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  3. What would getting Erik Gustafsson out of Chicago cost?
  4. YOU'RE TWO DIFFERENT PEOPLE? 😲😲😲😲😲😲 I thought for months you were the same person.
  5. He's a steal of a pick, 100% agree. But he was an early 4th rounder (100th overall).
  6. The difference again was special teams. Minny didnt have much outside of the PP and some moments early on. With that said, after Zucker calling out everyone no less then a week ago we should of expected minny's supposed best. turns out a bad penalty did us in. All this Mete talk of not being a top pair is funny. Meanwhile, the truth is he's been exactly that for all of this year, and most of last.. He's only 21 I might add. This is turning out to be the most amazing story for the 6th rounder! an absolute steal in fact!! Cant wait to see how he looks in a couple seasons at only 23 years old! ease up on the kid... hes so ahead of the curve. Seriously... every time we blow a game (on special teams) we will bang the Weber drum?
  7. Weber off to a slow start, still on pace for 46pts.
  8. Yesterday
  9. Using emojis instead of +/- or up/down votes may work. But that would not be backward compatible I think disabling the down votes is a good compromise
  10. It is a left-field idea indeed, but not a bad one. But I don't think the Invision forum software will support it.
  11. Or just don't be lazy and respond to the post😊
  12. As always, Brian is the statesmanlike leader of this group. Good call sir 🤙 My eccentric thought would be for a "?" button instead of a downvote. This would allow skeptics to register skepticism, without quite the same passive-aggressive oomph as the downvote. But this is just an out-of-left-field notion. Happy to go with upvotes only if that is the general preference.
  13. I absolutely agree, Weber needs a legit partner, but Mete is not dragging Weber down. I do think that We'd probably see Mete's offensive numbers go up playing further down the line up though. Weber is one of my favorite players, but you can clearly see flaws in his game. It was the same thing with Pleky; no one wanted to admit that his game was slipping, until it fell off. Weber is far from falling off, but at 34, he's not the player he once was
  14. I kinda agree with hockeyrealist on this one. Only thing, like you, I'm not convinced that Weber is a bonified #1 anymore. He's probably more a #1B dman at this point. Where I meet Realist, is that I too believe that we should be riding another #1B with Weber. Doing so would greatly improve our chances to see a better Weber. And Mete is not #1B and will most likely never be. Just like what McAvoy provides with Chara, allowing him to do his thing.
  15. I watched this game via the Minnesota feed. Who knew Wes Walz was still involved in the game as a colour analyst? Not me. 😄 The "homer" slant was egregious but as a whole the broadcast had me feeling rather sorry for the Wild. Despite some talent, including the excellent Koivu, they've had a sad-sack start to the season and their fragility is somewhat pathetic; and really that has been a total "nothing" of a franchise since its inception. Sad, really. I still wasn't happy to see them win the game, though! Poor Kinkaid, he deserved better.
  16. I only read the part where you said Mete is holding back Weber; you cant be serious. Weber looked OK last game, but that guy is not a #1 D-man anymore. He has has cement in his skates these days. You're not actually watching these games, man
  17. Def don’t think anyone has a right to pin any of that loss on Kincaid. Team wouldn’t have survived first period without him playing stellar. He was forced to make numerous huge saves due to defensive laps, not just by defensemen and also played the puck Wisely numerous times to help with breakout. I was impressed by his puck handling, choosing right times and making crafty plays. He was not the issue and anyone claiming he “needs to win his share of games” either isn’t watching, doesn’t have a clue or is trolling. Any backup goalie can’t be expected to steal games when I team takes that many pénalités. Your starter is suppose to be able to steal games, backups keep you in games which is what he did. Tatar has taken too many penalties, way too useful on the ice when he is out there and team is too weak on pk to afford it. Tired of Mete playing top pairing, he’s an anchor on Weber. We should be taking advantage of Weber by providing him a good partner, not forcing him to carry a top pairing and then wonder why he’s not the stud we demand. Hard to believe there is no better left dman available than any of our options given we haven’t had a top pairing left d since Markov. Everyone knows we’ve needed one, that blames falls on Mgmt. Mete is not Roman Josi 2.0 nor will he become that. He’s not offensive enough to even play pp and takes his best effort, skill and luck just to keep up with average plays, clearing the zone. He has not impressed enough to continue to pretend that problem isn’t holding us back. if first pairing dman isn’t on pp and also not on pk, are they really a first pairing dman or just a place holder that’s somehow lasted too long in that role. He’s too small for bottom pairing and I don’t trust him with Petry who is perfect on second/1B pairing. Doesn’t leave much room for him currently. Feel like he was rushed due to lack of options and to his/team’s demise.
  18. A few of Tatar's were of the terrible variety...I remember wanting to reach through the screen to choke him a couple of times.
  19. I wasn’t impressed in his first outing. Let’s be realistic: we won’t make the playoffs if the backup goalie doesn’t win his share of games.
  20. He's played both games with a tired team in front of him. As Chris said, he's not the reason they lost tonight.
  21. A good point on that. It's a vicious circle of being half a step behind, taking a poor penalty, being half a step behind, getting more tired yet, ...
  22. Kinkaid 0-2 so far. Tough start. Let’s hope he’ll do better.
  23. I would love to read an analysis of these ... how many of these are undisciplined offensive-zone penalties, justifiable defensive-zone penalties, or something else. I haven't seen enough games this year to have formed any sort of an impression myself.
  24. I agree with you, but its also chicken and egg. Tired teams take bad penalties when they are chasing the play. This is one of the youngest teams in the NHL on average. Twice we've played back-to-back and twice we've been terrible in the second game and lost to bad teams (Detroit and Minny). Where is the conditioning? They shouldn't be that bad.
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