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    Just wondering maybe MB could get JT for a discount today πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”
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    It’s happening!!!!!
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    The team might have a few holes.... but even cup winners have holes in the cap era. The Penguins defence is not good. The Blackhawks never had a second line centre on any of the three cup winners. The Bruins team that won had no PP The Kings didn't have enough offence. Last 8 cup winners, you can find a hole in all of them. Its the cap era. No team is perfect and no team has zero weakness. You don't find the late 70s habs anymore. That said, this team is missing pieces to be a cup contender, but its less than most people here seem to think.
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    Contenders who are looking to add pieces like a Price or a Weber, usually don't have expendable players on expiring contracts. Most teams (except Ottawa apparently) want to upgrade by adding to their team, not removing a piece to get a slightly better piece. Sending that piece to us also means we get less in terms of value in the rest of the deal which is not ideal. These are HIGH VALUE players. The way to sell them is to maximize the number of bidders on them and start a bidding war, not limit your suitors to teams with cap space or with an expendable expiring contract. That limits the market. Its all about supply and demand. You want to maximize demand.
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    I also think along the same lines. I believe the biggest need is for two solid top 4 D; and a top 6 player to play like we expected Chucky to play .., if he has plateau'ed I miss Markov too. That was a mistake
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    It depends on the quality of that #1 Center. A Tavares would bring much more than a Nugent-Hopkins (who would be a #1 on this team.)
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    Commandant, I hope it will be Tavares-Drouin-Danault this summer
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    Well yes, because moving Pleks and replacing him on the team with anyone from the AHL takes the center depth on this team from "worst in the league" to "even worse than worst in the league". And it is tanking. Making yourself worse on purpose is tanking. Just because others have burned their teams (and organizations) to the ground to get a better draft position doesn't mean the Habs have to to be a worse team tomorrow than they are today.