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    Im personally just shocked hudon hadnt scored more. Regularly impressed by his play. Same with Lehkonen... but my eyes could be bad as I regularly think Small Paul is the best hab on the ice :))
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    1) He's not a centre, so who is watching him with blinders on. He's played 2 games at centre all season and 0 games at centre last season (AHL included). So yeah, when you call him a centre, you show just how little you actually know about Hudon. 2) I think Hudon is already, right now, a very good third line winger. Duclair had an excellent rookie season, but has had some bad years since then. I'm not sure he's better than a third liner either.
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    Getting pretty desperate if you start bring facts and cogent arguments into the discussion aren't you? I never do!
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    Just a thought that has been bugging me. How come the Penguins are sucking as bad as Montreal this year but we don;t hear talk of them trading Crosby or Malkin yet we all are talking about trading Price and Pacioretty? This teams roster is not that far removed from the one that placed near the top last year. Take the season as a right off, draft high and move forward. Don't be stupid and blow up the core or ditch your best youngsters. Relax, it is a bad season, we had one a few years back, went top to bottom scored Gally then went back to top. Deal with it.
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    Sounds good to me; the experience of playing at the olympics will be better for Mete than toiling in Laval with the bumbling coaching staff there.
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    If we can't get a top -C for Patches then we should add to so it gets done. For me, if we trade Max it has to be to address our #1 need, a #1 centre. Add to it, do whatever is necessary but don't settle for a winger, if we move Max we must get back a #1 Center.
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    Isn't that what happens already when a player is traded from Canada to the US or vice versa?
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    So maybe this is the new and best way to develop our young players. Allow them to learn with the World Juniors and Olympic programs, avoid time in the AHL with SL, and then have them return to us much better prepared and developed and ready to jump in.
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    There is no such thing as a clause that would void a contract if something outside of the control of the player were to happen. Such a clause wouldn't be legal in the CBA. If something like that happened and a player wanted out that badly, there could be a mutual contract termination if a trade can't be made though.
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    First of all, in positing a Patches for Nuge deal in other threads, I've noted that EDM would have to add a quality prospect or some other inducement. Second, Nuge is just an example. The point is that the Habs should be looking to move Patches for a top-C (or failing that, I guess, a top-3 W) ho is significantly younger - at least if they can't sign Tavares. And adding another quality young FW is not a lateral move, because it retools the core for years to come.
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    Duclair isn't worth anywhere near that much. He would be a terrible fit in Montreal. He has been called out by his coach in Arizona for wildly inconsistent efforts and a stubborn refusal to play the system. Tocchet also said recently he doesn't want to play him in the bottom six regularly as he'd be too much of a liability if he's not in a scoring role and as a result, he has been a healthy scratch (on a team much worse than Montreal) on multiple occasions already. He'd be in the doghouse with the Habs within a week. He's also just not that good; this isn't the rookie-year player you'd be getting. By the way, while the report of the trade request only came out yesterday, the actual request came back in November. Clearly, there isn't much of a market for him.
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    Pacioretty continues to take massive heat from media, and takes it away from his teammates, often placing blame squarely on his shoulders. He’s clearly trying his best when it comes to giving back to the community, for example his captain’s tournament raises hundreds of thousands a year. It’s also clear that he’s trying to lead by example in terms of being a good guy in the locker room, and keeping the right mind set (at least to the onlookers). I’m not saying he says the right thing every time, but it’s pretty clear that he’s trying, which is pretty damn important.
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    For those wondering what the likelihood is of the condition being met, Talbot played 73 games last season and has played 30 of 40 this season (but he was out a couple of weeks with an injury.) Edmonton has 4 8 more back-to-back games this season, and relief appearances do count against the total games played.
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    The only way he gets to UFA status after next season is if he has less than 28 NHL games at that time to get him to Group 6. He's already at 11 and should easily get 17 more between now and then. That would lock him in as an RFA for two more years.
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    That crazy save in OT...and a wall in the shootout...vintage Price.
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    Only made it home in time to watch the 3rd...but this is the best hockey that this team has played in a long time.
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    The issue is praising these guys as great shutdown defencemen when they are not that player. They are players who are doing well in their role.
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    some Beast news-Willie Corrin (D) sent from Laval to Brampton -Brampton D man Willie Dornbosch loaned to AHL Belleville -Patrick Spano, goalie and a Montreal native, signed with Brampton-played with Fayetteville and Knoxville of the SPHL this season -Vincent Dunn (F), loaned by AHL Belleville to Brampton (former Binghamton Senator)
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    Add Jake Evans to the B level. Gregoire is holding down the D/Fourth level as well.
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    Because the Habs have drafted 0 french players in the last two drafts. Because he overpaid Karl Alzner, cause he's french. Traded Subban for Weber due to the French factor... Oh wait, french had nothing to do with those moves.... I mean the other recent french moves involve trading for Danault (a win for Bergevin) and Deslauriers (another win for Bergevin) so no, I don't think its about the French factor.
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    Not really seeing the "stare down" metaphor, myself. Molson has all the cards. Not a single person in the media or the fanbase would be upset to see MB fired. What leverage does MB have? If Molson is waiting, it's not because Moron Marc is staring him down, but because he wants to wait, period.
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    There's something I'm trying to get a handle on concerning Dudley. I always thought he was a top evaluator of talent and I've heard some hockey people say that same thing about Bergevin. So, realistically, how do explain the mess we find ourselves in right now. I'm saying this because of the thought of perhaps using Dudley as a temporary or permanent fill in/ replacement for MB. My guess is that Dudley is in the inner circle and, again a guess, that he and Bergevin must spend a lot of time evaluating their team and potential players they would like to get. So how do end up with Mark Street, Ales Hemskey, Carl Alzner, Joe Morrow and players like Charles Hudon and Lehkonen playing at times, on the first line? Why do we have so many players playing out of their position? Why have we seemed to have digressed in our talent over the past few years? I honestly can't figure out or understand how long term hockey men, supposed experts, like Bergevin and Dudley could get us to this place.
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    Yzerman drafted Drouin because he was French, just to deal him to Habs? Unlikely I think. Never heard any other offers Stevie had. But, gotta call BS again and you know you know nothing about who and what was offered by any other teams, do you?
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    When are people going to start saying that Bergevin should have not hired Claude Julien as head coach? Recycling past coaches never works for any team!
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    Carey is washed up... before his new contract even kicks in. (kidding!!!)
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    If you think Hudon is going to be a top 6 player in the NHL you need to take your habs blinders off. He is at best a 3rd line center.
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    God forbid you don't have the right mindset in the locker room.