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    With the interview period Montreal probably was already told there was no shot at Statsny. When you look at the rest of the free agents there weren't that many that are appealing and instead of sitting on $8m+ in cap like last year they decided to use it. They basically got Armia and 2 draft picks for cap space(they wouldn't be able to use) and Simon Bourque.
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    Anyone has a chance to play center this year. With Tavares out, seemingly this move is for Statsny, ROR trade falling through, Bozak is the remaining center i'm aware of who has played top 6 minutes How many wingers can one team have? This year is lose for hughes
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    You lost a year cause owners couldnt stay within a budget without rules that force them to.
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    I'm hoping the reported four-year, $3M+ per year offer Vancouver has on the table dampens Bergevin's interest in Roussel.
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    Armia was a guy that liked quite a bit in his draft year. He hasn't done as well as I thought he would in the NHL, but I still like this pick up. Mason is an interesting one as well. I hope they hang on to him to be honest. He's one of those goalies that has a good/solid season, followed by a bad season and then a good/solid season again. There could be some trade options for him out there. Buffalo - Ullmark is the only NHL experienced goaltender signed in Buffalo right now. Lehner was not qualified and Johnson is a UFA. Calgary - Could be looking for an upgrade over Rittich. Carolina - Darling is the only NHL caliber goaltender under contract in Carolina right now. Dallas - Only has Bishop and Landon Bow under contract as of now. Desrosiers is an RFA. Detroit - Jimmy Howard is the only NHL goaltender under contract. Not sure if they plan on playing Rybar as the backup? Los Angeles - Could be looking for an upgrade over Campbell or Budaj. Minnesota - Could be looking for an upgrade over Stalock. Islanders - Could be looking for a platoon goaltender to play with Greiss. I'm thinking they're looking for a legit starter though. Rangers - Lundqvist and Mazenec are the only two NHL experienced goalies under contract. Mason would be an upgrade over Mazenec. Pittsburgh - Not sure if Mason would be an upgrade at the backup position or not. DeSmith did alright and Jarry is challenging him. Mason would bring more experience though. St. Louis - Hutton is a UFA and will likely look for a starting job somewhere. Binnington is an RFA and the only other goaltender with NHL experience (He played 1 game). Washington - Copley (2 NHL GP) is slated as the backup. Maybe the Caps look for a bit more experience to defend their title. There are quite a few notable goaltenders in free agency as well. Most of them have either lost their starting jobs or have not been up to the task. They're in a similar position to Mason. Some of these teams will clearly fill the holes through free agency and some will go with youngsters. However there could be some teams that are interested in a cap retained Mason as a backup.
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    Lehkonen Kotkaniemi Ylonen Ikonen & Armia. Sudden shift from Russian to Finnish..
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    I like the recent direction but am still skeptical of this mgmt team. This has been an offseason of positive change so far, and moves showing an actual plan for long term improvement. I like that. Like I said though, skeptical. Hope is rising however ever and I have come to realize I would be totally fine with a full rebuild. I don't believe they will, but for me personally this is a major shift in my thinking. I am a 46 year old Habs fan who still has (kinda vague and romantic) memories of the 70's glory days so the strategy of rebuilding isn't something I've ever really gotten behind, until now. So I guess knowing that is how I feel, all of these positive moves, as long as they remain wins, however small, are leading the team in a much better direction.
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    Bergevin reading my articles and taking on cap dumps to get picks and young players. Excellent.
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    I do not think that is realistic. He may be an upgrade on Danault, and I would love to add Spezza to the lineup; but expecting him to be the 1C is the samae as expecting Schlemko to be the top LD! For tanking reason, I would sign Spezza and pair him with Pacioretty and Lehkonne. But I would then trade Pacioretty and Spezza at the trade deadline for draft picks.
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    Subban has both lived up to his contact and proven to be coachable, but I'm sure it's hard for you guys to watch him play when your respective heads are buried that far in the sand.