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    They're citing an interview where the person being interviewed admitted that he wasn't sure which team Jagr's agent talked with. That's not really anything newsworthy. And boy, that site really believes in click bait headlines, wow...
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    Danault earned his top 6 spot last season, he did nothing to deserve being moved to wing on the 3rd line. I don't want him to be a top line center, but I have no problem with him offering 40+ points a season from the second line. He showed he could play with some quality wingers, do the dirty work for his line and compliment different type of players in valiant fashion. Though I do like a lot of different combinations I see suggested, If i had to pick one to start with as experiment #1 i'm sticking with this to see how it goes. Pacioretty - Galchenyuk - Drouin Lehkonen - Danault - Gallagher Byron - Plekanec - Hemsky Hudon - McCarron - Shaw Alzner - Weber Schlemko - Petry Streit/Jerabek - Benn