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    Well... good thing I'm already at a bar.
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    Looking forward to having Domi. Hate the trade.
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    I had some time at work today:
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    Well...he has fewer more vehement critics than me, but I'll pass on the Putin polonium strategy for getting rid of him, thanks.
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    Just blow it up all ready, no more of this torture.
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    I don't get it. Why trade Galy for another LW who seems to be no more talented or productive a player? What ACTUAL PROBLEM does this trade address? WTF?!?
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    Oh boy, where do I begin, I'll go at this from a Pros and Cons standpoint for me I guess. PROS: - Max Domi is another Gallagher type, Him and Brendan Gallagher on the team certainly adds a lot to the Tenacity and Energy in our top 6, ,definitely no floater shifts with these 2. Max Domi is essentially a playmaking Gallagher, with excellent speed, and the ability to make players on the ice with him better while he is out there, I like it a lot. - Max Domi comes with the baggage to understand this type of Market and how to navigate within it, how to be a Pro in a Huge Market like this is without a doubt of great value. Something Galchenyuk had already shot himself in the foot over. - Max Domi is a very high end skater, at least it shows me this team values the pace of the game has changed, and high end skaters are a commodity that cannot be overlooked anymore. - Max Domi saves us a good chunk on the cap, and allows us to retain him much longer than we would have retained Galchenuk, who was just waiting for UFA status to bolt out of here. CONS: - We traded a Top 6 forward, for something that was not a positional need, but merely a team dynamic need, a need that even if fulfilled, will never be seen by anyone but those within the locker room, privately. This is Subban for Weber all over again, a trade to help the locker room, to help the coaching staff, a dividend the general public will never see or know about even if it works, thus setting yourself up for waves of critics. - Galchenyuk was traded while his production of his last campaign was not near a pinnacle by any means, while his market value was low, because as Pierre LeBrun said on RDS today, his reputation is tarnished and mixed across the league. Therefore in my opinion, where we are all expecting Galchenyuk for some young Dman or Center, we can't even fetch that because his value at the moment is below that level of return. I Don't understand why we would pull the trigger on a deal while that is the case, we still had time to let him try to shell out a productive year next year to trade him while his value is potentially higher next summer, it was worth the risk to wait because you still have 2 guaranteed years of him here. - Stats wise, we broke even on point totals, lost on Goal totals, thus making no improvement on any stat sheet, with nothing more than a hope the change of scenery swings the pendulum of production our way going forward. - Again there is another move, that continues to show there is a disconnect in what this management wants to see on the ice, and what moves to make to get there. They want to add speed and better attitudes to the team, Great, Speed is a top of the food chain need now, great attitudes help you build team chemistry. How they go about achieving those things is mind boggling, the pieces being traded are not the pieces you should be using for organizational intangibles and individual skills, those pieces should be used to get positional needs, glaring holes in the structure of your Roster. We started this summer with 4 ways to fill our Positional needs, The Draft, Pacioretty, Galchenyuk, and Free Agency. We are now down to 3 ways, time ticking, and the only shot at a certainty for a fix, coming from the 3rd overall pick. Who knows what Pacioretty gets moved for now, and who knows what UFAs we land. In conclusion, This trade is a waste, Max Domi is an awesome player, I love the kid, I am sure we will all love him as much as we love Gallagher for the same reasons, but he doesn't fill a positional need, and he will likely never be a high end point producer, thus making this trade a waste. I am not going to say the trade is horrible, because Domi is awesome, but I will say I don't like the trade because we wasted one of our few chips, for something that didn't fix what we needed to fix. At least in my mind, the attitude and character on this team does not outweigh the positional holes we have to fill, and for that reason, I don't like this trade.
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    I don't like the trade, but over the years I've decided that Chucky is a slightly better version of ak46. I may be wrong, but my gut tells me that there are some issues between the ears. Which raises the question, "What are the canadiens doing to help players with the mental side of their performance? Whether its confidence, anxiety, learning issues, substance dependant etc..."
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    I hope chucky has a huge season at centre and Molson finally realizes that his GM is a moron.
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    Its not that...... The reason why you're trading galchenyuk is because he can't fill the whole at center like you thought he could. So why trade him for the same problem? Thats why everyone is having a hard time with this trade. If Domi was a true center I think everyone would like this trade. But it doesn't solve any of our needs.
