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    To Pittsburgh Max Pacioretty Jordie Benn To Montreal Carl Hagelin 1st Round Pick 2019 2nd Round Pick 2019 3rd Round Pick 2020 Anthony Angello Pittsburgh gets themselves a big upgrade at LW, and Montreal takes Hagelin's cap to make it work for them. Habs also give them an extra D which they need. The price is steep with a 1st/2nd/3rd, as well as Angello, but that's what it should cost to get Pacioretty when you are weak on the left side and need to clear cap space. Pittsburgh has been absolute trash at the draft anyway so they won't miss the picks anyhow.
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    Nash was 1) Older 2) Also a playoff failure 3) Scored less goals in recent seasons. 4) Had a higher cap hit 5) Was a deadline rental, and not with the team all season. And the Rangers had just released a letter to their fans saying... we are rebuilding and trading a bunch of players who you love. Basically they were in a much worse situation, and still got a lot for Nash.
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    If only Nashville were stupid enough to make this trade. Alas, their GM is not Marc Bergevin. Also, MB wouldn't make that trade, as it fails to represent a downgrade between two players who play the exact same position.
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    I dunno. It's pretty common for a team to generate a "sweepstakes" for an impact player. In such times, everyone knows the player is on the block. So I'm not sure we lose huge leverage by saying we intend to trade him (if that's in fact what MB said). The only thing that troubles me slightly is that the tone of that report - "there will be no contract negotiation" - seems a bit on the sniffy side, as if MB got pissed off. Which is also what seems to have happened with Markov, and during the Subban negotiations. It seems consistent with MB's modus operandi that he would make major decisions based on being in a snit over a guy playing hardball.
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    We also have the Elliotte Freidmann report that Molson told Bergevin that he doesn't care if we miss the playoffs, as long as he stocks up on picks and prospects this year. Looking back, that report makes more sense as it came out the same time as the Weber surgery was actually being done.
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    I can't see the Habs firing Bergevin two months into the season. Notwithstanding the long-term contract, GM changes don't happen too often in-season as the people they may want to interview (like a certain Tampa assistant GM) aren't going to be made available until the summer. That was part of the problem for Carolina after the new owner got rid of Francis - most of the top AGM candidates weren't even available to be interviewed (and then he lowballed the few that were). The team also doesn't really have a legitimate in-house interim GM option either. Besides, the Weber injury provides a bit of a crutch for things going badly at the start. If a change is going to be made, it probably won't be until the offseason.