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    BREAKING NEWS: Bergevin just gave a press conference to select journalists. Among the highlights: He's "always looking" to improve the Zamboni driving situation. But finding that elusive #1 Zamboni driver is "tough." Zamboni driving schools "aren't just giving them away," he explained. "I'll make a move if it makes the team better. But right now, if you look at the asking price - it's tough." On the ice surface situation, he said, "we're comfortable where we're at right now. You look at our leadership, with guys like Max and Weber and Carey, they don't need a full sheet of ice." Discussing the large turnover in the Zamboni-related staff this summer, Bergevin said that "you look at this league, if you want good ice, it takes leadership. The Zamboni guys we added this summer, they're character guys." He'd have liked to re-sign 80-year-old Zamboni mechanic AndreI Makharoonovic, he said, but "it didn't work out. We wish him the best as he fixes zambonis in Europe. But at the same time, it's exciting for other Zamboni mechanics in our organization." Bergevin said he understands that fans are frustrated that the ice at the Bell Centre is always great in October but melts the minute the playoffs begin. "We don't like to see our players skating on the concrete floor, any more than fans do," he said. "Mr. Molson doesn't like what it costs him in skate blades. But you know, to have ice in the playoffs, you need a little bit of luck. We do what we can to provide them with shovels and chemicals. You want to blame someone, blame me. Sometimes," he quickly added, shrugging, "it's up to the Zamboni drivers, too."
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    Never heard him say anything rude...yet. Yes, he seems to be, but likely he is a quicker skater, but never really paid Krug much attention.
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    What I don't fully understand is why it's up to Bergevin to decide these things. If you have a player like Pacioretty, you know he's a left wing. If you have a player like Getzlaf/Toews, you know they are centermen. Players like Drouin and Galchenyuk have played both positions throughout their careers and so it's not as clear cut a situation. I'll be the first to admit that the main reason I was willing to include Galchenyuk in a deal that sent a bonafide center back our way was simply because the narrative seemed to be changing from "Galchenyuk could be a versatile player who could play a variety of positions" to "this Galchenyuk position thing is becoming a distraction". Some have pointed out that they are happy with Bergevin putting it to rest and to an extent I can understand that perspective. What I would much rather, however, is hear Julien be the one with such a firm stance. He seems to have a similar opinion but has also still left the door open by stating that it's the coach's job to have options and if that involves playing Galchenyuk at center in the future, so be it. I'm all over the place on the topic because I would request that Bergevin and Julien communicate when it comes to their vision of where players fit in the lineup. That makes it a lot easier for Bergevin to assess what holes need to be filled throughout the lineup. On the other hand, there's nothing worse than someone breathing down your neck and telling you how to do your job. I'm saying it now that when injuries come up or even if they don't we might end up seeing Galchenyuk at center again this season. It is a lot more difficult to do that however, when your GM and boss has made such a firm claim that he doesn't belong there. I watch every game and while I'm not going to argue that Galchenyuk is the best defensive center in the league or even close to it, I don't think he absolutely destroys our team with his defensive play. Furthermore, as CC wrongly () theorized, Bergevin has constructed a team with solid defensive minded players and so if any team could cover for Galchenyuk, it would be us. Finally, I watched a half hour show on NHL Chanel and the topic went from Bergevin's comments about Galchenyuk to what Nico Herschier and Philly's new center prospect, Nolan Patrick, would have to do to excel with their respective teams at center at such a young age after Bergevin's comments about Galchenyuk. What does it take to be an effective center, was the question. Mike Rupp, who I don't exactly agree with on everything ignored the Galchenyuk topic but immediately claimed that Devil's prospect Hischier and Philly's prospect were in different boats. He said that the Devil's struggle with scoring and so if he was Hischier coach he would simply say "go play offense, kid". Philly on the other hand has a player like Giroux and so their young prospect may need to play a better 200 foot game in order to show his worth to the team. The Habs have not had a Giroux and have had trouble scoring and so I personally feel as though (in the past) Galchenyuk should have been given a longer leash. We're not a team that struggles defensively in general and so it seems to be the wrong way of treating an offensively gifted kid. I agree and to me it's actually the main reason that I would feel comfortable with having acquired another top 6 center. If Plekanec can return to form, which is such a massive if, then a team with Drouin, Plekanec and Danault up the middle is probably not the worst depth wise at center in the league, truth be told. I see Toews, Gezlaf, Thornton, Malkin, Kopitar and so many others out there though and wish we had a center like that on this team. Even Johanssen has some size. On the other hand, I've seen Drouin outplay Crosby in the past in some individual matchups. Crosby also doesn't have size on his side but is still the best all-round player in the league.
