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    I simply don't get how trading the best offensive players on the team for offense makes any sense. We need to add offence not make a lateral trade that gains us (maybe) an extra goal or 2. Although Mark down Mark seems good at lateral trades that accomplish shite.
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    Ya is probably unwise to spam the forum which is so active discussing countless other topics.
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    According to last year's presser... Trading for Centres is impossible. According to this year's presser.... Drafting a Centre outside the top 10 is impossible. According to this year's presser, the Centre we drafted 3rd overall, we keep sticking him on wing. He's a winger. According to Engels. Shipachyov is mulling several big offers, and we aren't one of the teams competing with those big offers. Why does he have a job?
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    Honestly I considered making a thread about this too. Ott is someone I thought might actually come back this season (I know others said the same as well) and his retirement/being named a coach in St. Louis was a bit of a surprise. There aren't a lot of active threads right now and this is news(ish).
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    ^^ Me reading this thread ^^ To summarize to those just joining in: Some people are of the belief that the Predators clearly won the trade because Subban is going to be playing for the Cup with his new team. Others like to point out that Nashville was already a superior team and that hockey is a team sport, not a one man show. Conclusion: Nashville is better than they were last year but so is Montreal. Both players fit into their teams very well and the results show that. I want to cheer for Subban and Nashville because I love watching him play and the fans there are great, however I also find myself cheering against them because I dread coming onto this Montreal Canadiens fan forum and reading some of the "I told ya so" comments. There were far less posts about this trade the first few months of the season when Weber was in the Norris/Hart trophy conversation while Subban couldn't find his ass from his head.
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    I'll just assume if the Weber / Subban trade didn't happen that the habs would be in the stanley cup? The preds are a much more dangerous team then the habs are, much more talent up front. The Preds D is far better then the habs D, CJ is a better coach then MT, Laviolette has brought his 3rd team to the cup, Subban has played well,so did Weber
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    I'm not sure Galchenyuk is a 30 goal scorer at LW. Look where he scores his goals from. He needs to be allowed to float over to the right face off circle and shoot that one timer if he is going to maximize his goal scoring. thats not going to happen at Left wing. So even if he's a winger, left wing isn't his spot IMO.
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    Marc would have traded him after he crashed into the Tim Hortons.
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    Came into this thread hoping for some new juicy trade rumour talk. Instead got to hear about the Weber/Subban trade.
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    It's strange that the Italians and Germans got lit up like that against a powerhouse Russian team
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    1) He's not being outshined by Ryan Ellis and Roman Josi. Don't be that guy who is only looking at goals and assists, and not looking at the job that Subban did against Toews line in the first round, and against Tarasenko's line in the second round. There is a reason that Subban/Ekholm is playing the minutes against the other team's number 1 line so far in these playoffs. 2) The point is about the room though. Subban isn't causing problems in the Nashville room. Removing "Weber's leadership" isn't causing the Nashville team to do worse. Surely if Weber's leadership mattered as much as we've been told it does, Nashville wouldn't be having its most successful playoff run ever the first year he was gone. Meanwhile in montreal the GM is calling the team "fragile". The fact is that the "leadership" aspect was harped on ad nauseum by the proponents of the trade. This isn't a knock on Weber. This is a knock on tired cliches and media narratives that things like "leadership" and "character" matter more than skill. Its just not true. Unfortunately our GM seems to be buying that narrative, not just in this move, but in many others. 3) Price didn't have a great season? Second in the NHL in 5v5 save percentage. Third in the NHL in overall Save Percentage. Nominated for the Vezina, .933 save percentage in the playoffs. Not a great season? Our expectations might be run amok here.
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    Uh, we finished first in the division and lost a close fought series to team that could go to the division final and you guys want to fire everyone and revamp the team? Have any of you noticed how long teams tend to suck when they don't have stable management? Bergevin has his faults-- and player development is among them-- but this is a team that is a couple of pieces from a long cup run. You don't raze that kind of foundation, you build on it. I thought I was upset after the Rangers series but many of you are so angry I think you are still venting about the PK trade.
