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    When you have a forward group filled with young players who is going to be adding a guy who set a record for most goals ever at the usntdp and the iihf under 18s, the ohl playoff mvp, the qmjhl playoff scoring leader and Mem cup mvp, the wjc mvp, Not lines... just putting people into positions... Caufield - kk - suzuki Drouin - domi - gallagher Lehkonen- danault - ylonen Armia - Poehling - weal Plus long shot prospects evans, teasdale, ikonen, fonstad, mcshane, vejdemo, hillis .. gotta think at least one of that group comes through You can build a strong lineup out of that. Then the d is gonna add the second best whl d, the wjc best dman and more talent Romanov - juulsen Mete - brooks Kulak - fleury Harris Struble Plus weber in a leadership role will still be a decent d even if not a number one Price with the best college goalie. You have a strong group of players coming through. Let the habs keep building internally. I dont care what other teams do. Keep building that squad and you can get a contender out of it It doesnt have to be this year.
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    I see lots of people demanding MB make more changes since he hasn't really improved the roster this much off-season. I'm confident MB is trying but I don't see a lot of good options. Signing Gardiner to a 3 or 4 year deal would be great but it seems clear that either Gardiner is too injured or that he is too wedded to Toronto or insisting on a long term deal. I don't want to overpay him just so we can say we improved this off-season. I'd rather go through another season like last year and wait for the kids to improve. I think the team is on a good track for the first time in many years. The best option might be to wait and plan to push for the cup in 2 or 3 years. We have the prospect pool and the cap space for this to be a viable approach. I also think that MB might make some deals in the next month with one (or more) or the teams struggling to deal with the cap.
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    Seems like all of this should be moved to the Fire Bergevin thread. Every time the Rumour thread is bumped, I expect something interesting. Instead, it's more Bergevin and a race of the downvotes/upvotes.
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    With respect, the context being missed here is this team has gone into a full blown retool and building through youth for over a year now, expecting to make the playoffs during such a transition is setting the bar at an unrealistically high level to promote the rhetoric that he is continually failing. MB has not been very good during his tenure as a whole, he has also not been nearly as terrible as some make him out to be, the truth, as usual, is somewhere between both biased parties of the argument. He mismanaged some assets and even an entire offseason, he has also surprisingly shown great poise and solid asset management and strategy since embarking on this retool, it has thus far been the beginning of a redemption story for him. If you are going to give the guy a chance to redeem himself from past mistakes, then you have to, at some point, put those mistakes in the past and judge him based on what he is doing while trying to redeem himself. I have little complaints since the retool started about him, with the exception of the current passive offseason, but I do understand the offseason is far from over and things can happen by training camp. All in all, what I am seeing is a team with a top 5 prospect pool in the league, and miles away from any kind of cap hell, those are his dues to collect, there is no other regime to give credit to, there is no one else responsible for this current situation. So while it is easy for some people to continually pile on the dog poop about his past blunders, those same people are seemingly nowhere to be found when it comes to giving an honest unbiased assessment of his retool management. While I think it is easy enough to see why they steer clear of any positive assessment and only jump in the fray when there is mud to fling around and dead horses to beat on, it doesn't make it right by any stretch.
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    Oh crap, you mean i've been looking at this the wrong way the entire time?!?! It's just like golf and you need the lowest amount of points to be the winning?! I'll see myself out...
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    I made my point. I would have fired him after 2017. They didnt. They kept him on. What hes done over the last two years tells me that hes moving in the right direction. If I feel things are going well now, I'm not going to short circuit that and replace him because of a move in 2015. GMs grow and mature and learn on the job. So do coaches. So do players. I dont think hes the same guy we hired in 2013 who had never been a GM before. Over his tenure hes made good moves and mistakes. His current trajectory tells me that hes learned from the mistakes. So I'm weighing what is happening now way more than I'm weighing what happened 4 years ago. And what I see is an organization building up their young talent and prospects.
