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    Because they never would have got him? Assuming the KHL team would have let him out of his contract (despite having no logical reason to do so), Markov would have had to gone through entry waivers where any team could have claimed him for free. Someone would have claimed him and the Habs still wouldn't have had Markov (and Markov wouldn't have gotten his wish to return to Montreal so neither side would have been happy). It would have made zero sense for that to have happened. Conveniently, in his rush to post this to Twitter on Friday, the author of that tweet conveniently neglected all of this. If they want to work something out now and the KHL team is open to releasing him from the second year of his deal (a fact that is conveniently neglected in the article that went up yesterday), sure. There's no entry waivers at this point of the season so why not? Once the season starts though, it's no longer a feasible option (something that any somewhat-respectable hockey writer already should know). But hey, it makes for good click bait...
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    I've said before...MB manages by personal ego. It's a major reason why the team is as wretched as it is.
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    Kirby Dach looks good Alex Turcotte Kaapo Kakko Alex Newhook Raphael Lavoie There is a lot there
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    He had to say no midseason. No choice on this. Remember once Markov played one game after the NHL season started.. he would have to clear waivers. Markov pn a one year deal would never clear. Bergevin would be handing a defenceman to a competitor
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    Toronto, Tampa, New Jersey, Boston, Columbus, Washington, Pittsburgh, Florida, Philly, Carolina, Buffalo, maybe NYI and NYR then Detroit, Montreal and Ottawa I think there are at least 11 teams with far better rosters than Montreal, maybe 13.. the battle for the bottom looks to be a three team race to me, and Montreal is in the thick of it. I get it.. nothing is decided in July and teams go on runs or fail to meet expectations.. but we're hoping for a Vegas run when we just don't have Vegas talent.