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    Missed the post season 2 out of 3 years with a first-round exit thrown in...you and I have different definitions of garbage. As for the 2014 and 2015 teams not being on the cusp of contention, sure, keep peddling delusions if it makes you feel better. It's like climate change denial...doesn't change the facts.
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    I think the Habs can generate players of the calibre of Kopitar, Carter, etc. Kotkaniemi may become that, for example. So might Drouin or Domi. What we don't have are bona-fide superstars (Crosby, Ovechkin, Matthews, Tavares, etc.). I actually tend to agree with your assessments of both Price and Weber. Your boldfaced comment is hilarious, and bizarrely 100% true, a real testament to how biased and frankly stupid NHL refereeing is. Nevertheless, the fact that Weber gets away with murder because he's a Good Old Boy does work to both his advantage and that of the Habs. Only when he loses a step, and it starts to become really egregious, will his trips to the box spike upwards - and that will be a sure indicator of his decline IMHO.
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    LA is in sell mode, Chicago is saving their money to go after Panarin, St. Louis doesn't have the payroll flexibility to do it (and are also believed to be in sell mode) and Minnesota is already spending over $26 million on their back end. They're not going to want to add another $5.5 million to upgrade their third pairing (as Petry would probably slot in behind Dumba and Spurgeon). As for the other teams, New Jersey could be a fit in terms of a spot for him but they'd be nuts to trade their first rounder for him considering it's looking like they're a bottom-five team. Philly maybe would have some interest but I think when Fletcher realizes that Scott Gordon isn't going to turn the team around, they'll start to sell. Florida doesn't have 2nd/3rd rounders already so they're not dealing their 1st. (Something with Petry/Matheson could make sense though.) Carolina is beyond loaded on defence and has no need at all for Petry, and Vancouver's already said they're not dealing future pieces. There's a reason teams that are far out of a playoff position at the trade deadline don't become buyers and deal their first rounder away. That's not about to change for a couple of years and a bit of Petry. The only teams that would offer up a first rounder for him are playoff/contending teams. If a rebuilding team happens to want his services, it's probably a draft-day move involving more established younger players as there isn't much value in adding him to a non-playoff team midseason.