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  2. Non-Rocket Habs Prospect tracker

    Another assist for walford. 27pts in 41 games. An assist for gorniak too.
  3. Laval (18-17-7) begins a stint of 11 road games out of 12 as they travel to Springfield to take on the Thunderbirds (19-14-9). Charlie Lindgren and Jake Evans are on the trip but it's not known if they'll be available to play. (Lines are from last game) Audette - Froese - Belzile Jevpalovs - Vejdemo - Waked Shinkaruk - Martineau - Grenier Kile - Verbeek - Alain Sklenicka - Lernout Ouellet - Fleury Moravcik - Lamarche McNiven (Lines are based on last game's +/- data and some guesses) Hunt - Thompson - Greco Jurco - Lammikko - Repo Horvat - Horton - Ang Farnham - Zolnierczyk - Marcinew Stillman - Wideman Bystrom - Schemitsch Mangene - MacDonald Montembeault Puck drop is at 7:00 PM EST (rescheduled from the initial 1:00 PM start). 91.9 Sports has the coverage in French.
  4. Philadelphia vs Montreal 7:00pm

    Lets not forget Vegas also applied the "Success by Committee" recipe as early as last season, and look how that played out. If your team is rolling its entire line up like unyielding robots the whole time and the goalie is in there making key saves, there is no telling how far it can go. Vegas did exactly that with their group of forwards and some brilliant goalkeeping by Fleury. Not trying to say we will go as far or do what they did here, but simply put, it does not necessarily spell your doom as a team if you are not led by a Crosby type, the examples can be found all over the place throughout recent years.
  5. Philadelphia vs Montreal 7:00pm

    Anaheim is post lockout/salary cap
  6. Philadelphia vs Montreal 7:00pm

    The Kings are a good example, agreed. I'm not sure about Chicago, though - not only was Toews routinely viewed as elite during that team's heyday, but they had a blueline as good as any in hockey. I'm nervous about pointing to Cup wins from the dead puck era (Anaheim and Devils). But between Boston and LA, that's a sufficient data set from the 'new NHL' to satisfy me that the 'roll three/four lines' model can work. Like you, I think we need a talent upgrade at FW nevertheless, and I wouldn't rule out this coming from within via K-Man and Suzuki, etc. D is another story.
  7. Permanent Trade Proposal Thread

    Well it is Cale Fleury's brother Kylington is looking like a decent prospect but is not the top 5 pick that people had him one year before his draft, He wouldn't have been a bad pick from 15-25 in the first
  8. Permanent Trade Proposal Thread

    We might have the most Fleury's in the league. (Kylington dropped big time in the draft, is he looking OK prospect now?)
  9. Yesterday
  10. Non-Rocket Habs Prospect tracker

    Joni Ikonen had 17 minutes in his first game of the season yesterday. 2 goals 1a for Teasdale today. 0 points for Suzuki again.
  11. Permanent Trade Proposal Thread

    Some options for LHD that are young and might be good options for cheap due to not being able to crack deep defensive teams. Jacob Larsson (anaheim) Jake Bean and Haydn Fleury (Carolina) Jake Walman (St. Louis) Oliver Kylington (Calgary)
  12. Philadelphia vs Montreal 7:00pm

    The LA Kings did it Chicago's three cup wins all came without a true 2nd line centre in any of them. The Anaheim Ducks that won a cup didn't have a superstar line... Selanne was great but the rest of his line was average. Perry and Getzlaf were rookies and not yet what they would later become. The Devils three cup wins had what superstars at forward?
  13. Philadelphia vs Montreal 7:00pm

    If they have three very good lines it could make up for not having an elite talent That still requires KK to get to very good and guys like Suzuki and Poehling to grow into at least 2nd line level of talent. Line 3 has to be more like Line 2b than a third line in this scenario
  14. Claude Julien: Jack Adams candidate?

    Bergevin has a good case for GM of the year Julien is likely top 5 for coach but right now its Trotz's to lose. Even if the Isles fall off, as I suspect they might, then it goes to Peters or Cooper before Julien IMO
  15. 2018-19 NHL General Discussion Thread

    Do we expect Robin Lehner to be the League's Best goalie? Thomas Greiss to be up there too? Do we think the Isles defence that was by far the worst in the NHL last season is now suddenly a top defence with no key additions, a big loss in Calvin DeHaan and a change in coach? Trotz is great and all, but there is nothing in his history with Nashville or Washington that suggests his teams will vastly overperform their expected goals against. Yes his teams have been good defensively before but its never been like this. This is still a huge outlier to his career which suggests it is unsustainable. Looking deeper, he hasn't even improved the defence that much. Its a little better which is what we'd expect. What is crazy is Lehner and Greiss' performances. Given their careers, that seems unsustainable
  16. 2018-19 NHL General Discussion Thread

    The Leafs may not fade. There is some suggestion that they have the shooting talent on their team to have a high shooting percentage (Which is half of PDO) and that is sustainable. On a team with Matthews, Tavares, Kadri, Marner, etc... they might have the shooting talent to maintain a high shooting percentage. The Capitals have maintained a high shooting percentage for years This is rare though, most teams can't do this but the leafs might be one
  17. 2018-19 NHL General Discussion Thread

