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    Game day baby!! Hope springs eternal. Can't believe I've been on this site since 2005..
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    What a joke that this post would get a down vote.... Posting our 23 man roster to start last season with the changes made to the team to start this season gets a down vote.... what a freakin joke!!
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    Uh, would you tear off your front door to repair a leaking window? Trading Danault now would cause far more problems than it would solve.
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    The season's only about an hour old so this is earlier than usual for me remembering to start this thread. Discuss the goings-on around the NHL here.
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    The 14th Annual HabsWorld regular season prediction contest. Hall of Fame: 2006-2007 Jean won with a prediction of 92 points when the Habs finished the year with 90 pts. If only we could have won that last game. 2007-2008 Adirondack Bud exactly predicted our final total of 104 pts. 2008-2009 Zowpeb won by predicting a strong start followed by a slower 2nd half ending with 99 points. The Habs finished the season in 8th place with 93 points. On September 22, 2008 Zowpeb predicted "I think we'll see a rough patch just past the mid-year point..." Wow! 2009-2010 Joelassister correctly predicted the Habs would finish with 88 points. Honourable mention to kaos who predicted a season record of 39-34-9 (87 pts) while the Habs finished 39-33-10. 2010-2011 Chips produced the all time best prediction. His preseason prediction of 44-30-8 for 96 pts 6th in the East, 14th in the NHL was exactly correct in every aspect. That amazing feat will be hard to duplicate. Honourable mentions went to Seb whose excellent prediction of 44-30-8 for 96 pts. 5th in east, 13th in NHL came up just short; and to Peter Puck who also correctly predicted the Habs would finish with 96 points. 2011-2012 sakiqc Our fearless leader won with his prediction of 37-34-11 for 85 points. The Habs record was 31-35-16 for 78 points. Honourable mention went to Habsfan who correctly predicted that the Habs would score 212 goals. 2012-2013 illWill won by predicting the Habs would finish with a record of 27-16-5 for 59 points. The Habs finished 29-14-5 for 63 points. Honourable mention to PMAC and to former champion Chips who both predicted the Habs to finish with 58 points. 2013-2014 Meller93 exactly predicted the Habs final record 46-28-5-3. Honourable mention to thehabbit who correctly predicted the Habs final point total and just missed getting their record exactly right. 2013-2014 nihliz predicted 50-23-5-4 for 109 points. In fact the Habs finished the season 50-22-5-5 for 110 points. Honourable mentions went to nhfarber who predicted 49-23-4-6 for 108 points and to sakiqc who predicted 51-26-1-4 for 107 points 2015-2016 Chris predicted 40-30-8-4 for 92 points. The injury ridden Habs finished the season 38-38-3-3 for 82 points. 2016-2017 The Habs finished the regular season 47-26-7-2 for 103 points. Using tie breakers: thehabbit had the winning prediction when he predicted 47-25-5-5 = 104 pts and Honourable mentions to kaos and Bluecross. kaos predicted 46-26-6-4 = 102 pts BlueKross predicted 46-24-6-4 =102 pts. 2017-2018 The Habs finished the regular season 29-40-7-6 for 71 points. All the predictions were bad but the least bad was by Dalhabs who won by predicting 42-30-6-4 = 94 pts. 2018-2019 The Habs finished the regular season 44-30-8 for 96 points and 246 goals. The prediction contest came down to the last game of the season, indeed down to the number of goals scored in that game. The winner was BCHabnut predicted 42-27-6-7 (97 points) and crucially 248 goals. Honourable mentions go to: Dalhabs 42-30-6-4 (94 points) and illWill 42-29-7-4 (95 points) 243 goals. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 2019-2020 edition Same rules as last season. Predict a) what the Habs regular season record will be: wins-losses-OTL-SOL b) in what place in the Atlantic Division the Habs will finish c) in what place in the East the Habs will finish d) the total number of goals the Habs will score this season (including 1 goal per shootout win). The winner will be based upon the most accurate prediction of the Habs final points. In the event of a tie bonus points will be awarded for getting the number of wins, number of losses, number of OTL's or number of SOL's correct. The latter three predictions will be used successively to break ties. The decision of Peter Puck is final. Don't forget to separate overtime losses and shootout losses. Entries due before puck drop on Thursday Oct 4 at 7:00pm. Good luck and may the Hockey Gods have mercy on your soul.
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    Ha haaa, yeah, I'm an '06 man. Followed in your footsteps. But I have a scary ridiculous number of posts 😒 My 'hope' has been severley constrained after living through multiple failed rebuilds under five different GMs, but hey! Always a kick to see a new season of les canadiens.
