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    The Markov signing does not prevent us from making other moves to upgrade the team. The Markov signing also doesn’t slow down the growth of Beaulieu, Tinordi, and Pateryn. You don’t just hand young defensemen top 4 spots they have to earn it. If we were going to upgrade our top 4 defense this year it was probably going to be Gorges or Emelins spot not Markovs. Can you elaborate on how exactly Markov really hurts us in years 2-3? Is it because he helps our chances of making the playoffs this year thus losing out on Connor Mcdavid?
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    Beaulieu at 25 minutes a game this year gets 10 ponts and is a -20. He is not ready yet. Oh, he may be ready for the NHL. He's not ready to play 25 minutes on a top pairing every night. He's not going to step in and be an all-star olympic-caliber athlete who wow's people on every shift. Because Markov is all of those things. Beaulieu can't fill Markov's skates, not yet. Markov is an elite, premium #1 defenseman. There's only a half dozen guys like Dougty, Subban, or Keith in the league. Markov's not on their level...he's on the level immediately below it. He's as good or better than any other team's #2 defenseman in the entire league right now. You can't replace that with Beaulieu, who may not ever crak the top 4 on an NHL squad. He's an unknown. I have higher hopes for Tinordi than Beaulieu. Tinordi will crack the top 4 somewhere, someday. Beaulieu might. Beaulieu may have more potential upside, but he's not as blue-chip stable. Getting to play alongside a guy like Markov certainly increases Beaulieu's chances of getting there.
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    Id sign Gio for 2 more years at 2.5-3 mill per. If we dont, who is going to play 3rd line RW?
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    I wouldn't cry if we let Gio walk, that's for sure, but don't be surprised if he does re-sign. "One of the best two-way RW available etc., etc." There's an element of risk in the Markov deal for sure. Certainly the player he is right now is worth this deal. A lot hinges on when (or if) the next step of his decline kicks in. I think two years at his current level is a reasonable expectation, and one year of his being significantly overpaid is within the realm of the tolerable. If his NTC is only partial, that is an important ingredient in minimizing the risks. And the bottom line is that, while there's risk here, there was far MORE risk in letting him walk. This is at least market value for Markov and probably less.
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    Markov is a proven no 2 defensemen that has consistantly made players around him better. He is able to play in all situations and is highly trusted by the coaching staff. He has also proven he can play in Montreal and have success in Montreal. That being said is the gap between Markov and Beaulieu more significant then the other potential upgrades. I would say without question, and counter with the fact I think simply by having Markov on the team Beaulieu becomes a better player in the long run. Would I have liked 1 less year or less money sure but in the end this is a fair deal for both parties. As for the other defensemen available via free agency I don't think you are going to get the production/dollar as you would with Markov. Guys like Niskanen are going to try to bank on a single big season and a guy like Greene who is reported to be close to signing with LA is a replacement for Murray not Markov. By reading between the lines of Bergevins statement I have a feeling he looked around the trade market for a replacement for Markov and just wasn't happy with the price. I don't think Markov's contract has anything to do with upgrading our offensive group. When Eller signs we are already at 12 forwards so I always figured if we were going to sign a top 6 we would probably deal away one of Moen, Bourque, or Briere. I actually think locking up markov before the wednesday interview period helps since it sends a message to guys like Moulson that we are serious about winning now. I also agree with the people above Gionta resigning I would not be a fan of even on a big reduced salary. Nothing against him just don't see the fit.
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    100% agree. At a minimum, we need to dump Gionta, Parros, Moen, Bouillon, Murrey and preferably Bourque (who hopefully has value after his playoff performance) from last year's roster. Dumping Briere would be great, but I don't see too many teams willing to spend $4m on him.
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    Cant tell if you are serious, but you know is very unrealistic. This is the Habs not Philly. Bergevin is not gonna totally reshape a lineup that was just in final 4. If had of missed playoffs, maybe would do some wheeling/dealing but aint the case. Some minor deals maybe, sign a UFA or deal for a high 1st round pick, but not trading Tomas & Gorges.
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    I guess we'll have to agree to disagree. While Markov is good, he isn't what the team needs. You can get your PP production from PK and Beaulieu. Again, I'm not comparing the two, I just think upgrades are needed elsewhere. A top 4 of Subban Gorges Markov and Emelin is NOT tough enough. They'll get their points, and Price will be Price.. but no team we played in the playoffs feared our blueline. And Tinordi and Beaulieu and Patyrn are only going to get better by playing.. IN THE NHL. You have a WORLD CLASS goalie. Build from him out. Make the defense a tough, imposing defence. This signing is great for culture, yay he's a Hab for life. But it doesn't bring the Montreal Canadiens closer to the Cup this year, and really hurts in years 2 and 3. Losing assets to gain assets is not losing assets. The money could have been used elsewhere...
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    Plekanec, Gorges, Fucale + minor pieces (i.e. Prust, Moen, Tokarski, Pateryn, mid-round pick) to Winnipeg for Kane + minor pieces Winniped acquires two solid vets to give their fanbase a sniff of playoff hockey, along with a top prospect. We'd potentially get a top line winger for the next ten years. Bergevin seems like a strong personality who's ready to handle the like. We'd have to sign a free agent defenseman as well.
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