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    A player who has 53, 46, and 53 points in his last three seasons is not a third line player. Michael sergachev has not proven to be a number 1 d. He was on the third pair last season. Bergevin is Trading all the prospects? What? How? We have one of the best prospect pools in the league thanks to prospects and picks we have added in recent years. Let's stop the madness people. There are areas to criticize but when you say that Bergervin is comparable to Milbury or that Drouin is a third liner. You lose any and all credibility and your argument becomes moot.
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    It is highly unlikely that Poehling will just step into a top-6 NHL C slot. And it is even more unlikely that he will outperform Domi's impressive 72 points. We have seen over and over and over that, apart from rare outliers like Price, Subban, and Gallagher - prospects hardly ever come in and make a big impact. (And hell, even Price and Gally crashed a couple of years in, before recovering; and Subban was benched for five games). And yet wave after wave of prospect comes up with all tbese unrealistic assumptions about what they might be able to do.We never learn. This post also illustrates what I mean about Domi being overlooked as a C. If I told you tomorrow that Poehling would become a 60-point C, folks would be clicking their heels. Meanwhile we have a 23-year-old 72-point C and quite a few people overlook this, or else talk about moving him to W for some reason. Domi's production is that of a legit #1C in the NHL. Let's internalize that, finally.
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    I fear I might be at risk of moaning Cole Caufield's stat line during sex.
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    Not much to talk about these days but man, what a great job Bergevin has done with this team. *goes to get popcorn*
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    The 25th and 27th teams are closer to the cup than the 14th will EVER be
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    Can we please stop with the notions that we have to poop the bed for years on end to become an instant contender, and that we have to trade players based on age regardless of where your team is in its building arc? It is seriously ridiculous to consider both of those things to be absolutes, when it comes to how to reach contender status. Did you see St.Louis or Boston bottom feeding for years during the last 5 to 7 years to get where they are today? Did they trade away all their veterans on the wrong side of their prime to achieve their current status? How about San Jose? How many seasons did they spend bottom feeding to acquire a contender during the last 5 to 7 seasons? How many veterans did they trade away in that time? There are several different ways to build a contending team, but ultimately a balance of good drafting, good trades to achieve roster balance, good contracts and cap management are the keys to getting there.
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    About two years ago, or post-subban trade, I was all for firing Bergevin. I mean I had zero desire to hold onto him. That, then the Alzner signing, a teeeerrrible terrible prospect pool, and the constant need to sign CHaracter guys who couldn’t skate. I really didn’t like MB. Fast forward two years. The sting of the Subban trade has lessened, and it doesn’t seem as lopsided. He’s sent Alzner to the minors, the prospect pool is the best since pacioretty subban price and McDonaugh (and deeper) he seems to realize this league requires great skaters - MB has turned a page, and so have I. Im not saying I no longer criticize him, but I’m saying I recognize what he’s done recently, and if you ask me It’s a very good job. If the team regresses, I’ll change my mind, but right now I like the direction, so right now I like MB.
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    Well, if by some miracle the Jets are (a) dumb enough to trade Laine and (b) dumb enough to prefer Drouin over Domi, why, we should be all over that like Ron Hextall on Chris Chelios.
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    Nope. Max Domi is our best forward and finally fixed our centre problems, plays a solid game and is a guy you win with. Laine is a player you add to play with Domi. Josh Brook is our best defensive prospect and hopefully Weber’s replacement when the time comes. I’m not sure if I would do Domi for Laine straight up.
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    In an effort to keep the rumour thread about rumours, I've split a lot of the talk from the last couple of weeks into here. Proceed (preferably without the same few up/downvoting simply because of who's posting and not the actual post quality...).
