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    Whew! I was worried about that PP, but fortunately Petry took a penalty to even it out.
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    Wow Don, breaking sacred Habsworld tradition of who creates game day threads following wins. Don't get me wrong, I don't mind - but it better pay off because if we don't win it will be ALL YOUR FAULT.
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    You can't watch next game either now
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    Just got in, so it's time to turn on the game and see how much I absolutely nailed this analysis. Let me just take a big sip of water first...
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    Looking forward to 11 straight GDT'S with spinning logos, dlbalr.
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    My point is that if you took any roster in the NHL and assumed that all the players who will become UFA will leave, with no replacements added... you wouldnt have many cup contending rosters. Thats why this is an unrealistic way to consider building a team. Instead id look at things this way. 1) will they have a number 1 goalie? Yes i think price will still be that caliber and even past 3 years as he declines, Primeau looks like a hell of a prospect. 2) what will the centre depth be? Kk is no guarantee but is a good bet to be the number 1 c. Further down the depth chart... domi, danault, poehling, suzuki should combine to fill spots 2 and 3. 3) wing scoring.... if suzuki is not a centre... he fits here. Gallagher js young enough to still be good. Drouin will still be here based on contract. Tatar is young enough he could be effective if re-signed. Will one of ylonen, ikonen, or the later picks become a top 6 winger? 4) defence. Shea Weber is likely still an elite shooter but may not be a true number 1 at that point. He should still be at least a #3. Mete should be a top 4 dman. Brook, romanov, juulsen, fleury all have the chance of developing into top 4 guys. However brook and romanov are the only two who have any chance of being top pair defencemen and there is no guarantee. So what will the habs have to do. 1) hope that 2 of 3, (kk, brook, romanov) become 1st line/1st pair type of players. 2) acquire a top pair dman somehow. Bergevin pulled this off before in Petry. (He also acquired Weber but that also saw hin trade a top pair d). So he found a top pairing guy and will likely need to do so at some point. 3) get good depth with other acquisitions or development of prospects. 1 and 3 seem possible. 2 is the hardest area to address clearly.
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    It's the definition of insanity. Doing the same thing over and over expecting different results. J Martin, MT (2), CJ (2) all coach a hard grinding style trying to win 2 to 1 It hasn't worked in decades Maybe trying something different Unfortunately, with the habs brass, scouting and coaching under long term deals, get used to it I would clean house on everyone and try some new, including the entire drafting team, but thats just me
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    lots of time left...to book April 7th tee times.
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    Unpopular opinion but I like Bob Cole Does he get names wrong? yes and he's probably worst in the league at that But hes the best in the business at capturing the excitement of the play and having his voice rise and fall with it
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    Jesus Christ, what sea creatures are singing the anthems tonight?!?!?
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    Lets be honest, this is all Don's fault
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    Fun trip down memory lane: https://www.tsn.ca/nhl/video/top-10-carey-price-saves~1634888?fbclid=IwAR3KEDvIyjhIjfE0aMZUTtJkHjco3lLR-iLx4LgHvrmxYbHsRlP9sT8bBeQ
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    Someone get Joe and his girlfriend tickets. They are the only ones who can save us now.
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    Haaaaabs beat Sharks do do do do do do do do Habs beat Sharks do do do do do do do do Habs beat Sharks do do do do do do do do Habs beat Sharks.. (that’s for all the fathers of young children out there)
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    Weal scores in his first game as a Hab. Mete: “Am I a joke to you?”
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    Damn the announcer for proclaiming "Mete - Scooorrrres" as I was glancing away. Only to have been tipped in by Gallagher. My heart skipped a beat.
