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    How can you not "care much" whether those reprobates, those jabbernowls, those scum-sucking, filth-chewing, stench-emitting, bile-spewing, face-licking bags of festering dog pus, the mother-frigging Boston Bruins, win yet another Cup? I propose that you have your lifetime membership in Habs nation revoked!! GO BLUES GO!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Why? If you win within the division, you have weakened a direct rival. That surely is better than weakening a team you only meet a few times a year, and which you don't need to compete with for a playoff spot.
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    Make it a Jumbotron decision. If it is so obvious that when the refs look at the Jumbotron, they're able to change or make a decision, than go with it. Otherwise, the call on the ice stands.
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    I still think Kotkaniemi fits that bill, especially if you consider someone like Patrice Bergeron to be an elite superstar (and I do consider Bergeron at that level). Kotkaniemi has already shown the defensive game at 18, that is off the charts in terms of advanced stats for someone his age. It was close to an elite level performance. Add to that I think his offence can get there. If we are talking about a 75 point 1st line centre, who is also a guy who is seen as one of the top defensive forwards (selke calbre), then thats a superstar in my opinion. Its taking Plekanec in his prime, making him even abetter offensively, and even better defensively. To me that would be the type of piece you can build your offensive group around. (And who a guy like Suzuki would really complement whether it be on his wing, or as the second centre).
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    A scouting report: https://dobberprospects.com/player/otto-leskinen/
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    I don't deny that Holland is a good GM. In particular, no matter how ridiculously lucky he was with Zetterberg and Datsyuk, he oversaw an operation that was widely admired as a class act and a paragon of capable administering. Being a GM is about more than hockey moves. It's also about establishing organizational practices and organizational culture. Remember Bob Gainey? His hockey moves were hit and miss, but his leadership probably did more than anything else to re-establish the Habs as a respected organization off the ice as well as on. I think Holland will do that for EDM, ending the circus there and make the Oilers a well--run operation from top to bottom. But I am not as confident that his hockey moves as such will be markedly better than those of the average GM. Luck is luck; it tends to run out. There probably aren't more ridiculously fortunate Zetterberg-type strikes in his future.
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    Offer sheets are a perennial fan fantasy. Fans in every market go on about them. But GMs clearly do not like them and are very leery of trying them. It's a case where fan culture and team culture are radically divergent. Four 1st-rounders is a mighty steep price to pay. That said, IF you are offer-sheeting a young player who truly projects as elite, and IF you do not realistically expect to be picking in the top-10 or -15 over the next four years, and IF your scouting department has a good track record of identifying quality players outside the 1st round, THEN an offer sheet is a perfectly valid idea. After all, most 1st-rounders do not become high-impact players. Look at the Habs from 2009-2015. I would happily trade Leblanc, Tinordi, Beaulieu, Galchenyuk, McCarron, Scherbak, AND Juulsen for one legitimate all-star player. An offer sheet during that span would have been a great idea. While the above conditions seem stringent, I suspect that they are sufficiently flexible that more than three offer sheets should have been made in the last 10 years. The real reason teams don't do it probably has still more to do with that old idiotic NHL bugaboo The Code. It's not seen as 'honourable' to poach another team's RFAs. For guys like Bergevin, for whom winning is not the absolute top priority, it tends to be out of the question.
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    I'm not sure the rationale behind skepticism though, we are not talking about bringing him in on a 3 or 4 million dollar 1 year deal here. We are realistically talking about a PTO or even a really cheap 1 year deal to retire a Hab, got to stop acting like we will be entering these negotiations on the same grounds as last time around. The fact he could potentially be an insurance policy on LD and pull it off to some degree if we place him in the right role is just simply a byproduct of how bad a state the LD position on this team is. If he is even 50% of the Markov that left here, he could prove he can still be useful on a PTO, or a cheap 1 year deal. Even if he comes in and ends up getting the Plekanec treatment because other pieces within the organization bounce him out, what's the harm in that? I don't see how that hurts us in anyway, because there is still the possibility that he is useful enough to plug into the line up every other game or so, with managed minutes and lots of PP time next to Weber. If not then someone in the organization shows there is a solution at LD, and we send him back home, retired a Hab, and the chapter closed properly and once and for all. At the very least we should be exploring the option if we can't land any big fish LD via trade by August.
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    There it is, after being down 3-0 in series vs London they win series Now vs Saginaw down 3-1 in series and just won 3rd straight to win game 7. Suzuki with GWG and off to OHL finals.
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    When I saw this on my feed, I couldn't help but think to myself, I've seen this kind of sorcery before, that kind of blend of skill and crafty thinking....
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    Im taking this one as another win as i was really close. Thats 2/3.
