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  2. He played against Tampa on Saturday (only game of the round robin he played) and he got 2 assists. I have a non-bold prediction that we’ll be seeing him this series.
  3. Wow. Unless their top 6 is significantly better than what I think, I think that’s a huge blunder. Hell, I know he’s fallen out of favour, but I’d take him in our top 4.
  4. So the rangers who actually made it to the finals, beat us the last two times we were in the playoffs and actually made it to the finals in 2013/14, had a stronger tram than us (mainly because of their ability to attract UFA’s), intentionally missed the last two playoffs as part of orchestrated sell-off/rebuild, but had been in the playoffs the preceding 7 years - including going to the finals and semi finals is the same as us, who have missed 3 out of the past 5 years while not being on a rebuild? the only similarity is that they were also built to go as far as Lundquist would take them (albeit built better than us), but decided you need more high end, young elite talent in today’s NHL.
  5. Question: the picks on rounds 2-to-7 move spots the same as before, right? I was checking a website yesterday and the deaf order between 1st round and the others was not the same. confused me, but I am guessing it is just a glitch and not a change in rules
  6. You do realize the Rangers did not have a 1st round draft pick in 2013, 2014, 2015 or 2016, correct? How is that comparable to the Habs? We are now supposed to emulate a team who hasn’t won anything since 1994, one year later than us? You can continue to nit pick by choosing the Rangers as your model example, despite them having won nothing, and I will continue to stand firm on the reality that I’d rather be the Montreal Canadiens even in modern times than the Buffalo Sabres, Edmonton Oilers or Toronto Maple Leafs who continue to do poorly despite having tanked. Eichel is “sick of losing?” I would be too if I were on a club who only thought about the draft. Also, who said anything about not believing a 9th overall is better than a 15th overall? What I am saying is that tankists would have used the same excuse (that we should lose vs Pittsburgh) EVEN IF it was a 12.5% chance at 1st overall or an 87.5% chance at 15th overall. They still would have said we should lose. You can argue that fact, but you’re not right.
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  8. Caulfueld fell into our lap because of size concerns. Let’s continue to hope for the incompetence in drafting by other team’s so we can get a good player - great strategy. Kinda like anything can happen in the playoffs - let’s hope for the best approach. so we are essentially hoping that lots of teams make the same type of blunder as us, like when we drafted Kostitsyn at #10 in 2003 - which was one of the best drafts ever and passed on the following: - Jeff carter take a at #11 - Dustin Brown taken at #13 -Brent seabrook taken at #14 -Zach Parise taken at #17 - because if size concerns -Ryan Getzlaf the big centre we have been searching for 30 years and #19 -Brent Burns taken at #20 the only teams to make out worse than us in that draft was the horrible Atlanta Thrashers who took Coburn at #8 and equally incompetent Columbus who took The talented, but flaky Zherdev at #4 oh, btw, this draft isn’t nearly as deep as 2003. -
  9. If you can’t see the difference between a guaranteed top ten pick (with a one of the highest chances of #1 overall for a 9th place team ever), in a draft that is supposed to have a very strong top ten and the 15th to the 22nd pick we usually get, there is no further point bothering to discuss his with you. The Rangers who were a ahead of us a in the standings and in a playoff decision decided the hamster wheel of lower picks and not enough high end talent wasn’t worth it anymore and sold off their assets to rebuild - which included a number 1 centre better than anyone we had. Why, because they had tried the overpay for old UFA strategy and being a middling team hoping to get into the playoffs and have their goaltender stand on their head wasn’t a recipe for success in a league that is getting younger. Oh, by the way, the rangers actually had gone further and done better than us in the playoffs and beat us in the playoffs. guess who also just got the 1st overall puck after picking 2nd?
  10. I prefer points per game; if we use 0.75 as the cutoff, Flyers indeed have five players over that whereas Tatar is the only one on the Habs. But it’s worthwhile to note that the Penguins had five — and still had trouble scoring.
  11. PS: 1) Minnesota fans (who have the 9th pick) are talking about how they like a lot of players around the 15 mark (because they could get that pick from Pittsburgh) 2) We just drafted Cole Caufield 15th overall
  12. Those people would be saying the same thing if it were a 12.5% chance at 1st overall followed by an 87.5% at 15th overall rather than 22nd overall. “They would have a better shot with the 1st or 15th overall rather than the 22nd” I’m not challenging anyone’s knowledge on prospects (and how the top 9 are somehow vastly superior than 10 and lower) but you’re kidding yourself if you specifically expected our 9th overall draft pick to be the reason we compete for the cup in the next few years. 8 teams will have had a better shot than us if it were that simple. The real prize was the 1st overall and the 9th overall was a consolation prize that tankists used to further their argument.
  13. Is Gostisbehere injured or scratched? I would have thought he’d be in their top 4.
  14. Pretty sure he won’t be in the NHL next year.
  15. I hope Weise, who we all know wont be scratched, just keeps it simple, dumps it deep and forechecks hard.
  16. The Flyers fans were crowing about Thompson but he's actually rated worse than Weise. Overall, considering the play of Kotkaniemi and Suzuki, our forwards don't look much worse than the Flyers ones. And, at least so far, Price is playing significantly better than a "0.3". I think this might be a hard-fought series, not the bloodbath their fans are predicting.
  17. Looked interesting comparison of rosters, they note couple players's most recent play not factored in (Kotkaniemi for one). From Dom Luszczyszyn and Harman Dayal, the Athletic
  18. You are right ... somehow I got game three wrong, where they scored twice on the power play. Still not stellar, considering the talent they have in the lineup.
  19. Thanks for the reminder! I limited my Flyers picks to just one.
  20. That is "looking forward" thinking ... give Poehling game action instead of sitting in a suite ... but Julien is using the lineup that he thinks gives the team the best chance of winning ... even if almost anyone subbing in for Weise would likely have minimal impact on the results. On defence I am less convinced ... not a real fan of Ouellette but grudgingly give him credit for his play ... he leads the Habs in Hits per 60 minutes, blocks/60, is 2nd in takeaways/60 and is only slightly worse than Weber (1.73/60) and Chiarot (1.83/60) but way better than Petry (3.46/60) in giveaways (Weber and Chiarot are decent comparable stylistically in that they generally just move the puck, not carry it or do anything fancy ... unlike Petry who is naturally expected to have more giveaways because he is asked to do much more with the puck) ... the "per 60 minutes" stats can't measure the quality of opposition, game situation, etc. ... but are worth something
  21. I think Paul MacLeod was the only Habwriter in the world who actually picked Habs to win..BUT, he predicted in 5 games. well done anyway
  22. Habs power play was 0/12 during the play in series vs Pittsburgh but Philly’s pp was 0/11 during the round robin.
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