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    You didn't answer the question. The question was... what team is perfect. The Blues had goaltending issues and was lucky that their fourth string guy from the start of the season played like a good goalie after injuries hit. They also don't have the star power that Pittsburgh, Washington, etc... have. Pittsburgh lacks defence. Toronto lacks defence. Tampa lost a number of defencemen and again their weakness is at the back end. San Jose might have the worst goaltending in the NHL. IF its not the worst, its bottom 3. Florida still lacks defensive depth. Vancouver lacks scoring depth, and trusts Markstrom as their number 1 goalie. I also don't think they have a number 1 defenceman. Every team has flaws. Did they work to improve? sure... but that doesn't make them perfect. Bergevin makes moves too. Last summer he addressed the centre issue. He also has greatly added to the prospect pool. This summer he added a much better backup goalie. He also upgraded Been to Chiarot. If the question is, does the GM make moves to improve his team? We've been over this... Bergevin has never been afraid to make moves, he makes as many moves as any GM in the NHL. If the question is, has the GM fixed every weakness? Then there is no team in the NHL where the GM has fixed every weakness. There is no perfect team.
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    How many playoff misses will it take before MB defenders think he should be fired, I wonder? If we miss this season, does that do the trick? I don't see why Habs29's post has three downvotes. He is quite right that data requires context, and also quite right that - in the main - the longer MB has been GM, the worse the results have gotten. The overall uptick last year doesn't change the fact that the team still missed the playoffs, after all. If that's a fine season, then the bar is just too damned low around here. The argument that the talent pool is good and the organization is now trending the right direction makes some sense. But saying that is quite different from redeeming MB's body of work to this point, which would indeed have been completely unacceptable for any Habs' GM prior to Bergevin. We may like the look of the future, but it hasn't happened yet. Taken as a whole - looking at what actually has happened, in terms of results - MB's career has been mediocre at best.
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    Yes, I also knew that without the spreadsheet. The spreadsheet shows without a doubt that the CH is clearly above average in the regular season but not as good in the playoffs A pet peace of mine is when someone claims something is true based on their opinion where data shows otherwise (e.g. climate change)
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    The Devils have done quite a bit to improve this off season. I have not seen a lot of Gusev, but seems to be low return to VGK, petty much what the Habs got for Shaw.
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    I do love our prospect pool, but I also loved the core we had (as I mentioned above)... Bergevin showed how inept he was with the handling of that group. The Habs are worse off with the subtraction of Shaw and the addition of Chiarot. Where is the direction? We all get giddy on free agent days or in year's past deadline days, only to be disappointed once again. In 2017, our g.m went out and traded for Martinsen, Ott, and Dwight King( none of which play in the nhl anymore ), when the only real missing piece this team needed was a top 6 forward, that could bury the puck, from time to time At that very moment, I knew this g.m had no clue what he was doing. Keep eating the bread though; you guys are paying for Bergevin's hypnotizing, tailored fit suits.
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    So any rumours out there?
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    100% If you can build a trade around Drouin being the main piece you do it. I like Drouin and still think he can be a impact player but like we all know Laine could become a superstar. Domi I’m definitely very hesitant though.
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    Its a tough deal, and if we didn't have the centre depth in Kotkaniemi, Danault, Poehling, Suzuki, I'd say no cause we've looked for a #1 centre for so long. but I think I would do it at the end of the day. Its just hard to trade the centre for the winger, but hey Laine is better long-term I'd say (even though Domi had more points last season).
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    Yeah, much as I love Domi, Laine is a potential superstar. You make that deal.
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    Let the rumours fly: On twitter posted at 4:27pm Aug 16th. Michel M (@MichelMoquin) If you are Bergevin and Kevin Cheveldayoff offers you Patrick Laine for Max Domi + Josh Brook ..... do you do it ? #habs
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    I've sat all over the rink and there isn't really a bad view in the place. The only thing I didn't like sitting near the very top in the back was that the sound didn't travel very well up there from the game and the fans. If you don't get your tickets directly from the site you'll be paying market value on the reselling sites, and based on the games you are deciding between, the prices will be inflated. Saturday nights are always more expensive and the teams you mentioned would be as well.
