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    I have been a fan of the Montreal Canadiens since I was old enough to watch and understand it. Probably for over 50 years. I've watched Jean Beliveau and all the great teams and players ever since and have been at many games at the old Forum [even had standing room tickets many times as a young teenager]. I was born and raised in Montreal but have lived in Ontario for the past 30 years. I am passionate about our Canadiens, and have subscribed to RDS in Ontario just so I can watch them. But I have never been so fed up and frustrated with the NHL owners and players as I am right now!! They waited too long to even begin to talk, and then went weeks without meeting, then they met for a week, then nothing and now Bettman suggests they take a two week break!! Are they out of their minds! I think fans need to begin to speak up and let everyone involved in this hear and understand how frustrated and angry we are. The people I feel badly for are first the thousands of people who work at the NHL arena's, and the surrounding restaurants and parking lots etc., and certainly all the fans. I don't feel badly for the owners at all, or the superstars, but I do feel badly for the middle of the pack on down type of players who, while they have salaries much much higher than any of us are likely legitimately starting to feel some financial pain. But in my own mind, I am actually at the point where I am so fed up with Gary Bettman and the owners locking the players out every 6 years or so that I am getting to the point, not there yet, but I am getting close to hoping that the season is cancelled again because my frustration with them all is beinning to make me not care if they play again this year. Maybe then some heads will roll and some people in leadership will be replaced and a new approach to negotiating and working with the players in a reasonable way can maybe be found and introduced. Obviously this current approach is not working and maybe even beginning to make people in other sports laugh at how poorly the NHL handles these things. I really do feel badly for those outside the NHL who earn their living off of the games and the league. But enough is enough. If Bettman and Fehr and their teams can't get the job done, if they don't care about the fans who pay their salaries, if they don't care enough about the game and league, and if they don't care enough about all the people they are financially hurting, then maybe the game should be put on hold and let some major changes be made. We need some people who care enough to put their own desires and ego's aside and start thinking about other people and get the job done!! That's how I feel and what I think needs to happen!