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    Doctors use video of Montreal's power play to treat erections lasting longer than 4 hours.
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    TSN guys won't stop talking about how ridiculous it is that Mete hasn't scored yet. (I'll risk the downvote, since I don't know if the TSN analysts have been properly vetted by DON as acceptable people to mention.)
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    The bad thing is the refs are not calling penalties against the Bruins. The good thing is the refs are not giving Habs a power play.
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    3 of these things are awesome. The other is Mario Tremblay.
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    My family prays for an audio outage. But I keep talking...
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    Just wanted to wish everyone a very happy and merry Christmas , to those who don't celebrate Christmas a very happy holidays to you. Drive safe, be safe, stay safe
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    Ghheesh.. $34.62 for rope.. $386.20 on bus driving lessons... $420 for the bumper tying hook....
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    1 more than Peca would of got in a couple games.
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    Byron is correct in his apology. The hut was illegal. Players need to be more careful. It’s thst simple. He deserves the punishment. I’m glad the league continues to hold players accountable. No debate on this once the video clearly dnd accurately explains what happened and what was wrong.
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    Consistency for the ruling would be nice. Byron has no history of dirty hits and gets 3 games and marchand gets suspended 3 times a year and gets 3 games also! He slowed down on impact holding back! A phone hearing with a 1 game suspension, was more in order ..
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    It's official: Mete's hockey sticks are made at a facility built above an Indian burial ground.
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    Wondering if I should put money down on the Habs scoring more shorthanded goals than powerplay goals in January...
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    Danault is such a good defensive forward, and of course he would fit in best as a 3rd line C. He seems to be more engaged than Eller at least to the eye test, but is he better than him overall? I'd certainly take Danault but I'm not sure if that's my own bias.
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    The Montreal Canadiens: more Fins than an aquarium
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    The size issue goes not exist in today's nhl. Shaw, Lehkonen, and Gallagher are probably montreal's 3 best players at winning puck battles. Gallagher has said he wins those battles because of his size.
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    Yes. He is a stud number two defenceman that can play number one for a while. Sure he made a mistake but that does not take away what he’s done this year. It also can’t be understated how much of an impact having Shea Weber in the lineup has on our defence core, the minute he went down all hell broke loose.
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    They could just be holding out Weber for precautionary reasons too - too much swelling to make a diagnosis so ere on the side of caution. The defence hasn't looked too sharp in his absence. How many high-quality chances did they give up there?
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    He'd be a significant asset in Laval, a team that's down quite a few quality forwards at the moment. They have plenty of contract space (44/50) so this was an opportunity to upgrade Laval for free. It should have been taken, considering they need to make a few moves if they want their farm team to actually have a semi-realistic shot at a playoff spot.
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    I said before the tournament that Sweden was the weakest they have been in years. Great defence, but really didn't have a lot at forward. Lack of goals did them in. The Swiss are always strong defensively and occasionally can pull upsets because of that. They are always well coached and play for 2-1 wins. Not sure they will get into the level of what i call the big 5 until they can start developing scorers. They are challenging the Czechs for 6th though, although the Czechs seem to be coming on stronger than they have in a long team with guys like Necas, Zadina, and others developing. However the Czechs aren't developing the number of strong defenders necessary to compete, yet. That keeps the teams close. Swiss have better defensive game and coaching. Czechs have more skill, but weaker system play. It becomes a toss-up for 6th between the two (on an overall basis... with the recognition that in one game elimination tournaments, a country who is generally 6th can upset a team or two and grab a medal). Finland looked like they were going to be weak before the tournament, but then added Jokiharju from Chicago, and Tolvanen from Nashville and all of the sudden I had them neck and neck with USA on paper as a tough team. I felt they underperformed in the round robin based on the talent they have, They have a strong team on paper. It is shocking to me that Tolvanen hasn't scored a goal in the tournament. Also the last 5 champions in this tournament are Finland (2), Canada (2), USA (1).... so I'm not sure them beating Canada in Overtime, in a game that really could have gone either way is an "upset". Finland is a legit hockey power, now. Going into these tourneys you always have to look at Canada, USA, Russia, Sweden and Finland as the five hockey powers right now... and some will be stronger than others based on the year (as I said this was Sweden's weakest team in years). So in a long view, yes there is more parity than ten years ago when Canada was winning their 5th in a row. Slovakia is next but a clear step behind Czech/Swiss. Then its a toss up for who is the 9th best hockey country.
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    He’s icing his nads.