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    After last year's 30 goal campaign all signs pointed to Galchenyuk having a big year as a full time #1 center. So in theory we already had our top center in place, no need to go get one. As for Plekanec, he had half of the production that he did the year before. No matter how old he is getting, we were easily expecting him to slot in at #2 or #3 and score more points. So that left Desharnais, Danault and maybe Shaw to fill in the 3rd line. That's not that bad at all, especially after signing Radulov and correctly identifying that Lehkonen would stay with the big club and contribute. With regards to "telling the coach" to put him at center, don't you think that's a recipe for disaster? The coach is paid to coach. It's ultimately his decision to configure the lines whichever way he thinks gives the team the best chance to win. The GM is paid to put together the roster, not where they play or how much they do. If you can think of a scenario where the GM told the coach how to coach and it worked out well for the team, I am all ears. I agree that the trade deadline was disappointing. However it is hard to get excited about some of the names that were dealt. Who was he supposed to get to play center? Martin Hanzel, Brian Boyle? Okay, he could maybe have got Vanek or Eaves but that doesn't solve the top center issue. Could he have overpaid with our future and landed Duchense? We don't know what the asking price was, and I'm certain that if we knew I highly doubt most would be on board with it. Damned if he does, damned if he doesn't. It's getting ridiculous around here. It's the same garbage we heard about Therrien for years, that he is a moron and incompetent. It's one thing to criticize a person on how they do their job but to say Marc Bergevin is incompetent is laughable. He's made mistakes just like any other GM but when you look at his body of work and where the team is at right now it doesn't justify the abuse. We're not having this conversation if Pacioretty or Galchenyuk scored a couple goals and the Habs squeaked out the win against the Rangers.
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    If Tavares wants to sign long term in Montreal you acquire him. You sign him. You don't blow it like Turgeon. You run with it.
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    I agree and I think as it stands, the answer is to play Galchenyuk as a top 6 center and to acquire another top 6 center. I feel as though Julien didn't really think he had a weak top 6 with Danault and Plekanec because of the past success he had with Plekanec as well as all the things he probably heard from his Bruins' players when they faced him. The fact is that while there can be an argument made that neither Plekanec nor Danault should have been in the top 6, I think there's no doubt that both of them should not have been in the top 6 simultaneously. I guess from the coach's perspective Galchenyuk-Danault or Galchenyuk-Plekanec was no better than Danault-Plekanec but I think it is. Galchenyuk scored the game winning goal in overtime in our last regular season game and had 3 points in his last 5 playoff games. He was still producing to an extent. Your statement is the only reason I would ever consider trading him even though I think he'll have a good year. Although I used to think he could be used in a versatile way, he seems to need some consistency.
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    Call me crazy but are we doing to galchenyuk what the leafs did to kadri early on in his career? the leafs all most blow kadri's career by not developing him probably. But now under mike he has turned into a good two way player. i just see us developing galchenyuk the wrong way much like what the leafs did to kadri.
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    Just when I thought you were about to write a post that didn't trash management, you were amazingly able to sneak a spot for it in there.
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    Until they build a team that can win without Carey being Carey, they will never win. Everyone remembers Thomas becoming a superhero and winning a Conn Smythe. They forget April 21st when the Habs scored four goals and the Bruins had to win 5-4 in OT. They forget that Thomas allowed five goals in each loss to Tampa and one game where Boston had to win 6-5. They just remember the shutouts, and the domination against Philadelphia and Vancouver. Point being, for Thomas to be great, Boston had to be great. They had to be able to score. They couldn't point the finger at their goalie when he allowed four or five in. They had to go ahead and tie the game or else the went home packing. Until Montreal builds a club that can dig Price out when the game gets tough, they will continue to lose like in 2015 to Tampa and 2017 to the Rangers. Series where everyone knows a few more goals as Montreal is in the next round. $6 million, $8 million, $10 million, don't matter. Can they score in the postseason?
