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  2. Okay, I'm going to ignore the novice, hockeyrealist, and hope that he learns some manners. Why did Kovalchuk sign with us? Was it to earn the 400K he will earn over the second half of the season? I agree he might be playing to in order to earn a contract fror next year. But it seems at least as likely that he is hoping to compete in this year's playoffs and maybe win the cup. None of the top teams was willing to sign him in early January and we were. So he signed with us. I think when he did that he probably told Bergevin that he wanted to play for a contender. From Bergevin's point of view that is fine. He gets a player to fill in for our injured players and he gains the possibilty of picking up another draft pick at the deadline. Its win-win. No matter what happened when he was signed, if Kovalchuk wants to be moved at the deadline there isn't much Bergevin can do. If we hang onto him against his wishes he won't resign with us. Having Kovalchuk for the last half of the season probably doesn't get us into the playoffs - it likely just reduces our draft position.
  3. Petry is a bargain at $5.5 and the guy can skate very well. Resign him next year. So another 4-5 years not a big worry his play falls off a cliff is there? Most cup winners have several vets.
  4. Trading a 24 yo forward signed at $2.4M instead of a 32 yo defenceman signed at $5.5M when you are rebuilding around youth ... if we buy into the statement that our top players are too old and will decline before we are ready to contend, then we should be considering trading Petry and Tatar, not Lehkonen and Armia.
  5. I agree... but those packages would be too good to turn down. Im not selling petry cheap. The offer has to be big or you keep him.
  6. But, then the Habs will need both a top four LH and a top four RH d-man to find next year. Habs have more forwards that can part with, than top four d-men (losing a Tatar, Lehkonen, Armia wouldnt hurt as much as losing Petry)
  7. https://www.capfriendly.com/browse/free-agents Hall, Pietrangelo, and Holtby are the biggest names in their respective positions. But it doesn't matter... prized free agents don't sign in Montreal.
  8. Agree, I think there would also be a lot of suitors for Tatar who has been a very consistent performer. I think Tatar would be worth at least a 1st round pick otherwise there is no point in trading him. Trading Petry or Tatar or both would certainly free up some cap room. Not sure who the prize fee agents are this summer.
  9. There would be a lot of suitors for Petry
  10. For Petry here is what I'd ask for. Peyton Krebs + 2nd Rounder or 1st round pick + Kaeden Korczak + Lucas Elvenes
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  12. 31 Thoughts podcast: Elliotte Friedman says that IF Petry becomes available, look for Vegas to be very interested in him. Edit: The two teams have a trading history, so the GMs are definitely comfortable hashing out a deal.
  13. You seem to be quite positive normally and that one seemed unusual for you, still went right over me head; but, wont ask you to dumb it down anymore than have. But, agree that team is "OK' and not all doom and gloom that some seem to like to pronounce. Gall darn I hate these mid -season vacations and no game till next Monday! No good! Pretty soon cup finals will be late June!
  14. One irreplaceable player in that list. Picks outside of top 10 are essentially found money if they turn into key roster pieces. would rather watch a team battle for wildcard year after year then live in Buffalo. this year/next years team is better than we give credit for on here.
  15. I’ve learned to read Trizzaks post with the appropriate tone to make me chuckle. i believe that was the goal, well played.
  16. Agreed. The cost-benefit analysis is out of this world regardless of how the team does.
  17. Great point, he’s had me paying more attention which was waning.
  18. Was referring to post I quoted. in which OP stated others had overlooked a key point. This key point was really just OP’s own hypothesis that doesn’t jive with any of the facts. So to state that other posters are missing an obvious key point is garbage imo. OP’s theory that followed is as flawed as it is unfounded so I called garbage post on the whole thing. That is all, hope that clears it up. Go habs Go! this team is much better than you’d believe reading much of the forum.
  19. Seems like that would be exhausting.
  20. Sorry, dont understand what you mean?
  21. Markov and Romanov both played forward then converted to play d. Didnt hurt Markov's career and Romanov looks pretty good so far.
  22. The key to that is to instinctually hate everything about the Habs. Just wake up and decide, "Everyone sucks" and you too can find the motivation to be negative in every single thing you post here.
  23. Imagine that, professional coach with a long record of developping kids in the AHL, knows a thing or two about player development. Hard to believe really. This also isn't the first time Brook has played some forward. Moose Jaw would often move him to wing in the third period when they were trailing. We've also seen Mark Streit move between forward and defence during his career. Never hurt his development. Brent Burns, a Norris winner and three time finalist, spent entire seasons in San Jose playing RW. So yeah, I'm not sure why anyone would think that 2 games was going to ruin the kid.
  24. complete unfounded speculation being posted as though people are overlooking something is garbage post. overlooking a key point is different than you making shit up.
  25. “I enjoyed it,” said an upbeat Brook. “Not thinking, just playing. That’s what the coaches wanted me to do. I think it was a good thing for me, I really enjoyed it. They just wanted me to relax and have fun.” As for the concerns about his development, Brook was quick to dispel any criticism, crediting Bouchard’s actions with the change in his attitude, much like Jake Evans did earlier in the season. “I think it helped me. Sitting out a couple of games, then coming in, skating and having fun, enjoying the game, that was the goal. I don’t think it hurt. I think it helped my development if anything.”
  26. My favorite player when I was very Young. My mom says that it was so because he wore 33, just like Patrick Roy.
  27. It's possible that there was a handshake agreement in place but I think the reason he signed a minimum contract was because it wasn't a bidding war for his services. It sounds like some teams had interest but for later in the season (when more cap room had accrued or at the deadline when the roster limit lifts). The Habs offered him a chance to play right away so it's not like Kovalchuk had much (or any) leverage.
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