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    I've noticed over the last week or so that certain posters are getting downvoted simply for who they are and not for the content of their post. This stops now. I've finally figured out how to make it so that the moderators can see who is up/downvoting posts so we can start to keep tabs on who the culprits are. I won't name names publicly (you know who you are) but to those who are doing so, be advised that if it continues, there will be suspensions forthcoming. This will be the only warning.
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    Wait... am I being traded too? Guys, come on, I'm trying hard out here, I'm just in a bit of a rough patch. Put me on a line with DON and The Chicoutimi Cucumber and I swear my posts will improve.
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    I am just like the rest of you that bleed the Montreal color's. But its been hard to watch these guys play like ass night in and night out. So I am hoping all the good vibes that come from this topic can rub off on the team and bring them some much needed luck🍀 So only good vibes in here everyone.
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    Ya, being a fan of Putin is downright psychotic. He's a terrible leader and an awful human being.
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    Clearly, his upper body injury is brain related. lmao
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    Former Chicago player from the Bergevin era... how could Marc resist? Answer: by looking at Niemi's recent stats... That's how Bergevin could resist.
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    I think you have one letter too many at the beginning of the word scrappy...
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    It's a matchup that has been 100 years in the making. After the Golden Knights equalled Montreal's century-old record for the fastest team to reach nine wins in their inaugural season over the weekend (at least they beat Ottawa to do so), the Habs will be out for revenge. (That may sound like artificial hype but it sounds better than saying that Montreal is facing an expansion team that will either start a below-average minor league goalie or a guy picked in the seventh round less than five months ago that has been traded already...) Jonathan Marchessault - William Karlsson - Reilly Smith David Perron - Erik Haula - James Neal Oscar Lindberg - Cody Eakin - Alex Tuch William Carrier - Pierre-Edouard Bellemare - Tomas Nosek Nate Schmidt - Luca Sbisa Brayden McNabb - Deryk Engelland Colin Miller - Brad Hunt Maxime Lagace Artturi Lehkonen - Jonathan Drouin - Alex Galchenyuk Max Pacioretty - Phillip Danault - Andrew Shaw Paul Byron - Tomas Plekanec - Brendan Gallagher Charles Hudon (GTD) - Michael McCarron - Torrey Mitchell Victor Mete - Shea Weber Karl Alzner - Jeff Petry Joe Morrow - Jordie Benn Charlie Lindgren
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    Like you, I was initially very optimistic about Bergevin, thinking we had a new-era GM who understood the direction the league is taking. The Subban trade was the decisive turning point for me. That revealed a completely old-school, hidebound organization that prioritized managerial ego over results. Nothing that has happened since has done anything other than reinforce that impression. This is the Toronto Maple Leafs 2.0, and being a Habs fan is analogous to cheering for the Leafs over the years that spanned Harold Ballard's time through to the Babcock era. Bergevin will need to be fired - or else will need to make some smart, forward-looking, franchise-changing moves unlike any he has made to this point - before I reassess what it means to be a Habs fan in this era. The franchise is a guaranteed money maker that does not need to prioritize excellence, and acts accordingly.
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    as with any stat in sports, a smooth combination of knowledge of the game, and understanding of stats gives you the best results for evaluation. I used to not quite understand the impact of corsi and fenwick when it first was introduced, because it revolved around a certain way to play the game, and there were varying ways to play the game. Upon further study, I realized it was a stat that helped immensely in evaluating how well a team was playing the game in a way that yields the highest % of success. Of course there are exceptions, possession hockey seems to be the trend the last several years, it has the best chance to yield successful teams. Are there teams who can be successful playing dump and chase? sure, are there teams that can be successful playing the trap? sure, are they likely to be as successful on a percentage based study as teams who play possession hockey? Not likely. But if you were to combine the eye test with these stats, you could see that a team or player is still very good, who deviates from these stats, you can also see there are many teams and players who are successful when highly ranked by these stats. Weber is a prime example, He always ranks average or below average in corsi and fenwick, yet if you watch him play with a knowledgeable eye, you quickly determine he is a tremendously good Defenceman. The key factor here is he simply doesn't play the game in a way that suites the advanced stats themselves, but it is still a style of play that he performs extremely well. Because of how exceptional he is at playing defence the way he does, if you compare him to any other player who is simply good or average, but plays the same way, your eye test would determine, these Defencemen are not very good, your typical 5 - 7 guys. The same can be said the other way around, if you look at the top of the spectrum of the corsi/fenwick stats, you will find guys like Torey Krug, Colin Miller, Shattenkirk, and Justin Schultz all parked in the top 20. Are they top 20 D-men? No of course not, in fact they are just good top 4 D-men who can get the job done on a relatively good basis night after night, nothing tremendous about them at all. However they are all swimming along this advanced stat pool beside guys like Burns, Doughty, Ekblad, Faulk, Werenski, Hamilton, and Hedman, all top Defensemen for their teams, truly exceptional players. So you see, the point is there are exceptions to every rule, that is especially so in statistics. of course if you look at our team for instance, it looks like we should be the best team in the league according to the advanced stats, however if you combine it with the eye test, you quickly see we are highly inconsistent throughout a game and generally shoot ourselves in the foot because of it lately. We play the game the right way, generate everything we should be generating to create success, but because of certain pockets of time throughout a game where we are especially bad, we are blowing games left and right. We can be a corsi/fenwick dream team all we want for 48 min out of 60, but if in those 12 min we self destruct, it will not be grasped by an average/percentage system like advanced stats properly, hence, we are the exception presently. When you find a situation that falls out of the norms of stats and advanced stats, they are simply exceptions to the rule, it does not mean the statistic is grossly wrong and should not be used. It simply means there are exceptions, and it is easier to properly evaluate teams and players a like, by combining both, eye and paper to determine what you are truly looking at. And that my friends, always gets you the closest to reality than not. If all you do is look at the paper and the stats, you will never get it right, if all you do is watch the game, you will never find all the details that determine why a player is being successful or not.