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    Zero chance I ever read a positive post from you. Regardless of coaching. So 2 Norris trophies and 2 nominations and the world is just now noticing Karlsson is good? Boucher is a genius. Zero chance I wanted him before and I'm thanking God I don't have to watch his boring crap now. Oh ya I forgot. Lol at Subban vs Weber. It's done. I don't like it either but Jesus is getting old.
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    I suspect he's not really all that concerned. Any time you trade away a star player, this has the possibility of happening. And besides, I don't think he obsesses over everything that goes on with Subban as some fans tend to.
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    Well, rumours centre on Galy because most people believe MB would much more readily trade a high-ceiling young player than Pacioretty, who is the perfect 'company man' the organization obviously prizes. Add to that his intemperate remarks about Galy at the presser, and that his new coach seems to dislike him, and you've got a perfect storm for rumours. I disagree that Galy has little value. Smart teams would love the chance to acquire a kid that young who has already scored 30. It 's a classic case of swooping in to grab a guy after the other team has endured all his growing pains. There will certainly be demand. Bergy will probably flip him for inadequate return (less talent but more 'character') but that's another story.
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    Nashville is one win away from competing for the Cup. I'm amazed they've done it without the leadership of Shea Weber. Next trade: Beaulieu and Sergachev for Marian Hossa and Artem Anisimov.
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    What a waste it was. if we had better play making centres on our team that could set up our goal scorers, and we had more mobile d, we would of made the cup finals this year. Not saying we would of won the cup. But man our team is better then these teams. We are wasting prices good years.
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    Bergevin's defenders seem to fixate on the 'trade deadline' issue. This is missing the forest for the trees. This GM inherited a good core and has been absolutely unable to improve it. Meanwhile the farm system is a desert. That's crap performance, period.
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    Boo hoo is the theme of 99% of the posts that you make, always complaining about something. So I find it funny that you use that to describe someone who is generally positive. I tend to pick on the things you say because they are quite often very outlandish and illogical. It's like you just spew out a bunch of words without thinking about it whatsoever. Somewhere in the rants are little pieces of things that make some sense and can be considered as factual, but it's hard to sift through it all to get to that. Case in point: " I would be happy to trade a player for 10 cents on the dollar". Really? Is that what you really think or is it all for dramatic effect? Because as a reader it's hard to take you seriously. " I was happy that they traded Subban for a player in decline because I felt slighted at an event" Really? I've only posted hundreds of times about that damn trade, and if that's what it is you get from everything I've wrote, then your reading comprehension needs work. To summarize: I was pissed off Subban got traded, then I grew to learn more about Shea Weber. And then I got excited about how he would fit in, and I still am happy with how the trade effected the team this season. I referenced an event I attended specifically to see Subban where he was a dick head because at the time the thread was talking about his personality.
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    Trades are hard. Drafting is hard. Developing is hard. Not everyone can win. This isn't a videogame you know. Not everyone gets a chance at the Cup. Be happy with regular season results. They will soon be putting division winner banners up in the rafters to celebrate this team.
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    I thought there was a store where I could redeem my internet points for free prizes.
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    Who else should/could be any bot's favourite Habs ? Well, I may only speak for myself, but if I was a bot, my favourite Habs would be The Rocket as well.
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    I think its a very funny piece to write about a team that has two legit #1 centres in Nick Backstrom and Evgeny Kuznetsov. Grasping at straws here to prove the narrative that Bergevin needs a centre. Yes, we need a ####ing centre. We all know this. We all agree on it. Using Washington to prove that thesis is just asinine though. They don't have that problem, they have a different problem. Washington needed Holtby to play better, and they needed Shattenkirk to play like a legit #1 dman. Neither happened and now they are out. Had nothing to do with a weakness at centre.
