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    http://www.tsn.ca/canadiens-to-charge-fans-for-physical-season-tickets-next-season-1.810653 A disgusting nickel-and-dime move by the organization IMO.
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    I think before going nuts on Shaw, consider how he played once Julien got here. If can play like that all season, I don't anyone will be complaining about that deal by next summer. OR, he really only gets going close to playoff time and then he's slightly overpaid. As for the Hemsky, I really don't see the point of even considering him in the top 6. Pacioretty-Galchenyuk-Drouin (27-72 interchangeable) Lehkonen-Danault-Gallagher Byron-Plekanec-Hemsky Shaw-Mitchell-Martinsen/McCarron
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    Because he is a sandpaper guy that had Stanley cup experience who put up decent amount of points and can play any position in f needed. I don't think anyone knew he would be battling concussions all year which is unfortunate. I know a lot of people are griping over his cap hit but how much is he really overpaid by? 9 K?
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    Who wouldn't have? However, there's a significant difference in trade value between those two.
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    It's always better to give people a discount for going electronic over charging them for paper.
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    It is not a matter of putting the costs back in their pocket, it is more of a moral principal, the team will charge you an excessive amount for paper tickets because the of the unnecessary luxury of it for the sake of a souvenir, comes at a great cost to the environment. To deter more senseless environmental abuse going forward, they are somewhat "penalizing your pocket" for penalizing the environment for a luxury, and they deem the cost to this unethical practice is 150$+tax. I would bet they give the proceeds of that extra cost to Environment Protection organizations at the end of the year, as some of the other sports teams have been doing who also charge a fee for this. This is far more about doing something for the environment because you are in a position where you can, rather than trying to mitigate costs of producing paper tickets. Personally i've evolved with the rapid technological advancements, I try to use my phone for every convenience it allows, from online banking to movie ticket purchases to in store purchases. I'm glad I have less mail, i'd rather get a text when a bill is due than opening mail. I'd rather buy a movie ticket on my phone and just walk right in to the show, rather than go wait in line for 15 minutes for a couple pieces of paper that get ripped up anyway. Not only is paperless the right thing to do, it is also hassle free and actually more convenient 99% of the time. This is just another instance where people just need to evolve with the changing times, it is for the better anyway, in many ways.
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    Is the monetary cost of printing 41 tickets (plus preseason) and mailing it really $150 + tax though? I can understand a bit of a surcharge but that much seems excessive.
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    Yes, need offense more than a teenage rookie d-man. Vast majority are happy to see how good Drouin will be and with trade overall. 2nd rounder is null if Sergachev plays next year. And you are complaining Drouin is overpaid?
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    Curious what Jerabek will bring? He had good offense in Czech league, was d-man of year and put up same offense in KHL last year. Can he be a 2nd pairing guy perhaps? http://habsprospects.com/jerabek.html
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    Questions eh; Will Hudon or McCarron be a NHL regular by the end of the year? Odds Scherbak will ever be a NHL regular? Where will McNivan and Fucale start the season? Which AHL rookie do you think should do best this year ? Juulsen, Addison, Bourque, McNivan? Not sure what ailment Reway had, but is the poor kid now highly unlikely to play NHL or even pro-hockey anymore? Bergy seemed to like Lernout, should he spend another full year in AHL or be one of 1st injury call ups, play low minutes and have press box time like Pateryn?
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    LEADERSHIP That, plus anything that ever wore a Blackhawks sweater gives MB a chubby.
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    Me too. RNH is overpaid, but he could be the solidifying #2C this team needs. Then one of Galy or Drouin can be the main offensive pivot, while RNH can add secondary attack and good two-way play. Danault goes to the third line where he belongs. Meanwhile, EDM gets an agitator who is just what the doctor ordered for a team with Cup aspirations, and a draft pick that Whack-a-Mole will only squander anyway. Good trade all around.
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    Yeah, that's the main reason they're doing this They should also start selling programs and just making them available on mobile devices.
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    you're dreaming if you think Hemsky is a viable top 6 option and RNH has done squat during his career in Edmonton.
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    He's overpaid by $1.5 to $2m and there is no way we should be giving a 6 year term to a grunt like Shaw unless we are getting him at a discount. It's stupid to overpay AND give term to him.