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    It will also be one of the first to sell out. Youll need to get lucky and be one of the first granted access from the virtual waiting room
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    At least in Toronto, a Leafs-Habs game will always be one of the most expensive tickets.
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    Name your charity and ill send you the receipt tomorrow. Dm me your name if you want and ill do the donation in your name. Honestly forgot i had one with you too. I did give $100 to wounded warriors for chris. Ill do $100 here too cause i feel bad about forgetting. Wont get a better interest rate than that.
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    It’s nice to think that Poehling could be a 1C, but it’s not likely—and it should not be a problem for us as we have Domi now and Kotkaniemi soon enough. And it’s extremely rare for prospects to jump directly into the first or second line on any team in their first season.
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    Kk has a much higher ceiling and played 3c all year. You can hope in one hand and shit in the other and see which fills first. Poeling may not even make the team. I dont think it's pessimistic to think that if he does make it he will be protected and get 4th line minutes.
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    I don't want to move Domi back to wing. He had his best season, BY FAR, at centre. Why move him off that?
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    No thanks, let him retire. He was 13th in icetime of Sabres forwards and Habs really dont need another Ott, Semin or Hemsky.
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    You always allow an AGM to interview for a GM job, so long as its off-season and doesn't effect the team right now. Its just being fair to your employee... if he can get a promotion, you let him go. If you become the team that doesn't do this, you then will have a hard time getting good talent going forward cause if they have a choice between you and someone else, they will go with the team that wouldn't hold back their career.
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    I feel the same way. Especially with the buyout window opening for NYR and CGY, it could be an interesting couple of days. (It looks like Shattenkirk will be turfed when the window opens up tomorrow.)
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    You have to be kidding me, there's a perfect team? STOP THE MADNESS It's becoming the theme of the 2019 offseason
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    Fair enough, opinion + evidence is better than opinion alone
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    I've really enjoyed these last few posts, y'all.
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    I’m glad I’m not as pessimistic and sour as you. That would be rough.
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    It's more than just extra picks. Its solid picks in poehling at 25th. It's a trade for suzuki from pacioretty. 7th rounders like primeau developping. Caufield isnt an extra pick. It's taking kotkaniemi when most wouldnt have. Its brook and romanov and fleury.
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    I still think there is a 4th line NHLer there, but dude is gonna need a perfect season to get there.
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    The pacioretty trade made tons of sense on the day it was made. The domi trade many questioned including me. I was wrong it worked. He gets credit for the result not for what we thought of the trade on the day it was made. Whether it was a headscratcher or not is irrelevant. He gets credit for the move today. Just like he gets blame if a good looking trade goes bad.
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    This is an over the top statement. Calling him mediocre is a fair assessment, but milbery snow level ineptitude is radical.
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    Come on man.... Using the Leafs in any conversation about being ok with the cap right now is ludicrous, they have had to reshape their roster in a significant way to try to get around their cap issues, have a handful of important expiring contracts next summer that will be nearly impossible to hold onto. They have their best player without a contract and are needing to scrounge every last penny of cap space to even attempt to facilitate that signing.
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    I think after 8 years on the job the lack of success should already been enough to define what Bergevin is. A mediocre GM who has managed to hang onto his job because of where he was born and the language he speaks. In any other market he would have been fired two or three years ago.
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    MB will be graded by his total body of work, just like everybody before him. I do believe there is some reason for optimism. At the end of the day, the success of the Montreal Canadiens will define him.
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    The Habs have 25 players on their roster on cap friendly right now. Every player they send down, they save the first 1.075 million in salary. 23 men is the max NHL roster... so to add a player they send 3 to the AHL. Sending down Alzner, Peca and Weise, means they would have 7.269 million in space. Most teams leave about a million in space for callups due to injury. They could sign a player worth up to 6 million with no other moves.