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    No dude, it's cause you're constantly pessimistic and antagonistic, and your posts about Bergevin are usually at best unnecessarily exaggerated, or at worst grossly uninformed. The anti-Bergevin shtick probably worked for you when the team was shit for a season. Since then most fans have been happy with the team's progress and the job Bergevin has done with the rebuild/retool. So you can keep on proudly conducting the Bergevin-Hate train that most Habs fans have stopped riding, but your pettiness towards those of us who are enjoying this team is tiresome.
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    I don't know who's knickers you bunched up, but lately you seem to be instantly downvoted regardless of content, i've seen the same constant 2 downvotes on even your most insightful posts of late, that childish crap needs to stop. Clearly a couple haters are abusing the downvote system in a manner it wasn't intended..
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    Habs won me some money on this one. Huge win. Really looked good. A sign of what is to come, and soon I believe.
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    Your wider point included a team like Nashville reaching elite status but you failed to mention it took their GM Poille +20 years to get there. But MB has failed for 7 years. The bias is very telling! I'm all for criticism and demand for excellence but it needs to realistic. Im sorry but I'd have to believe your biggest knock on MB all stems from the death blow of trading Subban for Weber. Cause everything seems to always get back to Weber declining or messing up a bridge deal for Subban etc. I hate to break the news but Weber is not about to start playing with a cane instead of a stick in the very near future and the PK rumor of being on the block in Nash after a single season wasnt a rumour as he was moved dirt cheap after 2 seasons as a "salary dump" As an example, your MB's "seven years of failure" include -3 × division titles -2 x 2nd place overall in the East -1x 2nd overall in the NHL - 1 x eastern conf finals -1 x 2nd round loss - 4 of 7 playoff appearances -3 of last 4 seasons not in playoffs (sad and brutal) I would argue 3/4 of all GM's would love a resume like that. Now if we argued his inability to land the big fish, or his classic bottom barrel bargin acquisitions failing then OK. But there is a reason why he is a VERY highly regarded GM around the league... It's because he's good at his job. Now I'll wait for the "that was Bob Gaineys team etc. blah blah ( but I will also add that we ran Big Bob out of town as well). Sure he's made mistakes and he should be held accountable but, every GM has. The point of my earlier post about past contenders was to stress that only 6 teams in 25 years have been legit multi stanley cup winners/contenders Pitt-Chi-LA Det-COL- NJ (and all of them had multiple legit studs) The honourable mentions The Boston,STL,Wash,Ana and TB teams of the world all made mistakes/ came up short for years before finally winning it. But all had multiple, absolute elite talent. The NyR team failed to win it all and has since completely rebuilt. SJ continues to be a great reg season team but now looks to have failed in the Marleau-thorton-pavelski era! I also believe VAN has no part in this discussion as does Nashville. Montreals record stated above showed we were almost there for a time. But it failed for many reasons like injury to Price and Markov or MB not adding to a decent secondary core. Keep in mind i say secondary core because none of our players were considered best in class except for maybe our goalie who was still young in year 1 of 7. The deeper you looked into that team MB inherited the more you realize the holes and flaws were countless. We had trouble scoring 5on5 we had no depth on defence after Markov and a still baby Subban as well as NO centers at all except plex just to name a few. But far and away the problem was lack of elite 1st line talent that still holds us back today. So to say MB failed to build on a decent core really means MB failed to bring in elite 1st line talent to add to decent second line talent and solid goaltending and 2 solid defencemen. SO now we have started a new timeline. A retool, and thus far it's going very very well. We are young, we are loaded with young talent and have 11 more picks in what is quickly being touted as a very, very deep draft year. I'd have to believe Weber and Price are the perfect backbone for a new young team on the rise. Most importantly, MB has shown an ability to learn from past mistakes. Hes shown an ability to admit mistakes and address them. That alone should have us all a little less worried about him and his decision making moving forward? Now if he can add to to this team with his abundance of assets and leveraged cap space I'm all for it. I'm also ok overpaying for said additions. BUT it has to be for elite talent.... Aho, Karlsson, Laine etc. But I say HELL NO to blown CAP on the Gardiner, Duschene etc. and I'm glad those 2 deals fell through. I APOLOGIZE IN ADVANCE FOR THIS LONG POST.
