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    Could add Davidson to the list, apparently. I was sad to see Barberio go. Pateryn kind of did himself in. This underlying pattern here is that Bergevin is stuck in an old-school mindset and doesn't listen to his analytics department. We need a modern, forward-thinking management regime, but unfortunately Montreal might be the most difficult place to implement one.
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    This team's prospect cupboard is a lot better than you give it credit for. Blue Chips Poehling is having a fantastic season for an 18 year old in the NCAA. Josh Brook looks amazing in Moose Jaw right now. Mete is far better than you are giving him credit for. A level Scherbak has found his game in Laval. Noah Juulsen looks like a top 4 D. Lindgren, McNiven, Hawkey, and Primeau all look good as goalies, but goalies are voodoo, and who knows, but with 4 good ones, one is bound to turn out. B Level Will Bitten has 27 points in his last 17 games. Cale Fleury, Jared Tsyzka, are both having strong seasons. Both could use defensive work. Jake Evans looks great as a senior in the NCAA Third Level Ikonen is playing against men and struggling a bit. Vejdemo is having his best season yet in Sweden. Lernout is a bit of a question mark, but earned a call-up. I'd like to see more from Scott Walford but he's still been decent. Better defensively than offensively. Longshots Gregoire and Audette have had flashes, but are probably not going to be NHLers. A really nice draft, along with big development years from Mete, Bitten and Scherbak make this pool look much better than it did a year ago. Its a big improvement. Add to that 4 picks in the top 62 in what should be a good draft this year.
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    Oh. So you know what Bergevin's definition of leadership is. Kassian, Radulov, Vanek, Drouin, Gonchar, Semin, Weise, Petry all fit that old school character model. This "character" and "leadership" talk does nothing more than keep uptight Habs fans happy for a moment, as they think about how much they hate the general manager. It's no coincidence that every single person who brings up this character and leadership thing vehemently disliked the Subban deal. There's nothing more to the comments than that. I don't like Bergevin, but I don't make up reasons to dislike him.
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    I wouldn’t call Sergachev a cast off for sure, although Barberio and Pateryn got the bill better. Still, Bergevin certainly seems to prioritize a far different type of defenseman from the “modern” puck moving type most teams are prioritizing.
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    There's no need to start a second thread on the exact same topic so I've moved this to the original thread.
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    I'm agnostic on CJ (although that our three most talented offensive players are all struggling under his reign really does suggest a fundamental problem). But I completely agree on MB. I though we'd hired a GM who understood the new NHL. Turns out he is exactly the opposite - an old-school fool.
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    All these players probably wasn't the right choice of words. Mostly referencing subban
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    Teams don't let assistant GMs leave midseason. Brodeur (or BriseBois, or any other person currently working for an NHL team) would have to be an offseason move.
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    Simply BS! He has offered contracts to many UFAs who arnt from Quebec. In bigger deal was Weber French, did it matter? Does he mind he is from Quebec, of course not, but Yzerman didn't draft him 3rd because he was French.
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    I suspect Weber will be fine, and I love the idea of the trade, but doubt Ottawa will be stupid enough to do it. Anyway, MB probably thinks Weber is better than Karlsson.
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    A team of that collapses like the habs is when they are scored in is devoid of any leadership and character- oh wait; isn’t that what every move MB ever made was supposed to address???
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    Julien mentioned in the preseason that the team was learning new systems and that for some time they would perhaps be overthinking too much. I completely believe all of this is possible. Whether or not the team should have been accustomed to all these changes by now or whether or not “over coaching” is actually an issue altogether are where the debates arise. I haven’t loved him at any moment in particular since his (re)arrival but I expected the team to struggle this season so it’s hard to differentiate the two. What I did is expect, based solely on Julien’s comments this preseason, was that the team would get better as the season went on, due to him as a coach. Barring the injury excuse, if we don’t get better as the season progresses, and it’s progressing, that’s on Julien.
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    Again, that only mainly refers to the Weber trade and it’s not true that he’s done squat anyway. Danault is leading the team in points give or take even if I don’t like him so that’s another acquired role player who has achieved. Shaw isn’t far behind him. The Brian Giontas, Hall Gills, Scott Gomezs Travis Moens et al. were all acquired by our previous regime(s). The main argument should be whether or Bergevin has succesfully acquired players with great leadership qualities and experience. Not that he has targeted these players and that the experiment has failed. Karl Alzner is also quite bad, unless he’s surrounded by a powerhouse offense of a team, but I don’t specifically believe he was brought in for his character, having previously been on a perennial underachiever... and that’s not a trade anyway.
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    Markov is the definition of leadership in whatever way he wanted to show it. So we can’t say Bergevin targets these players and then argue when he lets them walk. We got Benn for Pateryn. I think Pateryn had good character but his wife made comments. Benn for Pateryn isn’t a terrible trade off. Ott had been known for attempted murder in the past, so while I was nicely surprised by him, I don’t think he would be the greatest model for a character based player. Davidson was for Desharnais and King was brought in for size more than anything, although he is the closest comparison to a Moen type. We can argue that he’s made bad moves and we can argue that he’s failed to address a lack of leadership but outside of one trade, it’s not as though he has targeted leadership and failed while doing so.
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    If Jonathan Drouin LW the 3rd overall pick of 2013 draft out of QMJHL turns into Jon Draper LW 3rd overall pick of 2013 draft out of WHL, does the Sergachev for Draper/Drouin trade still happen?