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    We've discussed it on here ad nauseam though. There aren't many points pertaining to a lack of size that haven't been hammered home repeatedly. We all know it's an issue, we all would like to see it fixed. That doesn't mean every single player drafted/acquired has to fit a predetermined height/weight criteria irrespective of their actual playing abilities. We have here a swap of two smaller prospects, both with secondary line NHL upside. The fact that Thomas is an inch or an inch and a half smaller should not be the only factor considered in trying to evaluate the trade, yet that seems to be the lone focus. One is a sniper (Thomas), the other a playmaker (Kristo); what is the better fit for the Habs' needs there? One has two more years of team control (Thomas). One has more international playing experience and is believed to be closer to being NHL ready (Kristo). Those are other factors to ponder and yet they're not getting enough attention. They all need to be part of the discussion as well in a trade like this. That's where I was getting at with that post.
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    Stalberg? I always liked him. Big guy, soft hands. Kind of like a better Pouliot. Unfortunately, doesn't really use his size to play a power forward game. As for Diaz, with the way he was playing before he went down, I want him as a permanent fixture. He was playing a complete game and very strong defensively. If he can be Josh Gorges who can skate and pass, that would be great
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    Good on Vinny for getting a good deal. Wish him the best, but as always, hope Philly doesn't do well. It always cracks me up when people bring up things like guts, loyalty, pride, blah blah blah when it comes to free agency. In the end, hockey is their job. If you could leave your job at Best Buy to go to Google and make double the salary, would you stay at Best Buy for loyalty reasons? Even if you weren't hurting for money initially?
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    If you aren't watching the Yotes vote at Glendale city council, then I guess you don't need sleep aids!
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    Gill is a sentimental favourite...it might make little hockey sense but if they do bring him back, I'll be glad to see the old galoot.
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    He could make the team, giving Montreal the smallest collection of right wingers since 1948.
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    Bergevin moves: My opinion is a C+,at best. I'd give him an A for salesmanship though. he sure knows what people want to hear Prust signing A Moen contract D Price contract C- Drewiske trade F " resign F Armstrong D Bouillion re-up D Galy pick A Halpern C Not getting Erskine or McCormick on waivers D 2013 draft, too early to tell Hiring Therrien B P.K contract negotiations F- DD 4 yr extension F Gomez buy out A, Kaberle buyout/situation last yr C
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