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  2. Could our lineup look like this

    In some ways this is worse than Ballard. Ballard was cheap and a little evil. Molson is just in la la land with what he actually has. He's Homer chasing a burning pig on wheels in Springfield. Eventually he will come to the conclusion that it isn't still good, but it sadly might be after the team is so messed up it will take years to repair, even if some youngsters pan out. My greatest fear is Bergevin is still GM in 2020 when Lafreniere is going top 2. Probably the best French Canadian prospect since Lecavalier. If we are trying for 8th when him and Byfield are up there ready to change a franchise forever, that might be too much for me to handle. My passion at this point is in hating this organization for it's current state, but a situation like that and I might just not care at all anymore.
  3. Could our lineup look like this

    Go! Habs, Go! This à Habs fans board after all We are playoffs bound again
  4. 2018 NHL Offseason Thread

    With Tavares not even entertaining an offer from the Habs (unless something changes soon) I think Molson might have opened eyes at the reality of this club. By the summer we might have a new GM and the veterans might want to jump ship. If we don't make the playoffs again I don't see how Weber doesn't privately request a trade.
  5. Tavares not coming to Montreal thread

    There is an official list but more teams coming. Just doesn't seem like Montreal will get an invite at all.
  6. 5 PM EST today is the deadline for the Habs to submit qualifying offers. Here is who needs one: F Daniel Carr F Phillip Danault F Jacob de la Rose F Markus Eisenschmid G Zach Fucale F Jeremy Gregoire F Michael McCarron D Tom Parisi F Kerby Rychel F Logan Shaw Who gets kept around? Who is let go?
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  8. Could our lineup look like this

    For all the pessimism around here, two things should be kept in mind: 1. We have no idea exactly what the roster will be come September. 2. Price is very unlikely to be a POS for a second straight year. So I agree with the gist of you post, although I think winning a playoff round will probably be a stretch. My expectation is a bubble team that makes the playoffs amidst all kinds of fan excitement about the 'comeback season,' before we get eliminated relatively easily. Bergevin will keep his job on the strength of a team that 'surpasses expectations' - expectations which are only so low because of his farcical levels of incompetence. That's how the Ballard Leafs roll.
  9. 2018 NHL Offseason Thread

    Yeah, well, it's not gonna happen.
  10. Tavares not coming to Montreal thread

    Dreger and McKenzie both saying that Tavares list isnt final and more teams could be added.
  11. 2018 NHL Entry Draft Thread

    The French kid seems a waste of a pick at 133, simply best available QMJHL kid I guess, the rest seem fine. But; Ryan McLeod,(C) or Bode Wilde(D) seems would of been better pick at 38 than the Russian kid, but we will see in couple years.
  12. Could our lineup look like this

    As much as "Lose for Hughes" seems like a goal the CH could reach next season; I think they will disappoint us with a wild card spot in the playoffs and a second round disheartening loss to Tampa
  13. Our current lineup scares the shit out of me no matter who is on the other side of the ice.
  14. Could our lineup look like this

    Nothing about that lineup screams exciting team to watch. I could handle not-exciting when the team was winning, but when you combine not winning and not exciting, count me out.
  15. Could our lineup look like this

    With the disappointment of Tavares not even entertaining an offer I can only hope he goes to SJ and that opens up a short term stop gap with jumbo joe. Pacioretty UFA Lehkonan Domi Danault Gallagher Drouin Evans Byron Hudon DeLaRose Scherbak Delauriers Shaw MacCarron Carr UFA Weber Mete Petry Reilly Juulsen Alzner Moravcik Schlemko Benn Sklenicka Price Niemi UFA C= Thornton* * 1 year at 10 million? UFA D= Markov* 1 year 6 million?haha Also... If. We aren’t picking up a legit top 4 Dman (only option might be DeHaan or to a lesser extent Green) I think we should just stay pat there... obviously trades are on the table. Bold =trade block underline= injured to start This is one of the youngest teams in hockey....
  16. Tavares not coming to Montreal thread

    Honestly Tavares to Boston scares the shit out of me.
  17. Tavares not coming to Montreal thread

    No sensible player who has the ability to go wherever he wants and wants to win, would ever pick playing for this management team.
  18. 2018 NHL Offseason Thread

    Maybe its not only pacs we should trade. Trade Weber and Price also and be real serious with rebuild.
  19. 2018 NHL Entry Draft Thread

    I have mixed feelings about this draft. There were some reaches IMO, but still some good prospects chosen. Hopefully these kids develop well over the next few years.
  20. Could our lineup look like this

    That's a good hughes 2019 line up. Sounds good to me. Time to lose for hughes. Fallin for dahlin almost worked.
  21. 2018 NHL Offseason Thread

    I would trade pacioretty for a prospect ands use the cap space to take bad contacts and picks prospects as Brian said. Before using it for a quick fix that doesn't solve long term stuff.
  22. 2018 NHL Offseason Thread

    So what will we do with all our capspace? Sign that guy who crashed the trainingcamp and took shots at Theodore many years ago?
  23. Could our lineup look like this

    Pacioretty - Drouin - Gallagher Domi - Danault - Scherbak Lehkonen - De La Rose - Hudon Byron - Plekanec - Shaw Mete - Weber Alzner - Petry Benn - Juulsen Price Niemi
  24. Permanent Rumour Thread

    Please, no! Deslauriers is already here! How many wingers does Bergy want!?
  25. Tavares not coming to Montreal thread

    Tavares list per Arthur Staple For sure: San Jose, Dallas, Toronto, Boston. Possible: Tampa, Nashville Could decide to see all 6. Montreal and Vegas are out at this time. Funny hes including his good friend P.K. but not Weber and Price.
  26. 2018 NHL Entry Draft Thread

    I was sweatin’ eating a hat until the Habs traded down on that last 2nd rounder. Phew!
  27. 2018 NHL Offseason Thread

    They could max him for one year without having to do much to their roster - they have a ton of cap room this summer but will be restricted to one-year deals with Marner/Matthews coming up next season. Would Tavares do one year at $15.9M and then hit the market again next offseason? It's an interesting idea.
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