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    He and Pacioretty seem to work well together, which is good because I find Danault to be completely void of chemistry with anyone else. Lines I'd go with: Galchenyuk - Drouin - Gallagher Pacioretty - Danault - Shaw Byron - Plekanec - Lehkonen Hudon - McCarron - Mitchell I know, call me crazy for putting a 4th liner on the top line, but it just seems like that kid can put the puck in the net when given the opportunity, I dunno.
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    Lol, I wasn't even directing that at you; and I haven't given a -1 out in years. I use my words
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    Just got my son a new Canadiens jersey for Christmas. He is a 5th generation Hab fan in my family....whether he likes it or not
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    I love the Habs, even when they struggle. My kid scored his first ever goal last week.. it doesn't matter what Montreal does this year, it won't be as good as watching him raise his arms for the first time. Pure joy... what hockey is all about. Go Habs Go, through the good and bad!
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    I like Weber. A lot! He is one of my favorite players on the team. And if the team had a Sergachev or Markov type mobile defenseman to make up for his absence, I could, and have, justified the trade. But trading Subban, Serg, Beaulieu and allowing Markov to walk, is a huge failure. Losing all of your mobile defensemen, signing Karl effin Alzner to that silly contract. What are you thinking bergevin? PK was also a huge competitor. He could and would put the team on his back and will out a win. Weber is not that style player. The bad moves that MB made after the Weber trade, (not filling the mobile defense position) actually makes the Subban trade even worse. At this point, I totally regret the trade, and I miss PK almost every game I watch.
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    Patrick Roy as GM of the Habs looks terrible at any moment. The solution to Montreal's woes isn't replacing Bergevin with a hot-headed egoist who hasn't served in any managerial capacity in years, whose primary chip that was used to attract players in junior wouldn't be available to him, and who quit on his team because he wasn't getting his way. I'm sorry, but there is no scenario where it would be justifiable to hire Roy as a general manager. There's a reason he got no consideration whatsoever for any vacancies (coaching or management) last offseason.
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    We had an offer from a blue jackets board of three top poster prospects and a first round pick. Sorry bud.
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    If we're doing a retool this season... Montoya (when he's healthy) for Kari Lehtonen, Remi Elie, and a 2nd round pick. Dallas gets a better backup now and next season, but pays a price for getting significant cap relief for trade deadline acquisitions. Plekanec (at 50% retained salary) to Winnipeg for a 2nd round pick. They look like a team that could use a defensive 3rd line center... also Pleks is prepared for Winnipeg winters with his collection of turtlenecks. Then whatever assortment of 6th and 7th round picks you can get for Davidson, Mitchell, and Hemsky. I'd also loan Mete to the World Juniors in December, then send him back down to his junior team right after. No need to taint the kid further with this mentally fragile locker room. Call up Jerabek, but look to flip him at the deadline for whatever value he performs to. Finally, not sure what the value is on Pacioretty, but if you want to get a message across to the team that the locker room atmosphere needs a change, you deal the captain. I'd look to San Jose, L.A, Nashville, and Dallas (hey, check out all that cap space!) for the best offers. Maybe Carolina as well. #FallinforDahlin #SignTavares
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    The place to start is always UFAs... always..... 1) You want Plekanec to give you a return similar to Hanzal last year. As soon as you get a good enough return for him, move him. Open up his centre spot so Chucky can play down the middle. If the season is lost, let him learn to play centre. 2) Mitchell, Hemsky, Deslauriers... there is no value here. Bags of pucks will be fine. 3) Next you move on to Max. I say this because it might be a move you can make in season, or it might be a move where he is a guy that has more value at the draft. But I'd definitely want a pretty penny for him on that contract. You explore max now, but there is no urgency to move him for less than the boatload the Avs got for Duchene. At minimum Max is worth a 1st rounder and 2 top notch prospects (NHL ready or very close). If someone isn't giving that, you don't move him. There is no rush as even if you wait til the 2019 deadline, you are getting a 1st plus 1 top notch prospect.