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    This just in... trainers seen sharpening skates... Unconfirmed, but keep posted..
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    We get free ticks around Lake Huron. Although some pay deerly...
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    Decided to treat myself to front row. I'm watching the Habs defend twice, which is good because I'd like to see how Mete and Juulsen fare in their own end. I wouldn't object to a bevy of powerplays in the 2nd though
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    This just in. The Montreal Canadians today renewed their commitment to providing ice for all future ice hockey games. They say they're not afraid to stand up for principle in a changing world. Bring on the naysayers. Nay, say bring non..er...hmm..
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    Sounds like I should be glad I missed it! Hurrah! And CC's advice seems appropriate unless you really just want to watch the prospects of the prospects. And good also to remember that the past isn't and neither is the future. They don't exist. We get fooled on that because of Newton and graph paper. And as mom used to say as she handed me my lunch pail and a bus pass to another city.. "Son, she'd say... eschew metaphysical univocity.". "OK mom". I'd say.
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    I find the string on the new jersey's pathetic. It's sad that Adidas tries to keep a retro look while denying it of its actual purpose. Literally, t!ts on a bull.
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    Maybe it's time to dump mr GQ
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    Daigneult should never have been hired and have been gone years ago. they could have hired Robinson back when they hired Daigneult. They should have at least brought him back into the fold as a consultant. Flight from Stl isn't that shorter than from Montreal.
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    JJ Daigneault vs Robinson is a moot point. Robinson wants to spend a lot of time in Florida, at his home. He doesn't want to be an assistant coach. Note his role in St. Louis isn't as an assistant coach, its as a consultant, meaning he will work from home and fly in for a few days or a week at a time and then go back home. He's not full-time on the road with the team. If he wanted to be a full-time assistant he wouldn't have left San Jose. While I'm no fan of Daigneault, there was no possibility of canning him and hiring Robinson. Robinson doesn't want that job. (I'd still replace Daigneault with someone else though).
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    Kirk Muller might be a point for the defence, but on the whole I think you've called it.
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    Bergevin only want his home boys for his management team. No greats aloud
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    After dropping the preseason opener, Montreal will look to get in the win column on Wednesday as they host the Capitals. Ovechkin - Kuznetsov - Vrana W. Simpson - Stephenson - Smith-Pelly Connolly - Pilon - Wilson Sill - Albert - Peluso Orpik - Hobbs Jokipakka - Bowey Siegenthaler - Williams Alternate Skater: O'Brien Grubauer Copley Pacioretty - Drouin - Hemsky Hudon - Plekanec - Lehkonen Martinsen - Froese - Scherbak Carr - Holland - Eisenschmid Mete - Weber Benn - Davidson Jerabek - Streit Price Lindgren Puck drop is at 7:00 PM EST on RDS, CSN-DC, and the NHL Network. Regional restrictions apply on RDS...probably (Monday's game was open surprisingly). English Radio: TSN 690 French Radio: FM 98.5
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    it would be kinda cool to include how many points, games played, goal for/against... board somewhere kinda helps keep track without too much search. I must be getting super lazy from the all the pre-legalization, since I already am on the inter-web, lol (edit) but that is also why I Love this site. The community here is my 1 stop Habs info Crew
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    Agreed but I suppose its part of a matrix of pluses and minuses. One important variable with a centre. Which reminds me.. where'd I put my bag of important variables.... gotta go look for them..
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    He doesn't have Krug's shot, which is a rocket... but he has everything else. Mete is probably a better skater. This isn't to say that Mete's shot is bad, but Krug has an elite slap shot and Mete can't match that. Mete's defensive game is ahead of where Krug was at the same age.
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    And naturally, the Habs score on the PP seconds after I type that...