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    I get the logic but I'm not sure I'd want to move a valuable pick for a backup goalie (the Howard proposal). Cam Ward's not much better than Niemi and with Crawford injured, Chicago may actually want to hold onto him for the time being with their other goalie being a rookie. Would anyone qualify Andrew Hammond as an upgrade? He's in a timeshare on Minnesota's farm team at the moment with their top goalie prospect so if they decide that they want to give him more playing time (not unlike Florida and the move they made yesterday), that could make Hammond available for a later pick. With MacKenzie Blackwood doing well with New Jersey, that could maybe convince them to part with Eddie Lack although his last few NHL stints haven't been all that good either. (Lack has been shut down for the season so forget that idea...) If you want a better backup than that (someone that could play a few games in a row if need be), I think Anders Nilsson could be pried out of Vancouver. Demko's healthy again and eventually, they'll want to give him a look.
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    What a hugely entertaining game! Niemi was definitely part of the entertainment, what with his hapless flailing about. The interesting thing is that, to my eye anyway, he didn't let in any real stinkers (OK, the fifth goal was weak) and yet he made even routine shots look like they had been boomed by Bobby Hull from 15 feet out. It was hilarious. Kotkaniemi was very good. I thought Weber had a slightly off night, but really hard to complain when the hockey is that much fun - even if the wrong team loses.
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    Bah... I bet his injury is in fact a vasectomy !
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    Maybe I'm watching a different game? I'm seeing good effort and solid chances being frustrated by Fleury.
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    He's had a great 2018-19. My problem is that I have a sense of historical perspective. He inherited a team that was on the cusp of contention and mismanaged it to the point where clinging to a wildcard spot by the skin of our teeth makes him look like GM of the year. In other words, he looks great this season partly because we're comparing him to the horrendous results of his previous body of work. That's only impressive if we have amnesia. A MUCH stronger point in his favour than this short-term 'success' is that the Habs' prospects are generally very well-regarded. He seems to have managed to assemble quite a promising crop of youth. If those players can develop properly, and if Weber and Price can manage to have looooong careers where they excel into their mid-to-late 30s, then Bergevin may yet manage to build a club that surpasses the 2014 and 2015 teams which he destroyed through sheer blithering arrogance and stupidity. Therein lies the case for Bergevin. Lots of things can go wrong, however; we'll see how it plays out.
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    Actually, you're right - in fact my post contradicted my general belief that teams can win without real stars, by rolling three balanced lines, depth, goaltending, etc.. Although it occurs to me that I've never really cross-referenced that belief against empirical evidence. The Bruins are one example of a club that did it; I don't know how many other recent examples leap to mind. (Vegas and the Rags made the finals on that model; maybe that's 'proof'). And in fact, while it would be nice to have some players higher than 41st overall in scoring, I'd be tolerably happy going into the playoffs with this exact FW roster if Kotkaniemi was a bit stronger and had more experience. The principal reason this team is not at least a semi-serious contender is that it's about two blueliners short of a really good top-4. Still, it would be helpful to have another FW or two approaching Domi's offensive totals. Even granting that you can win with depth rather than top-end talent, I'm still not sure that we have quite the depth of talent we need up front in order to pull that off. If K-man progresses, that will make a significant difference (all else staying equal, which it never does; e.g., by the time Kotkaniemi is putting up 50+ points per season Byron will probably have disintegrated). A pity Lehkonen does not seem to have the 'next gear' that we all anticipated a couple of years back. Anyway, I hope this post offers you more serious insight than the one that disappointed you earlier. Just to sum up: we need major upgrades at D and less serious but still meaningful upgrades at FW in order to approach the Bruins 2011 class. Or so I'd speculate.
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    Cam talbot Tobias Rieder Michael frolik Mike smith Brett connolly Jason spezza Jay bouwmeester Carl gunnarsson There are 8 potentjal cap dumps with 1 or 2 year terms on the teams Brian mentionned.
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    I definitely believe that he is not going to trade a 1st or our best prospects for a rental player, and that's the best plan in my opinion. However, I do believe that if there were a deal on the table for a player who is under team control for a few years, he would be willing to trade those pieces. I'd really like for him to address the LD situation as soon as possible, and I am quite okay with trading futures for the now solution. Drafting a LD is going to take years to develop and overpaying for one through UFA is not something I am interested in. Call me crazy, but I'd even consider acquiring a veteran like a Keith or a Yandle depending on the cost. Montreal is sitting in a great position right now, they are sitting in a playoff position, they have lots of decent prospects, lots of picks and a lot of cap space. If Bergevin can make the right moves, this team will be set up to be very very good for a long time.
