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    From a colleague who's part of the Oil clan. Expect Davidson to move the puck but is a little soft for size and prone to injury.
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    Pleks will more likely be picked, i don't see Montreal protecting him. On a one year deal, can be moved at the deadline. Those types of players will be what Vegas looks at. I don't think they will protect Emelin either.
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    I recall one time Loudmouth McGuire was betwern the benches during a game against Colorado, and supposedly word went down the Avs bench that 'Kovalev doesn't want to go tonight' - which had a big confidence-boosting effect for their players. Everyone knew he could kill you single-handedly, so a lot hinged on his whimsical moods. My own favourite Kovalev moment was when he took Tucker's head off late in a game against the Leafs. The only comparably cathartic moment in recent years was when Subban destroyed that p*ick Marchand with that shattering open-ice hit.