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    I couldn’t actually careless about upvotes or downvotes. Most of the time I forget we even have that option here.
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    Honestly I enjoy this debate. I would say a lot of people do. They are the most interesting threads of the offseason. To me it's one of the better ones.
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    I can see which posters are up/downvoting and I can safely say it's number two with a side of some downvoting almost every post from a particular poster they dislike, seemingly regardless of content. Same here - that's basically what the system is for. Ideally, the hope is that there are more upvotes for quality posts and that we only see the odd downvote.
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    I have to admit, I liked the Lefebvre hiring originally - someone with AHL and NHL coaching experience which made a lot of sense. (It didn't take long for that enthusiasm to wane, however.) I think this is rather insignificant. He'll still probably do some of the day-to-day stuff like he was before but he'll have more of a scouting role this time around by the sounds of it. One of Bergevin's assistants will pick up any of the slack.