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    Look, this is a very level-headed and logical approach to the situation, but we have a very strong "#### Lefebvre" policy here and I have to strongly suggest you adhere to it.
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    got news for ya, aside from a few of the very elite teams, any team who sustains injuries to key players generally suffers. You think Tampa flops like they did without the key injuries they had? LA Kings? Florida? We ourselves got hit for a stretch there Galchenyuk, Shaw, Desharnais, Gallagher, Markov. Our ability to fight through those roster player losses was tested, all while we had a coach who was losing his room, and still we won a division. This team is more than a Drouin or a Galchenyuk away from disaster. It basically comes down to as long as Price is healthy, and Weber stays healthy, this team will have a chance to win more than it loses. Every team has the couple Achilles heel players, where if they go down it likely spells disaster for you. Ours is Price, we were reminded of that much not so long ago, and very likely Weber. Care to wonder how well L.A Does without Quick and Doughty in their lineup for a long stretch? How about Tampa without Stamkos and Hedman? What if Nasville lost Rinne and Josi for half a season? would they still be the team we saw in the playoffs? Maybe Washington would survive the loss of Ovechkin and Holtby? i'n sure they would still win the presidents trophy if they got hurt right? As you can see every team suffers from the same "Bubble wrap the key player" theory, because it is with them that your team becomes elite, it is through them that your team succeeds. Sometimes you guys put way too much energy into the doomsday theories to try and showcase how weak Our team is. You are so quick to forget if you place the same doomsday theory on 95% of the league, the results would be just as catastrophic. We spew feces and piss at management, the players, the choices, the trades, the signings, acting like this team barely stayed out of the Lottery pick, like it will likely be a lottery pick this coming season. Yet there we were, division champions, far from any lottery, a good team, a competitive team, but not quite a contender, something more than half the fan bases in this league did not have. But this is Montreal, and here the fickle minds erase all positives when you go out in the first round, erase all positives about trading for one of the best young talents in this league, because Radulov decided to walk. Here, you lose in the wrong round, and you might as well be a lottery pick, screw bad luck, or we deserved better, nope it is all bollocks, burn it all to the ground we have 29 holes in this roster and a Management that is completely wasted 24/7. Here you lose the wrong player and you might as well not even bother evaluating the one taking his place, won't ever be as good, not a good replacement, won't be as exciting. It god damn wears me out to be a fan of this team sometimes, not because of what I see on the ice, but because of what I see away from it, from our own fan base at times, the lack of better judgment, objectivity, and downright reason, is a very disheartening thing to see. Sorry...that concludes my rant, not pointing at anyone in particular with this statement just a generalization of our fan base in my view, and I am also not saying this Management is not without its faults, because it has some. I'm just saying the team doesn't suck, and the management doesn't screw everything up they touch or look at, when will we all start acting like it? When will we start acting like there is simply still more mountain to climb and to keep pushing forward? instead of like we are in the middle of an avalanche gasping for air?
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    Of consequence In Drouin Hemsky Alzner Schlemko Out Emelin Beaulieu Radulov Sergachev King Maybe Markov Drouin > Radulov. He's younger with a higher ceiling. I'm sure the 58 points Radulov got last year will be something Drouing brings again. Hemsky > King. Easy here. Alzner >> Emelin, Huge upgrade Schlemko > Beaulieu. Markov is the piece that has to be replaced. We either bring him back or we have 6 million to spend in a trade. Sergachev is the big loss, but its a future loss and he wasn't on the team, so in comparing last year's team vs this year's team he's a non-entity. Of course, His loss hurts for future years as there is no d to replace him... but keep in mind the Drouin vs Radulov comparison. We didn't just replace one year of radulov, we got a 23 year old who will produce effectively for many years and has not hit his prime, so consider that in any "futures analysis". Overall the off-season comes down to that $6 million. Can they use it to bring Markov back or improve at that position. if they can, then Bergevin did well. If they can't, then he didnt.
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    Around what time would you have been advocating for this? In January when the Habs were a first place team? At the trade deadline where the Habs were a first place team? Or around the draft when negotiating rights are worth nothing? The 'interview period' has all but killed the value of negotiating rights in recent years and it's hard to imagine that many would have been happy if the Habs dealt their second leading scorer midseason. It's easy to say after the fact that they should have dealt him but when exactly was the right time to do so?
