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    Bahhh, will still get to see 16 W's + couple losses in next two months, so agree is meaning less game, but like to see Lernout-Sergachev get to play and some of lesser players get more icetime for a game. Oh, and will sniper D King make it a two game goal scoring streak heading into the playoffs.
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    I could be wrong, but since he is an emergency call up I think he has to be sent back down as soon as one of our defensemen are "healed" from their "injuries."
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    Terrible most of season; but, still same pts/gm as Filip Forsberg/Sean Monahan and basically exact same production as Drouin/Kuznetsov/Wennberg. And all these guys haven't had bad seasons. Seems many still love Cammalleri as a Hab but he couldn't play a lick of defense and is basically in the running for softest NHLer of all time.
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    Lehkonen has 9 points in his last nine games. Thinking he's going to put up 25+ goals and 40+ points next year. The kid has great hockey IQ (that pass to King was awesome), a quick shot, and isn't afraid to get in the dirty areas. Could be a great 2nd line guy for the habs for 10 years.
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    He was down way too early on the second goal. Guys a bum
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    We need to lose this one to #### over the leafs? Call up Fucale, put him in net. Play Dwight King 25 minutes. Put Therrien back behind the bench for one night. Whatever it takes man.
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    Could Nesterov/Davidson have been any more craptastic there? WTF was Carey thinking wanting to play with these bums in front of him.
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    When this was originally posted I scoffed at the idea but now I'm not so sure. Last night against Tampa he looked totally lost and has been terrible for most of this season. I think I'm running out of patience as well The Bobby. When 4rth line players are making more of an impact on a nightly basis there there has to be a problem. Hard to call a former 30 goal guy a bust but I can't see him ever getting there again if he doesn't change his game. I think part of it is he's really fragile mentally and the shuffling from centre to wing and back has made him lose confidence.
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    Does anyone remember his second year in the league, when Galchenyuk game into the season hitting everything in sight and working hard for every puck. Where did that guy go? I love Galchenyuk, but he's fackin soft man. Like big time.
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    if he was hurt, he wouldn't be playing... ~12 mins against the Bolts...this is not CJ's favorite player right now..
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    ...but what about Arturi guys? the 3rd best thing to happen to Habs this year...1) Firing Therrien 2) Radulov 3) Arturi... i get what you are saying...at the risk of sounding like a broken record - to me Galchenyuk = Kessel, Its a bit of a jagged pill to swallow, but that's how i think we need to see him going forward. Not sure there is anything wrong with that.
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    YES !!! i remember when he played like an imposing 6'2" center....then he got beat up by his girlfriend, and has never been the same since lol... Seriously though, i truly believe MT screwed this kid up...(makes you wonder what else MT managed to f--k up along the way)
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    gives me a reason to watch the game...