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    Well, that's my specialty...
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    On his feet lol 😂😎😜
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    I put together my initial thoughts in the article, up on the front page now. I'll need a little more time to digest this, and will probably have more to say in an upcoming Writers Weigh In article this week. https://www.habsworld.net/2020/10/habs-trade-max-domi-to-columbus/
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    See Ryder, Michael
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    Two thoughts on this... One is that it's sad that we are hoping a sophomore C can somehow "carry" or elevate a guy with 350 NHL games under his belt. If anything, it should be the other way around - Drouin helping to mentor Suzuki along. 🙄 But with wankers like Drouin, it's always someone else's problem. The other is that, while the MaxPac-DD analogy makes a degree of sense if we're looking for a past case where one player carries another, the analogy is quite grossly unfair to David Desharnais. The undrafted DD was a guy who surpassed all expectations and defied all odds to carve out a modestly successful NHL career for himself; he became more than the sum of his modest parts. Drouin is the exact opposite, a Ferrari with a Corolla engine. Richer is a pretty solid analogue for Drouin. Apart from his two elite seasons, Richer was a soft, unreliable #6 FW who made a career of being much, much less than the sum of his formidable talents. Of course we now know he had mental health issues; God knows whether Drouin has that excuse. And BTW, however different the context was in the 1980s, the Richer of 1989-90 was a dominating force who could control games single-handedly. He had that potential, but simply could not overcome the mental red tape so as to do that reliably ever again. Trading his soft erraticism for the high-impact Muller was a masterstroke which contributed directly to the 1993 Cup.
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    if he ONLY reminds you of zack parise then you make the trade for Laine.... If he reminds you more of Marty St.Louis with a better shot then maybe we second guess trading him?
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    Looking forward ... it will be interesting to see how Domi and Torts get along ...
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    Well...I am basically supportive of Anderson-for-Domi, but you know, we can't simultaneously act like draft picks are valuable and act like they're not. Because player for player this seems an even swap, it is legitimate to argue that the Habs overpaid by tossing in the 3rd. That said, am i losing sleep over it? No. But let's not start suddenly declaring that picks are worthless because we want to justify some decision MB made.
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    The summer of the players whose last name starts with a vowel (and coincidentally, their first name starts with a J), Allen, Edmundson, Anderson. Who's next! (A recently bought out Justin Abdelkader?? Haha) Bergevin trades for Domi, it's a crap trade! Bergevin trades Domi, it's a crap trade. Remember when everyone was mad that 30 goal scorer Galchenyuk was traded for a third liner in Domi? This thread reread should be good for laughs:
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    There’s also something to be said about a GM doing what’s in the best interest of the player, and Alzner wanted to be bought out. when other players see that MB respects his players, perhaps it makes Mtl look like a more appealing place to play
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    Wasn't disagreeing ... just suggesting that the estimates were what it would take to get a player to sign an offer sheet and the team not to match ... not what they are worth ... numbers (if anywhere near correct) suggest to me that not many RFA offer sheets will be made
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    If i couldnt get a good deal, Id honestly just play Domi at RW Drouin - Suzuki - Armia Lehkonen - KK - domi
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    Consider it an early Christmas gift lol.
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    I should save this post! 😂
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    The flat cap giveth and the flat cap taketh away, so sayeth the Bettman
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    Was there a trade possibility? Potentially but the cost (pick/player/prospect) evidently was too high for Bergevin's liking. It varies by year. The rule is $375,000 plus whatever the league minimum salary is that season. The Habs would have saved $1.075M by sending Alzner to Laval this year while they save only $666,667 this year via the buyout But, they save more on next year's cap by doing it now instead of next year (thanks to the contract variation) and free up the contract slot.
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    Domi's career points totals: 52 38 45 72 44 DON is trying to make him out to be a 70-point C because of one outlier season. In fact he is clearly in the 45-50-point range. That is, he is OK second-tier offence coupled with zero defensive acumen and poor faceoff %. The parallel with David Desharnais is not so far off. Domi is chippier and quicker, better overall, but in the same broad category as DD IMHO: a so-so 2nd-line C at best. Now, Armia is nevertheless a significantly less productive player offensively. But while Domi is a question mark - is he a serviceable if limited #2C, or is he really a tweener, not good enough to be a top-6 C on a good team, and comes with concerns about a me-first attitude? - Armia is a clear-cut, prototypical #3 W with excellent size and physicality, solid defensive game, who sometimes can play on the second line. That's why I say he's a reasonable return. He brings different attributes but is probably comparable in overall contribution to team success.