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    We we need to stop comparing Drouin and Radulov as if this was a trade. What really happened is we traded our best, and only blue chip prospect for Drouin. I'm fine with the trade itself though, even like it. However, we straight up lost Radulov for nothing. We lost a 1st line RW for nothing. That's what sucks. I agree that there is some whining, but there is no way to avoid the fact that the talent in the organization has been watered down with the loss of Radulov. Thats why losing Sergachev hurts more now. We lose him, and only move laterally. I agree with the above posts about the lack of direction. We went all in with the Weber trade. So what we needed to do was pony up and pay Radulov while we're in our 2-3 year window. We did not do that, and now I don't know where the team is headed.
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    This is the Twitter account where this came from: https://twitter.com/MikeKellyNHL
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    These are the fruits of the participation generation; even middling results in something as explicitly objective as sports are supposed to be measured against excuses like "the goal is to make the playoffs," and "centers are not available." What people forget is that in areas where MB hasn't been gifted players or met adversity he's failed. He taneed 2015-2016 when all he needed was a competent backup goalie to stay in the race. I think with their start they needed .500 hockey to stay in first place. Not sure...but his answer was Ben Scrivens for Zack Kassian in a move that was quick, dirty, and ineffective. He inherited a center corp that was pretty good, I would give it a B-, with DD, Plekanec, Eller and Galchenyuk waiting in the wings. Now we have Danault, Plekanec--who might get 20 points next year for all we know--, Torrey Mitchell, and questood marks. Bergevin again fails to upgrade the center depth. His draft and development record speaks for itself, and he's been less than proactive in fixing the deficiencies. We're in the same holding pattern as we were with Therrien. There's no vision, no real future, and the team is going to be like watching paint dry. But yeah, Shea Weber was 6th in Norris voting and we've really beaten up on OTT/TOR/BOS over the years.
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    So according to this article you've provided, we traded a tier 1 player for a tier 4 player. Are you seeing the light yet?
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    check out PK at 8:45 lmao.. the Durant roast was magnificent.
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    Is the plan to combine all the #7 defensemen we have like the Power Rangers Megazord and create one super-defensemen who can play with Weber?
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    I wonder if the glass is half full and not half empty? For some it all depends on how you look at things. So let me suggest a glass half full scenario with a question/suggestion at the end about the next few years. I agree that losing Radulov is a big deal. But we may have to wait a year to be fully convinced how damaging his loss is. If he continues with the same passion and energy with as good or better results, then a year from now we will all agree that losing him was in fact a bitter pill to swallow. However there have been many players who faded considerably after signing a large contract so I think we have to wait and see. I think there may be some questions about his motives in coming back to the NHL. Was it to be the best or the richest. We'll have a better idea a year from now. I'm making a few assumptions about this coming year. I understand assumptions mean nothing until the results are in but here goes: - I'm assuming Markov will return and our top 4 will not be bad and our bottom 3 will be average. Pittsburgh won without a very strong d this year, more average. - I'm assuming Alex Galchenyuk will have an outstanding bounce back year, to prove MB wrong, and everyone will be saying how fortunate we are that we didn't trade him. - I'm assuming Gallagher will also have a better year. - I'm assuming Jonathan Drouin will soar. I read one writer from Tampa Bay who said he thought Tampa made a big mistake in trading Drouin. If [assumption] Drouin is a Tyler Seguin situation we may be pleasantly surprised. - I'm assuming that Claude Julien, with a full training camp, will make a noticeable difference in how we play. So I think [assumption] that things could perhaps turn out better than what some are expecting. The Future: This is more of a question than a statement. We have some good young players....Drouin, Galchenyuk, Gallagher, Lekonen, and some of the other younger 3d and 4th liners. If we don't exceed what we did last year, seeing that hockey is more of a business now that it was 30 years ago, instead of slowly sliding into mediocrity, could we not get some excellent young players back if a year from now, we decided we had to retool, and traded Max P and Carey Price and even tried to move Weber, and go all in on a youth movement? Besides the return player wise, we would save millions and be able to sign some good free agents next summer. I think the return on Max and Carey would bring back some very good young players. I think our future could still be bright. What do you think?
