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    A special All Saints Day edition of Habs hockey sees the Caps in town. Noted Saint Alexander Ovechkin has presumably not indulged in any of the Seven Deadly Sins since his summer of debauchery. Saint Lars Eller is so Christ-like and committed to non-violence that he allowed himself to be pummelled by the imp Marchand without retaliating in the slightest. On the Habs side, Saint Max Domi has never once let his baser impulses get the best of him. Saint Brendan Gallagher always maintains a cheerful disposition even when faced with the worst slings and arrows of the unbelievers. Captain of the Saints Shea Weber is absent while he convalesces from an injury comparable to that of Saint Denis: And of course, on a plane higher and more exalted (and better compensated) than all the Saints, we have in goal our one true saviour, Jesus Price. Note: the cast of apostles may have changed significantly since this picture, perhaps along with our faith in our saviour's saving abilities. Nevertheless, in our faith we find strength. Puck drop at 7:30.
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    What a contrasting difference from the GDT for Washington and this one, we go from wow what a team, to this guy is shit, that guy is dumb, the goalie is no good. Boy, we really are the bi-polar fanbase everyone makes us out to be aren't we. What I saw was a team trying and competing, a couple ill timed penalties swinging the momentum, and a couple individual bad plays leading to goals. Because guess what? We were facing one of the real elite teams in this league, and those things I mentioned, coupled with a few players having an off night, is usually enough to land you a big old L. Hudon had an off night that snowballed on him, doesn't make or break him as a player, he had the game of the season against Washington and an off night against Tampa, but he is judged and executed by the Tampa game only? Funny how that works. Price literally has no chance on the first few goals, rockets coming at him off cross seam plays or bad turnovers, only had a chance on the 4th goal with 4 min left in a game that was already over, but of course he was garbage somehow. We have a team that was supposed to be garbage, we wind up with a team that plays a fast entertaining game, some players really playing impressive hockey. But still, we can't figure out how to watch these games without allowing ourselves to be over reactive and toxic. It is frustrating as hell to watch us, and this fanbase in general, act like this despite the season we are having, and the game they just played against Washington. We can start acting like a roid raging, angry group when these guys are in the midst of a 5 game losing streak where they lost to teams they shouldn't have, playing uninspired,and lazy hockey we wouldn't be accustomed to this season. Until then, look in the mirror as a fan, and realize the toxic reactions are not warranted at this stage, and do better.
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    I was one of those that ripped you on the Domi / galchenyuk trade. Now to be fare I always liked max as a player, and if we traded draft picks or prospects for him i would of been happy. But you traded galchenyuk for him. I thought you just traded one problem for another, and in this case I said I would of rather just kept galchenyuk and played him all year at center. But Max is proving me wrong and has grown on me. So to this i say I am sorry this was one of your better trades and I am man enough to give credit.
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    Apparently the bar is so low on Alzner now that "having a good game" equates to "didn't shit his pants while playing."
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    With the impending return of "Dad", I wanted to discuss how important he is to this team as a franchise defenseman. I don't think it gets talked about enough how losing a clear cut #1 dman for a full calendar year would impact ANY team in the league, and the flack this team has received in the last year should take this into consideration. It's been so long that it is easy to forget that our Habs actually WON their division with a healthy Weber in 16-17, and didn't appear to be near the train wreck of a team that they were after his injury last December. So I decided to look into the team record with and without the services of the newly appointed Captain since he was acquired: 55-37-12 Montreal with Shea Weber in the lineup 30-35-13 Montreal without Shea Weber in the lineup Quite a set of contrasting numbers there. Yes there were other factors into play, but that is a decent sample size of which to hypothesize from. I think that his reinsertion into the lineup helps so many problems that this team is currently facing and has faced in the past. Want to improve your powerplay? How about adding the hardest clapper in the league from the point? There isn't anyone on the team right now that the opposition fears when shorthanded. The zone entry has been good, the movement has been good, but it is missing a bomb shot. Defensive zone coverage has been garbage so far, enter Shea "I invented defensive zone coverage" Weber. Okay, a bit of an exaggeration but he will certainly help stabilize whatever it is our current dmen are doing out there. When he slots into the lineup it will have a ripple effect and Petry suddenly is playing on the second pair, where he and the team will excel. Having a guy like Weber step in and play almost half the game at an elite level can only be described as a positive. I won't get into the leadership aspect of it all, as some people don't believe in that. But on such a young team and based on quotes I've read from them, they certainly look up to Weber. I do think he will help with the already strong locker room and act like sort of a liaison between players and management. I just miss watching the damn guy play for us and can't wait for his return.
