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    Knowing what a fan of Habs coaching and management, I didn't want to start an argument
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    Surely this move will be the catalyst to launch a 10-game win streak.
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    I have Faith. The boys have had a couple of days to absorb the new way of doing things, Price is back. Le Genius took the blender and the Scotch with him, so I see a win coming up tonite. AV and the Rags are going down.
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    Emelin was bad last game, but Beaulieu was also terrible. Not sure he gave Julien any reason to put him higher in the lineup. They need an acquisition.
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    *stripper girlfriend. The funny thing is that some people, not saying you, comoaning about Galchenyuk want Matt Duchene. He's even worse in his own end. I don't think Galchenyuk has ever been this bad defensively. He's having some sort of crisis, or maybe he's addicted to crack.
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    Screw Burrows. The last thing we need is another declining veteran, thanks.
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    How dare you bring up Gretzky. I think Gretzky would have been considered too flashy for MT and his supporters here. He whined too much to the refs and disrespected other franchises by calling them Mickey Mouse organizations and tried to pad his stats too much by showing up teams by scoring unnecessary empty net goals and celebrating his goals like he never scored a goal before. He also had too big of an ego with his Mr. Big commercials. Worst of all he was a skinny wimp who couldn't fight his own battles and needed semenko to protect him. If it wasn't for a tough guy like semenko, Gretzky would never have been the great one. And how dare he let himself be called the great one!
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    Thats all fine and dandy. My point was that making up fake quotes to make a player look bad, while adding nothing else to the conversation, is not contributing to the discussion. It is proving your little joke about trolling. Is Galchenyuk good enough in his own end today? No... Julien said as much, that his job is to teach Galchenyuk some of the little things he needs to do. Julien also said that Galchenyuk has been very receptive to his instruction so far. That is what we do know today, so I don't understand the response to that being some made up shit. He's 22 and his only coach has been Therrien, don't we want to see what a good NHL coach can do with the guy?
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    ive been a habs fan all my life and im prolly older than you are ... i believe Orr was the greatest defensemen and teammate ever (don't anyone argue this with me, its pointless)l. so yes my avatar is my way of showing respect for arguably one of the all-time greatest And pls don't lecture me on Galchenyuk..He was supposed to play a similar game to what Radulov brings..the truth is as plain as the nose on your collective faces. i sincerely, truly, unabashedly, religiously hope CJ finds a way to make Chucky the player he can be...not holding my breath though
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    The rumblings with Duclair is that the Coyotes are getting more and more inclined towards trading him since he has been lousy pretty much all season long. His all-around game isn't particularly good and he's not producing anywhere near enough to be a top six forward (or even a third liner). Arizona has a lot of youngsters in the system and he's falling down their depth chart quickly.
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    He was definitely talking about Shea Weber from that time. Indeed, with each game, it looks like he had a really hot start and is fading fast. Part of it is Emelin, the other part, imo, is that he's grossly overrated based on a slapshot and a set of intangibles.
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    MoLG needs to attend sensitivity training. Some cisgendered white males from middle America ought to do the trick.
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    zumpano21 Maybe, you know, in light of the feminist movement, yes, Chucky should have countered with a left hook... what's good for the goose thing
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    It's a joke. This board can be a little self-serious at times.
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    yup i'm proving the point that Knuckles and Pierre G. have been saying under their breath for a while now...
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    I guess he should have knocked her out? What the heck are you talking about? What is wrong with you? Actually I don't care. Off to the ignore list you go.
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    I was at CP a couple of weeks ago. The black eye was probably worth it for lil Chucky Someone discovered the up/down button! The horror and the agony...
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    galchenyuk "but coach its to hard to play center..." galchenyuk "but coach practicing taking face-offs isn;t fun for me" galchenyuk "but coach fly-byes is what i do best"
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    The only problem with Galchenyuk is that he gets beat up by his girlfriend. He's still learning. Mostly learning how hard it it to be a respectable, hard-working professional. But that applies to most of us as well.
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    After 4 years...i'm done with this player. I recall MB saying he wasn't sure where Galchenyuk fits in on this team...i say he doesn;t fit in.