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    I think its time to do a Mete plus a 1st rounder for a legit lefty to play with Weber. The youngsters are getting big contacts earlier these days, so cap crunch is coming. I think MB needs to create a window at this point. Not wait for it. The offensive depth of this team is fantastic. The young call up depth at forward is very good. Add to that Price Weber and Petry, and I really think it's time to seek a trade and potentially give up some picks, prospects, players to do it. It annoys me that this won't happen because the draft is in Montreal.
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    Ugh...hurts giving one up in the last 10 seconds of a period.
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    I think Habs will have an incredible effort tonight. Someone wins this 3-2
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    Anze Kopitar was the draft comparison and remains the comparison IMO. His two way game is what is going to make Kopitar a top centre even if he isn't a yearly fixture in the top 10 scoring leaders, it will be his ability to control the play in both ends that will matter.
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    Here is the thing... the stats dont lie. The kulak-petry pair had a 57.4% corsi last year Every right handed defenceman was better with kulak than without him. He raised the play of all partners when playing with them. 57.4 vs 55.2 for Petry (with him, vs without him) 58.8 vs 52.3 for Weber 55.0 vs 53.1 for Benn With Kulak on the ice the habs were also better at reducing high danger scoring chances against. Here is the heat map. The Habs were 12% better than league average with Kulak on the ice and only 1% better than league average with him off the ice. Kulak is a top 4 Dman.... He helps in both ends of the rink. He's evolved into a good player since we traded for him. People want to look at him as just a guy who Calgary put on waivers and we traded for after he cleared, sure that's true and all... but the fact is Calgary also put Paul Byron on waivers and last I checked he is a better player in Montreal than he was in Calgary. Kulak has become part 2 of Bergevin stealing a valuable player from the Flames. The stats don't have the implicit bias of thinking he isn't good cause he was on waivers and traded for cheap... they evaluate every player equally and Kulak is a #3 defenceman based on them. Put him with a guy who the stats say is a legit #1 (Petry), and has been for 2 years... and Kulak-Petry is a worth top pairing and is the Habs best pairing... better even than Weber-Mete. (That said, based on limited minutes Weber-Kulak would be the Habs top pair if put together).
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    Are you actually Kotkaniemi, just on here to pump your own tires
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    Come on guys does anyone actually believe Douglas Murray or Folin are capable of sniping one the way Chiarot did in Buffalo, or make the pass that sprung Drouin to his goal against St. Louis? Seems the guy gets pegged in this hole already because he is a defensive Dman, that somehow means he can't skate, he can't pass the puck and make plays, or show some poise with the puck and score some timely goals for us. He looks like the guy he was with the Jets but going through a bit of an adjustment period to play within our style, not some dinosaur Dman with cement skates and a straight blade who is incapable of adjusting and evolving within our system, sheesh.
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    His advanced.stats suggest he is a credible top 4 defenceman. A number 5 at absolute worst. You can believe whatever you want... but the Petry-kulak pairing was excellent last season and a legit top pair from their stats. But that is also ignoring my main point which is that this is the same D that missed the playoffs by 2 points and was without Weber for 2 months last year. As for the downvote... i didnt even notice til you said it. I dont care about votes.
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    No I dont. I'm 100% positive we would not have to retain any salary to move Weber. Firstly, his salary paid moving forward after this season is not that high and continues to decrease moving forward. I believe his signing bonuses are now over as well? And yes he has a higher AAV but considering the AAV of defencemen in 2019., his really isnt that high CJ isnt French... he just speaks it. Also, he was the coach of Boston stanley cup champ team of the last 40 years so ya bad example. Exactly... And the team he inherited was missing elite talent that separates the pretenders from the contenders... So his failure to secure elite talent in his early career to add to a very strong secondary core was his biggest early career failure. MB 2.0 of the retool is doing just fine.
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    Many of us are not in the Montreal area ... I
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    I cant see any big trades happening. Anywhere in the NHL til at least november. The old rule was American Thanksgiving but weve seen teams go earlier in recent years. Still dont think it happens this year that teams jump before Halloween though. Give everyone at least 10-15 games.
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    The team gave up less than 30 shots and comtrolled 79% of scoring chances yesterday against the cup champs. Its one game but thats a much better defensive performance from the team. As for mete. He had a really strong game. Yes... its only one game. But the entire season has only been 5 games. Lets see where this goes before calling for all kinds of changes.
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    I might be too harsh on folin but i dont think a chiarot-folin pair will work cause who moves the puck. Would like to see fleury back in.
