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    I have lot to say on this, and you hit them all to topic! Thank you. Here is one that has been on my mind and I had read long ago, I finally found the article. In reference to 1 of 5 drafts , now 6 drafts, only 1 centre taken...in the top 2 rounds... Bergevin is 2 months in GM role, but if he had his way and not let his scouts decide, he would NOT have picked that centre .. "....Canadiens GM Marc Bergevin hinted to an audience at the PrimeTime Sports Management Conference , that if it would have been up to him, he would have drafted Rielly third overall that year. Or, if Ryan Murray had been available (he went second to Columbus), it would have been him...." Here is the full article...: https://www.thestar.com/sports/breakaway_blog/2014/11/habs_considered_taking_morgan_rielly_at_third_overall_in_2012.html Perhaps that is issue he is regretting it since and taking it out on Alex Galchenyuk.. It all starts from top download his reactionary decisions are far from proactive! More later... but this has always bugged me and finally found the quote. Take it for what it is worth!
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    No kidding!! That post on 'appreciating the results' summed it up for me. Yay! We're a playoff team most years. Mission accomplished!
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    In six off-seasons you either have the ability to get the job done, or you don't. If after six off-seasons, he hasn't got the job done (while many of his colleagues are getting it done) all i hear from you is excuses. This isn't the try league, this is the get it done league. Again 1) Doesn't draft many centres in the top 2 rounds with offensive potential... just 1 in his first five drafts... 2 this year. 2) Has been content to re-sign what he has to big money deals. 3) Doesn't make an offer to a potential top six centre from russia. Said centre signs for 2 years, 4.5 million per 4) Doesn't make an offer on Eric Staal. Staal goes on to produce like a top 6 centre in Minnesota and is on a cheap 3 year deal. 5) Doesn't get involved in one of the many trades for a top 6, while his fellow GMs are willing to pull the trigger. This is what we have seen happen over six years. Meanwhile our centre situation gets worse with each passing year. So what do you call that? What do you say if someone can do a job for 6 off-seasons, and not solve the biggest problem he is tasked with solving. All while his colleagues are solving that same problem in a variety of ways. Of course you'll come up with yet another excuse, yet another deflection. At what point does the GM get blamed? He inherited a team with a great goalie. With 2 great defencemen in Markov and Subban, with a great goal scorer in Pacioretty, with a number of solid pieces. And all he had to do was finish the job by getting a number 1 centre for this group, and he can't do it.
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    If you're not privy to the conversations at hand then why do you have such a negative opinion of how he operates? Get it done? How about not getting ripped off in a transaction? I've yet to see that happen yet with this management. It's just another case of an armchair GM calling the shots from the sidelines.
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    In all honesty, everyday when i get home from work. on weekends, every morning when I wake up and probably once more before dinner lol.
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    His job is to find a solution, he's had 6 off-seasons and drafts to do it. 1.) In four of his 5 seasons at the helm, we entered the year with our centre depth being Desharnais, Plekanec, Eller. No change, just kept rolling out those three for 4 straight years. In the fifth year we started with Galchenyuk, Plekanec, Desharnais, and finished with Danault, Plekenac, Shaw. 2.) We were supposed to build through the draft. Top 6 centres come overwhelmingly from the top two rounds. In the top 2 rounds, he's drafted.... Alex Galchenyuk, and then allowed his coaches to use him on the wing constantly and not develop him as a center. Michael McCarron who was a RW both seasons with the US NTDP, was a RW to start his first year in London, and who then Dale Hunter moved to Centre. Even then he never had the offensive potential to be a top 6 guy, something i said from day one of him being drafted. Jacob de la Rose is another player who was best suited as a third/fourth line centre. Ryan Poehling and Joni Ikonen were drafted this year, so maybe one of those is a top 6 centre. To recap... a guy who was supposed to build through the draft, drafted 1 offensive centre, and 1 defensive centre, and 1 guy who converted from wing to centre in the top 2 rounds of his first five drafts. 1 Legit Offense producing prospect at centre. 3.) Traded in those years.... Tyler Seguin, Jason Spezza, Brayden Schenn, Martin Hanzal, Ryan Johansen, Mika Zibanejad, Artem Anisimov, Derick Brassard, Derek Stepan, Eric Staal, Ryan O'Reilly, Ryan Kesler. Other guys are moving by free agency. Movement happens. 4.) Didn't even make an offer to Vadim Shipachyov. The guys agent called the Habs to see if they were interested, we didn't make an offer. I'm tired of excuses as to why in 6 years he can't get it done. Other GMs get centres. There is no reason why Montreal can't.
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    Added two centres and Dallas has got jack squat "done", other than 24th place and only Aves gave up more goals, that aint simply goalie issues. So what exactly has that GM got 'done', besides on paper. BUT, does goes to show that adding a #1 centre (or two) is not a cure-all and Spezza is 1 year from old-timer softball age with declining production and Benn had 20pt drop last year as well, so best 'get it done' soon. Will be interesting to see how Radulov does though, other than that Dallas is another franchise that few would miss.
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    Acquired top centres and team is still horrible. Missing almost every year for a decade should darn well help with prospect pool. How do you know Bishop was a good signing, he hasn't played 1 game for them yet? Methot is overrated don't you think and Hamhuis best before date long passed, no? Dallas will contend, hmm?