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    He's shown himself to be streaky at contract time. He did well in 2016-17 to get the two-year deal from the Flyers, then proceeded to play like a fringe player for most of that deal with the exception of his time in Montreal. I like him and I'd be up for re-signing him but I suspect 'regular Weal' won't be as good as the 'contract Weal' we've seen down the stretch.
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    Verrry interesting. Small sample size, but does this suggest the Habs' problem lies in something other than coaching and systems? I'm a huge Muller loyalist, admittedly.
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    I make the best trade I can make, no matter who I'm making it with... division or not. If I get even a small bit more from the division rival than outside the division, i'm taking that small bit more. Better is better.
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    Well, there *are* trades where both teams win. The Pacioretty trade might (might!) be such an example. In such a case, you strengthen your team, but also strengthen a divisional rival. I don't think that, when you make a trade, you're generally thinking in terms of fleecing the other team. It's nice if you can pull a Kordic for Courtnall, but that's pretty rare. The focus is on what your team needs, how to improve your club. Unlike Joe, I still wouldn't make trading within the division a "last resort." I would look at all the scenarios and pick the one that improves my team the most. Period. If it also helps a division rival, well, so what? The point is that I'm building the best possible team I can. Let the chips fall where they may after that.
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    Again, they have to think that they are winning the trade. If both GMs are fully confident they are winning the trade, they shouldn't be afraid of who they trade with. Have some cajones.
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    Yeah, I always agreed with this. You make a trade in order to make your team better. Period. The thought that a GM would pass on that opportunity just because he fears the PR blow-back if the trade doesn't work out suggests a guy who either lacks confidence in his judgement, or else prioritizes his own ego over winning.
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    Puck77 is doing team-by-team previews (http://puck77.com); here are excerpts from the first two. Fonstad did not get a mention for the Prince Albert Raiders.
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    Should we be going after Housley? The PP and some offensive coaching for Mete come to mind.
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    All I know is for the first time since 93' this team doesn't have a a issue at center. Danault Domi Kotkaniemi Poehling Suzuki If Suzuki and poehling have strong camps and make a push at earning a spot on opening day roster, I can see them trading danault to try and fill a LD spot.
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    Quite true. And yet ... let me throw in a quote from a recent article from the Athletic, where they analyzed the conference finalists' rosters: Maybe it's not necessary to have that $15M superstar, the McDavid or Tavares, on our team in order to contend for the cup. It sure helps, but as the article pointed out, if you spend all your cap on a couple of stars, you will end up with dregs for the supporting cast. Anyway, for me, the glory years of the 70s are forty years in the past, and I no longer have such lofty expectations, so I don't get as severely disappointed when we fail. But I really enjoyed our team this past season, and I look forward to seeing a maturing Kotkaniemi, a Poehling, a Suzuki and other exciting prospects wearing our classic jersey. How good will they be? Time will tell, but I'm optimistic that they will make a team that I am happy (and maybe even proud) to watch.
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    Thank you for this sensible, measured assessment. Yes, unicorns (like Martin St. Louis) can happen. And I get that you gotta sell hope and that "potential" is always exciting. Nevertheless, I get a bit tired of this understandable tendency to swoon over the "potential" of prospects, especially when they are not super high-end prospects. It does seem safe to say that Suzuki will be a quality NHLer. But a superstar? Come on. It's unlikely that the Habs have anyone in the organization who will fit that bill. If I told you that, right now, the Habs had prospects equivalent to Carey Price, Max Pacioretty, and PK Subban, people on this board would be going cowabunga and predicting multiple Cups. Yet we had all three of those players in their primes and did exactly jack-sh*t. After 15 years of disappointment, my attitude is always gonna be: show me the money, not the hypotheticals.
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    Prince Albert wins, Fonstad off to Memorial cup as well. But, with just 9pts in 21gms (possibly fighting an injury) i wouldnt expect him to stand out. He did have 73pts in 67gms in reg season, but team was #1 in the WHL standings and #1 in goal scoring
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    Both semis were amazing. The table is set for June 1st !!! Good luck.
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    Goalies don't develop as fast as skaters do in the AHL. Even if he was to dominate the AHL next season (a very unlikely scenario in my opinion), they'd simply keep him down there for another year or two. Goalies usually need two-to-three years at a minimum (most get four years of waiver exemption) so we're a long ways away from a goalie controversy. They're probably going to limit his games played next season - he won't jump from the mid-30's to mid-50's, especially with McNiven still in the fold and the number of back-to-backs. That in itself will give them a reason to have him for a second full year in Laval to up his games played and then in year three, they'll rationalize that 50+ AHL games is better than half of that or less in the NHL. By then, Price is entering the back half of his contract which creates an opportunity for Primeau to ease into the NHL for a year or two.