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    I agree that Domi has somewhat more goal scoring potential ... but don't see the spread as "won't even be close" ... since joining Montreal the per 82 games goal scoring rate is Domi 24.1 and Armia 20.6 ... I expect those to be fair annual expectations going forward ... both could do more and might have off seasons ... but don't think either will regularly exceed those expectations by much
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    Rangers will draft this guy. 😆 https://www.eliteprospects.com/player/40878/mustapha-lemieux
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    Martti Jarventie ... Defense - shoots L ... Height 5.11 - Weight 196 ... Drafted by Montreal Canadiens - round 4 #109 overall 2001 NHL Entry Draft One NHL game (0-0-0) ... 59 AHL games (1-14-27) Roby Jarventie: (1) ... appears to be one of the most fascinating prospects available. As a big-bodied winger who is incredibly fast, possesses a fantastic shot and knows how to pass the puck to bring out the best in his teammates, he seemingly has everything that the league wants in a top-end selection ... has many of those intangible skills like speed, size, and scoring that NHL general managers look for on draft day. (Pasi Mennander / Finnish Ice Hockey Association) ... isn’t getting talked about as one of the can’t-miss prospects of the draft is due to his lacking defensive zone presence ... The general consensus is that Jarventie will be a mid to late third-round selection (2) #67 ... an excellent skater. He has a powerful stride and generates excellent speed. His first step is very quick and his acceleration is excellent ... a pure sniper. ... His wrist shot is powerful and accurate and features an excellent release ... also has an excellent snapshot and one-timer ... can even score with his backhand. His quick hands allow him to make moves in tight to the net ... He is not afraid to play in the dirty areas of the ice ... also a talented playmaker. He sees the ice well and anticipates where his teammates and defenders will be. He has excellent hands and can control the puck while moving at top speed ... needs to work on his defensive game and this is his biggest weakness right now ... has the speed and skill to develop into a top-six winger at the NHL level if things go well. At 6-foot-2 he has a good frame but is a bit lanky right now. He needs to add more muscle to that frame. His defensive game is the biggest concern ... The Habs need scoring ... he brings scoring, size and speed ... could be worth a risk with a late second (#56) or one of their thirds (#77, #85)
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    Every profile is the authors opinion/analysis ... seems to me Pronman's description of his offensive skills is very similar ... which is what the habs need ... enough of the well-rounded, "complete" players
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    I just don't think we need bottom six wingers with one of Lehkonen or Byron on the fourth line already. This team needs to be all in on getting a top 6 (and preferably top 3) winger and then let everyone move down a line.
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    Grabner and Byron on a line haha
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    From everything I have read, he has been super professional and a positive influence in Laval. Of course every player there would prefer to be playing for the Habs. But he was offered a stupid contract by the Habs, I can't blame him for taking it.
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    I really think mock drafts are pretty useless (maybe entertaining, but useless) beyond the first half of the first round as you really cannot predict which players will be available.
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    I still think Alzner should be kept one more year and see if any team will take him for a 2nd or 3rd round pick and some retained salary.
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    I believe that would apply to fans from all teams.
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    https://www.nhl.com/canadiens/news/cole-caufield-jayden-struble-invited-to-us-national-junior-evaluation-camp/c-319245094?utm_source=twitter&utm_medium=post&utm_campaign=CHCcontent&utm_content=EN-0930-CaufieldStruble caufield and struble invited to usa camp
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    In terms of positional need, I'd be happy with Schneider even if I have him at 17. Lundell isn't a position of need, but I could see him falling and being a steal at 16. Quinn, Gunler and Mercer would be good to give us a winger with some jam.
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    The more I see of Jarvis, the more I find myself looking past his size and embracing the offensive ability of this kid. I would be very pleased if we called his name on draft day, we need more of these gifted offensive wingers to start gluing to the centers like Suzuki and KK in the coming years.
