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    Haha in Carolina do you think there would this much discussion over the choice of a assistant coach? I just find it sometimes we 'hardcore' fans over analyze everything, that we are never happy. Preferring to be negitive so when things go wrong, and eventually they go wrong, we can throw it back in peoples faces. I'm willing to let MT have his team the way he wants it, I'm giving him a clean slate, he starts 0-5 I'm not going to be thinking "oh its this way because Big Bird is not an assistant", just like if the habs start 5-0 will I be claiming JJ is the reason. CC, I can understand your concerns, but the best person for the job isn't always that, big bird WOULD have been a story, every losing streak, calls for the head coach to be fired would have been herald by the media, coming off the disaster of a regime like we just have do you think it's great to have that hanging in the air?
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    I apologize for my aggressive words earlier (tis a family site) but there's nothing that gets me angry more than hockey jingoism. The National Hockey League is not a battle between Canada vs. USA that European players are just so happen allowed to participate in. It has nothing to do with where the player is from. If you're a Montreal Canadiens fan from Tulsa, Oklahoma you are no less of a fan than someone from Montreal, Quebec. If you are a Canadian hockey player there should be no pressure for you to play in Canada because again, this is not Quebec Provincial Team vs. the Massachusetts State Team playing for the North American Championship. It's foolish and it's these attitudes that ruin the sport. They need to fade away along with parents who put too much pressure on their kids hockey careers.
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    I think he has a few years yet, I see him in the 20-25 goal range. I would sign him 3 years, no question, but not at top level money. I'd offer him what we're paying Cole, for sure.
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