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    Combine bit; https://www.nhl.com/news/nhl-scouting-combine-day-1/c-298817550?tid=289593026
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    O'Reilly.... Cap Hit 7.5 Million.... career high in points 64 Johansen... cap hit 8.0 million.... career high 71 (500,000 more, but career high is over 70 points) Stastny.... cap hit 7.0 million... career high 79 (less money, higher career best season) Couture... cap hit 6.0 million... career high 67 (considerably less money 1.5 million, slight bit more points on career high) Duchene... cap hit 6.0 million... career high 70 Monahan... cap hit 6.375 million... career high 64 points (same points, less money, younger). He's paid more than all those guys (Except 1), and scores less than all those guys too (except 1 he tied). Also as for the buffalo comment, he also played on Colorado.... The same team where Duchene and Stastny had their career high. Monahan was on a bad team this year too. Johansen's career high was a bad columbus team.. But sure... Buffalo, where he's the number two and gets the easier matchups cause Eichel is their clear number 1. Would i turn up my nose at O'Reilly.... nope... but the deal better be good, cause he's not a franchise centre. He would be a strong #2, but he's not ideal as a top line centre. And he's paid a lot of money for a number 2. Its the same issue I had with Gomez. This is your number 1 centre? What team is it better than? In the division... Boston, Tampa, Toronto, Florida, Buffalo... all have clear better #1 Cs. .. not even a debate. Detroit... Larkin is emerging as a true #1, is a lot younger and had 63 points right now... O'Reilly might be better right here, right now... how much longer? Ottawa... Duchene was ahead of O'Reilly on the Colorado depth charts... In the conference Washington, Pittsburgh, Islanders, Philadelphia are clear better. If tavares stays with Isles its no contest. Barzal i would take over O'Reilly even if Tavares leaves. Devils have Hischier, he had 52 points as a rookie, O'Rielly is better now... how long. Columbus has Dubois... O'reilly better now... but Dubois had a nice 19 year old season... how long. Rangers, Zibanejad... okay O'Reilly is better... Have some prospects but I'm still going to give edge to O'Reilly Carolina.... okay O'Reilly is better. Have some prospects but I'm still going to give edge to O'Reilly So out of 7 teams in the division.... he is clearly behind 6, and the 7th is a young kid who is gaining fast on him. Out of the 8 teams in the other dvision.... he is behind 3,.... 2 have teenagers who had strong rookie years.... and 2 he's ahead of. This is my issue with the Gomez trade all over again. You are giving up assets, and paying a big contract, for a #1 C who is like 12th best in the conference as #1 cs go... and is behind a number of #2 Cs like Malkin, Barzal, Kuznetsov, Kadri, Trocheck etc... too. I'd do it, but only if its cheap. If we have to give up top assets, I wouldn't do it.
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    He's been very good for them this season. He put up only 25 points with them last season and was a black hole in the playoffs. I don't buy this is a new Eller. He is the same inconsistent third line centre. If he was consistent he'd be a top six centre. I honestly like Eller. He's a good guy to have on a club. I just also think he's an easy guy to replace and not someone you commit to. I also tire of the narratives of this unlocked potential he had that Therrien ruined. He's a good third line centre that doesn't belong in the top six unless you have an injury. Same role Danault should have now.
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    I like Drury, but I like him more with the Leafs and Capitals picks. There are better centres in the 30s IMO. Here's my list (done up to 60) http://lastwordonhockey.com/2018-nhl-entry-draft-headquarters
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    Maybe it was the loss of his attitude that got them through