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    In the "crazy ideas that will never happen" department, I'd like to see the Habs make an offer on Jordan Subban. The Canucks clearly do not like him, and he'll probably never be more than a #5 guy (if he even makes the NHL), but he can score, skate, and move the puck. The size and defensive awareness of our blueline might make it possible to carry a small, young offensive defenceman with some holes in his game - something Van is reluctant to do because they already have Troy Stecher. 16 goals in 65 games and an AHL all-star berth last year. Given the dearth of puck-movers on the team, and the potential value of a secondary PP bomb after Weber's, I'd consider lobbing a 4th rounder Van's way. But like I say, it'll never happen...if only because of his last name.
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    Cool. Boston are sending Spooner and a pile of shit.
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    "It's preseason. Chill." - Carey Price
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    Well, Drouin is an elite youngster with explosive potential. In hockey terms, he's a huge asset. He is also a gigantic PR asset who will help MB keep his job irrespective of middling team results - no doubt a major priority. The double standard is pretty irksome, however. If Drouin had done to MB what he did to Yzerman, he'd have been run out of town long ago. But now he's a franchise cornerstone of outstanding character
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    There weren't a whole lot of tidbits from the golf tournament today aside from Galchenyuk isn't going back to centre anytime soon but Bergevin did a couple of interviews where there were some interesting notes: Radio: http://www.tsn.ca/radio/montreal-690/bergevin-we-ll-try-drouin-at-centre-1.853107 (Bergevin was surprisingly candid about talks with Markov/Radulov and talks about the defence/cap space) TSN: http://www.tsn.ca/video/bergevin-knows-canadiens-are-judged-on-playoff-success~1205843 (I haven't seen the whole thing but Bergevin appears to be more bullish in Juulsen's readiness than most here are) I summarized some of the more interesting notes on the site: http://www.habsworld.net/2017/09/news-and-notes-from-the-charity-golf-tournament/
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    I would enjoy a lateral season consisting of a division win and then seeing what happens in the playoffs. The contrast is that there were about half of the teams in the league then there are now and no salary cap
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    Don't be silly. First of all, that post did not explicitly criticize MB. It simply made an observation about how the summer played out (which, by and large, was pretty sh**ty). But the larger difference is that I'm focusing on actual results, whereas you seem to think everything is just fine as long as the GM can give plausible 'reasons' for not improving the team.
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    Post game interviews https://www.nhl.com/canadiens/video/postgame-martin-lapointe/t-277437414/c-52590303
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    Well... Samuel is not McNiven, that is for sure. Bourque had some weak defensive moments as well. Mete is an unreasonably smooth skater. It's like a computer simulation of skating. He's the "uncanny valley" of a good stride - it shouldn't exist and you feel weird watching it.
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    It's not your problem. Danault would be OK as a second-line C behind a real stud. He's a good player, but he is a joke as a #1 pivot on a team that pretends it can contend. A strong team would have him as their third-line C. His presence on our top-6 is a symptom of fundamental organization weakness. I'll buy "disillusioned." This GM had one job, which was to take a strong nucleus and upgrade it to bona-fide contender. The team hasn't improved since 2014, getting significantly older but no better. Meanwhile the development system is completely gutted. I can see someone saying he shouldn't be fired; but anyone who is brimmingly enthusiastic about Bergevin at this point is simply smoking crack.
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    Reeeeeaallly looking forward to see how Reway looks, if he looks pretty close to rehabilitated, I am going to be pretty excited about how his season plays out.
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    The OHL's exhibition schedule gets underway tonight and Victor Mete picked up London's first goal of the preseason. Joni Ikonen played in his first Champions League game yesterday after missing the first couple due to illness. He was held off the scoresheet but was on their second line.
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    I hope he did well. Would be a great story.
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    Someone was asking about updated heights/weights earlier. Here's the roster showing that information:
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    Do we know if the entire surface will be covered though? Or is Bergevin planning on entering the season with a bunch of open Ice space
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    I am so tired of Bergevin and his cronies with their fossilized thinking. Plus, their drafting and development of Zamboni drivers has been substandard.