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    Plekanec dies so Kotkaniemi can live. Career stats with the Habs: 7th in games played, 17th in goals, 13th in assists, 13th in points... I don't like it. Waive Deslauriers and shift Peca to the wing. Pleks has more to offer and earned a better send off than this.
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    We are one for one on our New York family Hockey pilgrimage. My little 6yr old got handed a game stick signed by Jeff Petry to boot!! Safe to say he’s a fan for life.
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    I've enjoyed the early season run, obviously, but all along I've been waiting to see if this team will settle back down to its 'level.' The question remains unanswered, but my guess is what we have here is a solid, well-coached team whose lack of elite talent means it likely will be a 'bubble' team. Not a Lose for Hughes team, but quite possibly not a playoff squad either; a middling bunch.The surprise here is that it's done this without Weber. But I actually don't see it as self-evident that Weber's return will automatically mean a basket of wins. For example, we've seen the peculiar phenomenon in the past of the boomer from the point actually yielding a worse overall PP (because everything then becomes funneled to Weber/Subban, a predictable, unimaginative pattern that is ultimately easier to defend against). For that matter, he may return, but some other key guy might get hurt, or hot players like Domi or Petry or Gally may regress, resulting in something close to a wash. Or he may take longer to get up to form than we hope. And so on. Things just don't work in that linear way. As for Price, I'm getting a bit tired of this movie. No, no, of course he does not suck. No, no, you generally can't point to goals against and say, 'well, that was a real stinker.' But that's akin to taking Ovechkin and saying, 'well, he's on a 20-goal pace, that's still pretty good.' Carey Price's JOB is not to be a competent NHL goalie; it is to be, frankly, a superstar goalie. That is his rep. That is how he is paid. And until he starts playing like one of the very top goalies in all of hockey - something he has not done for well over a season now - he is a fair subject for at least moderate criticism. He needs to steal the team some games if they have a realistic chance of making the playoffs. Will the real CP please stand up? Or - scary thought - is this 'pretty decent' goalie now the 'real' Carey Price?
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    I figured if I didn't include the current year in the title it would set off a frenzy of posts from people scorned over the last few years. The focus of this thread is the moves made by Bergevin in the current year and how they have set up this team to it's surprising-to-most good start. The 18-19 Habs edition is noticeably different than it's predecessor, mainly by their style, but also by their.....attitude. There's that catch word everybody loves, yet it is apparent. Guys are competing every single shift, there is such an internal competition that it is pushing everyone to their max. Scratching free agent signing Plekanec and big contract Alzner to start the season was a Julien decision, and it wasn't held back by any fictitious Bergevin ego. This team now has an identity, and that is speed and attitude. I recall against Detroit when Drouin was hurt with a shot block and finally got to his feet, only to get shoved by Bertuzzi. Well here come like 3 Habs to his defense looking to fight him, haven't seen that in a long time. It seems like there is alot of cohesion on this team and it is fun to watch. Now let's look at the moves made in this calendar year in no particular order: *Hires highly successful Joel Bouchard out of the Q to coach Laval *Hires World Junior Championship coach Dominique Doucharme as an assistant coach *Trades life long Hab Plekanec to the rival Leafs for a pick and prospects, only to get him back for free via UFA *Trades a disgruntled Galchenyuk who never found a role with the team after 6 (!) seasons, for Max "100 times better than his Dad" Domi *Does not give in to Buffalo's demands in a trade for Ryan O'Rielly *Acquires Joel Armia for money that isn't his *Trades a 5th (!) round pick to Minnesota for Mike "looks like a top 4 D to me" Rielly *Signs Xavier Ouellet for maybe the minimum (I'm not looking it up) *Drafts Jasperi Kotkaniemi who looks like a stud so far, despite the majority of fans wanting someone else *Speaking of drafting centers, he drafts 7 of them (looked that one up) *Trades captain Max Pacioretty for Thomas Tatar, who in a small sample size looks to win the trade by himself and is under team control for longer for a lower overall cap hit, PLUS a 13th overall center prospect and a 2nd rounder (!) Do I even have to mention the return that LWs Jeff Skinner and Mike Hoffman got? *Names Shea Weber the 30th captain of the Montreal Canadiens despite him being out due to injury. It's not going to player vote this time guys Say whatever you want about the past, but it is hard to argue against anything that Marc Bergevin has done in 2018
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    Just an fyi to those trying to throw the piano down from the top window on this thing with the games played card, how many games played has no bearing, what so ever, on whether or not you think the moves and decisions listed in the OP are good moves or not. That is the point he is making, and even I, who has pretty much disliked everything he has done since trade deadline Ott and King, can admit this whole offseason has looked like a pleasantly surprising basket of competency. I truly believed if we kept him at the helm he would continue to find new ways to ruin things for us, but he proved other wise,. Despite the obvious fact that the mess he had to clean up was his own doing, his 2018 offseason has largely been a success, if you evaluate it as its own separate entity from the rest of his body of work.
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    One lineup change for the Habs as Reilly's in for Ouellet. Braden Holtby still isn't 100% so Pheonix Copley gets the start in net while Washington's still without Oshie and Kuznetsov.
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    Habs go down by a goal with 10 minutes to play and my first thought was I wonder how they are going to tie it up. Man this team is fun to watch, this is what it is all about.
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    "Someday, you are going to be the Habs best forward, and it shall be glorious.....wait why did I just say that?.."
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    What's next appears to be a troll campaign on Twitter that is designed to criticize Ottawa's media coverage for their handling of the Uber fiasco while praising Eugene Melnyk (who had nothing to do with that particular incident). https://ottawacitizen.com/news/local-news/how-a-collection-of-apparently-fake-twitter-accounts-launched-a-troll-campaign-to-support-the-ottawa-senators
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    If Price was right that it was just a mental issue, a game like this restores a lot of confidence
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    He doesn't need to be top 3 in the league. Just a bonafide #1.
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    The only question i have is how long it will take him to be Shea Weber after a year off. I dont think we should expect him to be 100% right away.
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    Oh and when Carey Price had his bad play and was "owned by Henrik Lundqivst and the Rangers" That is revisionist history. Here are the facts about the 2017 playoffs: - Price had a .933 save percentage and a 2.24 GAA in that series. Don't confuse the Canadiens inability to score on Lundqvist as Price playing badly in their net... He was excellent in that series. The team didn't score.
