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    Hindsight drafting can be done for any draft. Getzlaf was taken 19th overall so there were a few teams that missed on him between us and where he was picked. but you can do that with anyone. People say tampa has been a great drafting team. Was taking Slater Koekkoek ahead of Filip Forsberg a good pick? what about Brett Connolly over Jeff Skinner and Mikael Granlund? both top 10 mistakes by tampa. which is why you can't judge drafting by taking one pick or two picks and going, we should draft this guy, instead of that guy. You have to look at the whole thing. 2003-2007... Timmins is averaging 3-4 NHLers a draft, and gets legit star talent in guys like Price, Streit, Halak, Pacioretty, Subban, McDonagh. this is amongst the best drafting in the NHL. 2008-2011... Drafting is poor, part of it is a lack of picks though... only legit talent is Gallagher and Beaulieu. 2012 - 2016... Drafting is looking pretty strong to be honest, as seen through a lot of the article. But that is how to evaluate it, stretches of years... not individual picks. Every team makes bad individual picks.
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    Cant say I have seen any goalie simply stop the pucks like Hasek did for couple years there.
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    I think all the older vets should be up for grabs. If Eller and Shaw each got 2 2nd rounders Byron, Pleks should get good returns, Benn, Shlemko and Petry should be shopped as well. Casperetty should get similar return as Dueschene galchenyuk (i'm not sure what to do with him) but you could trade him for a similar age and skill center
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    Which is why we'll be screwed having him eat up such a large portion of the cap for the next 8 years.