/stat/players/851/all/cska/
  4. Should we be concerned? How much ice time is he getting?
  5. Ylonen 1a (on OT goal) in 3-2 win over TPS on 20 September.
  6. Good post, thanks. What I posted earlier, about perhaps being able to win with these results at C IF they're offset by huge strengths in other areas may still be true. But the more straightforward conclusion would seem to be that - assuming no progression or regression from Domi - we need another C who produces offence comparable or superior to his, in order to vault into at least the middle of the pack at C. Otherwise put, Danault might be a legit #2C behind a heavy-duty #1C like Crosby, but not behind a #1A like Domi. If KoKo does evolve into a Bobby Smith type, i.e., a 70-80 point C, then those totals look very different. Danault or Poehling (or whomever) could then slot into the #3 slot and C will become a position of real organizational strength. A lot rides on that kid IMHO.
  7. 6'6" 210lb Ruscheinski 5g 0 pts, 2pims, 0 shots Romanov 8 KHL games 0pts Dichow 3-1, 1.97gaa 0.922% (good #s even after giving up 5g on 23shots 2 games ago) Swed J20 Norlinder 1gm in Swe2, 3:32 icetime, hope was sick, or just not used and not injured.
  8. Domi 26th in centre scoring Danault 48th Kotkaniemi 84th C- 195pts total St Louis 18th, 45th, 71st C- 270pts total
  9. With he current injuries I think Suzuki stays for sure, Drouin Domi Gallagher tatar Danault suzukl Lehkonen KK Armia Cousins Thompson Weal Mete Weber Chairot Petry Kulak Fluery / Folin Not sure the extent of Byron or Poehling injuries and how long they will be out, Drouin will fall out of favor within the first 15 games
  10. I like Varone, but you guys were right, he's AHL bound.
  11. Suzuki and Fleury have earned spots for sure. Cousins needs to start with the habs also. Evan's and Belzile have looked fantastic as well but can't beat out weal or Thompson. What a difference a year makes. Two people ahead of Reilly oulette and folin. And 3 nhlers getting sent down probably.
  12. Suzuki deserves a spot. Hes making dangerous plays 7 or 8 times a game these last two games. This is especially true if byron is hurt. Fleury has also earned his place imo. Evans, would be in if you want him as the 13th forward. But i think hes better in laval than in the press box. If hudon gets redemption its only to be in the pressbox to avoid being lost on waivers while they try to deal him.
  13. I hope that's the last time Hudon wastes a roster spot.
  14. I know Evans has outplayed Peca, Weise, and Hudon, but I don't know if he has outplayed Thompson. Is he better off as a 13th forward or in Laval?
  15. Yeah, if we could have this kind of PP production in the regular season ... OK, returning back to reality now.
  16. That was a really good 15 minutes or so as the Habs dominated. The preseason PP drought is over and Evans got a gift for his second. He and Barber have both looked good in what has been extremely limited action tonight.
  17. even if it's pre season, I have missed hockey on sabbath
  18. Kinkaid has looked sharp stopping the puck so far. Handling the puck...not so much.
  19. Not liking the amount of penalties Kotkaniemi has been taking. I'd rather see points.
  20. 2015 NHL draft 13) Boston Bruins: Jacub Zboril (D) 14) Boston Bruins: Jake Debrusk (LW) 15) Boston Bruins: Zachary Senyshyn (RW) 16) NYI (from Pitt via Edm) Matthew Barzal (C) 17) Winnipeg Jets: Kyle Connor (LW) 18) Ottawa Senators: Thomas Chabot (D) Nothing like finding a way to take a shot at the Bruins while watching a Sens game 🙂
  21. Yesterday
  22. Alright... I was scanning the lineup and I had a lot of thoughts but the main thing I’ll be looking for is whether or not Kotkaniemi can/will outperform Tkachuk tonight.
  23. What. A. Comeback. Down 24 in the 4th quarter, the Alouettes pull off the 38-37 victory with Adams Jr. just heaving up throw after throw. The defence basically quit in the first half and then stepped it up big time in the second half. This has certainly been a more entertaining season thus far.
  24. 53 points? On a non playoff team that is top 2 center production. On a good team, he is a perfect 3rd line center
  25. I think you want Danault on your top 2 lines. His point production is that of a 2nd line centre. His defensive ability is top notch. You want him playing against other top players.
  26. Nothing from the Habs on the wire today. I think they'll wait on some of them out of respect (guys like Alzner and Weise) while others they'll probably wait until the last minute in the hopes of trading (Hudon, Peca, and Lindgren come to mind).
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