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  2. Fresh off losing a tough one to Belleville on Monday in a game we didn't have a GDT for, Laval's road trip comes to an end in Syracuse tonight. Lines TBD Lines TBD Puck drop is at 7:05 PM EST for both games. 91.9 Sports has the coverage in French.
  3. Non-Rocket Habs Prospect tracker

    Possibly...Tyszka I guess is weakest link and most likely to ruin your prognostication? 2017 1st round pick, 25th overall - Ryan Poehling 2nd round pick, 56th overall - Josh Brook 2nd round pick, 58th overall - Joni Ikonen (from Washington - Eller trade) 3rd round pick, 68th overall - Scott Walford (from Buffalo - Beaulieu trade) 3rd round pick, 87th overall - Cale Fleury 5th round pick, 149th overall - Jarret Tyszka 7th round pick, 199th overall - Cayden Primeau (from Philadelphia - pick #199 traded for a 2018 7th round pick)
  4. Charlie Coyle off to Bruins, for a 5th and some Bruin player Ryan Donato.
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  6. 2018-19 NHL General Discussion Thread

    Washington put Smith-Pelley on waivers, and they will be making a trade tomorrow after he clears or gets picked up. Trade deadline week officially kicking off?
  7. Non-Rocket Habs Prospect tracker

    I'm calling it now: the Habs' entire 2017 draft class ends up with ELC's.
  8. Non-Rocket Habs Prospect tracker

    Ellis looked like a good prospect in junior. They are probably at the same level as 19 year olds. That does not mean they are meant for the same finish though, Ellis didn't develop in the AHL, Walford might (especially since our coaching is better). Walford is also a better skater which is big with the way the game has gone.
  9. Jesperi Kotkaniemi

    The boy sure loves playing at home. Is his mom still in town, cooking him meals and tucking him in at night? Scolding him for stealing cookies and picking out his clothes for the day?
  10. GDT: Columbus @ Montreal: 7:30 PM

    A couple years ago everyone was lauding his shot as one of his best assets and one of the best on the team. I'm thinking it can't be as bad as it's seemed this year and eventually he'll get back to the 15-20 goals of his rookie year.
  11. Game #59 Feb 17, 7:00 Habs vs Panthers

    I am ok letting Niemi's contract run to the end without a trade. Unless an NHL backup is available and could do the job until Primeau is ready
  12. If one view's sneaking into playoffs as the goal...barring an upgrade in this roster, a cup run seems pretty far-fetched.
  13. Jesperi Kotkaniemi

    How many 18 year olds have played for Habs?
  14. Non-Rocket Habs Prospect tracker

    Think he is a better prospect than a Morgan Ellis was? Or "most likely" we should expect a similar ceiling for him?
  15. Non-Rocket Habs Prospect tracker

    Walford picked up another assist last night. He now has nine goals and 44 points in 55 games. I think any questions as to whether or not he will be getting a contract offer this spring have been answered. The Habs have to sign him.
  16. Jesperi Kotkaniemi

    With Kotkaniemi notching his 18th and 19th assist last night, he took hold of the record for most ever assists by an 18 year old Habs player in a given season. Previously held by Mario Tremblay in the mid 70s as well as Petr Svoboda in the mid 80s with 18 assists each. With Carolina and Montreal being in the playoff mix, and somewhat battling each other for a spot, it should be interesting to note whether or not Svechnikov (CAR) and Kotkaniemi (MTL) have any type of impact during their respective playoff birth runs. It seems as though Kotkaniemi is being trusted to help, especially in offensive situations.
  17. GDT: Columbus @ Montreal: 7:30 PM

    Let's hope, but I would not mind flipping him in a package for LD help
  18. Non-Rocket Habs Prospect tracker

    Jacob Olofsson has signed a two-year deal with SkellefteƄ of the SHL that will begin next season.
  19. GDT: Columbus @ Montreal: 7:30 PM

    I wouldnt call it a trend. Shooting percentage doesnt typically work that way. Its usually something that is highly variable and then reverts to the mean. Its likely his rookie season shooting percentage is inflated, and that this season is a too low, and that his true shooting talent is around 8-10% like most NHL forwards. It wouldnt surprise any analyst to see it back in that range next year rather than following a "trend" and continuing to fall.
  20. GDT: Columbus @ Montreal: 7:30 PM

    True, and when he did his shooting percentage that season was 11.4%; very respectable. Last season, it was 7.3% This season so far, it's 5.6%. That's a disturbing trend, even for a player who is mostly a 3rd line player.
  21. GDT: Columbus @ Montreal: 7:30 PM

    How did he score 18 goals in his rookie year?
  22. GDT: Columbus @ Montreal: 7:30 PM

    Maybe Armia is the only Finn allowed to score empty netters.
  23. GDT: Columbus @ Montreal: 7:30 PM

    I think he's a third line player, but i agree his offence won't be high end
  24. First Goal for Mete

    September 30th, 2017 during a 9-2 win against Ottawa in the preseason.
  25. GDT: Columbus @ Montreal: 7:30 PM

    He had two chances late in the period and each time passed the puck. It's one thing to be unselfish, but it was not a slam dunk clear path to the empty net. I'm saying that was a dumb play and I really question his hockey sense when it comes to offence. To me, he's only going to be a really good 4th line player, or he'll be traded out of Montreal.
  26. GDT: Columbus @ Montreal: 7:30 PM

    All the Habs to Lehkonen after he fails to shoot at an open net twice:
  27. GDT: Columbus @ Montreal: 7:30 PM

    Why did Lehkonen pass?
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