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    LaPierre seems such an unknown with all injuries and just 2g last year, but some still rank him right around 15th-16th. Could Jarvis fall to Habs, another one due to size? Hope and expect eh; I hope Quinn, Jarvis, Holloway are available. Seems like Holloway, Mercer could be good options that i kinda like, one should be available at least and Lapierre the scouts seem to think could be smart pick and just had 4g 4a in 4QMJHL pre-season games (and he is french so am sure many locals will be hoping he is chosen). I like Holloway because he has very good skating, already 1year NCAA under his belt, does play physical and seems to have OK puck skills. Jarvis on #1 team, had 28more points than any teammate, 2nd in WHL scoring and seems size & defence are his only negatives (scores and shoots a ton like Gallagher always has since junior, not as gritty but faster skater). Mercer just seems to be well liked and gotta pull for picking a Newfie every so often.
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    From what I have read he is not the physical disrupter that Kreider is ... a comparison I like, as it seems to fit, is a Jordan Staal STYLE player
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    If we keep him, i hope so too, but would feel more comfortable moving him to get a less risky upgrade.
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    Yeah, I don't know where some of these beat writers come from. OK, yes, they go in the room and get quotes (which are very seldom of any value). Great. Beyond that, their work is mostly just a tissue of banalities with little insight, even though these guys have nothing to do all day except watch, think, and write about hockey. Then they eventually get canonized as a "legend" if they hang around long enough. Meanwhile, an internet poster like Commandant will provide more insight off the side of his desk than a Pat Hickey, even though Hickey is the one getting paid. Anyway - the trade offer in question is basically a clutch bottom-half material (a C who has been bumped to the 4th line, a #4-5 defenceman, an average-quality prospect) plus a first, for an elite young goal scorer. If the Jets are moronic enough to take that back, then of course the Habs should grab Laine and run. What is ridiculous is for Hickey to get paid money to propose such nonsense.
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    Take them draft-picks and run, hooo! hooo! (Steve Miller Band)
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    Outside of their positions, I’d say Suzuki is the Pacioretty, and Drouin is the Desharnais. The end.
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    McDonough used to be and Sergachev is well on his way. Hopefully Romanov will help us forget about the Sergachev trade.
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    McDonough is nearing the end of his career, but contributing to a cup win, while Gomez is fishing somewhere. Sergechev while still making mistakes, also makes big mistakes and is getting better every year in the toughest position in hockey and is in top 4 in the best team in hockey. Drouin is overpaid, lazy and unproductive and a guy most would like to see get moved, but the return would be underwhelming unless packaged with additional assets. We can only hope that there is another dumb GM who will give something of value for him, or he at least shows up for half of his games. I think you can safely say we got fleeced in both deal. I also think both McDonough and Sergechev would still look great on our top 4 and probably immensely improve our pop gun power play.
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    Drouin led the team in scoring in the playoffs and showed great chemistry with Suzuki. Why wouldnt you want to play the two together, at least to start. If it doesnt work, split them. But the way they finished the season you have to start with Drouin, Suzuki and Armia.
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    Yes eye for the net and scoring goals, right place right time. All things Zach was great at. Maybe more of a Johnny hockey type of player in today's NHL.
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    Seems their goaltending was a major flaw this year all around as well. Would love to see Ovi laying people out and sniping one timers in the bleu, blanc et rouge.
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    I said "low maintenance' and "well liked player", so not quite the same.
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    Don't believe the Jets are shopping him to get rid of him ... they are reportedly looking for a top pairing defenceman and know they need to give to get.
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    Good contract. $6.25 million is a steal for a defenceman of his calibre. Complicates things with expansion, but oh well, at this price you do it. The videos of his kid alone are worth $5 million AAV.
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    I don't think Petry has had any major injuries and he is such a smooth skater that he won't deteriorate as quickly as others. Plus he loves Montreal and wants to be here. A good signing.
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    37. Only two years older than Weber is now. And six years younger than Chara is now.
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    We need to start big game hunting.
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    Who cares? It’s not like we’ve had even one 45-50 goal scorer for the past 30 years. If he was a UFA this year I’d take him. Even 2 or 3 years would go a long ways to improving our cup chances while price and a Weber are still elite. But I wouldn’t trade him. I can’t see the caps ever trading him either. There are already enough riots in USA cities for the franchise to trade the best player they’ve ever had. It would be like us trading Richard, or Edmonton trading Gretzky, Messier or Coffey - oh, scratch that. Savard refused to trade Lafleur in fear of the repercussions and even when he considered it, the only guy he considered was a for another Quebecer in Perrault.
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    Agreed ... hence "I wouldn't make that trade"
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