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    Actually I liked the Byron pick up and signing - saw plenty of him in Calgary and he was always a Dan favourite here. Am I surprised he scored 20 goals - definitely. He always had issues finishing here in Calgary- especially on breakaways - reminded me a lot of Russ courtnall. And I’ve always been supportive of signing depth players long term to cheap contracts - I actually wanted the habs to sign a blood and guts guy like Ryan white to a 3 or 4 year deal. Which in hindsight MAY have been a mistake - I still liked White a hell of a lot more than some of the players we replaced him for. i think to build a team you need to have consistency in your depth players and you should sign them long term as long as they are cheap contracts. What I hate is giving grunts like Alzner and Shaw the $ and term. Or even Prust who a lot of guys loved. Prust at 4 years for $1.4M I would have been okay with. Prust at close to $3m for years is stupidity. dont mean to sound smug, there hasn’t been much I’ve been wrong about with the decisions of this management team. Daneult was a pleasant surprise, but i still don’t want him as anything more than a 3rd liner. Him playing with maxpac is friggin ridiculous - particularly with galchenyuk on the 4th line
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    Never forget! #ParaykoToHabs2018!!! 1 like = 1 prayer
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    Like I said I hate McGuire. But he would have been fired 3 years ago. MB, I don’t get it??? Why does Molson have such a hard on for a guy who came out swing at strikes with most of his intitial moves (MT hiring, not hiring Robinson, Subban contract, Briere contract), - all of which I was critical at the time - so it’s not like I’m being critical now that they have been proven mistakes. But at the time it was like hab29 is always negative. What has this management team done that warranted optimism, by any rational fan?? those that were so supportive of the Subban trade, like MT, or thought the analytics showed that Julien is a great coach, how do you like where we are at now??
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    If pleks is back on this team next year, Molson should be forced to sell the team. Nothing against pleks, who was a good team guy, but this team needs complete change. There is a stench worse than manure from the current core that is management’s doing, but the players are the ones who wear it in the games.
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    I’d be doing the balki baltalkimous dance of joy
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    My point was that negative posts about this team should not be downvoted. A rational fan SHOULD be negative about this team. The team is boring and it's terrible. The entire organization is terrible. That's not "being negative," it's facing facts.
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    There was a time (around 2014) when the Habs seemed to me to be a "roll three lines" team. Sure, there were no superstars at FW, but we could roll wave after wave of good, fast, smart hockey players at you. Now, we still roll three lines of more or less interchangeable players, but they just aren't good enough. Where the sameness of the FWs once seemed a strength is now seems a weakness. As for the D, this seems like an excellent analysis: http://montrealgazette.com/sports/hockey/nhl/hockey-inside-out/analyze-this-canadiens-gms-gamble-thrusts-benn-into-ill-suited-role One indirect takeaway is that Alzner is simply not a top-4 defenceman. We have two guys who are legit top-4 d-men (Weber and Petry). The other guys may be serviceable if paired with either of those two, but simply cannot be other than second banana in a competent NHL pairing. So we're stuck with #5-6 guys thrust into top-4 roles. Ridiculous.
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    It's not just this year that the team's entertainment value has plunged...Bergevin needs to step out of his time machine and realize the game has changed. The team has 4 lines of basically the exact same players. I dont even want to get started on the defense. It literally might be the worst of all time.
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    What does he have to cheer about? We haven't had much to cheer about in a long time! The only thing we have to cheer about is the firing of our GM but I doubt that happens
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    I still think Julien is a good coach. The team had to many holes and they can't be plugged with coaching.
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    I hate McGuire with a passion and while I loved Roy the goalie, I don’t ever want to see him in a management position with Montreal. Having said that, sadly, yes I would take either of those two train wrecks than the plane crash we have as our current GM. Under Molson I also think that’s about the best we can hope for unless he suddenly grows a pair.
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    It’s been a long time since I’ve been able to watch an entire period without swearing, cursing MB, Molson, MT, or Julien before switching the channel. Last night, I chose to watch the Flash instead of the team masquerading as my Montreal Canadiens this season. And I’m someone who growing up refused to weddings and other important family events because there was a habs game on. MB has managed to do what even the unholy trinity of Corey-Houle-Tremblay couldn’t manage - make me stop caring for and hoping that the habs will turn it around. molson if he was any kind of leader would have fired our buffoon of a GM long time ago. Molson is now the new Ballard.
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    There is another option to Molson hiring a new team president. If he wants to maintain that title, go get a senior advisor that has been around the game for a long time that can offer his input when needed on important moves but not be involved in the day-to-day operations, similar to what Scotty Bowman is doing in Chicago or Bob Gainey in St. Louis (I thought he was still in Dallas but apparently he has been with the Blues since 2014). That senior advisor would offer up advice to Bergevin (or a new GM if a change is made) but be more independent than the AGMs or scouts that Bergevin has brought in himself. Doing something like that may be all that's needed if Molson insists on keeping the president title.
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    Who would he use the cap space on? By the time Markov said, "Later dude" there wasn't anybody left worth signing, and the' Habs nearly empty prospect cupboard wasn't bringing any high-priced talent in trades.
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    No kidding! Tragedy becomes farce at a certain point
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    I don't believe he kept the cap space for the tavares basket. I believe he ####ed up and thought markov would take his deal at a home town discount and when Markov didn't that there was no one else worthy of signing.
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    I'm with you, and I confess that I find it very hard to give a rip about the sorry-arsed bunch of sad-sacks bumbling their way through the rest of the season. The games that I do watch are watched out of some vague sense of duty rather than any joy or expectation of entertainment value. My main emotions watching them are low-level disgust and resignation. Very much what the more intelligent species of Leafs fan must have felt all those years. Like they always say, ya gotta sell hope. There's no hope on the horizon right now. If Bergevin got fired, there'd be hope. If we had exciting rookies on the team, there'd be hope. If core pieces are dealt for exciting young talent, there'd be hope. If we win the draft lottery, hope. But until something like that happens, we are just watching a broken shell of a hockey team filled with the same old faces of failure. I live in Vancouver, and as much as the Canucks suck, at least they have Brock Boeser to get behind. Right now, Habs fans have nothing.
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    I said last year that the team and the fan base are starting to resemble what the leafs used to be. Blindly cheering for and supporting management lose, lose, or lose and was criticized for the posts and making the leafs comparasions. The sad thing is the leafs are positioned to become a respectable, elite franchise the habs used to be, while we are positioned to become the new original 6 laughing stock embarrassing door mats. But yep, MB was right on he money in the great moves he made, because we are soooooo much better than we were under Gauthier.🙄