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    Considering that ive seen stories today about brisebois being at the gp and another about pacioretty being at the gp but nothing on tavares and weber im calling fake news here. Tavares and weber being at this.event would have the local and national media talking... not just some random on reddit.
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    I think the pick in this case should be made based on the future make up of this team. As it stands right now, we don't need any wingers, we are growing them on trees. If Drouin sticks at center and Pacioretty is traded, then maybe you can justify picking Zadina. But we can't complain about the holes on this team and then at the same time complain about not filling them at the draft.
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    You have no idea how helpful his Character/Attitude and motivational cheers in the locker room, while wearing his suit because he is a healthy scratch, could have been. For all you know, those fundamentals he could have brought might have helped them beat Tampa in 6 and even swept Vegas.
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    The good thing in all this debate is there really isn't a catastrophically bad choice on the horizon, none of the kids being thrown around have a very good chance at all at being busts, we are merely knit picking who might be a slightly better NHL player at this point. Hughes could easily become a top pair LHD puck mover, while Zadina can easily become a 40+ goal scorer who gets his name in the mix for more than a few Maurice Richard Trophies. We should just be happy one of these players could be a part of our team in a few weeks, rather than splitting hairs wondering which one is the wrong choice. However I will say that I agree going against the grain very often, against a large pool of opinions is a dangerous game. The same opinions of many, are often times more correct than the same opinions of a few, the mindset of everyone is wrong but me, the path I see only I see, just trust me. That is a very dangerous state of mind to carry, a mindset many Leaders in human history used to bring their own civilizations to ruin. Its fine to have something you strongly believe in and follow on it once in awhile against all other advice or opinions, but going against the grain should be done very sporadically, the law of average is not on that side of it at all. Take who wants to be a millionaire for instance, how many contestants on that show end up being right when they choose against the grain of the Ask the Audience lifeline, versus how many end up being right when they go with the choice from the audience? If you took every very reputable pre-draft ranking group/site, and created a list that averages all their selections, and used that list, and all its many opinions, and blindly drafted the whole draft using only that list, it would undoubtedly have far more correct choices than wrong ones. The law of average is on your side at that point, THAT many expert opinions cannot be wrong about everything, going against the grain must always be a very calculated move, but once in awhile it can pay off huge. An open mind always sees the big picture more clearly, and I hope these guys go to the table in Dallas with an open mind, the immediate future of this team depends on this Draft being a big success.
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    He has to be a bust for us to clearly state that picking Zadina was a mistake instead of Hughes. It’s not about winger vs defenseman. It’s about the fact you won’t be able to compare their statistics due to a difference in position. If Hughes is a top 4 and Zadina is a top 6, it’s fine. If Hughes is a top pair and Zadina is a top 9, then Hughes should have been picked. You keep stating that lists can be wrong but that completely ignores the fact how often they are accurate and it’s also just because of your personal view on the topic. My point is that I doubt the Habs have Hughes as their 3rd pick, simple as that. I also think Zadina is the right choice at 3. Time will tell who they pick. Time will tell how the players pan out.
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    This draft just shows how many holes this team has.
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    I'm not surprised that changes are coming in the scouting department (I expect there will be more) but I thought we wouldn't see anything until after the draft. The last thing a team wants is to let someone with knowledge of even some of their draft rankings (he mentioned in a later tweet he helped shape the Ontario list but not the overall) go. If he gets scooped up by another team quickly, he could very easily give away some of Montreal's strategy.
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    I knew Lars Eller was clutch, but I didn't know he was Stanley cup winning goal clutch.