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    I think its clear that with the butcher job Gillis has done in Vancouver that he likely was the early Bufallo GM.
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    This how I would put the lines: Pacioretty - Desharnais - Gallagher ---> offense Galchenyuk - Briere - Vanek ---> offense Eller - Plekanec - Gionta ---> shutdown Moen - White - Prust ---> energy Bournival/Bourque/Wiese/Parros ---> extras If Eller is to be the next Plekanec, then no better than to have Plekanec as his linemate. Also, Plekanec and Gionta should no longer be counted on for offense and should focus on shutting down the opposing team's top line. Vanek needs better playmakers and Briere and Galchenyuk are better suited. 1st line well no explanation there.
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    Weise is fun but he ain't Moen. That's like trading Dominic Moore for Tom Kostopoulos.
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