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    While Marc Bergevin and his staff will be busy in free agency, the Habs will be holding their Development Camp from July 2nd-5th. Here's the full roster: https://www.nhl.com/canadiens/news/canadiens-announce-development-camp-roster/c-290207390 A few invites of note: C Scott Conway - Born in England, he started his NCAA career late and just finished his freshman season despite the fact he's now 22. He absolutely destroyed the BCHL in 2015-16, scoring 56 goals and 60 assists in 56 games (albeit as an overager). RW Maxime Fortier - He was at the last development camp but went unsigned. He had another strong junior season but went unclaimed through the draft once again. As a late '97, he's eligible to turn pro. Of the invites here, I'd suggest he's the most likely to get an NHL deal (though I imagine they'd prefer to offer an AHL one). C Alexandre Goulet - Another one who was at the last camp as well, Goulet led Victoriaville in scoring by a country mile last season. He's 21 and will likely land a minor league deal somewhere. Considering they've stated their goal is to stock Laval with locals, he's probably a candidate to sign. D Jimmy Schuldt - He's had interest from teams the last two years to turn pro but has declined each time. I'd be quite pleased if they could convince Schuldt (who played with Ryan Poehling at St. Cloud State) to sign now but at the very least, maybe they can make a positive impression in case he decides to turn pro in March. Worth noting, there are a total of three invites from St. Cloud excluding Poehling so clearly there's something about that program that Timmins and his staff likes.
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    I gave him last season to prove the Weber Subban trade was for a good reason. It ended up with us eliminated in first round and Subban playing his first stanley cup finals. I am not giving him another season to dissapoint me. Fire him now! Before he makes things even worse. and fire all his staff with him.
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    I'm 100% on board with firing this asshat. Overpaid for Price, failed to deal for a center, lost the spark-plug of our offense last season (Rad)...useless motherf**kcer!
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    Ill also point out alzner is worth it. He starts transition even if he doesnt get points. His first pass percentage was 12th in the nhl last year. He moves the puck well. He also matched up against elite lines.
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    This is really childish.
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    As far as i'm concerned, Schlemko replaced Beaulieu for less and brings a similar game. Alzner replaced Emelin for similar dollars and a similar game but more effective. Now its either Markov, or whoever is going to replace him, I keep seeing the mindset that Alzner is coming to replace Markov but he is not, He is replacing Emelin. We lost Emelin for nothing and we gained Alzner for nothing. Safe to say I'd rather have Alzner playing where Emelin was supposed to slot in all day any day. Its easy to turn this signing negative by twisting it around as Alzner replacles Markov but that is insanity, they are completely different players. I doubt very seriously that MB thinks Alzner will slot in everywhere Markov did, on the top Pair, on the PP, and not play any PK. Look at it that way and ask yourself if it is even possible other than blinding yourself to biased levels of hate for MB, that he could possibly think that. Alzner is coming in to be a physical stay at home presence who can log huge minutes on the PK and eat minutes against top players when paired with a puck mover. Does that sound ANYTHING like what Markov would be asked to do if he was still here? or does it sound like what Emelin would be asked to do if he was still here? Come on guys..
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    Byron and Weber for Subban 🙏
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    Pretty similar - 2017 7th for 2018 7th.
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    Cale Fleury at 87, another D (and someone else we had in our mock to the Habs in the 3rd round).
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    Josh Brook, d-man to the Habs. That's who we had in our mock.
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    got a great name......Dave Schlemko..... just rolls off the tongue......Schlemko
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    His job is to find a solution, he's had 6 off-seasons and drafts to do it. 1.) In four of his 5 seasons at the helm, we entered the year with our centre depth being Desharnais, Plekanec, Eller. No change, just kept rolling out those three for 4 straight years. In the fifth year we started with Galchenyuk, Plekanec, Desharnais, and finished with Danault, Plekenac, Shaw. 2.) We were supposed to build through the draft. Top 6 centres come overwhelmingly from the top two rounds. In the top 2 rounds, he's drafted.... Alex Galchenyuk, and then allowed his coaches to use him on the wing constantly and not develop him as a center. Michael McCarron who was a RW both seasons with the US NTDP, was a RW to start his first year in London, and who then Dale Hunter moved to Centre. Even then he never had the offensive potential to be a top 6 guy, something i said from day one of him being drafted. Jacob de la Rose is another player who was best suited as a third/fourth line centre. Ryan Poehling and Joni Ikonen were drafted this year, so maybe one of those is a top 6 centre. To recap... a guy who was supposed to build through the draft, drafted 1 offensive centre, and 1 defensive centre, and 1 guy who converted from wing to centre in the top 2 rounds of his first five drafts. 1 Legit Offense producing prospect at centre. 3.) Traded in those years.... Tyler Seguin, Jason Spezza, Brayden Schenn, Martin Hanzal, Ryan Johansen, Mika Zibanejad, Artem Anisimov, Derick Brassard, Derek Stepan, Eric Staal, Ryan O'Reilly, Ryan Kesler. Other guys are moving by free agency. Movement happens. 4.) Didn't even make an offer to Vadim Shipachyov. The guys agent called the Habs to see if they were interested, we didn't make an offer. I'm tired of excuses as to why in 6 years he can't get it done. Other GMs get centres. There is no reason why Montreal can't.