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    I've just recently discovered gose style beers. I've liked what I've had so far. My fridge: 1x Spike and Jerome's Collaboration Barley Ryne - Swiss limited edition 1x Aecht Schlenkerla Rauchbier MΓ€rzen - the previoulsly mentioned smoked beer 1x Bell's Consecrator Dopplebock - dark lager 1x DuClaw Dirty Little Freak - caramel, chocolate, coconut porter 1x Fathead's Bumbleberry - honey blueberry ale 1x Cooperstown Bambino - american ale 1x Cooperstown Bench Warmer - porter 1x Narragansett Del's shandy - a lemon shandy 6x Cerveza De Los Muertos - Pay the Ferryman - the previously mentioned Mexican porter 15x Nati Ice - from when some buddies and I woke up early to drink all day and watch the Open Championship
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    Here's the preseason one:
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    Nicklas Backstrom is an elite player and Max Pacioretty is an elite goal scorer. We can lower him down to "great" to fit the argument but that fact remains. There are almost no goal scorers like him in the league. Nicklas Backstrom got his 86 points playing alongside Alex Ovechkin and TJ Oshie the majority of the time. Max Pacioretty scored his 35 goals and 67 points alongside Philip Danault (and Radulov) the majority of the time. Backstrom 86 points Ovechkin 69 points Oshie 56 in 68 games (or 67.5 points in full season) Pacioretty 67 points Danault 40 points in 82 games Radulov Radulov 54 points Washington Capitals 263 Goals For 86/263=32.7% Backstrom was part of 32.7% of Washington's scoring Montreal Canadiens 226 Goals For 67 points/226=29.6% Pacioretty was part of 29.6% of Montreal's scoring The point is that while Backstrom is elite himself, clearly outshining his teammates, he's had a lot more to work with that Pacioretty. There's no doubt in my mind that Paciorettt's numbers were deflated due to playing with Danault, just a like Backstrom's numbers were helped by having such elite talent surrounding him. Backstrom on the Habs ends last season with ~73 points. What we should be doing is solving that center problem by finding someone to support Pacioretty. Trading Pacioretty for Backstrom straight up is indeed defensible but it still leaves us with quite a void. Also, I'm not convinced that we haven't lost the trade if we include two first round picks and I'm often someone who's "meh" about picks in a trade for talent.
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    Thanks goodness I know I for one was really worried that Markdown Mark had found a cheap arena. As well as an utapped source of 4th liners. Thanks TH
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    The last dozen years for both clubs have been subpar so I take no solice in that knee-jerk statement. The only consolation is that the Habs only have to think back 15yrs to when they last won whereas the Laffs have to think back 42yrs. From 1994-present neither team has done much of anything other than make a boatload of money off their fans.
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    Yup, good ol Corsi. I think Crosby is and has been one of worst corsi players in league isn't he...does anyone need to say more. I had heard that any reliance on fancy stats was already passΓ©, as proven to be mostly useless and more actual scouts is the trend for teams.
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    And if faceoff wins lead to chances, they are captured in Corsi and Fenwick. Those stats do not exclude chances after faceoff wins. What they do is capture all chances. So if you are bad at faceoffs, but make up for it in other areas, that is captured, which is why Schiefele can be a dominant forward at around 45% on faceoffs... or why no one cares that Malkin is at 40% and never talk about moving him to wing. If you give up a couple chances a game due to losing a faceoff, but then create 10 more chances than the average player, are you going to swap that guy out for someone who is well rounded in all areas and is 50% on faceoffs, and 50% on chances? I'd rather have the players who create/prevent most chances in all aspects of the game than worry about faceoffs. If Drouin is scoring points and playing decent defence, but losing faceoffs, why would we care? Corsi/Fenwick/Scoring Chance %.... these are the stats measuring how a player does in all aspects of the game. Faceoff %... this is a stat that measures only one specific aspect. So you are right... why would you look at the stat that only measures one aspect in stead of the one that measures how you excel in all aspects.
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    Plek and pick for Tavares? Give your head a shake man
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    More of the same bullsh!t with this organization; a hire being made based on being a friend of the GM rather than ability. Our owner is clearly asleep at the wheel, allowing this crap to continue. Useless Daignault assistant coaching at the NHL level, bumbling Lefebvre doing a poor job of player development at the AHL level, and now Therrien...who clearly has NO CLUE when it comes to young players...is scouting.
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    How did Bourque make the cut. I didn't see the second game, but the first he game he was awful Oh, just realized he's from PQ
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    We lost to new York because we couldn't score, not because we didn't have Karl Alzner; who was a #5 in the playoffs for Washington at times Petry responsible? You realize he led the Habs in turn overs last year. He was a dumpster fire, just as much as anyone