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  2. Non-Rocket Habs Prospect tracker

    McShane 1a, team up 3-0 Suzuki no pts, team up 3-0
  3. Mar. 22, Rocket vs Comets, 7 PM

    1-0 Laval after 40 minutes. Lernout has the rare goal for the Rocket while LaCouvee is stealing the show against his former team with 26 stops so far.
  4. Non-Rocket Habs Prospect tracker

    I hear Poehling took a pretty bad slid into the boards head first. Never returned, hopefully it’s nothing serious.
  5. Yesterday
  6. After a big shootout win against Providence, Laval is back on the road once again as they travel to Utica to take on the Comets. Karl Alzner is not with the team as he's getting extra time to spend with his family after the birth of his son. Audette - Evans - Grenier Belzile - Vejdemo - Alain Shinkaruk - Pezzetta - Jevpalovs Kile - Verbeek - Waked Ouellet - Lernout Sklenicka - Fleury Culkin - Lamarche LaCouvee Lines TBD Puck drop is at 7:00 PM EST. 91.9 Sports has the coverage in French.
  7. 4 Teams - 1 Playoff Race

    Thing is that when they made those trades they actually had a shot at 1st in the division, it was pretty tight. It just very quickly became, uh, loose.
  8. Start in Laval and be injury call up for bottom six, kinda like Poehling will be as well.
  9. 4 Teams - 1 Playoff Race

    I think it is 8 of last 28 top teams won the cup, is what i remember hearing recently. But, not sure how many were upset in 1st round by wildcard calibre team.
  10. 4 Teams - 1 Playoff Race

    Told my boss (a sens season ticket holder, a brave man) yesterday before the game that come Monday morning the CH would be in and Carolina would be out. I hope I have the first part right
  11. 4 Teams - 1 Playoff Race

    One positive thing is that should the Habs make the playoffs that will mean that they will be riding a hot streak. Another thing is president trophy winning teams very rarely win the cup so who the hell knows lol. Price has been playing exceptionally lately and over the past two games Weber has goals in both and is starting to look better. Good things.
  12. Mar. 20, Bruins vs Rocket, 7:30 PM

    What’s your thoughts on Evans projection next year? Think he might crack the big club?
  13. 4 Teams - 1 Playoff Race

    Personally, I want Columbus to lose, just to see them punished for flatulently trading away picks in a pathetic attempt to achieve a first-round playoff exit.
  14. 4 Teams - 1 Playoff Race

    That would have to be a heck of a tank. I was thinking the same as you a few weeks ago, but I would say they make it at this point. One of Habs Columbus or Canes will miss. My money is on Canes. They have been playing well and are due for some crap play.
  15. 4 Teams - 1 Playoff Race

    Changing my pick.. I’m going to be bold and say the Isles miss the playoffs. They’ll win one more game and finish with 93 points.
  16. 4 Teams - 1 Playoff Race

    Playoff Race NYI: 74 GP 42-25-7 = 91 PTS 38 ROW Pittsburgh: 75 GP 40-24-11 = 91 PTS 38 ROW Carolina: 73 GP 40-26-7 = 87 PTS 38 ROW Montreal: 74 GP 39-28-7 = 85 PTS 37 ROW Columbus: 74 GP 40-30-4 = 84 PTS 39 ROW Philadelphia: 74 GP 36-30-8 = 80 PTS 34 ROW Playoff Chances 03/22/19 @ 10:00 AM EST Pittsburgh: 99.5% Carolina: 93.9% Montreal: 50.9% Columbus: 54.4% Columbus still seems to have the upper hand slightly in terms of chances they make the playoffs. Of course, every model is slightly different. I'm sure our lesser chance despite having more points may have something to do with difficulty of remaining opponents. Here's another model that has Montreal slightly closer to Columbus. Pittsburgh: 99.6% Carolina: 92.2% Montreal: 52.7% Columbus: 53.5%
  17. 4 Teams - 1 Playoff Race

  18. 4 Teams - 1 Playoff Race

    I am guessing Dons writing on the wall is not so clear this morning. Next 4 games should all be wins. See how CBJ fairs. If they drop to Van Isles Habs and Preds we could be looking not to bad headed into the close out of the season.
  19. Another fun game and get to play both Carolina and Columbus next week, a nice little win streak would be sweet! Price again looked solid and great to see him get shutout.
  20. Mar. 21, Islanders vs Habs, 7:30 PM

    gonna be holding onto a playoff spot again....
  21. Mar. 21, Islanders vs Habs, 7:30 PM

    4-1 Thank-you Oilers.
  22. Mar. 21, Islanders vs Habs, 7:30 PM

    Looks like the Oilers might help us out tonight. Up 2 now, 6 min left. Hope they can close this one out.
  23. Mar. 21, Islanders vs Habs, 7:30 PM

    And the Oilers score again
  24. Mar. 21, Islanders vs Habs, 7:30 PM

    F&$k I love Gallagher Blood and guts personified
  25. Mar. 21, Islanders vs Habs, 7:30 PM

    I love when they sing nah nah nah nah....
  26. Mar. 21, Islanders vs Habs, 7:30 PM

    No, you're right, it would be nice.
  27. Mar. 21, Islanders vs Habs, 7:30 PM

    It would be nice to get a little bit of help from Edmonton too.
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