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    But man. If he doesn't do this, are you going to angrily post next year about how he didn't do it?
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    It's true, but this has a whiff of the John Leclair deal to me. Put a very talented young player in an "ideal situation" and he can blossom into a star-cum-superstar. I think the optimists may be looking at it the wrong way. Sergachev is 19 years old playing a position that generally takes guys three or four years to master at the NHL level. And he is already a top-4 defender. And you can say, 'well, he's on a powerhouse.' Sure. But an organization as strong as TB would not put a 19-year-old in its top 4 unless that kid forced his way into that position. In other words, Sergachev has earned a top-4 spot on the best team in the game. At 19 years old. That is MUCH more impressive than a 22-year-old Drouin producing mediocre numbers while artificially being gifted a #1C slot on a crap team. A solid case can be made that it looks as though we traded a future Norris-trophy-calibre defenceman for a run-of-the-mill top-3 FW who is not even a natural C. That would be an absolutely terrible trade.
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    T-shirt guy really brought it...if only more Habs put this level of effort in:
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    Pic credit: 'Going To ReHab' on habseyesontheprize
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    We used to be the Montreal Canadiens.
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    Holy christ really? You think every GM in this league doesn't think Pacioretty isn't a change of scenery away from being his 35 goal scoring self? Just because a guy who has scored 30 goals 4 years in a row has a rough couple months doesn't mean he is suddenly worth a Connor Sheary..
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    Tampa Bay has only played 37 games so far so no, he's not there quite yet.
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    he's also got an idiot GM that traded away a bunch of picks AND a popular productive centre for Duschane. Another steal for Nashville, along with finally a decent trade by the 2nd worst gm in hockey (given the haul Sakic just got, guess who i think is the worst GM now)! Dorian trading for Duschane is kind of like our idiot GM trading away Subban in what at best can only be considered a lateral move - unless you actually look at what he accomplished in Nashville vs what Weber has done in Montreal.
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    Finally, an attribute Moron Marc can deliver on!
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    If he can just upgrade that 4th line a little bit more...
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    Patches will have huge value on the market, I have no doubt at all. Of course our GM will probably turn him into some plug like Milan Lucic
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    Anyone else see the t-shirt worn by the guy behind Julien?
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    Patches has more value than Connor Sheary... lets stop the madness.
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    I can't believe I'm about to say this, but I strongly disagree about Deslauriers, as he has been one of our best players on most nights during the past month. And that, I suppose, sums up the state of affairs in MTL at the moment.
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    Spot-on about the players' performances. Not sure about the panda variety though, as they eat mostly bamboo shoots and as a result probably have a pretty mild aroma to their excrement. Substituting pandas for a species that produces a more vile manure would better describe Max's game at the moment.
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    Not caring is not the explanation for everything. Its the laziest analysis. But its one you do every time. It has nothing to do with caring. He's 35 now, he's lost a step, he's just not as good as he used to be, and he doesn't create time and space to get his shot off that he used to. An example of Bergevin not replacing this team's centre depth when he needed to. But it has nothing to do with the player not caring. There are very few players in the NHL who don't care. You don't make it to that level of hockey without being an ultra competitive person.
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    Plekanec turned into Lars Eller DON, isnt that enough!!
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    This team might not score again this season
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    Whoever decided that hockey game should be played outdoors deserves to be shot. Two fast, skilled hockey teams and we took all the skill and fun out of the game. Compare that to last year's gold medal game and its night and day.... Last year was a tremendous hockey game.... that game was shit.
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    Man we all knew goals would be hard to come by this year but this is pathetic. Plekenec too me just seems like he doesn't care.
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    Maybe admin can remove for you? Post is just over the top, that's all, don't be too embarrassed.
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    Habs not in a position to sell. Players value at rock bottom.
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    Buffalo would be crazy to trade o'reilly for pacioretty. Right now if Pittsburgh is interested all they'd get is Connor Sheary.
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    with Oli Maata as well but nothing more for an 8 goal scorer.
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    Coming from the guy who has taken a shit on Pacioretty's game, every game for not just this season, but each of the past four years too... that analysis means little.
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    The trade looks like a disaster right now, I don't know if it will be though. Sergachev is ready faster than I thought he'd be after watching him in Windsor. He's also well protected but of course he is, Tampa is a smart organization. Drouin has the weight of a franchise on his shoulders to become a first line centre when he's never been able to be a centre at any level in the NHL. It's an unfair situation. But if Drouin moves to the left wing and becomes a 60-70 point winger, will it matter? We still traded a necessary position for an unnecessary one, just because Bergevin was convinced Drouin would become a 1C immediately.
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    Sheary has 10...they might argue that Maata is too big a throw-in at this point.
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    I think you have to send a highlight package of Max's goals the past 4 seasons to GMs to remind them at this point....just to make sure they remember.
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    Not every game...just for the full 1/4 or 1/3 of the season that he takes off and contributes nothing. Cry about it some more...I don't care. You're a hardcore Pacioretty nut-hugger...I get it. Your opinion means just as little to me.
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    Yeh! We only gave up a future #1 dman who as a 19 year old is a solid #4, for a guy who looks like he will just be. A good top 6 winger.