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  2. Post Game Format

    A terrific bunch of guys here with just enough smartassity to add some occasional drama! I personally put the vacuum in vacuity! On a more serious note... Just a second here.. I don't have a more serious note. Seriously.
  3. Habs announce training camp roster

    I don't think it's a speed issue. Actually, I'd suggest he's a tad quicker. McCarron has done a good job hitting people so far. The problem is, he isn't doing anything else. His physicality is well-known but this is where he needs to be showing more skill and that hasn't happened.
  4. Habs announce training camp roster

    I was thinking lines the other day and let me see if I can remember... Pacioretty-Drouin-Gallagher Galchenyuk-Plekanec-Hemsky Byron-Danault-Lehkonen Hudon-Mitchell-Shaw Alzner-Weber Schlemko-Petry Streit-Benn Price Montoya That's probably what I would go with at this point, though I know those won't be the lines. I get the case for having Hudon ahead of Byron, but if it doesn't work, there will be no room for him to go but down in he lineup. This way, you can have the reverse in effect. I'm also not convinced that he should be higher in the depth chart than Galchenyuk yet. Hudon has also had chemistry with Plekanec but he looks like the type of player who will have chemistry with anyone and I could see him even having decent chemistry with Mitchell. Plekanec on the second line is also a bold statement after last year, but I think it's the right thing to do. Danault belongs on the third line even though some might argue that Plekanec does as well.I have tempered expectations but I think Plekanec will be alright this year. If not, the team will struggle. Hemsky and Gallagher could be flipped as well, the way the preseason has went but I've always thought Plekanec and Hemsky might be a decent duo.
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  6. Habs announce training camp roster

    I won't speak to any particular skill set that he or other players may be lacking. The main takeaway from the preseason so far is that no prospect or bubble player besides Hudon and Mete have showed up to give Bergevin and Julien a tough decision. A veteran not giving 100% in a meaningless game? Understandable. Guys like McCarron, Scherbek, and JDLR lacking effort and execution? Downright disappointing.
  7. Habs announce training camp roster

    Now here is a moment - a very brief moment, a mere twinge - when I regret not watching preseason hockey. Is McCarron's problwm what I suspect it is, i.e., foot-speed? Or is he just not thinking the game properly at the preseason-NHL pace, at least, not yet? Any thoughts?
  8. Habs announce training camp roster

    That probably explains why McCarron wasn't cut, since he's certainly not still there on merit.
  9. Habs announce training camp roster

    He missed practice today with the flu.
  10. Habs announce training camp roster

    So my mid-camp speculation is: Those top 4 forward lines are about as close to opening day lineup as you'll get, and (depth at centre aside) that's a 1st line, two 2nd lines, and a 3rd line. Unless I missed a Martinson injury, it appears he's locked in to the pressbox forward spot, or they forgot to put him on waivers today. Carr, JDLR, and McCarron are on the "last chance to show us what you've got" line. The Habs really want to showcase Mete as a top prospect, but he's probably just a placeholder until Schlemko is healthy. Jerabek is starting the season in the AHL unless Streit and Morrow actually manage to play worse than they currently are. Gelinas only gets a contract offer if one of Morrow or Taormina are claimed (or a trade happens).
  11. 2017 NHL Offseason Thread

  12. 2017 NHL Offseason Thread

    Robinson doesn't like Subban. He would have forced him out of town.
  13. 2017 NHL Offseason Thread

    We could have had Robinson in 2012 but went with JJ instead. Now we can't even bring in Robinson as a part time consultant. Why?
  14. Sept. 18, Habs vs Bruins, 7 PM

    It's not really a ridiculous argument to conclude that Julien didn't think highly of Galchenyuk last season. Bringing up the fact that he was brought in for one big face off in the series is the ridiculous argument. Either Julien should have done it on a regular basis throughout the series (I would have) or it may have even been the wrong choice in the moment. Didn't work out so well, did it?
  15. 2017 Rocket/Beast Offseason Thread

    Laval's training camp roster camp out and there's only one new invitee in the mix, goalie Patrick Spano who was the starter at Yale last season. He's probably just a field filler although I guess the #2 spot in Brampton is up for grabs.
  16. Post Game Format

    Hey all, just wondering if there's a preferred format from the post games which have been used this week? Thanks! Kevin
  17. Sept. 23, Habs vs Sens, 7 PM

    Sounds like I should be glad I missed it! Hurrah! And CC's advice seems appropriate unless you really just want to watch the prospects of the prospects. And good also to remember that the past isn't and neither is the future. They don't exist. We get fooled on that because of Newton and graph paper. And as mom used to say as she handed me my lunch pail and a bus pass to another city.. "Son, she'd say... eschew metaphysical univocity.". "OK mom". I'd say.
  18. Sept 21, DEVILS vs HABS, 7PM

    Hahahaha... how did I not anticipate that! Sighs matter!
  19. Sept. 23, Habs vs Sens, 7 PM

    I get the logic but Lindgren only has one pro year as a starter under his belt. From a development perspective, he's probably better off playing 50-55 games in Laval over 20 in Montreal. They can also spot start him here and there with the Habs if they want to or bring him up midseason if Montoya struggles. They'll have to make the call next season on who to keep between the two full-time as Lindgren will need waivers next year as well but for the time being, I suspect they'll have Montoya start the season as the backup and give Lindgren as much playing time as possible.
  20. Habs announce training camp roster

    I don't think we're close to being at a spot where it's time to write him off. I've said this a bunch of times before but remember, he went to the AHL a year early so his development curve is going to be a different one than for a lot of players. Most players his age have just finished their first pro season and aren't pushing for full-time NHL duty yet so why should that be the expectation for Scherbak? He's only 21; there's still a lot of time for development (and he still has two more waiver exempt years). Yes, his two games in training camp were underwhelming and his inconsistency is frustrating but there is still time to turn it around. He's a project (something I've emphasized since he was drafted - he's a longer-term development player than most) but he showed enough last season to suggest that there's still top-six upside.
  21. Non-Rocket Habs Prospect tracker

    Ikonen 0pts in 7 games, 9:38 icetime last game. Friberg 2a in 17:34 for Frolunda
  22. Sept. 23, Habs vs Sens, 7 PM

    Montoya gets a pass. Bergy wont dump another back up goalie will he? Of the AHL crowd I thought Carr and Audette had a couple good plays. McCarron should of taken notes on how a young 6'6" centre can stand out and be productive. Trash talking is about all Mikey did all game.
  23. Sept. 23, Habs vs Sens, 7 PM

    Ya, they were decent for sure. Other than though... Montoya should be put on waivers. Let Lingren take the back up role. Then Fucale and Mcniven can hold down Laval.
  24. Sept. 18, Habs vs Bruins, 7 PM

    Just to correct it was 2010-2011 when that happened. Halak was just traded so everyone was on the edge of their seats on the decision. He had a great season and almost led us over the eventual Stanley Cup winner. Preseason means nothing except giving the coach time to play with lines and find chemistry. Don't really know if Julien is doing the best job there. Chuck and Danault on the same line look like a race car driver and a golfer being told to play lacrosse together.
  25. Habs announce training camp roster

    You're probably right about that, sadly.
  26. Habs announce training camp roster

    Don't worry...management would either have picked someone else, or f**ked up Pasternak's development
  27. Sept. 23, Habs vs Sens, 7 PM

    That wasn't even the worst Habs Vs Sens game, which was when the team only got like 12 shots on Hasek.
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