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    The goal is to win the cup. If you have one key thing keeping you from contending for the cup, aka a first line centre, and everyone in the world knows it... after 6 off-seasons the GM has to solve the problem. Oh and there is plenty of cap space to get it done.
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    So here is my main point.....the consensus here judging from your comments, is that Drouin is the better player.....and he was traded by a respected GM in Tampa for a 1st round blue chip defenseman, who hasn't established himself in the NHL yet. The point is.... Sakic is asking for a top 4 D, a first round pick plus a good prospect, for a player debatably not as valuable as Drouin. Insane.
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    I will be quite upset if Markov isn't resigned. He has been very underrated throughout his career and has often been the best player for this team. I also love seeing a player get drafted and retire with the same team.
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    Like I've said, it's all about your expectations. Given the core he inherited (and partially dismantled by trading Subban in a lateral move) and the rhetoric about his vaunted five year plan--which indeed he didn't stray from when the team needed one or two pieces to contend--I expect the team to be in contention for the Cup by now, or at least knocking on the door. Instead, in the rearview mirror we have a first round exit, the moral victory of ending the year atop the worst division in hockey, and like Bergevin said himself we "need help everywhere." The same problems persist: a bad powerplay, a prospect pool that includes zero blue chippers, and a center core that is closer to an expansion team than a Cup winner. Perhaps the biggest smack upside the head is the nepotism. Sylvain Lefevbre has made the playoffs once and the team allows him to use the Rocket as a quasi-stopgap job. Trevor Timmons hasn't been a big deal since the Bush administration. Patrice ####ing Briesbois had a job at one point. There's no appreciable player development, and the guy in charge of player development is promoted. And you think the team is on the right track??? Face reality! But it's not on me for judge other fans. For many, including you, Saturday night wins vs Boston/Toronto/Ottawa, a dominant Carey Price, and a sparkling Francophone star like Drouin are more than enough.
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    We aren't even legitimate contenders yet, he knows that and so do we, what should he be doing? lying about it an making a lavish claim before the season that he expects this team to win a championship just to make you happy? Did David Poile say that about Nashville before the season? Of course not, because no one expected them to get to a cup final and neither did he, Bergevin doesn't expect us to win a cup and neither do we. So why should he set anything but a realistic goal, Make the playoffs, after that anything can happen, as teams have shown time and time again each and every year. Just more unobjective rhetoric, pitch forks out, type of stuff, instead of looking around the league and noticing only 2 teams had even remotely made announcements such as the one you seem to want to see Bergevin making. Two teams made such claims, Pittsburgh and Chicago, one said they would like to repeat, the other said anything less than a cup is a failure for this core, 2 teams who have been the most successful of the past 5 or 6 years, that's it, that's all. Do you honestly believe us in that category? should Bergevin be making the same kind of claims as they do? what about all the other 29 teams, why aren't they doing that? Why is it only Bergevin gets inexplicably attacked for nonsense like being realistic with his expectations and that of the ones he wants to rest on his teams shoulders? Is he the only GM not making "Win a cup or Bust" claims before the season? Should everyone else be on the chopping block then because of that? Maybe we should start calling them all special names Steve YzerTrash, David DumPoile, Ray TraShero, Ken HollandBin, Peter TrashArelli...
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    Juulsen new to play for Leferbve, Sergachev never played for him, Poehling was just drafted, McNivan never played for Leferbve, Lindgren is not really going to make an inpact on the habs now is he?, Reway never played under Leferbve, Lehkonen developed in Frölunda in Sweden. ikonen was also just drafted. Noone of these players have made any impact yet on the habs except Lehkonen and he never had a chance to be ruined by our poor crappy developement.
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    This is a crazy good article about Nashville from Rinnes' perspective. https://www.theplayerstribune.com/pekka-rinne-nashville/
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    Sorry for the late response, it took me a while to sift through the grammatical and spelling errors in your post. Breathe, and then post, it's not hard. Yes, we are all aware of the genius ability you have as an armchair GM. If only you were actually a part of the negotiations would we be able to swallow the crap that you feed us. I also would have signed him to a 14 year deal at a lower hit, but reality tells me I'm not able to wave a magic wand and make it happen. My reality and yours are quite different though. I don't get angry at things that didn't happen in my fictional proposals. Do you have proof Subban would have signed such a contract? Your problem is that when someone doesn't do what you would do it means they are incompetent. "If you start listening to the fans you will become one of them" - Marc Bergevin
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    There's so much to debate here that rather than doing so, just pretend that I ripped this post to shreds.
