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  2. Turnovers is a bullshit stat. they are not the same in rink to rink. MOntreal has 2.5 - 3x as many turnovers at home vs on the road. Montreal's opponents have 2.5-3x as many turnovers in the Bell Centre as they have in all other rinks combined (per game basis). The NHL doesn't standardize this rink to rink. ... the score keeper in Montreal is marking a dump-in to the corner, or clearing the puck from the dzone to centre ice as a turnover, and in other rinks they arent. As a result Montreal's 6 regular D are always in the top 15 league wise, and often 5 of them are in the top 10. Subban used to be the worst in the league, then he went to Nashville and suddenly his turnovers were way down. Weber was great in Nashville, now in Montreal his turnovers are way up. You can't rely on that stat for anything Look at the advanced stats cause at least they show consistency rink to rink, and despite some miscues, Petry is still an outstanding defenceman by these metrics. That said he's 32 and a UFA in one year, so if someone gives me a top D prospect who is NHL ready, a 1st rounder and another prospect, I think I'd have to do it.
  3. That would be a nice return for Petry. I'd do that in a heartbeat too. I doubt Carolina would though. Probably a better chance of having them add a conditional pick based on how far they make it in the playoffs. They do have two second rounders and two third rounders in this year's draft. Other prospects that would interest me as an add to Bean and a 1st would be Jack Drury C, Domenick Fensore D, Anttoni Honka D, Patrik Puistola LW, Janne Kuokkonen C, Stelio Mattheos C, and Morgan Geekie C.
  4. 38 points in 49 AHL games is excellent.
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  6. I wouldn't have a problem with that deal. I also wouldn't have a problem with trading him if the Habs were getting something good back.
  7. 17th pick for Tatar, no thanks. The other two are a wash.
  8. I don't think Edmonton would trade Puljujarvi straight up for Kovalchuk. Personally, I don't think Puljujarvi should have that much value, but the Oilers do. I get that he was a 4th overall pick and is still young, but he hasn't looked like a prospect that is going to hit his once lofty ceiling. Yakupov was a 1st overall pick and put up better numbers and was dealt for a 3rd and a nobody prospect. Kovalchuk is likely worth about a 2nd/3rd, but Holland and the Oilers organization value Puljujarvi much higher than Kovalchuk or a 2nd/3rd rounder. Maybe if the Habs added one of their picks outside the top 60 and/or took on a cap dump (there isn't much to choose from, maybe Manning?), the Oilers might consider moving Puljujarvi. I'd rather try to snag Samorukov if the Habs are trading for a prospect.
  9. Petry leads the league in turnovers, team needs to move on from the vets,
  10. I liked Bean in junior; 38pts in 49AHL games this year and 20 something pick? Hmmmmmmm........close but no thanks. Petry is a legit top 4 d-man who can be trusted to play big minutes, even though his defense is fairly weak. 21st 1st round pick doesnt excite me too much
  11. Bean plus 1st is close. Bean is real impressive in the AHL. I think hes real close to NHL ready. That said they would need to add one more piece. Bean is a must though cause he can step in and play in the NHL now, which will set him up to help.the team next year. Ryan Suzuki has really struggled and im not interested in him just cause hes Nicks brother. Id think they wouldnt want to add last years first rounder either. That said id ask for jamieson rees. 1st plus Bean plus Rees for Petry Id do that.
  12. That and they have accomplished squat
  13. Yeah but that's half of this core group of players that's contracts are expiring. Gallagher, Danault, Petry, Armia, Tatar they're all part of this current core group of players. In 2 years time probably only Danault and Gallagher would be resigned. So you're going to look at a turn over of players anyway In 2 years time.
  14. this might be my favourite proposal yet.. adding Suzuki would be amazing.
  15. I disagree with the notion that blowing up the is necessary. They have a good core but lacking in elite players. With the expiring contracts and the cap space, in the next 2 years they should be adding elite players to this core to become cup contenders
  16. I agree but with all those expiring contacts that's how habs management should be looking at things. They should be saying we have 2 years to try and win a cup with this core group of players. Other wise if they don't see us as cup contender over the next 2 years, then they should be blowing up this core group now, and not 2 years from now.
  17. Anyone think Sakic is trying to acquire Drouin to play with Nate? I have a weird feeling. I would love a 1st and Ryan Suzuki for Petry. Two Suzukis 😛
  18. If Carolina offers bean and a 1st, jump all over it
  19. I do not think it was a sentimental decision, it was a business decision to lock the best goalie available for market value. He will be a boat archer like Lundquist is, and he will be a good mentor to the new Goalie 5 years down the road. But to think he will continue to play 50+ games for the length of his contract is foolish
  20. We can have picks from later years - pollack was a genius in stockpiling future picks.
  21. Pierre Lebrun believes the Canes would be willing to trade Jake Bean and a first for Jeff Petry.
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