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    I like Shaw but as much as I’m rarely one to comment on players being over the hill (I love proven veterans), there’s the argument to be made that his style of play won’t last much longer. Concussions have taken a toll on him and it wouldn’t surprise me to see him play 50-60 games this year. I’d like Shaw on our team this year as well but this could have been a situation where it was actually decent asset management to trade him at this specific juncture in his career.
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    2018-19 Montreal Canadiens Opening Day Roster: Forwards Joel Armia. Paul Byron Phillip Danault Max Domi Jonathan Drouin Brendan Gallagher Charles Hudon____________>Weal Jesperi Kotkaniemi Artturi Lehkonen Matthew Peca___________> Cousins Tomas Plekanec________> Thompson Nikita Scherbak_________> Andrew Shaw__________>Suzuki Tomas Tatar Defencemen Karl Alzner_______>Chariot Jordie Benn______>Weber Noah Juulsen_____>Fleury Victor Mete Xavier Ouellet______>Kulak Jeff Petry Mike Reilly _______>Folin Goaltenders Antti Niemi________>KingCaid Carey Price We are vastly improved......
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    I think that you greatly underestimate what Danault provides during a hockey game. I wouldn't trust any of these 4 C against the other team's top line.
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    These are the PP units they have been working on, with Drouin and Weal as the QBs on one unit and KK/Petry as the QBs on the second unit.
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    43-30-4-5 95pts, 5th atlantic 9th east 230 goals (Sorry Meller for being so similar, unintentional)
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    So, Kyle Dubas calls you up and offers to trade his entire team for yours. You're telling me you wouldn't take him up on it? Please.
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    Wow, hard to out- optimistic Drive for 25 this year but here goes: 49-18-10-5 113 Points 1st in Atlantic 2nd in East 301goals
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    Totally agree with this comment. I really liked Shaw but I think he will be a depreciating asset from here on in. MB traded him while his market value was at a peak, good long term move in my opinion.
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    48-19-10-5 111 Points 1st in Atlantic 2nd in East 300 goals on the dot
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    Sorry I'm late. I am just doing it now.
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    I will be able to tell you that after, uhh, another 82 games or so.
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    If I were these guys, I would live on 80 thou a year and sock away the rest.
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    Lots of players on Waivers today.. any room in Montreal for Josh Ho-Sang or Matt Tennyson? Tennyson looks like a reliable 5th/6th Dman which MB loves!
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    I would definitely recommand the Habs to hire you to run their ECHL like you did run your farm in HWL back in the days.
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    They are better with him in the lineup than out. Offense could be a bit rough to come by this season, unless you think Suzuki and an improved Kotkaniemi replace Shaw's offense from last season and everybody has a career year again.
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    If he is shopping Drouin for a LD then he is merely doing what any sensible GM would do. And I'd give him credit for not being afraid of the PR embarassment of admitting the initial trade was a 'fail,' not to mention trading away a francophone. We'll see.
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    Bergevin works the phones more than any GM, so there can be a lot of smoke before there is a fire. He's no Gainey though. If a player's name is uttered in trade rumours by the main trade breakers (McKenzie, Friedman) or the team reporters (Engels, Basu) then rest assured that player is in progressing trade discussions.
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    Engels; Poehling may practice with team today.
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    His second goal wasn't half bad...
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    Yeah, I quite agree with you. The whole idea of "addition by subtraction" is one I have been opposing for years (I opposed it for Ribeiro and Grabovski, and I still oppose it today) and "getting rid" of a guy because he is a disappointment relative to expectations is dumb. The aim should be to intelligently manage assets so as to ice the best possible team. I'm a bit of a Drouin skeptic, but he is a legitimate, if flawed, young top-6 FW. You trade him if it makes the team better, and for no other reason.
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    Lets get rid of him and use a Mathieu Darche-type in his place. He scores... but who actually needs players like that. Its not like scoring is that important to winning games. Lets get a bunch of grinders who will work hard and do a bunch of little things right but never score. These types of guys are consistent and not streaky at all. Consistently they dont score.
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    I doubt the Blues would trade him, now.
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    Sure glad I didn't have tickets for this one in my package. Would have been a shame to attend or, worse, sell them to a friend.