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    The Athletic just released a poll of 198 NHL players on a variety of topics. https://theathletic.com/840226/2019/02/28/the-2019-nhl-poll-best-player-most-overrated-players-weigh-in-on-the-best-and-worst-in-the-game/ Best All-Around Player: Crosby - 48% McDavid - 25% Bergeron - 11% Barkov and Kucherov - 4% Game 7 of the Stanley Cup final — who do you want starting in goal? Price - 28% Fleury - 16% Vasilevsky - 15% Quick - 7% Holtby - 6% Who is the most underrated player in the NHL? Barkov - 26% Backstrom and Point - 8% Spurgeon - 6% Giordano - 5% Who is the most overrated player in the NHL? PK Subban - 23% Laine - 9% Ekbad - 6% Phaneuf and Erik Karlsson - 4% Which coach, aside from your own, would you most want to play for? Cooper and Gallant - 23% Trotz - 11% Maurice and Tortorella - 6% Which coach, aside from your own, would you not want to play for? Tortorella - 30% Hitchcock - 28% Babcock - 15% Carlyle - 11% Boucher - 3% What is the most fun city to visit on the road? Las Vegas - 26% Nasville - 19% Chicago - 13% Vancouver - 12% New York - 10% What is the worst city to visit on the road Winnipeg - 38% Buffalo - 15% Ottawa - 12% Edmonton - 8% Raleigh - 5% Which team has the best fans? Golden Knights - 28% Habs - 18% Preds - 11% Jets - 8% Hawks - 7% Which team has the worst fans? Panthers - 48% Coyotes - 18% Canes - 12% Flyers - 6% Isles - 3% Should the NHL’s current playoff format be changed? Yes - 60% No - 40 Should NHL players play in the Olympics? Yes - 99% No - 1% My noteworthy takeaways from that poll include: *Price still being viewed as the best goalie in the world by his peers *Habs fans have been knocked off their perch as the best, I can agree with that based on what we've seen so far from Vegas. But let's see how they are after a few losing seasons *Subban is the most overrated player in the league
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    November 21st, 2023 against the Quebec Nordiques
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    This is a good example of Bergevin trying to re-invent the weal.
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    This is the status of Laval's healthy forwards at the moment: NHL contracts: Alain, Audette, Evans, Pezzetta, Vejdemo, Verbeek AHL contracts: Adams-Moisan, Belzile, Grenier, Martineau, Jevpalovs ECHL guys signed to AHL tryouts to give them 12 actual healthy forwards: Kile, Roy Bergevin has done nothing but systematically eradicate anything resembling forward depth all season long. Lost Agostino for nothing on waivers, no move to replace him. Traded Froese to Philly, no move to replace him. Moves Chaput today, no corresponding move to replace him. Shinkaruk, McCarron, and Waked all out for the season, no moves other than signing the ECHL guys to replace them. Declined to bring Scherbak back when it literally would have cost nothing to do so. Long story short, I respectfully disagree that he has done anything to address number 5 from that list.
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    On a related note, a random draw will occur from people who respond in this thread to play forward for Laval.
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    After Don's accidental blasphemy resulted in a heartbreaker and the waste of a vintage Price performance, #31 and the gang return to face the Blackhawks and get Carey win 316 on 3/16. If that's not a sign that the hockey gods are on our side I don't know what is. Carey 3:16 "For Price so loved the Habs, that he saved his only begotten rebound, that whosoever believeth in him shall not choke in the third, but hang on at least for a loser point." Puck drop at 7pm.
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    Just grinding your gears, but still wouldn't use 'destroy' to describe Kotkaniemi's icetime. Don't you think that is way overboard?
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    So.... about that bus.....
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    I somewhat agree; however I saw a few good shifts by Weal tonight. You used the wrong word with "deserve". They outshot Chicago 2 to 1, but the Blackhawks had some key scoring chances, and obviously capitalized.
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    It's some of each in this one. To merely say it's only because the Habs can't finish wouldn't be fair to the game Crawford has had. Lack of finish ability or not, he has been the first star thus far.
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    I agree. Greatest voice in the game.
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    I got feeling the opposite will happen, Hawks will be skewered and Habs come out flying. Mete will....never mind.
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    While 'floating a bit' from time to time and playing over 1,300 games without breaking a sweat, Kovalev was one very skilled NHLer and with over 1,000 points he could never be confused with Drouin.
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    Price has a full NMC, right? It will never happen. EDM should trade one of their two big C for a huge package involving a legit #1G and a top-pairing D-man. But maybe they blew it fatally with that catastrophic Hall trade. You only get one of those.
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    I was there as well Little did I know at the time how long the actual whole event was, double fisting $12 beers x approximately 6 hours = I don't want to know what I spent that night If I was to guess my all time record watching the Habs I would say 7-2-1 at the Bell Center and 1-3 on the road. Not as good as you but I "Ole" the best I can
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    The blueline needs an upgrade. A few things are happening right now which is leading to losses and making things difficult for the team. 1) Shea Weber is not the same player he was in December and january. Is he nursing an injury? Was he running on adrenaline when he first came back and now the full year off the ice is catching up to him? I'm not sure what it is, but he's not been his normal self in his own end. 2) The forwards are not coming back and giving the same back pressure that they gave through January. They aren't playing the same 200 foot game that made them so tough to beat. This back pressure helped to hide some of the deficiencies defensively, especially on the left side of the defence. Now the deficiency is more exposed. The main issue here is the forwards are running out of gas from the style that they have been playing all year. 3) Jordie Benn has had a great season as a 3rd pair RD. Even though he is a left shot, he is better on the right side for some reason. He specifically is exposed on the left side, and in the top 4. This has been a story with him throughout his career. They are going to need to find a way to sneak out enough wins the rest of the way with this going on. The thin roster is having an issue late in the year. As depth improves up front with guys like Suzuki and Poehling and others coming in, this should help in future years. But the defence also needs to get a little better, especially on the left side, so it is not so exposed when the forwards aren't perfect with backchecking.