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    7-8-1 record Forwards Defence/Goalie Jonathan Marchessault - William Karlsson - Reilly Smith Max Pacioretty - Cody Eakin - Alex Tuch Tomas Nosek - Ryan Carpenter - Tomas Hyka William Carrier - Pierre-Edouard Bellemark - Ryan Reaves Brayden McNabb - Colin Miller Shea Theodore - Nick Holden Jon Merrill - Brad Hunt Marc-Andre Fleury Scratches Deryk Engelland, Oscar Lindberg, Nate Schmidt (susp.) Injuries David Clarkson, Paul Stastny 8-5-3 record Forwards Defence/Goalie Tomas Tatar - Phillip Danault - Brendan Gallagher Jonathan Drouin - Max Domi - Andrew Shaw Kenny Agostino - Jesperi Kotkaniemi - Artturi Lehkonen Nicolas Deslauriers - Matthew Peca - Charles Hudon Jordie Benn - Jeff Petry Mike Reilly - Karl Alzner* Xavier Ouellet - Victor Mete Antti Niemi Scratches Noah Juulsen*, Nikita Scherbak (cond.) Injuries Joel Armia, Paul Byron, David Schlemko, Shea Weber Puck Drop National TV Regional TV Radio 7:00 PM EST Sportsnet, TVA Sports ATTSN-RM TSN 690 | FM 98.5
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    is it odd I feel I'm seeing ghost of Bobby Smith when KK is on the ice?
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    No, this clears his contract entirely aside from what they'll have paid him through Sunday (he technically isn't on waivers just yet).
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    This news really saddens me. I guess the whole idea was to get him to Game 1000, but it still seems an unfortunate end to the career of one of the best, classiest Habs of this era.
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    Here’s my feedback from watching them live: The team is relentless once they wake up. They are capable of putting tremendous pressure on the opponent. Gallagher, Domi, Jesperi and Drouin are all legit top six forwards. I particularly paid more attention to Max and Kotka since I hadn’t seen them live before. Kotka is a big and plays big too. His skating is solid and he has tremendous body positioning. On D, i was impressed with both Ouellett and Juulsen. Both played the body very well and held their ground when needed. Overall entertaining game. Kids had a blast. My little guy weaseled his way into getting a signed stick from Jeff Petry!! Off to MSG tomorrow!!
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    After an unexpected barnburner win over the defending champs, an even more talented roster rolls into town. Blood rivals and archnemeses Drouin and Sergachev face off in another installment of Who Won The Trade. The Lightning as always have a ridiculous group of skilled forwards, but their defense has a Hedman-shaped hole. Puck drop at 7:00. Ps. You don't have to listen to Lightning Crashes.
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    Lehkonen-Kotkaniemi-Armia are a Fintastic looking line.
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    Scherbek just needs to play on the 4th line and NOT take a penalty to be a net gain to this team. Jesus christ, just give him some games!
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    You know, despite the fact that it doesn't really make sense, there does seem to be something in the idea of certain franchises having identities that define them across generations. You think of the Flyers, you think of gritty, physical teams. Ditto Boston. Sure, at their best they are also very skilled, but there's something to the core identity of those franchises that makes their greatest teams also reliably intimidating teams physically. The 2011 Bruins squad was a perfect expression of Bruins-ness, for example. So were the ultimately unsuccessful Lindros Flyers teams. The Habs also have a historic identity: what used to be called the Flying Frenchmen, a swift-skating, puck-moving team, even in eras when goonery was the rule; often considered 'too small' but with a lot of pluck and determination, and - invariably - with great f**king goaltending to back it up. Sure, we've had tough guys and muscle too, the Fergusons and Nilans and the perfect mix of both in, say, Larry Robinson. But think of any classic Habs team (except maybe the Burns-era teams) and that's what you think of, a team that plays very much the kind of game that we are seeing from this group. It's not that this team is in the same league as classic Habs clubs; heck it's far from clear that they are really a playoff team. But what I am saying is that this team, so far, has returned to the classic 'Montreal Canadiens' style of hockey. We played like this in 2008, and again in 2010 and 2011, the Smurf Years; once more in 2014 and 2015 and then lost the plot, as Bergevin wasted years and burned the prime of an entire core trying to make us older, slower, and stronger. A catastrophic mistake, of course. The Habs should always default to skating, skating, skating. It's what the has always meant.
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    His work without the puck yesterday was probably his best game I’ve seen him play in that regard. He was back checking and breaking up plays all night.
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    Dont understand those saying alzner had a good game. I thought he was terrible. He cant make a pass to save his life... everytime he gets the puck its either a turnover or an icing. Hes pinned in his end all night. He just cant play on this team based on speed and transition and puck possession.