    Predictions of Vegas' demise were not based on PDO. Which is why people have predicted them to be good again this year Teams that were overperforming by PDO and came back to earth include The Leafs team that looked like they wold make the playoffs before the twelve wheeler went off the cliff and Ron Wilson was fired The Colorado team that made the playoffs in Roy's first year before crashing into a terrible team in future years The Calgary team that saw Hartley win coach of the year that would crash going forward A Minnesota team that was 1st overall in December and missed the playoffs a few years ago On the opposite end There was an LA team that barely made the playoffs and had a PDO that suggested they were unlucky and much better than their record, they went on to win the Stanley Cup
  18. 2018-19 NHL General Discussion Thread

    The PDO stat is even strength shooting percentage plus even strength save percentage. The shooting percentage is 0.8 above the league average but there are quite a few players scoring above their normal rates (Filppula, Nelson, Cizikas, even Bailey to an extent) so a small drop isn't crazy to expect. The ES save percentage is tops in the league, 16 points above the league average. Is a tandem of Lehner and Greiss one that should be leading the league in ES SV%? Based on their history, that shouldn't hold at this level for the rest of the season. It's not going to revert all the way back to the league average at this point but a few points down is a few more goals allowed and probably a few more losses along the way without even factoring in any potential regression from the offence.
  19. 2018-19 NHL General Discussion Thread

    I so hope Toronto turns into a pumpkin. A disastrous playoff (or two) may force them into stupid managerial mistakes.
  20. Claude Julien: Jack Adams candidate?

    He's had a great 2018-19. My problem is that I have a sense of historical perspective. He inherited a team that was on the cusp of contention and mismanaged it to the point where clinging to a wildcard spot by the skin of our teeth makes him look like GM of the year. In other words, he looks great this season partly because we're comparing him to the horrendous results of his previous body of work. That's only impressive if we have amnesia. A MUCH stronger point in his favour than this short-term 'success' is that the Habs' prospects are generally very well-regarded. He seems to have managed to assemble quite a promising crop of youth. If those players can develop properly, and if Weber and Price can manage to have looooong careers where they excel into their mid-to-late 30s, then Bergevin may yet manage to build a club that surpasses the 2014 and 2015 teams which he destroyed through sheer blithering arrogance and stupidity. Therein lies the case for Bergevin. Lots of things can go wrong, however; we'll see how it plays out.
  21. Philadelphia vs Montreal 7:00pm

    Actually, you're right - in fact my post contradicted my general belief that teams can win without real stars, by rolling three balanced lines, depth, goaltending, etc.. Although it occurs to me that I've never really cross-referenced that belief against empirical evidence. The Bruins are one example of a club that did it; I don't know how many other recent examples leap to mind. (Vegas and the Rags made the finals on that model; maybe that's 'proof'). And in fact, while it would be nice to have some players higher than 41st overall in scoring, I'd be tolerably happy going into the playoffs with this exact FW roster if Kotkaniemi was a bit stronger and had more experience. The principal reason this team is not at least a semi-serious contender is that it's about two blueliners short of a really good top-4. Still, it would be helpful to have another FW or two approaching Domi's offensive totals. Even granting that you can win with depth rather than top-end talent, I'm still not sure that we have quite the depth of talent we need up front in order to pull that off. If K-man progresses, that will make a significant difference (all else staying equal, which it never does; e.g., by the time Kotkaniemi is putting up 50+ points per season Byron will probably have disintegrated). A pity Lehkonen does not seem to have the 'next gear' that we all anticipated a couple of years back. Anyway, I hope this post offers you more serious insight than the one that disappointed you earlier. Just to sum up: we need major upgrades at D and less serious but still meaningful upgrades at FW in order to approach the Bruins 2011 class. Or so I'd speculate.
  22. However, Isles have given up the fewest goals in the league, would that be factored in? And they are already mid-league in scoring, so as long as defense holds up or even if declines somewhat, they should be ahead of most, no?
  23. 2018-19 NHL General Discussion Thread

    I'd say they have the offensive talent to outperform the average league-wide shooting percentage by a point or two so probably not. The Islanders, on the other hand, aren't exactly loaded in natural firepower so a potential regression is likelier than a team like Toronto.
  24. Claude Julien: Jack Adams candidate?

    Julien, Trotz and Peters were LaBrun's 3 choices couple days ago (Tampa coach roster too good...he may of been joking on Cooper?)
  25. So Leafs are statistically ready for a correction and to fade as well?
  26. Philadelphia vs Montreal 7:00pm

    Surely you can comprehend the counter point we made that a team doesn't necessarily need top end scoring to be successful. Our top forward is 41st in scoring which isn't good enough in your opinion, but I provided an example where a Cup winner had the 39th overall scorer. You also insinuated that our back end is old, but yet that same cup winner had even older key players. And your reply is sarcasm and an emoji? Okay
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