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    NHL suspensions are not based on the hit, its based on the base team the player is on. If he played for Boston it would have been 1 game, if he played for Toronto or NYR it would be a fine. The NHL suspensions are random, and completed by morons.
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    Kotkaniemi with the best goal by a Habs player this season?
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    I'm surprised nobody mentioned the retirement of Josh Gorges. A real blood-and-guts Hab, albeit one who was probably over-used relative to his skill set - hats off to him for carving out a fine career against long odds. I really appreciate the fact that he singled out the Canadiens in his statements to the media, saying that it was a 'different feeling' from playing for the Sharks or Sabres and how much it meant to wear the CH. Everyone says that, but when a guy goes out of his way to say it when he's retiring and no longer needs to sing from the PR playbook, it's from the heart. I sometimes wonder whether the remains anything special after 30 years of failure and mediocrity. But some kind of mystique still survives, clearly...at least to heart and soul guys like Gorges.
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    59% for Danault on faceoffs. 19:35 for Mete and played fine. Petry 25:00, Weber 21:36? Conserving him for Florida? Benn 20:36 and +2, nice 41saves .953% for #31. Petry with 2more pts, 11th in d-scoring with 33 pts already.
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    Their fighting literally and hanging on in this game. I like how Kotka is playing in the top line. Reilly is doing his Hall Gil impersonation tonight and Mete is having a great game thank God we have Carey being Carey again
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    Benn played more than Weber in that period - that's not something you see too often.
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    Assuming Mete levels up and sticks as Weber's partner, Bouwmeester could work for Petry. Have Kulak and Reilly platoon as the 6-7 guys on the 3rd pairing with Benn (or Juulsen.) I don't hate it. Edit: Cost has got to be really low though. Bouwmeester's playoff performances have been iffy.
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    Just here to throw in my support for drafting Nando Eggenberger because his Ridiculous-Name/60 is off the ####ing charts.
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    Not the GOAT player, but the GOAT 3-point shooter for me.
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    Would this not be a good time to give Hudon and Peca a look?
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    This is one chart from The Athletic's article on Weber's return. The improvement while the Habs are leading is nothing less than amazing.
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    A little segment on HNIC about "the impact of Shea Weber" to the Habs this season.
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    Yep, he was at practice as were Schlemko and Armia.
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    If the thing they say makes sense then we should feel free to quote anybody. As for Don Cherry specifically, ya he is behind the times on facepunching, European players, and generally speaking cogent sentences. He also watches a shit ton of junior hockey. If he says "I think __________ is one of the best players at __________" then it actually carries some weight.
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    I will respectfully disagree, I think they will give Alzner a couple of games before the trade deadline to showcase him The CH needs to manage that asset and get most out of it
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    I think you guys are undervaluing the importance of this group to make the playoffs this season. They've worked their ass off pretty much every game and deserve to be there, and then you add the experience of playing in those intense games on top of that. Thats what is important. Trading away a late round draft pick to make the playoffs is worth way more than whatever that pick may or may not turn out to be. If the Habs have to rely on some random late pick from 2019 or 20 to develop years from now to put them over the top, they are in more trouble than you think. Regardless, the back up goalie needs to be addressed this season
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    I saw the athletic dug into this. The heat map is very clear.. with montreal having a ton of chances in tight to the vegas goal. http://naturalstattrick.com/game.php?season=20182019&game=20549&view=limited#lbhm5v5 Montreal had 20 high-danger chances at 5-on-5, as Artturi Lehkonen and Danault led the charge with four individual attempts. the idea that montreal was taking all perimeter shots and not making fleury work is a narrative that simply isnt supported by the stats of the game.
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    I think the Habs can generate players of the calibre of Kopitar, Carter, etc. Kotkaniemi may become that, for example. So might Drouin or Domi. What we don't have are bona-fide superstars (Crosby, Ovechkin, Matthews, Tavares, etc.). I actually tend to agree with your assessments of both Price and Weber. Your boldfaced comment is hilarious, and bizarrely 100% true, a real testament to how biased and frankly stupid NHL refereeing is. Nevertheless, the fact that Weber gets away with murder because he's a Good Old Boy does work to both his advantage and that of the Habs. Only when he loses a step, and it starts to become really egregious, will his trips to the box spike upwards - and that will be a sure indicator of his decline IMHO.