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    Pacioretty should not be included in any deal unless it's a blow your socks off type move. He has two more years at a 4.5 m which is an absolute steal for an automatic 30+ goal scoring captain. To me it's Galchenyuk that should be moved for a top 6 center, leaving Pacioretty and Lehkonen as your top two LW. Or Galchenyuk simply figures out whatever it is that the coaches want him to do out there at center and he does it.
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    I didn't see anything about last year anywhere in this thread. My statement was in response to the post above about how he got 4 points against Italy and 2 against Germany.
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    Since this thread title is discussing whether sweeping changes need to me made, I have wondered that since there are not very many French speaking coaches for us to chose from, compared to English speaking, I have to ask why there has not been a major emphasis on making sure that we develop coaches from within. For example, I wonder if Sylvain Lefebvre was considered for even a moment, or was he ever even in the conversation, to replace MT. Somehow I think not. But shouldn't that be an obvious for our AHL head coach? I would think that the three main aspects or priorities of that coaches job description should be: 1. Install and teach a system to the players that the parent club is using so that younger players will learn how to play and be prepared when they are called up. 2. Have the best possible French speaking coach in place in our AHL team so just as the players are being prepared, the coach [coaches] are being prepared and trained to be able to coach the parent club. 3. Win. Develop a winning attitude, game plan and build the team to win in all position. Shouldn't that be an obvious priority for us since: 1. We must have a French speaking coach. 2. Our team is from Quebec where there are more French speaking coaches in waiting than anywhere in the world. Why can't/shouldn't we have a great young up and coming French coach in the AHL? Seems pretty obvious to me. Instead.........
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    200% This off-season is his last stand for me. Unfortunately. Im not sure winning will ever be a priority, because no matter what, people will go. Keep in mind Geoff Molson is a business man. His family has sold watered down poison for profit for generations.
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    The Habs were missing a game breaker aside from Radulov (who wanted to be a Hab before Weber came in, and turned down a two year deal with other teams to come here for one year. But nah let's credit Shea. He's the only reason we had Quebec loving Radulov!) against New York but nah the series would have been the same. It's like 2014-15 didn't exist to some people. With Subban and a healthy Price Montreal won 50 games and went to the second round. We needed more scoring support. Bergevin went lazy and cheap and got Fleischmann and Semin. Price went down and Montreal went from the hottest team in the league to the bottom of the barrel. We were still near the top of the standings in late December when Bergevin traded for Scrivens instead of a real starter like Reimer. Subban was a near point per game player in 2016 before his injury. Then he gets blamed for the season? 2016-17 meant we scored five more goals than 14-15 and allowed 11 more goals. Habs out in the first round. In other words, similar season result with less playoff results. Do I blame Weber? Not one bit. He did his job. All you can ask for him to do. I blame the guy who hasn't added a top six centre in five years. I blame the guy who has gone into every season having to fill a hole in the top six RW. I blame the guy who allowed the left defence to become Markov and a bunch of plugs. I blame the guy who watched two coaches mess with the third overall pick instead of letting him play a full season at centre. I blame the guy who traded Subban. I blame the guy who inherited Carey Price in his prime and instead of building the team with firewagon offence because we all knew Carey would stop the puck, he focused all of his attention on the defence and bottom six. I blame Bergevin and everyone he brought in. I defended him for years. I bought the lies. Not cheering this team until he's fired.
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    No kidding. Lately I've been upvoting posts not because I think they should be in the positive but because they damn sure don't deserve to be negative.
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    Weber didn't help the habs do better this year - having Carey Price in net did. David Poile said that while they got Subban to add to their offence, it's Subban that was tasked with shutting down the opposition's top line - he's been playing the hardest minutes each game and completely shut down Toews who was so happy he wouldn't have to face weber in the west.
