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  2. Mean is good when it is on your team and it is a “skill”that does not decline with age
  3. I was commenting on this as well. The guy is mean. And officials media fans ignore it because they like him.
  4. You can definetly notice when team's are on the rush, they all filter to the left side of the ice.
  5. What else is new? Kulak had a tough game, the whole LD is the suspect part of the D core and teams punish the Habs mercilessly for it. The RD is a strength, I think a move will be made to bring in at least one capable LD defenceman to try and get players playing in correct positions.
  6. He had a clean look at the shot. The entire right side of the net was wide open. You are right though, but man, Price has let up a lot of goals this year. Fun game to watch. D was definetly suspect
  7. Now THAT goal ticks me off...get off the damn ice already Price...awful. Down early every time all the time...raise the puck you have a goal.
  8. I'm less concerned with his angle, and more concerned about how on earth a point man is that wide open and allowed to walk on down to the top of the circle without so much as a hint of a checker in his path.
  9. Remember when a Canes - Habs game was almost always a low scoring affair that we would lose? This started off looking dubious, but suddenly it's an entertaining track meet. If we could just fix the damned powerplay...
  10. Prices angle was way off on that.
  11. Out of time, but Price with awesome glove save!
  12. That's a big goal from Lehkonen.
  13. Permanent Trade Proposal Thread

    Cant either; but Bergevin has made some deals didnt see coming; also seems to make some sense as well given roster make up. But thanks.
  14. This is the fun Habs
  15. Permanent Trade Proposal Thread

    That level at least for sure Cant see the habs moving him though
  16. Michael Chaput has a four-game point streak. I don't think anyone saw that coming. Also, this is Game #10 for Kulak meaning that he now needs waivers to make it back to Laval as well.
  17. That's an odd comment in a game where he's a healthy scratch. I actually think he's a better skater than some give him credit for - I don't think it'd be close between him and Alzner in a race.
  18. Love how Weber gets away with 20 or so cross checks every game. RESPECT
  19. That is petry's bread and butter right there. Beauty shot, great pass
  20. Is Schlemko as slow-footed for an average sized guy as it seems to me? He and Alzner would battle in a race i think.
  21. Permanent Trade Proposal Thread

    Nic Beaudin or Ty Smith-like quality? Or would he demand more of a advanced prospect? Gallagher on-pace for 34g season, if he gets that. In offseason would a young top-pairing d-man be fair swap?
  22. Correct. Carolina's owner doesn't like their road whites so they asked if the Habs were okay with wearing their white jerseys. It's great - I wish they'd go back to that full-time.
  23. Game#32 November 13 Hurricanes vs Habs 7:30

    How did they set up on the PP? Did they even get set up
  24. Game#32 November 13 Hurricanes vs Habs 7:30

    I heard they are in white at home?
  25. A decent start/finish to the period but the middle minutes weren't the greatest. The first test of the new-look power play wasn't pretty.
  26. I get Drouin's numbers are solid this year, but his decision making is seriously questionable
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