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    You can't pick and choose to ignore the cap savings in your Rad/Sergachev for Drouin/Hemsky scenario. I'd take Drouin over Radulov in the line-up and for the future. I'd take Alzner over Emelin in the line-up and for the future. Those are both immediate and long term upgrades albeit incremental ones. Sure, we lost a very good prospect but we also saved $6M/year against our cap and have only used $1M of it (this year only) on Hemsky. That cap savings IS worth something. The FA pool may not be deep this year but this team is, effectively, about as good as last year with a bunch more cap room for the deadline OR to make a run at a big name FA next year (damn, I really wish we'd sign Tavares but I know that's wishful thinking). In general: The whining and crying is so over done by all the cry babies on here that's it's ridiculous. I was not a fan of Bergevin from the beginning but I don't see this off-season being all that bad. These are the same guys that would be crying about re-signing Radulov during his first slump and screaming to fire Bergevin. I don't hate the Leafs but I sure hate their fans...a bunch of people around here are starting to sound eerily like Leaf fans.
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    My thoughts exactly. I don't understand where Bergevin is heading. At all. Edit : It seems to me that Dark Fearie had more logic behind his/her team building than Bergevin has right now.
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    I can't believe if MB wanted to roll the dice on a player, he would go with a useless turd like hemsky, rather than a young player like yakapov. Yakapov still has upside, hemsky is done.
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    Nicklas Backstrom is another NHLer who often scores about 18 goals. Is he also not worth losing sleep over? Honing in on goals alone completely forgets the many other facets of Radulovs game that we now don't have. Namely his 36 assists, his no quit energy, his physicality, his ability to control the play and create something out of nothing. We didnt just lose an 18 goal scorer, we lost a 60 point workhorse who drove half of our offense while creating a spark for the entire team. Yes, we should be sad.
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    I don't think it's a move that can really be argued. Whichever team had Price in this league, they would have signed him to the same deal and I'm not convinced by any means that it's a bad thing. I think he still has his best year ever ahead of him, and he was pretty stellar in the regular seasons a few years back.
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    He says while judging someone else...
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    Or maybe a moderator....
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    But really, for really real. I can't not look for trade possibilities and come back to a Pacioretty package for Tavares. I'm haunted. If we have Tavares & Price signed tomorrow to 8 year 9 million deals. I'll find God.
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    So according to you, it was never MT's fault because MB didn't give him decent players. It isn't Lefebve's fault because MB doesn't care about the minor league team. And of course it's not MB'a fault, because his job is so hard you know. But yeah, it's the fault of the fans who bitch too much that a once proud franchise is disfunctional, and has been losing for 25 years and are watching basically a repeat of the Ballard and Brian Burke leafs style management.
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    A moment of silence for Juulsen's development... And Bourque... And Addison...
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    It's of a piece with the Habs' general transmutation into the 1990s Toronto Maple Leafs: a veteran team on the ice that is competitive but not good enough to win anything, a management team that doesn't have a clue about developing talent (which is what led directly to the Leafs being bottom feeders for the first decade of this century), and movers and shakers who are more interested in protecting their own egos, their pals, and their own organizational position than in doing whatever it takes to win. Meanwhile the revenues pour in like gangbusters, so everyone is happy *except* people who care about winning championships. And as with the Leafs of that era, a critical mass of fans are unable to see the big picture and recognize that the organization is rotting from the inside out. It's pathetic.
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    I can't believe this is even a debate. I'm surprised that there are even two people(Don & Bergevin) who think Lefebvre has done even an adequate job. Unless I have the chance to talk to Bergevin, I'm not even going to bother to list all of Lefebvre's failures. -
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    1 player who spent half a season in the AHL, 2 goalies who developed more in college than the AHL, a bunch of players that have plateaued in the AHL... have any of these guys actually flourished under Lefebvre? Or even just met expectations? It's either a scouting issue or a development issue... and I'm siding with the scouts who were doing well before Lefebvre showed up.
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    You dream of getting Emelin back? I don't even want to know what your nightmares are like
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    So 28 pts for a 21yo forward Lehkonen is great. But 28 pts for a 23yo defenseman Beaulieu means nothing ?