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    BINGO! He is by far, by a country mile, the best trade chip to address the team's current needs. Nothing else comes close to being both replaceable internally, and valuable externally.
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    Think positionally. This team has W. The ONLY area where it has anything like depth is at W. Meanwhile, it has the weakest C configuration in hockey and a laughable dearth of puck-moving defenders on the left side. Patches is at the end of his tenure as a cheap contract and is entering a period of his career where he is likely to decline, long before his new contract expires. You have to trade from your area of relative strength to address gaping chasms in the roster.
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    Is it common sense for Carolina to trade Jeff Skinner?
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    All i see in that post is that ~25% of the top 40 scorers are over the age of 30. Which still tells me I don't want to bet a 7 or 8 year deal on Pacioretty.
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    Actually, I said that Price WILL BE 31 next year and that future tense, by the logic of the sentence structure, applied to the other ages as well. Next time mind your own frigging business instead of acting like an illiterate twat. Where I was wrong, however, was in forgetting about Drouin. He may or may not turn out to be elite - certainly this season did not impress - but he has to be considered a young guy with at least quasi-elite potential.
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    Honestly I don't see Shaw or Alzner going anywhere. Bergevin ego wont allow it. This is a retool fix not a rebuild. The only trade I see will be the Pacioretty deal, I don't think him and CJ see eye to eye with his style of play and CJ system he wants to coach. You can see it and read between the lines in Pacioretty press conference.
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    You're not the GM, so technically you wouldn't be trading the pick Bergevin would be 👊
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