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    I really enjoyed that read. Thanks for that. I grew up idolizing the habs because my dad and uncles did. Dad threw a TV over a balcony in 78. Was so stressed out during the bruins too many men game, that he went and had a bath. He was paid a bet in pennies that year. The following year, he lost the bet. Filled the penny jars with syrup and returned them to the person. If I cheered for any other team, I would not be alive to tell about it. So I cheer for the habs.
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    Thank you. Telling a writer you want more is a huge compliment. So much better than, "Geeze, nice, but a tad long there, you lost me." Do you do lastwordonsports? Always enjoy reading it.
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    Guys, crazy thought and I'm just spitballin' here, but what if the Habs get a lead... and then keep that lead for the rest of the game?
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    Bergevin is "stupid" for signing Subban to a team friendly bridge deal? Is Tampa stupid for signing Point to a bridge deal? How about Laine with Winnipeg? Boeser in Vancouver? Or should we have thrown all the money at a young and unproven Subban at the time? Do you know how the negotiations went, did Subban even want that? Tell us again how stupid Bergevin is. Or how about how Bergevin was "reluctant" in locking down Radulov. I could have sworn that Bergevin was one of the only GMs to even offer him a contract from the KHL. And then he even offered him a multi-year deal when he was a UFA that was similar to what he signed with Dallas. What's the problem again? Let's get our facts straight It is sort of like how Montreal seems to be able to always have an elite goalie, but other teams can't get someone to stop a beach ball. All of the #1 centers in the world can't stop the puck. I'd like to think that 70+ point Max Domi has something to say about your argument. How about Kotkaniemi in a couple years? Could it be that some realize that it isn't 1977 and now there are 31 teams in a salary cap league? All things being equal, there is a 3.22% chance that any particular team will win the Cup. Even making the playoffs is a coin flip, but yes, let's dump on a GM that has actually been above average since 2012. Please tell us how you would fill the holes and tag Bergevin so he knows how to do his job. Is it through the draft? Well we got a few high picks, we drafted a "potential #1 center" in Galchenyuk, how did that work out? When he had another high pick, he "seen the hole" and reached a bit and picked Kotkaniemi. Do you hate that he tried to fill a hole and selected him? How about the hole at LD, do you hate how 4 out of his first 5 picks this draft year were LD? How about reaching for Romanov the year before? I could have sworn he also drafted Ryan Poehling as a center and he looks like he is a player. Let's talk UFAs. Do you remember just a couple months ago how he offered a contract to top center Matt Duchene AND left defenseman Jake Gardiner? Maybe you conveniently forgot that he tried to address the holes but sorry he didn't hold a gun to the player's head to sign here. He was however able to sign Ben Chiarot and Nick Cousins though, and they are NHL players so that helps "fill the holes". How about trades. Traded for Domi and Danault, our top two centers. Did he not come out ahead in those deals? He also traded a left winger for another left winger, plus Nick Suzuki who was drafted as a center. "But he didn't try to address our needs!!" He has offered contracts to UFAs, he has literally drafted to fill holes and he is on the winning side of pretty much every trade he has made, yet there is still a myth that he doesn't know what he is doing. This team right now is young, entertaining, has cap space, a top prospect pool and is competitive but yet that's not good enough to some. And no matter how much time I spend on a post like this, I will never change their mind. My advice is to watch the games, have fun, cheer loud and talk trash to other team's fans Otherwise not being a "serious contender", whatever that means, will make you a very cynical and depressing person.
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    This raises the question, what should we do? What would be a better approach? What could a GM do to make a big difference? Tank? (top draft choices are not guaranteed though due to lottery) Trade? (sadly we don't know who would be willing to do what exactly kind of trade with us) Sign? (UFAs haven't been keen on Montreal, is it possible to change that?) Offer sheet? (try again, with more money?) Scout? (improve draft choices or look for unsigned players?) Coach? (hire a better coach than Julien?) Laval? (what could we do there, apart from securing an ECHL franchise?) While I would like to be more competitive, I don't see an obvious way to dramatically improve our fortunes? Not to say that Bergevin has been perfect (he hasn't) but if we somehow got a superstar GM, what would he be able to do to make a big difference over Bergevin? Am I missing something obvious?
