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  2. Good article. I have been pushing the idea that Domi is a good trading chip. When he is engaged, he is a gritty, energetic, fast point-producing player. When he is frustrated, he is a liability. And when he is sulking, he is a drag on the team. I would sign him for a bridge deal, like dlbalr suggests; but will be looking throughout the year to trade him for an upgrade on LD
  3. Like his grit and when he decides wants to go to net hard with puck, not fond of so much yapping and other post whistle BS. Habs still need upgrade on top line and top pairing and if a package including Domi is needed to get that done, is fine by me. I not knowing $$ wise what to expect; but, doubt he gets a long term deal.
  4. One of Montreal's bigger decisions this offseason will be what to do with Max Domi. Has he done enough to earn a long-term extension and become part of the core for years to come? Is the jury still out? Does the emergence of some of the other centres mean that he's expendable in a trade to find a defensive upgrade? Some of our writers offered up their two cents on what might happen...any predictions from you? http://www.habsworld.net/2020/04/writers-weigh-in-max-domis-montreal-future/
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  6. Arpon Basu responded to my ridiculous question in his latest mailbag article, so the cost of subscribing has been well worth it for me.
  7. I would have rather signed one more of the 2018 draft picks.
  8. Laurent Dauphin got off to a slow start after being acquired for Michael McCarron but played pretty well over the last few weeks with Laval before the shutdown. He gets a one-year, two-way ($700K/$175K) extension for next season. http://www.habsworld.net/2020/04/habs-sign-laurent-dauphin-to-a-one-year-extension/
  9. If u have a bunch canned beans u might want TP to go with it
  10. For $100,000,000 I think Molson & crew will be OK with some goofy advertising stuff.
  11. Montreal "Google" Canadiens has a nice ring to it... Desperate time calls for inventive $$ schemes.
  12. This, but unironically. Loved Begin, Bonk, and Johnson. Pretty sure I had a few conversations with Brian with me marveling at Dandenault's versatility (while he questioned his decision to have me write articles for the site.) Hate Bulis though. The original 2nd line tease.
  13. Trevor linden cost us the 10th overall pick (Branislav Mezei). That said, that draft was terrible with only the sedins, tim connolly (5th) Barrett Jackman (17th), martin havlat (26th) were any good amongst the first rounders. Top 6 fwd, top 4 d.
  14. A good read on Harris and Struble: https://www.sportsnet.ca/hockey/nhl/five-intriguing-canadiens-prospects-struble-harris-will-good-nhl-players/ The key stat: Harris apparently averaged 27:07 per game this season. That's a lot for a sophomore defenceman.
  15. Was a joke, I'm like you in that it wasn't specific players but the team that got me into hockey. The Habs of that era was the first squad I became deeply invested in, and it was funny to remember how much I cared about these scrubs.
  16. Giving up a 1st round pick for a washed up player, thank god we have a GM now who would never make a foolish trade like that!! Sorry, a little bored in self isolation and felt like stirring the pot a bit. Please ignore.
  17. Hey, I was a little surprised to see those names too but there are fans out there who love role players or perhaps it was a little tongue in cheek, only Neech knows for sure.
  18. Trevor Linden maybe? He was washed up and the Habs still gave up a first rounder for him back in '99.
  19. It's not about judging Neech, nor blaming anyone for liking this or that player. But if you track this thread, you find old-timers giving names like Richard, Beliveau, and Harvey...then slightly younger-timers talking Lafleur, Robinson, Dryden, Gainey...then middle-agers like me talking Roy, Carbonneau, Naslund, Muller...and then suddenly we get to fans whose formative memories are of guys like Begin, Bonk, and Bulis. Basically, it's a long slide from the sublime to the ridiculous.
  20. Ok. Mixing him up with another trade - I thought we gave up 1st rounders a few times Dir guys past there best before dates (tangauy is the other guy I was thinking of.
  21. I really started to get into hockey once I hit high school. Our gym class was street hockey in the fall, indoor hockey in the winter (with some volleyball), and street hockey in the spring (with some softball). Each time, you got to choose which sport you wanted to play, and I remember tossing my stick in the pile and the gym teacher throwing them to each side to pick up teams. Funny story, my brother in law is from Cornwall, and used to go to Royals games. He gave me a Doug Gilmour signed stick about a year or two after Gilmour had played for the Royals and he played for the Blues (I think). I broke it at school during a game. I didn't think much of it until I really started watching hockey more. Flash forward to 2001, and Gillete had just bought the Habs and they were doing training camp in Vail, CO. I went up to watch, and was standing along the glass while they were on the ice in a fairly empty rink. Jeff Hackett was flipping pucks against the glass where I was standing and chuckling, soon a couple of other guys joined in. That's when I finally noticed a guy standing next to me, I looked over and smiled, he looked at me and smiled. It was Gilmour. I told him the story of using his Royals stick and he offered to sign one for me. I've never been much for autographs or collectibles, so I politely declined and was just happy to be talking with him. I met a few other guys that afternoon when they went mountain biking, all in all a neat experience as the players were pretty relaxed as there wasn't a throng of people following them everywhere. I remember the Cup in '86, the playoffs the following years, but definitely have fond memories of '93. Still have all of my ticket stubs, and I went to every single game in Montreal that playoff year. I had a boss (worked at Radio Shack at the time while I was in college) that would get on the phone lines with me while at work, trying to call through to the box office every time the next round went on sale. First few games, I got standing room only tickets, but from the 2nd round on, I got good seats in the whites. The euphoria of that season has stuck with me forever, and even when the Habs when another Cup, I don't think I'll have that youthful excitement. Just a special time in my life that year. It was also fun to go to a D1 NCAA hockey school (Clarkson), there were a few future NHLers there at the time, Craig Conroy, Todd Marchant, Todd White. So for me, it's not a player or two that sucked me in. Hockey was just what I grew up in. I do, however, still wear #21.
  22. Ottawa drafted him 3rd overall back in '94. The Habs got him and Huet from LA ten years later for Garon and a 3rd rounder.
  23. Like they say "beauty is in the eye of the beholder". I will not judge.
  24. Skillsy...the Habs next d-coach.
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