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    I think the World Juniors would be good for him. He'd get a lot more playing time and probably a lot more confidence in a top role. It's interesting that you note his Finnish team being bad as a negative - I actually viewed that as a positive reason for him to go back there. He'd get tons of ice time, an easier schedule (good for his physical development), and since his season would be over in mid-March as a non-playoff team, he'd get to finish up in Montreal and/or Laval anyway.
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    This "Romanov's ice time" meme is a slow burning favourite of mine this season.
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    Shaw is proving to be healthy right now. If there is an opportunity to move him, it is now (or perhaps a month from now if he can continue to stay healthy). I would be more than willing to trade him at this point. Look for a team that is struggling early in the season and believes that they need more grit in the lineup. Maybe old-school style GMs like Dale Tallon, or Peter Chiarelli would be interested. Philly has underperformed and might want Shaw type player. Lou Lamoriello with the Isles. Los Angeles is really struggling. Anaheim is winning but it seems to be all John Gibson and the team is playing poorly in front of him. Look at any of those clubs. Shaw is not hurting our cap today, we have a ton of space... but his injury history scares me. If someone is willing to take him on, you have the forward depth to do it. We also need the roster spot when Plekanec is healthy. Hudon can take his spot in the lineup immediately. Scherbak needs a game or two at some point. There is just a log jam of forwards. Depth wise, If injuries hit, guys like Chaput and Agostino and Froese can be called fill holes on the fourth line if we need them. , McCarron is finally producing in the AHL (though I have my doubts about him in the NHL). Down the road, guys like Poehling and Suzuki will push for spots next season, so clearing space for them will be needed. Another issue is that this team wants to play with speed and a line with Deslauriers and Shaw both on it, is not part of that vision. All of this is why it would be smart to move Shaw if you can.
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    My msg to the ref is I fart in your general direction and your mother smell of elderberries.
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    I've never understood the insistence of defensemen to push players into their own goalie.
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    Speaking of which, has anyone heard from Habs29? He was posting everyday before the season started but now that the Habs are doing well he has been silent. Hope he is okay
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    2017 may be a nice draft class; Poehling (25), Brook (56), Ikonen (58), Walford (68)-playing for WHL vs Russians in subway series, Fleury (87) (already in AHL) and Primeau (199) likely to be starting goalie for team USA at world juniors.
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    Alzner telegraphed that shitty pass so much I actually had time to say "oh nooo" before it reached the Senators' player's stick.
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    Karl Alzner should not be playing in the nhl
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    Petry is a great #3 who can step up as a very good #2. No way is he a #4.
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    A few years ago ... our D might have been disastrous at times, but Price would shut the door and give us a chance to win the game. Not infrequently he would carry the team, like Roy did, and Dryden before him. Yes, a solid defence corps always helps, but an elite goalie (as opposed to just a good goalie) should help mitigate the shortcomings of the defence, not drop down to their level. At the moment, Price is not playing better than Niemi. But the fact his salary is 15x Niemi's says that we should be able to expect much more than that. An elite goalie needs to make the clutch saves, bail out his defence (at least from time to time) and give the team the confidence they need to win. Price isn't there today. I agree with the Commandant that he has come out of this before, and he should be able to do this again. But the Cucumber is right, too: while it's not a panic situation, concern is certainly warranted. Some of those past slumps have been quite long.
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    I also admit i was wrong about the domi/galchenyuk deal.
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    When Byron comes, no room for hudon. He is a decent roll player, can fill in anywhere in the lineup for a few games.
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    Good eye to spot the loose puck next to the net, and great control to quickly wrap around and tuck it in. And that was made possible by Kotkaniemi's hustle to get to the puck behind the net.
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    HE SAID Habs are in 1st place! Put your pitchfork away...for couple weeks anyways.
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    Dude, I got on the forum and was going say that word for word hahah.