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    It's the matchup that CBC was surely hoping for when this game was originally scheduled - Curtis McElhinney vs Charlie Lindgren. No Carey Price. No Frederik Andersen. No Auston Matthews. No Max Pacioretty or Shea Weber. No Leo Komarov or Nikita Zaitsev. What a captivating matchup this will be...and if you don't think so, the word matchup will be drilled into our heads all night from Jim Hughson and Craig Simpson as without so many star players, you can be assured that matchups will be the forced narrative as Claude Julien and Mike Babcock try to outmatch the line matching. Puck drop is around 7:15 and if it's the usual anthem singer in Toronto for this one, you'll want to keep it on mute until then.
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    I am enjoying 'Sassy dlbalr.'
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    Good start to the day for tankers.. Edmonton wins and moves three points clear, Buffalo wins and is only 6 back, Chicago loses which is good for our 2nd round pick, Hopefully Ottawa and Vancouver can find some points tonight. And Habs lose of course.
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    Mine wasn't either - I had to look up the list of sweater numbers.
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    Sens win and Wings lose, both now sit 1 point worse than Habs. All 3 teams with 26 wins.
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    Leclair was a monster in the playoffs in the last cup win. The following season, the habs brass kept moving him around too much. IMO the leclair trade was the start of a series’s of bad moves.
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    Mitchell played 78 games last season and at least some of the games he missed were as scratches. That at least covers the healthy part... In terms of healthy and productive, that's a lot trickier. Rod Langway maybe in 80-81 (45 points in 80 games)?
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    I second the motion. Do we have a third?
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    Shit team or not. I miss watching them by the time July hits.