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    It’s funny when you think about it. When talking about Alzner, Bergevin refers to how many people thought Chara was too slow a few years ago and it turns out he was just tired. His comment about Alzner is then that perhaps he was just tired this year, implying that he may not be too slow for the league. The topic later changes to our centers and one of the names that comes up is Eric Staal. Bergevin then states that it looked like he was done a few years ago. First he defends Chara and states that he wasn’t actually over the hill and that we can’t go by what people say in that respect. He also says that Alzner may have just been tired this year, sardonic or not. He then comments that Staal looked over the hill and everyone was saying the same thing. Why couldn’t Staal have been “just tired”?
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    I was looking for which centres could be had in a trade without emptying the club like Gauthier did I had sorted them by points and started arbitrarily after the "franchise" centres... I just wanted a few plausible candidates to trade for. I also did something similar for upcoming UFA centres... my is that either we keep Patches and fill the two LD holes or we rebuild. Trading the captain will not make this club a cup contender
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    Try it with a 48% and see what happens maybe. Commandants point was probably that filtering out centermen because of a few % in face offs isn’t a good way to evaluate available talent.
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    Bergevin did sound pretty bad in that interview, Melnick even slightly laughed at his last answer. I was surprised at the direct questions that were asked and also not please with the answers given
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    Sign Nick Holden Sign Paul Stastny Trade Pacioretty + draft pick for Jeff Carter Before I hear how old he is, we’re basically the youngest team in the league. Sign James Neal/JVR Neal - Carter - Gallagher Galchenyuk - Stastny - Drouin Hudon - Danault - Scherbak Deslauriers - Shaw - Lehkonen Holden - Weber Alzner - Petry Mete - Reilly/Schlemko Price Niemi
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    I can’t see anything fixed with this team until the biggest problem - it’s management is fixed. I had to hold off posting anything after yesterday’s ridiculous press conference. Is there anyone actually left that supports that moron MB???
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    I usually make these but this beauty came from reddit
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    I agree. MB radiates an arrogant smugness, which I could tolerate coming from an accomplished Cup-winning GM. But not from this bumbling clown. It's like when he chides us for wanting him to get a C by saying sure, he could destroy the franchise and the future to get a stud C, but he's too responsible for that, etc, etc.. In other words, he redefines the parameters in order to make the goal seem put of reach, then smugly derides the fans for not understanding that it's out of reach. Meanwhile in six years he has not acquired a SINGLE top-6 C. And pats himself on the back for it. Insufferable.
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    This is great news! The code has been cracked! We can continue to use Benn on first pair and expect excellent break out passes with a little better attitude. The exciting news is that we haven't seen the real Schlemko yet either so expect elite break out passes from him as well. MB was so close but just missed it with Character...What we really needed was ATTITUDE. What really gets me excited is Molson declaring how much better the food will be next year as well. The fans were upset this year and grumbled a lot and SURELY this was due to sub par hotdogs. I for one am excited about a better fan experience. We were 30th in scoring this year but that was due to Price having an off year. Price needs a better attitude and he will score more goals next season. We are on the right track, we shipped out the player with the worst attitude already. Subban hated to win and would never do what it takes to succeed. They were right about Galchenyuk too! that scrub does not have the proper attitude to play centre and he never will. May as well ship him out and laugh at the team that tries to play him there. Attitude has nothing to do with the coach however, I mean what do we expect CJ to do with such a sorry lot? I did not expect much from this presser but holy crap this was the worse one ever. MB is a delusional egomaniac and Molson is a buffoon for continuing to believe in him. Bring on the new batch of bottom pairing Dmen and bottom six forwards. This is a farce and I truly can't believe what has happened to our team. Everything lies on this years draft and hoping Tavares takes a big paycheck from us. God help us all
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    Fixed that for ya. Funny, how all three players had a year added to actual age, to try and make appear older perhaps?