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    He played wing in juniors basically his whole time there. It wasn't injuries... its just his spot. He's a wing.
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    After sleeping on it and thinking a bit more I’m starting to think it’s not as bad as I first thought. They both have similar production and Chuck is a year older, they will try to get Domi on a cost controlled contract I assume. Could be very wrong but I always liked Domi. It’s not like he doesn’t have any skill and he is fast which is kind of what the Habs have been saying about trying to get faster overall.
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    I really don’t know what to make of this deal. I saw it last night before bed. But was so high I forgot about it until just now. I think that that both of these players will benefit from the change. But why? What is the real difference between these two? It must really be about attitude, because they will get the same amount of points. I actually think that Domi is a smarter hockey player. While Galchenyuk is probably more skilled. In the end it would have been nice to get something extra like another second rounder. That being said, I can’t wait for Domi to scrap Rob Ray again....oh wait
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    All the hype about Chucky being so much better, more gifted, better scorer.. yet both players have identical 0.61pts per game. As I said earlier, it’s early in the off-season, let’s see what the team looks like for game 1.
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    I will add Domi to my favorite hab players but its not because this is a good trade but because I like Domi as a player. Domi and Gallagher on same team sure will bring a lot of character. 😋
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    I received Habsworld email announcing this new thread and was hoping it was someone throwing out a flyer for discussion. Then I checked the news...then OMG the nightmare became reality. 😱. Mr. Molson this s***show is now on you. When a dog bites someone, you can't blame the poor dog as he doesn't know any better - you blame the Owner. Time to take MB out behind the shed.
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    Seriously????? With how we used chucky it’s not a big loss??? The morons running the team needed to be dumped, not galchenyuk!!!
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    Let's all give as alfredoh a hand for correctly predicting a Galchenyuk trade to Arizona. He wanted Strome but... close enough?
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    It could be worse, we could have gotten Tie Domi.
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    As far as I am concerned, this one is on Molson. He had all the reason in the world to let MB go, and what does he do--- KEEP HIM ?????
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    It's not working, but keep trying There's nothing to 'understand.' MB is the dumbest GM in hockey, that's all there is to it.
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    I think the average 12 year old Playstation GM would make better trades...not even joking.
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    Nah, he's just making the team 'younger and faster.' Never mind about making it better. Marx said that history repeats itself, the first time as tragedy, the second as farce. When we traded PK, I was appalled, dismayed, horrified...but this trade just cracks me up. When they said MB was a practical joker, I never dreamed the joke would be on US.
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    I have a rumour for you: Phoenix will play Alex Galchenyuk at C and be rewarded by impressive offensive production.
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    I'm with you, boys. This is even worse than I thought - the franchise will be scorched earth by the time MB is fired. We really are the new Ballard Leafs.
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    If theres something lower than rock bottom I think we just hit it.
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    Noooooooo! Get Chychrun, swap draft picks, do something more than just a straight one for one
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    I'm getting close to walking away from this team as long as Bergevin is GM...what a steaming pile of dogshit of a trade.
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    How so? Shaw has minimal value right now with his injury troubles, Alzner has negative value at this point probably, Schlemko was only worth a 5th last year and was coming off of a better season, Benn's maybe worth a 3rd, while McCarron is worth less than that. Basically, the two second-rounders are the best pieces out of your package and those alone probably won't get a top-four left d-man.
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    We might be able to get Mike Hoffman for cheap. Then we just have to convince him to dump his girlfriend.
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    Polonium...even better! More pain and suffering, much like we fans have had to endure and will surely endure next season also. Why didn't I think of that? I had forgotten that I changed my avatar to Putin as a result of that thread, actually...thanks for the reminder
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    What is left? Praying he has a massive heart attack, or misses a corner at high speed? We have a moron owner who knows NOTHING about hockey that refuses to fire one of the worst GMs in the league, and will allow him to dig the hole even further. An act of God is our only chance. FFS
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    I hope he dies. Soon. Faulty breaks, a sinkhole, a small meteorite...something and SOON for the love of God, before he does any more damage than he already has. It's the only hope, because our feckless owner won't fire the dumb motherf**ker.
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    To those who downvoted me when I suggested MB deserved to be thrown from the box he was in to his death last season...you can kiss my a$$. I was right...the proof keeps piling up.