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    The team needs a better center for the 4th line? I wonder if Bergevin is up to the task.... Cut to Habs' hockey ops meeting Julien - "Marc, I think it's pretty clear that acquiring a top 6 centre would really benefit the team." Bergevin - "uh huh..." *starts looking at custom suits online* *Timmins does pushups while muttering about Galchenyuk* Muller - "Or uh, maybe a puck moving defenseman who can play 25 minutes a night...?" Bergevin - "zzzzzzZZZZZZzzzzzz" *Timmins does deadlifts and sneezes, "SERgachev! Oh, excuse me." Daigneault - "a bettar 4th line center wud be gud!!!1!!" Julien and Muller - "JJ! NO!!" Bergevin snaps awake, twinkle in his eye - "Now we're talking! Scott, who did I help draft in Chicago that can play center on our 4th line?" Mellanby - "Um... Byron Froese, sir." Bergevin - "Tabernac! This is as good as we get, guys! Nothing more to do for this team!" *Muller stares at nothing. Mellanby thinks he should suit up for a tryout. Julien caresses his locket of Brad Marchand. Timmins does burpees in the corner. Daigneault writes in crayon.* fin
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    First game alert!! Please win for this kid..
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    But man. If he doesn't do this, are you going to angrily post next year about how he didn't do it?
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    It's true, but this has a whiff of the John Leclair deal to me. Put a very talented young player in an "ideal situation" and he can blossom into a star-cum-superstar. I think the optimists may be looking at it the wrong way. Sergachev is 19 years old playing a position that generally takes guys three or four years to master at the NHL level. And he is already a top-4 defender. And you can say, 'well, he's on a powerhouse.' Sure. But an organization as strong as TB would not put a 19-year-old in its top 4 unless that kid forced his way into that position. In other words, Sergachev has earned a top-4 spot on the best team in the game. At 19 years old. That is MUCH more impressive than a 22-year-old Drouin producing mediocre numbers while artificially being gifted a #1C slot on a crap team. A solid case can be made that it looks as though we traded a future Norris-trophy-calibre defenceman for a run-of-the-mill top-3 FW who is not even a natural C. That would be an absolutely terrible trade.
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    We have our disagreements, but the regulars (and irregulars!) on this site have become an integral part of my experience of Habs fandom. I'm sure I tick some of you off with my unrelenting critique of the current regime, so thanks for listening. And particular thanks to the editors, writers and moderators of HW - especially Brian, who is the glue guy holding it all together! HAPPY HOLIDAYS!
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    Who thought this guy was a smart hockey mind?
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    Leave the guys wife out of it for crying out loud. That is one of the worst posts I have ever seen on this board. I am not a fan of Bergevin ads Habs GM either, but come on...
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    We shouldn't be waiting tell the trade deadline to unload our ufa's. Start trading them now. We are 4th last in the league, we have to realize that the season is done. And for those who think otherwise you're the reason this organization can't rebuild this team the right way.
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    Literally everyone acknowledges Markov would have slowed down this season, but most of us acknowledge the Habs would still be a better team with him than without him. The only one who isn't clearheaded about Markov here is the guy posting his top-ten-among-KHL-defenseman stats and concluding, "glad we didn't re-sign THAT guy to our offense-starved team, amirite!"
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    After seeing the video of Andersson throwing away his silver medal, i was just going to post that the Habs should trade for him. That's the type of player I want on this team. Friggin Cup or bust. I want a guy with the "2nd Place is the first loser" type mentality.
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    Im personally just shocked hudon hadnt scored more. Regularly impressed by his play. Same with Lehkonen... but my eyes could be bad as I regularly think Small Paul is the best hab on the ice :))
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    1) He's not a centre, so who is watching him with blinders on. He's played 2 games at centre all season and 0 games at centre last season (AHL included). So yeah, when you call him a centre, you show just how little you actually know about Hudon. 2) I think Hudon is already, right now, a very good third line winger. Duclair had an excellent rookie season, but has had some bad years since then. I'm not sure he's better than a third liner either.
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    Not really seeing the "stare down" metaphor, myself. Molson has all the cards. Not a single person in the media or the fanbase would be upset to see MB fired. What leverage does MB have? If Molson is waiting, it's not because Moron Marc is staring him down, but because he wants to wait, period.
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    The zingers within the biting sarcasm and wit score more often than the Habs do.
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    We're inside an hour until game time and still no GDT so here's a quick one: Montreal Canadiens Galchenyuk - Drouin - Lehkonen Pacioretty - Danault - Shaw Byron - Plekanec - Gallagher Hudon - Froese - Carr Alzner - Petry Morrow - Benn Jerabek - Schlemko Price Florida Panthers Meow - Meow - Meow Meow - Meow - Meow Meow - Meow - Meow Meow - Meow - Meow Meow - Meow Meow - Meow Meow - Meow Meow Puck drop is at 7 on CBC, City, and TVA Sports.
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    T-shirt guy really brought it...if only more Habs put this level of effort in:
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    Pic credit: 'Going To ReHab' on habseyesontheprize
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    We used to be the Montreal Canadiens.