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    Petry's play over the last two years, including a full calendar year of Weber on the sidelines is that of a number 1. As for it being easier to get a a #1d than a #1c... the equation here is simple. Montreal for 40 years now, since free agency became a thing in the NHL has had an incredibly tough time getting free agents. Doesnt seem to matter if its serge savard, houle, andre savard, bob gainey, gauthier or bergevin. So your #1 d or #1 c isnt coming that route. In trades... both cost a pretty penny. So lets call that even. In the draft. Quick look at every #1c in the league and where they were drafted. The Bergerons and Ahos who come from the second round or later are few and far between. Most true #1cs are top 10, even top 5 picks. Look at the D. Way more come from later in the draft. Way more werent hyped to be #1 d and developed that after being drafted. Late bloomers on d are more common. So thats why i say it will be easier to find a #1d even without a top 10 pick... where at centre we swung our swing on kk
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    Well to start you need to shift your mindset to a bleak, pessimistic one where the grass is always greener elsewhere. Then, and this key here Will, make statements without actually researching or backing them up with facts. And if you happen to trip over a good point, make sure you exaggerate it to make it worse so it can't be taken seriously anyway. Why be accurate when you can be hyperbolic? And that is how 90% of East got better, the Habs got soooooo much worse, and the worst case scenario is the only scenario. Now you're ready to take it to the next level, Will: smash that downvote button on anyone that dares to disagree with you. It's that little extra exclamation point to the sky-is-always-falling bullshit.
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    Personaly, when I see a post who's been downvoted but did not include any personal attack or very lame comment, I upvote it to try to even that out.
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    Based on the fact that the only loss was Benn... and we signed chiarot. They also have weber the full season instead of missing 2 months. They also have kulak the full season instead of 6 weeks in. And they finished 2 points out. I dont see how this D is disqualifying from a playoff spot.
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    I had to go and check Weber's contract on Capfriendly just now -- AAV of $7.8M, really not so high, you are correct. The only challenge is the seven years remaining on the contract, but starting three years from now the payout cost (for his then-current team) would be quite reasonable as Nashville would pick up most of the cost due to the front-loaded contract structure. So I'll take back my comment about having to take back salary, and go look for a serving of crow for dinner!
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    Remember in preseason when many here thought Drouin was useless and trading him would be addition by subtraction. LoL
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    You can't build a team with all kids and no veterans to lead them. That is how you end up in an Edmonton situation. With Price and Weber, there is also no reason, given the way similar goalies and defencemen in the NHL have aged, why they can't be the starting goalie and a top 4 defenceman on a contending team in two years.
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    It's not easy: eleven of the current teams have never won the cup. Nine have not made it to the finals in the last 20 years (yeah, that includes us). If it were easy, we'd see more bottom-feeders launching themselves into elite status, and fewer GMs and coaches being fired. That said, it's certainly not impossible. But there are very few shortcuts: the only one I can think of is the approach comparable to spending all your retirement savings in one fabulous night in Las Vegas. This is more or less what the Blue Jackets did last year, acquiring a bunch of high-calibre rentals and giving up picks and prospects. It only got them to second round, though, and this season pretty much all they have left from this attempt is a hangover. Retooling a team to contend for multiple years takes time. I wasn't happy with what Bergevin was doing early in his tenure, but at this point, I think the direction is correct. And I honestly don't think there are a lot of huge steals out there to be had in trades for top-six forwards or top-four defencemen: all the clubs have professional scouting and advanced stats, and no one wants to lose big on a deal. Yes, I want the Habs to contend. But I don't think we can be there this year, with any GM or any coach (or any owner). In the meantime, I will make do with enjoying the play of the team -- at least in those games when they don't frustrate me to no end.
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    Maybe dont complain about votes and people wont downvote as often. Complaining and showing that it makes you mad is a sure way to encourage people to keep doing it. But besides that... who cares? They are imaginary numbers that mean nothing. You cant trade in your points for anything. They dont get redeemed for anything. They arent airmiles or visa points or some shit. They are just figments of your imagination. I get downvoted all the time. Do you think i care? Nope... cause it means nothing.
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    Watch out you might get downvoted for this. I but I agree with you on price and weber.
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    The big difference between Montreal and Boston retool is that Boston isn't handcuffed on only having to hire someone who is French. They can go out and get the best coach and gm for the job.
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    The question is how do you judge Bergevin. I've long said that coaches, GMs, scouts, etc... these people develop over the course of their careers just like players do. What Bergevin did earlier in his career is a lot less relevant to my evaluation of him than what he's done in the last 24 months. And when we look at that time frame, basically from when we all knew the 2017-18 team was flawed and needed to be fixed until know, he's done a darn good job with his moves; both building up the main roster and the prospect pool at the same time. Those recent results are encouraging and enough for me to want to see how he finishes the job. I made no secret that I wanted him fired two years ago, but he's changed my opinion of his work since that time.
