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    Off I go on my 13 hour drive to Ottawa for game 6. I totally didn't plan for this the last few days, I was assuming Habs would close it out. Don't worry boys, I'll wake them up when I get there
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    In would say three. MTL have their big ticket players on D and Goal, so it's not a fair comparison. The Gilbert bashing is off base. He did score tonight. I don't like him either, but you can't pretend he's a minor leaguer just because he's a soft long haired pretty boy.
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    This is his first bad game. Let's not get silly. Montreal turnovers are killing them. I said habs in six. Let's hope I'm right.
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    Anderson is outplaying the crap out of the habs
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    Therrein knows price will get us the game we need to finish off the sens. Its been the game plan all year. Dont panic boys, may go six or seven but habs will win it.
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    I feel the Habs are dominating the play. problem is zero finish! and Pricer isn't doing anything special in net. I still think we can score 3 in the 3rd and head to OT.
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    Ottawa coaches making tweaks and they all work. Our clown stays the courses that hasn't been working. Stop playing favorites damn it!
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    MotherF*CK!! What a fn disgrace!!!
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