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    This guy versus in a battle of two of the three most hapless Canadian franchises! The Canucks escaped a near-death experience in discovering that their budding all-star Brock Boeser only has a bone bruise instead of a broken foot. He is a game-time decision, so they may nonetheless be without his services tonight, as they are without the services of Bo Horvat (although human pilon Erik Gudbranson is returning to their roster after missing several games). Both Horvat and Boeser would be first-liners on the punchless Habs, who are without stud defenceman Shea Weber, and so offer the scintillating spectacle of Jeff Petry as #1 defenceman. It promises to be a veritable Christmas Pageant of hockey futility! WOOT
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    Funny now that an 8PM MT game for me is now a "late" game. With my son's practice getting over at 7:45, I'll make sure to rush home to catch this one. Sigh. Even before the season started, this has been the season of meh, which is quite unlike me. I usually at least get a little worked up when they stink, but I can barely muster that. Yet, here I am on Habsworld, pretending I don't care, but secretly, I'm seething underneath. A simmering cauldron of angst waiting to explode....well, not really. More like tepid tap water in a solo cup of apathy waiting to accidentally tip over.
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    Looking at those centers makes me depressed
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    The refusal to put Galy at C has tipped over from tragedy into farce
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    One thing I really liked about the great Mr Bob Gainey was his ability to take a walk in the falling snow with a player and friend who need to rekindle a spark or confidence. Come back Mr Gainey; please. Teams share a lot of characteristics with families. I'm still affected by the sense of Markov and Radulov.. and perhaps PK as well, that this was not their home where they were loved and respected. And who could not love and respect these guys..
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    Dead is a description that's hard to come back from. I hate it when they call me that....
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    Also, considering his nickname is Casperetty amongst those who don’t like him, it really is these “character” traits that these people are looking for. The level of hate for him are all in part due to high expectations of him, which demonstrate that everyone knows what he is capable of. The skill level is there, it’s rather the “commitment”, “effort level”, “enthusiasm” that are lacking in their eyes. Those are descriptions of character in a sense and so that’s mostly what’s been missing. Sure, he only has 10 goals so far, but he will end with 25+ this year in an off season, while more fancy players who produce no more than him like Galchenyuk and Drouin get criticized less just because they look better to the eye test. I can tell you with actual certainty that Pacioretty gives a more consistent effort level than those two on a regular basis, they just have different styles of play and it appears that way to the eye test.
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    Between Bonk, Pleks, Ribeiro, and Koivu (not to mention Grabovsk and Lang) the Gainey era was surprisingly well-endowed at C. Too bad he threw away Ribs. But even so, compared to the current era of forcing a W to try to play C, forcing a C to play W, and pretending that Danault and/or Old Man Pleks are top-6 pivots, that was a golden age.
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    Islanders also need a 3C... Could even create a bidding war between the two since they're both fighting for a wildcard spot.
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    "If he's not scoring, he's doing absolutely diddly-squat to impact a game. " Not true at all Pacioretty's numbers for controlling possession and driving play, and being good in his own zone, have always been solid during his career. He's been one of the best wingers in the league in driving possession and playing two way hockey throughout his career. Not sure why no one gives him credit for it, but the numbers are there. Few wingers can drive play, he's one of them... which is probably why throughout his career he's been able to succeed with a centre like Desharnais, or Danault, or whoever.
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    A great piece by Brendan Kelly in the Gazette: http://montrealgazette.com/sports/hockey/nhl/montreal-canadiens/what-the-puck-time-to-fire-montreal-canadiens-gm-marc-bergevin
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    Well Andersson did both... he tossed his medal and looked weepy and distraught over the loss (of the game, not the medal.) Seems to me they are both reactions to being ultra-competitive.
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    Getting pretty desperate if you start bring facts and cogent arguments into the discussion aren't you? I never do!
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    I think though Pacioretty is underperforming, he’s basically in an impossible situation right now. Almost zero newly minted captains will gain a good reputation for being a leader if their team isn’t performing. That at being said, I think Pacioretty has been an extremely mature leader during his time as captain, and is performing really well as an off-ice leader. But his style of game doesn’t scream high intensity ala Gallagher. This means when he isn’t producing, he looks quite ineffective. Is he the guy for Montreal at this time? Probably not. Is he captain material? I think so. It’s just not really going his way.
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    Add Jake Evans to the B level. Gregoire is holding down the D/Fourth level as well.
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    This team's prospect cupboard is a lot better than you give it credit for. Blue Chips Poehling is having a fantastic season for an 18 year old in the NCAA. Josh Brook looks amazing in Moose Jaw right now. Mete is far better than you are giving him credit for. A level Scherbak has found his game in Laval. Noah Juulsen looks like a top 4 D. Lindgren, McNiven, Hawkey, and Primeau all look good as goalies, but goalies are voodoo, and who knows, but with 4 good ones, one is bound to turn out. B Level Will Bitten has 27 points in his last 17 games. Cale Fleury, Jared Tsyzka, are both having strong seasons. Both could use defensive work. Jake Evans looks great as a senior in the NCAA Third Level Ikonen is playing against men and struggling a bit. Vejdemo is having his best season yet in Sweden. Lernout is a bit of a question mark, but earned a call-up. I'd like to see more from Scott Walford but he's still been decent. Better defensively than offensively. Longshots Gregoire and Audette have had flashes, but are probably not going to be NHLers. A really nice draft, along with big development years from Mete, Bitten and Scherbak make this pool look much better than it did a year ago. Its a big improvement. Add to that 4 picks in the top 62 in what should be a good draft this year.