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    Subban helps the predators go deeper in the playoffs than they ever did in their history with Weber. Guess the preds didn't miss his leadership much!! On the other hand despite bringing in the mountain man and his leadership, the guy who brought him in said we lost because the team is fragile. I guess we didn't need to wait 3 or 4 years for this trade to bite us in the ass!
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    My apologies for trying to derail the negativity, carry on
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    But but it is too hard, and there are no #1 centers available.
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    It's a pretty weak argument though. Drew Stafford went out in the first round with the Bruins. Would we actually be less hard on Bergevin after losing to the Rangers because he at least went out and got Drew Stafford? The result would have been the same. Washington traded for Shattenkirk by the way not Pietrangelo. I know it was a legit mistake, just saying. As for this being about Bergevin's larger body of work, it's a better argument but I don't think the timing for firing him is right. It does seem a little irrational to have both your coach and gm fired during a season where the teams clinched the division and finished tied for 9th in the league after a first round playoff exit. Our offense does need work; it needed work even before last season. But our team as it is can also play better than it showed this year. If Byron and Danault are on our 3rd line depth chart going into next season, then I'll be fine with our team. Lehkonen can join the top 6 and we need one or two top 6 centers if it's the only way to push Danault down.
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    well we don't know how negotiations went. we heard earlier he did not want to come to the habs, so who knows.
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    It's not just this season. This team also crapped out of the 2015 playoffs for exactly the same reason: it couldn't score. Instead of identifying the real problem, Bergevin went aftet 'Leadership.' The result of this misidentification was a 2017 that was no better than the 2015 team and had EXACTLY the same problem. All that Bergevin managed to do was burn two years of the team's window and age its core by four years on a pointless lateral move. Complete ineptitude.
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    Let's fire the guy who took over a last place team 5 years ago and won 3 division titles, made the playoffs 4 out of 5 years, got to a Conference final and was nominated for GM of the year. The loss this year to the Rangers was what, 12 goals to 11 for the series? The same Rangers who have played more playoff games than anyone in that span. Do people still have their pitchforks out if they were able to win that close series? I'm putting the blame more on the players than the GM here. Talking about lack of goal scoring, look no further than the two best scorers we got with a combined ZERO goals. Sure Bergevin could have traded for "B" type scoring like a Hanzel or an Eaves, but let's not kid ourselves into thinking that those guys would have lit it up. I'm just as disappointed as the next guy with the first round exit. I thought for sure this team was going on a run this playoffs, even as the clock ticked down in the last game I still had faith. The series could have gone either way, but ultimately the Habs couldn't solve King Henrik as much as their shots and chances indicated they should have. Galchenyuk buried as a winger doesn't help (coach sets the lineup, not the GM) and Pacioretty happened to not score on any of his million shots (certainly not the GM's fault).
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    I have one problem that keeps niggling at the back of my mind, can this team pay Carey 10-10.5 mill per year and get the players it needs? Believe me I am a price fan boy ( for those of you who remember that term). He is the most technically sound goalie I have ever seen. But do we need the greatest goalie in history, or do we need goal scoring? Is it possible to have both in a flat salary cap world. Should we be looking at more balanced attack? Better scoring and defence with less spectacular goal keeping. Detroit did that for years. Now if Carey were to sign for 8 mill for 8 years, I couldn't turn that down. More than that would cause me to think.
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    If Tavares wants to sign in Montreal, I'll drive Galchenyuk to the airport. And I've been one of the biggest Galchenyuk supporters here. You don't turn that down. Chuck + Beaulieu + 1st.
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    Watching the Senators light up Lundqvist makes me want to puke....and it illustrates more than ever that MB needs to go. It's time to rid this team of excess plumbers, lazy bastards, and guys who have skill but choke when needed most (MAX). Lundqvist wasn't that great, our crummy team just made him look good by shooting at his crest and being duds on the attack. He's making JG Pageau look like Mike Bossy or Brett Hull ffs...can't stop shots that are actually heading for corners. Anderson played like a sieve and the Sens still won...so let this "Carey got outplayed" shit come to an end...Habs are just a pathetic team offensively. PATHETIC!