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    I'm ok with Boston taking out Carolina, but then losing in the Final to the Sharks. Seeing Joe Thornton get a cup would offset my disgust at seing Erik Karlsson hoist it, and having Joe beat the team that traded him away in the Final would be poetic.
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    I'm curious to learn which market you'd describe as "artificial" since 93, the year Bettman took over. Montreal NYR NJD Colorado Detroit Dallas Tampa Bay Carolina Anaheim Pittsburgh Chicago Boston Los Angeles Washington
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    It's amazing to see to Habs prospects at the top of the scoring in the CHL, can't remember when they had one much less 2 players in that position.
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    I was wondering who would win the Leskinen sweepstakes.
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    I know...the Canuckleheads would instantly become my 2nd favourite team. PK would achieve what 15 years of living in LotusLand coukd not 😉
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    I'd love to get PK back, but Poile is not an idiot. Besides that, MB's ego would not allow him to even consider this. It doesn't matter how great the deal is or how much it might help the team, he won't touch it. Better off thinking on terms of Karlsson or Gardiner. Personally, I hope Vancouver gets him. 😉 It might be worth their while, actually, provided they don't surrender one of their young studs to get him.
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    My own guess is that his rep for genius is exaggerated. He got really lucky in drafting two franchise cornerstones at #190 and #224 (or thereabouts) in the draft and basically feasted off that for 15 years. Notice that once those guys got old, the Wings ground into mediocrity. Now I'm not saying he's not a good Gm and that he won't turn Edmonton - at long last - into a truly well-run operation. He will. But he was at least as lucky as he was good in Detroit.
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    Francis is still technically a minority owner of the Hurricanes for a few more months from what I understand which is part of the reason he hasn't come up in any GM search.
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    Ken Holland is expected to be named GM of the Oilers after he was offered a 5 x 5 contract.
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    Teasdale does seem better than Dumont, He nearly made team canada for the WJCs showing that he is recognized more than Dumont was. That said, he's still an undrafted free agent signing which means its a long shot. For every one of those guys who makes it, 20-30 don't
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    5 years? Bit broad. Teams fade out of contention and turn it around almost over night these days. I answered thinking about two years. I’m sure most did. A top tier FA away on O. And a mid tier on D. Or vice-versa.
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    Hey, so I'm a Roope Hintz fan, shoot me ...
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    PTO to see if he can still hang in the chel?
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    I am whelmed with him coming back, but I'm sure Julien was calling Bergevin 4 times a day asking him if Nate had signed yet.
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    Suzuki 4a in a 4-0 win and he wasnt one of the 3 stars, but 29pts in 16gms and possibly another big comeback upcoming, now down 3-2 in series. http://ontariohockeyleague.com/gamecentre/24038/boxscore
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    Thanks for the reminder. It's updated now.
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    Sure, but in this case, I'll take Thompson and Weal over Peca and Chaput.
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    Buffalo & Ottawa supposedly interested in Jacques Martin for head coach. An idiots tweet, just Bouchard's take on young players these days.
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    I wonder how the best GM ever in history David Poile feels about being eliminated in the first round of the playoffs. I mean, every move he has made in the last half dozen years has been brilliant in comparison to our dummy GM, so how can the Preds lose? What happened to Tampa? I thought there was no point for any teams to load up at the trade deadline because the Cup was already handed out to the Lightning. One of the best regular season teams of all time didn't win 1 playoff game? Surely we all had Colorado over Calgary in 5 games. It wasn't too long ago that the Avs were in the hunt for 2 shots at the #1 draft pick, but I guess they had other plans. Carolina predicted by most to finish near dead last in the league going to game 7 with the defending Cup champs? What a bunch of jerks spoiling our preconceived notions of what a winning team is. Man I wish the Habs were in the middle of this chaos, I like my team and I think they would have just as good of a chance as any to make a deep run.
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    Duchene has proven over his career that he's not the guy who you want to be your best paid forward. UFA signings are often fool's gold and I'm leary of committing superstar money to good but not great players.
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    I don't think it was wasted. He was a huge scorer in junior. He scored 39 points in 71 AHL games this season. He's not horrible. He developed into an AHL journeyman instead of an NHL player, but the kid had offensive skills. High end offensive potential that didn't develop due to other deficiencies in his game. Thats what you get in that round. A player who has one or two skills, and more deficiencies, and you hope that you can develop something out of that. No perfect players are left, and the chances of being an NHL player are low. He was a worthy player to pick at that point, regardless of who his father was.
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    I think your nuts if you don’t like Lehkonen haha. He might not have crazy point totals, but he’s an absolute dog on the puck, constantly causing turnovers and outworking his opponents. On top of that the guy still did put up 30 points on usually the 3rd or forth line. Love the player personally.