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    Could add Davidson to the list, apparently. I was sad to see Barberio go. Pateryn kind of did himself in. This underlying pattern here is that Bergevin is stuck in an old-school mindset and doesn't listen to his analytics department. We need a modern, forward-thinking management regime, but unfortunately Montreal might be the most difficult place to implement one.
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    Yeah I don't see their relationship like that at all. I think Molson's only direction is to make the playoffs. I also think that MB lays out his ideas to Molson and Molson accepts them at face value. If Molson was truly involved or had any hockey inclination at all the Subban trade would never have happened. I don't see MB being fired and this relationship will continue as it is. If Molson cared about winning the way the fans do then he would hire a great hockey mind to run this team. As long as Molson is president I don't think anything will change.
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    Holy christ really? You think every GM in this league doesn't think Pacioretty isn't a change of scenery away from being his 35 goal scoring self? Just because a guy who has scored 30 goals 4 years in a row has a rough couple months doesn't mean he is suddenly worth a Connor Sheary..
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    Brayden Schenn is a top 6 center, who's position would not be questioned, a big body, and a player who was traded at a reasonable price. And we were no where to be found in the situation, we desperately need top 6 centers, get fed the chicken soup about how good players are not available. And now Schenn is a ppg player in St.Louis and we are still looking for big bodied top 6 centers. Do you not see the god damn problem there DON or are we going to continue to see more lame excuses like "no one wanted Schenn" P.s Emelin and Beaulieu were more than expendable assests, Jerabek is doing no worse than Beaulieu and arguably already better. And for the caphit difference, id rather a puck mover like Schlemko over Emelin. The main problem is Markov is gone, we had and clearly still have no one capable of doing what he did, 38 or not, instead we have Alzner, who as most washington fans predicted, is a shell of his former self. He is barely cutting it as a decent defensive dman, Benn has arguably been better lately. Nevermind putting in the type of quality minutes Markov was logging and contributing to this team.
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    Carbo is predicting that Bergevin will be fired after this season - correctly pointing out that he's in year six, his team os crap, and there are no elite prospects in the system. Smart guy that Carbo.
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    These fools keep winning, condemning one grouchy Cucumber to keep making these dratted Game Day Threads. SO! PPG superstar Daniel Carr, elite sniper Byron Froese, unstoppable power forward Nicolas Deslaurier, and their supporting cast of quiet role-players like Max Pacioretty will be scoring up a storm in front of surefire Vezina winner Aunty Niemi at Rogers Place (a.k.a. Calgary Flames Envy Place). The historic cavalcade of excellence continues: Vezina...Durnan...Plante...Dryden...Roy...Niemi. The Edmonton Carbon Taxes have at least two players who are massively superior to any forward the Habs have had on their roster since Saku Koivu blew out his knee; and yet the team is inexplicably 14th in their conference, a portent to all advocates of "tanking". (The Gazette has billed this as a showdown between 'two disappointing teams,' but I'm trying to figure out which team, other than Edmonton, is under-performing relative to its talent level). Connor McJesus had "only" four points in five career games against the Habs, and he won't have Carey Price to feast on tonight, so he might as well be in the stands eating hot dogs. The REAL danger is, of course, this guy: In fact, both teams are on modest rolls - EDM has won three straight, Montreal two. The Oil have been getting back a number of injured players, especially Adam Larrson, so my guess is that they're poised for a second-half surge. And with the Habs only four points out of the Wild Card spot, the dream of a humiliating first-round playoff exit is STILL ALIVE!!!! GO HABS GO
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    Plenty of Habs merchandise gifted to this guy today. Now if I can just wear it out in public without being ridiculed I'll be set
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    Reading his comments about wanting to become a 'more fully rounded' player remind me a bit of those times when Tiger Woods completely reconstructed his swing. It's like - why?!? Woods might have won another couple of majors if he hadn't wasted so much time fiddling with his swing, and here is Patches wasting a season in his prime apparently messing with his own successful formula. In Patches' case, though, I'm not seeing much evidence that he is actually adding anything to his game. There's still no physicality and no particularly good playmaking; all he's done is subtract his driving to the net from the outside, and his goal-scoring. EDIT: by the way, Claude Julien wins the award for Freudian Slip of the Year with this comment about Pacioretty: "there's no doubt he's mentally challenged." http://montrealgazette.com/sports/hockey/in-the-habs-room-a-frustrating-night-for-players-who-are-supposed-to-score
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    Absolutely! ... but he himself didn't score a goal, so we're obligated to shit on him further. I'm sorry, but it's the rules.