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    That set the market for the top-end guys signing longer-term. Mikko Rantanen's camp is using that as a comparable though I imagine he'll come in a bit below that. Boeser and even someone like Werenski really set the market for the three-year bridge - a lower AAV but a back-loaded third year which is something we haven't seen in a few years. But Point was never going to be in that mix as Tampa simply couldn't afford the higher price tag nor would they be willing to go past $9.5M where Kucherov and Vasilevskiy (next year) are at. That made the bridge deal inevitable. Their offer was believed to be a lot lower than this one (working off Kucherov's old bridge) but Boeser getting more than what Tampa was initially offering forced their hand.
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    Evans is solid. It'd be nice to see him in a bottom 6 role.
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    is Domi? what about Chiarot? Petry? Its pre-season and the veterans are taking it easy.... why single out Drouin when this is true for 75% of NHL veterans all preseason long. This is what i talked about last week with Poehling... the expectations for Drouin were so high, that he's become a 53 point guy instead of a PPG player player last season, so now the fans want to run a useful, if imperfect player out of town cause he doesn't hit the expectations.
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    The Habs woke up after killing off the 5-on-3 but this has been an underwhelming showing by most so far.
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    Hudon has been one of the Habs better players tonight.... Hopefully this makes someone want to trade for him.
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    No, 12:28/gm icetime, 10shots in 8gms, +3 and team only given up 11g in first 8gms. https://habsprospects.com/romanov.html https://en.khl.ru/stat/players/851/all/cska/
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    2015 NHL draft 13) Boston Bruins: Jacub Zboril (D) 14) Boston Bruins: Jake Debrusk (LW) 15) Boston Bruins: Zachary Senyshyn (RW) 16) NYI (from Pitt via Edm) Matthew Barzal (C) 17) Winnipeg Jets: Kyle Connor (LW) 18) Ottawa Senators: Thomas Chabot (D) Nothing like finding a way to take a shot at the Bruins while watching a Sens game 🙂
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    The road runner and big bird would today be "corny" or "ives" and "robsy" Lame.
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    Is this the error message you're getting? Try clearing your cache and cookies and restart your browser and see if that fixes the issue.
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    This has nothing to do with how either team will do this year, or even which team is better and by how much. BUT: The difference between the two clubs last year was ONE head to head matchup. If the Habs beat the Leafs, in regulation, in just one of the games they lost to them in regulation last season - both end up tied with 98 points. I know, it is easy to go back and look at any game all season or a ton of different factors - but one more win by the Habs coupled with one more regulation loss by the Leafs and the teams wind up tied for points. Of course, there is ONE game against St. Louis that I bet the Bruins would have liked to win... EDIT: I had to go look it up. The Habs and Leafs played 4 times last year. Habs one once in a shootout. Lost twice in overtime. And lost once - 6-3 on Feb. 23, and the Habs actually led 3-0 at the end of the first. The Leafs scored 2 empty netters to make it 6-3. The difference was THAT close! Leafs scored the winner with 1:50 to go in the third.
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    I could see Chiarot being a boat anchor
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    I dont know why you were downvoted. You were 100% correct. Danault provides something that no other habs centre currently provides. Kotkaniemi might be there soon but its a lot to ask of a 19 year old to play against the other teams top lines. He is suggesting domi, kk, suzuki, poehling? What? Domi isnt good enough defensively for the role and is about to start his second season as a centre. Poehling and suzuki are a pair of 20 year old raw rookies, who have played zero pro hockey. Kk is a 19 year old in his second nhl season. Its crazy to think any of them is ready to do what Danault does as the top checking centre.
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    I don't see the upside in losing 6-5 instead of winning 3-2.
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    I don't but I see more upside in having Domi, Kotkaniemi, Suzuki and Poehling than I do Danault. If I had to trade one out of the 5, to me the odd man out is Danault.
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    That $7M AAV got the Jets two UFA years (Laine, Point and Tkachuk signed for RFA years only) so it looks relatively low. I wouldn't have expected him to be able to get similar dollars to Rantanen and Marner anyway, though, but I think this is a substantially more (financially) attractive contract than Laine, for example. Laine has significant risk (will he produce consistently? at what level? and will his D improve?) but Connor has unknowns as well: he has been great, but it's mostly been playing with Scheifele and Wheeler. How much would he be able to do with lesser linemates?
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    Wait 15 games or so until CJ looses patience and benches him
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    They are arguably the 5th best team in there division, Playoffs dont seem realistic, Shaw moving out will hurt this team, not enough size and sand paper in the lineup ( I know its the new nhl)
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    Have we improved enough to move past TBL, Laughs, Boston, or even Florida who finished behind us last year.
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    Do we get to keep our prospects?
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    You actually need 82 games to figure that out???
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