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    Cool, so the Habs will finally get Hossa!
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    Some might say the fact that they always got scored on in bunches is a character flaw. Not being able to recover from adversity. If that is the case.... then the GM who preached character from day 1, and whose team in year 6 has a serious character flaw... should be fired.
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    A pointless lateral move at best, justified by complete balderdash about "character." Indeed, a big part of the reason that that trade was so enervating was precisely that it had absolutely zero to do with hockey and everything to do with an ossified management's ego. Other than that, it's been less about trading away talent for character and more about high-profile plodders like Alzner, Benn, and even Shaw, not to mention McCarron, bums like Ott and King, etc., without bringing in a critical mass of talented players to make us overlook his asinine self-justifications about "character" and "attitude."
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    Like I've said, Molson is allowing this circus to continue. Maybe this team should focus on talent. Get your top 6 and top 4 in place, then sprinkle in your "character" and "glue" players. Talent needs to trump all. I rememer Bobby Clarke talking about the era of the broad street bullies and how tough and scary they were to play against, but he also said those characteristics were basically just the cherry on the cake. The talent won games.
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    I think I'd like him in an AGM role, if he has real influence.
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    Tampa technically also has Peter Budaj and the man who was drafted but never played in Ryan McDonaugh. Gabe Dumont played seven regular season games. Winnipeg has Joe Morrow, who has played five playoff games. Vegas has Stefan Matteau, who played eight regular season games. He won't see a playoff game. Washington also has Jakub Jerabek who has actually played two playoff games.
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    I wouldn't touch anyone with a NMC unless they were going to be a vital part of the organization moving forward or their contract expired after this upcoming season. There is another expansion draft coming and those players will need to be protected (unless they waive they're NMC, which is unlikely). Otherwise, I would be all for acquire cap dumps with NMCs for additional assets.
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    Klefbom sure would make a nice addition playing along side Weber, a good Puck Mover playing with Weber is exactly the combination that would yield tremendous success for that top pair. Because it is so obviously a good fit for us, I am going to go ahead and predict we sit on our hands about it, and let the opportunity to balance our top pair in such a great way, slip on by.
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    Most players selected will be 18 and will be with CHL teams, in the NCAA, or in Europe next year. There wont be a logjam. By the time they are ready for laval, the prospects there now will either be in the NHL or out of the organization.
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    Done. I don’t want to give up gally that’s for sure. But if they really are in it for a cap dump, we should pounce. Klefbom is a great fit, on paper at least.
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    I think 2 seconds would do it. They want to dump the money. The whole point is dumping the contract. Habs pick plus washington pick. Or maybe Habs pick, plus 3rd, plus dlr.