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    I think trading Subban is preposterous. We would have to receive a franchise player in return, and that would never happen. I think with Larry "the prick" Carriere gone, we'll see a return to offensive form for him, hopefully JJ Dangieult takes things easy on him, and allows him to show some of his natural talents.
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    I've said it before, trading Subban for instant help is a very Maple-Leafy thing to even consider. I'm content to let our young core develop, as long as new Management handles things better than the previous group, who got rid of players like Ribero, S.Kostitsyn, and Grabosvski, and McDonough for little or no return in each case.
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    Nobody is saying that Subban should never, ever be traded for anybody. We all agree that we'd trade him for a franchise player. But that amounts to saying we wouldn't trade him, since no one is going to offer Stamkos or Crsoby for Subban. I'm really not sure what is gained by saying 'we should trade him if the right deal comes along.' What's the right deal? Rick frigging Nash? We have holes, but no 'overwhelming' need in our roster that would justify the radical move of destroying our defence corps by trading PK Subban.
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    I don't move PK unless you're getting a premiere 1st line winger like a Bobby Ryan or Evander Kane in return. There's alot of 'potential' D prospects we have but nobody that can jump in and replace PK right away and I think Therrien will be great to help his maturity. This assumes Subban isn't holding out for a ridiculous long term contract, 4 years@$16MM would be maximum. Bourque is making too much $ to be a 3rd line winger so you have to give him a shot at top 6 and try and move him if that doesn't work. Would rather package Rene, Weber and one of our 3 2nd rounders in 2013 (the Preds & Flames could be very high picks) for a bonafide LW than move Subban but if they can't get a deal done I would also consider maybe a Pleks/PK for E Kane/Bogosian as a good alternative if Galchenyuk is ready to centre one of the top 2 lines. Gallagher & Leblanc should spend the year in Hamilton playing top minutes like Pacs did than 3rd line duty.
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    Probably more valuable than what we thought if you look back at that now depending on who the 2nd was, it's not exactly a Kadri/Komisarek/no-name player proposition and with Gauthier in Chicago and Gainey in Dallas there's always the chance to fleece someone.
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