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    Where is the leadership and character that Bergevin supposedly brought in. ####ing Character. Outplay a team for 30 minutes, give up the first goal... what does a team with character do? Gets right back after it and pushes to tie. What does this team do? Fold up like a cheap suitcase. After 40 minutes down 2-0 when we really haven't played badly... a team with character regroups in the room and comes out flying for the third. This team ####ing collapses. Character my ass.
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    I'm not sure you should be allowed into the Bell Center during a live home game.
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    oooooookay, I'm all for negativity towards Bergevin at this point, but you're at a 10 and we need you at a 6.
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    Drouin puts up 90 points as what would be one of the best players in the league, but that trade might be even? You don't see any way how we win this trade? Umm, maybe Jonathan Drouin continues being the #1 center that he currently is and Sergachev is anything less than a #1 dman?
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    Do you really want that bum to be allowed to make another move??? His two free agent dmen were -2 against the worst team in the league. Alzner has been a pylon. Meanwhile Sergechev has more points and goals than Drouin and Weber
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    Bruins to the left of me, Red Wings to the right, here I am, stuck in the middle with Drou(in)?
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    This is as bad as the Scrivens pickup.
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    That's okay, because based on his play this season, I am not sure Hemsky remembered he was on the team either.
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    Holy cow, I had completely forgotten Hemsky was even on the team. Ha!
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    Yes, I'm in a long term committed relationship with Carey Price, but that doesn't mean I can't think about other goalies
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    Okay, my first post on these boards this season. The start to the season had me turtled in my room, is it safe to come out now?
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    You say that as if Weber isn't a top 10 defenseman in the league and a potential hall of famer. As if his leadership is actually the only attribute he brings to the table. The guy is a stud plain and simple.
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    How about Mark Recchi? He could also fill in as doctor. 😊
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    Mario Tremblay knows the truth!
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    I guess I'll keep pumping out these GDT's as long as the winning streak continues. My prediction for tonight is that Price will return to his normal self from this point forward. Habs win 2-1
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    You didn't have to give him a pat on the back, Commandant, but you didn't have to jump down his throat either. I form a lot of my opinions from sportscasters, hockey magazines etc... and although I acknowledge that doesn't make me an expert, I can still state my case. I just don't want another thread to dissolve into personal attacks, so how about we all play nice, ok?
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    Wasn't a guess. On his goal Danault was playing centre and Galchenyuk has taken all of 4 PP faceoffs all year (and lost all 4, likely only took them because the centre was kicked out).
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    My guess is that if they keep doing what they are doing, the wins will come. Sticks will get hot. Price will make that early key save and they will start winning. This team is not as inept at scoring as the scoreboard has shown. I have seen them playing a lot of great hockey. Making adjustments in game and dominating large chunks of play. Just with no results. And the other team seems to score in every scoring chance.
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    Man PK would look like Bobby Orr on this team,
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    Gaborik has an injury? That's unusual.
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    I remember seeing a report of this during the summer, to be honest. Given the sensitivity of it though (and it was a sketchy source), I decided not to post any links about it or mention it here.
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    Can we make it a rule not to mention the name "Mario Tremblay" unless its accompanied with extreme cursing on any habs site! If it was up to me his name would be stricken from every cup he won in the 70's for the dark ages he sent the habs into.
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    Assuming that this statement is true, then sure. But to say that the "Habs are succeeding in driving down his value" at this point in time would be incorrect. Do you honestly think they are trying to bury a young 30 goal scorer down in the lineup to minimize his trade value? My opinion is that if he really is a star in the making, then it doesn't matter if Therrien, Julien, Scotty Bowman, or a monkey with a suit on is coaching. Great players rise above the rest, they work their way UP the lineup, not down. If the coach wants them to do something, they do it. And at the very least if they don't have the skill or smarts to do it, they work their ass off. Galchenyuk is doing absolutely nothing out there. He looks lost, disinterested and unworthy of playing time. The only person driving down his value is himself.
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    Hemsky looks like a child out there. I hold my breath when he has the puck because im just waiting for him to get de-railed. Sure enough.... he's now on the IR, along with his zero points and shitty penalties Semin was nothing special either. Just seemed like he was in Therrien dog house from the get go -1's are fun to hand out eh.
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    After 'Max Patioready" gave me a good hearty laugh after the conclusion of the playoffs last season, I thought I'd seen the ultimate play on our lax Captain's name....until today. I found this gem while perusing another fan forum: " After watching this guy float around lifelessly for the majority of the season and listening to his emotionless interviews I thought "this guy belongs in a wax museum." Captain Wax Statueretty? "
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    Best go back to your Leaf forum bud.
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    I agree with this. IMO you move anyone over 26 not named Price and Weber. You keep those two around because not only are they our best players but they should be held onto to tutor the young guys especially in Weber’s case. We will still need veteran presence. Patches time here as captain is just about up and it’s not that I don’t like the guy but the team needs a new direction and management is the reason for this not Max.
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    Maybe we are all wrong and MB just wanted to add a cup winner to the looker room. He is a character player!!!!!