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    It’s one thing to ask that your team rip off other teams in deals. This is an unrealistic demand. It’s a completely different thing to request that a team attempts to address needs. Teams have holes. Other needs have already been addressed. Needs change over time. These are some of the rebuttals. With that being said, a top pairing caliber LHD has been an issue since Markov left and Markov has been gone so long that there was the possibility to have a discussion about “bringing Markov back after all this time.” Acquiring a top 4 defenseman would hurt. It would not be achieved by trading Hudon, Weise and a 3rd rounder. The issue is that most people are stating that this is a retool period but how can a team transition in quickest fashion out of this retool period? It’s one thing to say the future is bright but there are scenarios where the future becomes now even for those who are retooling. I understand how it’s likely that it takes time, but I don’t buy that it has to. This is not the trade proposal thread but if I combine a few different common thoughts amongst Habs fans, I think an example of something that could be done to speed up the process would be something like including Philip Danault in a trade for a top 4 defenseman. I understand that he can put up 50-60 points all the while being more defensively responsible than any other center we have, but 13-15 goals is not the production of a 1st line Center and for me, I think Domi, Kotkaniemi, Drouin in the worst case, are the types of players who could fill the role. At least better than Victor Mete can handle a top pairing defensive role. On one hand, our Center depth has improved, but on the other hand, Danault is still filling up a spot on our top line and the thought I was suggesting that many Habs have is that Danault is not a top line Center. His value in a trade may be higher than a third line Center though. Those who are mentioning that we should speed up the retool are often mentioning that we should trade players like Price, or Weber but we should always keep those players who actually fill the role their are designated to play. Price and Weber are people you build around even for the next 5 years. If Weber is a second pairing guy by then, that’s fine. He’ll have more of an impact on the team than Danault as a third line Center. Right now, Victor Mete and Phillipe Danault are the two players playing in high value roles they shouldn’t be. The fact that they are playing in these positions, however, give them perceived value and so perhaps there could be a return of great value to two different teams when one of those players are the players involved. I’d rather keep Mete than Danault. This is all to say that it is just an example but I think our biggest obstacles from being a competitive team are actually that we have someone of Mete’s caliber as our top left defense and someone of Danault’s caliber as our top line Center. They are both players I like, I just do not love their roles.
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    I can’t believe no one has responded
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    One regulation win, and all is grand in Hab Land
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    You trying to be a rebel in these forums like me and call it like you see it.
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    I know been a fan since 89 but if I see something bad i call it and say something. I don't see this team getting into the playoffs with this D.
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    https://www.instagram.com/p/B3e23hjghy_/Need someone in Montreal to help me get this Jesperi Kotkaniemi Imports Dragon Figure. It is available only at Jean Coutu, and Centre Bell.If you are in Montreal, and want to make a hefty tip for finding one for me; and sending it my way in the states, please DM me... I will make it worth your while. They should be easy to find, but only available at those two locations.
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    Kulak and Petry a top pair, come on. That only further exemplifies this team's deficiency on defense... Sorry, I forgot you're above down voting. You're only into handing them out like candy on Halloween
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    Its been 5 games... 4 of which, yes, showed these problems. Last season this defence did a very good job in their own end. I think we should give Julien a little time to see if he can get them back to that level. Three of those four werent issues.last year (the pp was). That said we have four pp goals in five games so far so maybe even the fourth can be solved. If you look around the league now... most teams are having a forward quarterback the powerplay anyways so its not a huge issue if we run our pp with 4 forwards and one of weber and petry on each unit. Yes mete has struggled in the 4 games. He also struggled at the start of last season but was excellent after his week and a half in the AHL. There is no reason he cant get back to last years level of play. While its true that the D needs a top pair LHD to be a cup contender. It can still be a playoff team with that hole unfilled. Playoff teams arent perfect. They have holes.
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    I'm pretty sure I know which two users it is... the two who complain more about downvotes than anyone else. That said, I truly don't care. Its like whose line is it anyway... the points are made up and mean nothing. If i could redeem them for something it might be different.
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    If you trade Price and Weber, your veteran leaders in the locker room would be guys like Gallagher, Byron, Petry, Domi, Danault . When we made our last locker culture change the young guys took over Pacioretty, Price, PK we only kept Plekenec and Markov.
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    Abusing the downvote system you say I was at 50 and in less then a week I went down to 13 just because I talk bad about Bergevin
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