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    I would not pass on Sharp if the chance was there to get him reasonably... good player, period.
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    Yeah but that was on a new team that he joined after the deadline. Takes some time getting use to new teammates and line mates.
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    I talk think moving Tinordi is one that we would regret for years. It's bad enough that we gave away McDonough. We've been looking for a dman like Tinordi for years and to move him before giving him a real shot would be foolish. Dmen take take time to develop. Big Dmen tend to take longer.
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    Chicago is going to have cap issues and will need to make trades I would see what we can pluck from them. Wouldn't mind sharp or saad on this team.
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    Can anyone remember the last time a team traded an asset plus a pick to move up? Usually they just trade 1st and 2nd for 1st and 4th to move up, deals like that.
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