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    I've had my doubts about Bergevin ever since the Kassian and Semin ordeals. Whether or not it was correct to get rid of those players for basically nothing is irrelevant because they were simply Bergevin covering up his own mistakes either way. The Subban trade does have its negative aspects but for me I felt as though it wasn't necessarily something that Bergevin had full control over and he got a great player in return. As a result, it wasn't like I had a continual dislike towards him but my skepticism did start a lot earlier than most. With all that in place, I constantly see remarks about Bergevin not addressing our most glaring need(s). Sit in Bergevin's chair for a minute, Close your eyes. What is the most nagging comment you hear ringing in your head from the past decade when it comes to our team and our identity? Open your eyes. Half of you (who aren't actually Bergevin) will hear cries for that scoring top line center. The other half (who also aren't Bergevin) will hear cries about the Habs being too small and needing to get bigger. We're constantly "too soft" and get run over physically by other teams. This year saw the Habs lose the most physical round 1 series and the Habs themselves played a huge part of that physicality despite possessing the puck quite a bit throughout the series. Bergevin transformed this team into a more physical team this year... and it didn't work. What's the point in all of that? Bergevin did actually address one of our most glaring needs, it simply did not work out. What people who criticize Bergevin fail to assess is that not every move works out. That's not a defense of Bergevin, because the better GMs will have more successful moves over their lifespan, but it's not true to say that he wasn't actively trying to correct our most glaring needs. If Bergevin had a shot at Malkin or Toews, I'm sure he'd be all over it. Since that wasn't possible? Let's address our other need, which is to get a little bigger (no more smurf talk). Some will argue that speed is better in today's NHL, and I may agree with that as I missed our speed up front against the Rangers, but it doesn't change the fact that we've been criticized for being too small for an era. Bergevin could have acquired Eaves. He could have acquired Vrbata. He could have acquired Drew Stafford. But when those players didn't work out within our system, how would people have felt? They would have felt the same way and said that Bergevin should have acquired player X instead. There's not a single player that was acquired at the deadline with decent stats who would have produced the same way on the Habs. Eaves on Anaheim is a great fit and Stafford doesn't impress me on Boston. Half of us are pissed that Bergevin didn't do more at the deadline and the other half keep saying that there wasn't anything on the market this season. My personal opinion is that his moves sucked overall, but there really wasn't anything interesting on the market and he was one of the more active GMs in the league at the deadline. He seemingly really was trying to help the team. He's just not as good at the walk. When it comes to our centers and how Bergevin has failed to address this need, I think this is the first moment where we can officially start to have questions about Galchenyuk and his overall potential. Even then, I wouldn't be surprised for him to be able to produce like a first line center as soon as next year. He had an injury riddled season and it's always extremely unfair to judge a player based on a season like that. Next, we throw out comments about Plekanec regressing into a bottom sixer like it was fully and obviously expected but again, the evidence of its profound impact on the forward corps as a whole is only relatively recent. Bergevin did add Radulov (only luckily ) but then had a player like Plekanec regress into a bottom sixer. At the moment, we still need two more top 6 players to be a real, legitimate threat to win a Stanley Cup. Bergevin could have added two top 6 players last summer and we'd still be in a hole. Overall, the expectations are simply a bit unrealistic. He would have had to have added 3 top 6 players to have really done a great job. As for my opinion? I'm not really sure. I definitely think Bergevin has made mistakes along the way which is unacceptable and although there's been too much "new" within the organization recently, I'd be fine with him getting fired. I'm just not convinced that the constant issues people bring up about him are genuinely rational.
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    Absolutely which is why I give Weber so much props getting the points he gets all the while consistently taking on the toughest minutes. Subban and Weber are both amazing defenders but Subban is 4 years younger.