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    man o man.... watching the stanley cup finals media scrums and i couldnt miss PK more so then i do right now... forget who is who on the ice. this guys a dude and we f#$ked up!
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    I love the bold thinking around here of late. IMHO the only way this team wins within its window is if the GM really thinks outside the box and makes dramatic moves. However, I seriously doubt that Team Fuddy-Duddy has the imagination to pull it off. It's just too 'tough.'
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    No question. Thanks, Dumb and Dumber.
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    He's light years better defensively than last year. He's very tough to beat one-on-one, and off the rush. He needs some work on his positioning and his play without the puck when teams are working the cycle though. His offensive game... shot, passing, skating, all of that... NHL level.
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    How about Weber and Shaw for Klefbom Draisaitl? Would such to not have a number 1 defenseman though .
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    I would give $9.8M a year to Leon Draisaitl and deal with the consequences later.
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    After getting the OHL nod, McNiven gets the CHL-wide title now.
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    A good news tweet from Reway https://twitter.com/rewy77/status/867906100590497793