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    They are 5th in the league at 5 on 5. They have very balanced scoring across the lines. An elite forwards would be great but scoring overall hasn't been a huge issue. Power play and defense and back up goalie are probably the biggest issues this year. But yeah. Not a fan of kk getting too many games off.
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    Lost in the Mete Almost Scored hype is that Gallagher has his second 30 goal season. He makes $3.75 million.
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    #1 on Top 10 Anime Betrayals.
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    That power play looked good.
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    It's a difference of night and day. Robertson has been calling games for years. Mudryk hasn't and it shows. He's on curling coverage at the moment - he's TSN's #2 curling commentator so he usually has the morning draw plus some hosting duties for the major tournaments. (And if he doesn't want to come back after, that would work...)
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    Huge win 5-4 Vejdemo (2), Verbeek (2), and Evans with the goals. Lindgren was pulled after 3 goals on 10 shots... and with Laval down 3-1. McNiven came in and stopped 13/14 as the Rocket made the comeback.
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    Lehkonen, Thompson and Weise - managing to be -1 on a night of +’s and only forwards without a point. (Figured someone needed to be negative here and it’s likely my turn!)
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    I do like the Habs' penalty strategy tonight: make sure you don't draw any, so no anemic PP to drain the momentum.
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    Wow. How did we get Tatar as toss in for Pacioretty
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    People are becoming too prediction oriented and perfectionist based. I don't think Columbus has a chance at a cup either but while it may be true that it's happened, teams in the east shouldn't simply throw in the towel as though they have no chance. Teams should focus on their own selves and path without worrying about the juggernaut of the league. It's entirely possible that the team that wins the Stanley Cup does so without even facing Tampa. Even in the east. Perhaps Kucherov and Vasilevskiy get injured by the 3rd game of the playoffs. Anyway, I don't see there being anything wrong with what Columbus did, really. They weren't the best of teams but should they have traded Panarin and Bobrovsky, fans would be looking at another 3-5 year rebuild. The same could perhaps be said after this season, due to receiving no assets in return for those two, but at least they've placed themselves well in the present. It's easy to assume that they'll only win a playoff round, but really that's not clear as day. When they win 3 rounds this year instead of one, no one will be surprised either. If I'm a fan of Columbus, and even a knowledgeable one at that, I'm still happy with the direction the organization went this year. It was a no win situation and I think they did well.
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    Well, he already made moves to address (4) and perhaps even (5). That's the definition of 'tinkering around the edges.' I agree that (3) might have been addressed at relatively low cost, although I don't really know who was out there and available and what the cost would have been. I said earlier that IF you think the Habs can make the playoffs with Niemi, then there is no point in giving up assets for a backup. Presumably MB feels the Habs can make the playoffs with Niemi, then. It's not a crazy proposition. (1) and (2) are the serious issues - I would actually add (6) upgrading on the talent we have at FW - and addressing them would almost certainly have involved giving up major picks and prospects. Since this team isn't winning the Cup anyhow, I don't see the urgency of buying in a seller's market, when prices are at their absolute peak. Now I know MB has a history of waiting for an eternity to address actual problems. But that's not a reason not to wait a while. It's not enough just to say "MB, fix this." Your critique about (1) and (2) would only be convincing if you could identify players who got moved, who would have helped us there, and who you'd have been happy to see the Habs acquire at a price analogous to that which was actually paid. A further thought is that your critique is easier to sustain if you are happy to move key vets like Petry in order to get prospects who will address (1) and (2) eventually. Problem is, very few teams will move key cogs when they have a very realistic chance to make the playoffs - and I don't blame MB for not doing it.
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    Especially with this team, it's great that he's got.... weals... I'll show myself out.
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    Dont share your pessimism obviously; but, to mortgage future this year is bit idiotic, aside from a hockey deal for player with term. And i think is great to hear Habs did little at deadline and didnt deal away picks.
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    I don't want the years on the Lucic deal I'd rather a shorter deal like taking Callahan from Tampa for something good
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    Oh god, he's gonna trade for McQuaid isn't he?