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    Why does 9 years matter? He hasn't been GM all that time. He was hired one year after Bergevin. He's been in charge for 4 seasons, 5 offseasons..... Bergevin has 5 seasons, 6 off-seasons..... He's made the playoffs 2 of those 4 seasons. Don't know why Nill gets any blame for 5 straight years out of the playoffs before he was hired. Why even mention 7 out of 9 years? Its intellectually dishonest and is merely spin to try and support Bergevin by making Nill look worse (by giving him blame for those 5 years he wasn't part of the team, and was in Detroit?) But what does that 5 straight years missing the playoffs show? He took over a worse team than Bergevin got in a club that in the previous 5 years had gone to the final four, had lost in game 7 OT to a cup champ, and had made the playoffs in 4 of the 5 years. Right now, on paper... I'd take the Dallas Stars over the Montreal Canadiens. Everything on their team, and everything in their system, he's built a better team than we have right now. Starting from a worse position, and making good moves to get a Seguin, Bishop, Spezza, Methot, Hamhuis, etc.... Dallas will contend next year. In 5 offseasons, Nill has acquired 3 centres who would be top 6 players in montreal.... 2 of them would be our #1 centre right now if on the team. He also fixed his goaltending with a two-time Vezina nominee He added Hamhuis, Methot, Heiskanen, and Julius Honka to his defence in a nice mix of picking up youth and solid vets.
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    Missed playoffs 7 of last 9 years...promising...and you want Bergy to quit but praise this fellow, odd? Basement dwellers typically got no where to go but up and improve.
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    Cept taking them into the playoffs or giving up goals, you can have 10 #1 centres, worthless without defense and goaltending. Ya, doing great job!
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    Dude can really fly up and down the ice though and other positives that make him seem a perfect fit with Habs as weaker #1 or solid #2 centre.
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    I think they factor in way too many intangibles to even guess. The two likely would offer/accept higher rate for shorter team and vice versa, so again it simply depends on circumstances or particulars.
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    yes, he seemed to be shifty, smart with puck; couple times he crossed blue line and just tossed puck in air towards slot and instantly creates a free for all in front of net, just seemed a smart unusual play.
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    Who could of predicted; a moderate offense from both Plekanec and Gallagher was not happening, Beaulieu's game would fold like a cheap umbrella and just how weak the Habs defense looked without Weber on the bench for just 7 minutes of one meaningful game.
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    Duchene for Galchenyuk straight up seems relatively fair. Especially if drooling for a centre with offense and Duchene is one of best faceoff men in NHL. Not saying he is a elite #1 centre but no question more experienced at centre than Galchenyuk.
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    "This is his sixth off-season in charge, we needs to stop with trying being good enough" So yes you did say exactly that. I am not a mind reader if you meant something else? But, you also know you can suggest or propose anything and has zero consequences. Unlike a Habs GM, who has a bit more pressure and reality to deal with. How many top players actually want to even play in Quebec? Bergy said he kicked tires on many players and said some were just not interested, but does that stuff ever factor in discussions here, it is "No he is just too cheap, he let player X sign with team Y instead, what an idiot, should be fired!" "He played hard-ball with Radulov and let him walk, what an idiot, should be fired!" etc etc
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    MB ranked #24 for his off season moves. Jim Nill #3. http://www.sportsnet.ca/hockey/nhl/nhl-off-season-power-rankings-whos-improved-far/
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    I have never once said I'm smarter than Bergevin or that I would do a better job. But that's the thing. GMs should be better than a fan on the street. If they are not, they shouldn't be running an NHL team. If you have left a hole that any person on the street could see for literally years, you can't just smugly say oh well, let's see you do better. It's not my job to do better. I don't have a job in this. I'm a fan. And I'm not pleased. Bergevin don't get fired one day because he was completely incompetent. He will be fired because he didn't do enough and made decisions that ultimately didn't make the change he wanted. That's a common reason for a GM to get fired. Honestly that's why I understand why folks defend Bergevin. He rarely makes a decision that can't have an excuse. He's a great politician. You can always pass the buck with something. And when he takes responsibility for something like 15-16, he does it to deflect focus on his staff while making a big trade that didn't address any real team problem. It bought his staff more time, and the only guy to take the fall was Therrien. And that's because the golden boy wanted him gone. I don't think people are crazy for defending him. It's not like he's lost the plot. The team is still good in the season, they still have a guy who could be in the hall of fame, and the 15-16 season is forgotten by most fans now when it was completely preventable. But at some point I wonder who sees how they always have a defence for the team he is in control of, yet supposedly he can't fix. Ah well. Enjoy the season. I certainly won't until Bergevin is fired.
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    Matteau, Crisp, Johnston, Hanley, Thrower, Macmillan all bye bye.
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    Questions eh; Will Hudon or McCarron be a NHL regular by the end of the year? Odds Scherbak will ever be a NHL regular? Where will McNivan and Fucale start the season? Which AHL rookie do you think should do best this year ? Juulsen, Addison, Bourque, McNivan? Not sure what ailment Reway had, but is the poor kid now highly unlikely to play NHL or even pro-hockey anymore? Bergy seemed to like Lernout, should he spend another full year in AHL or be one of 1st injury call ups, play low minutes and have press box time like Pateryn?
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    Yah...one series win against the Bruins three years ago. That was the apex of Bergevin's Habs. Forgive me for not dancing naked in the streets.
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    The funny thing about comparing Nill and GarbageBin is that Nill did two things this offseason Bergevin couldn't do: sign a top-9 center (Hanzal), and sign Radulov. Not the best argument to pick.
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    I think he also picked up the more cost effective dman in methot vs Alzner
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    I had yet another long response to this but decided to delete it. I'm done, have fun on this topic. I don't know how much I have to repeat myself. If a fan base can't appreciate the results that have been had, then maybe that fan base doesn't deserve them.
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    In same time frame 25 or so other GMs also have same amount of cups, so you would have them all fired?