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    A little segment on HNIC about "the impact of Shea Weber" to the Habs this season.
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    Man!! I gotz that HNIC jingle in my head All day!!!! Here is to an Awsome game Tonight!!!
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    Props to the Habs for having a record nearly identical to the Predators at the halfway mark.
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    Damn, this is going to have to accelerate the timetable for tanking Hudon's value.
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    I agree that there will be structural problems with Habs in a few years. I think this is why it's important to stick to the rebuild and not let the current wild card spot fool this organization into thinking that it is better than what it is. We've seen this before with other rebuilding teams. They squeak into the playoffs one year and everybody thinks it's progress and it's time to try and speed up the rebuild. Then the next year, they miss the playoffs in a big way. I remember this happening to both Colorado and New Jersey not so long ago. I don' think that Habs should be desperate to move any veterans with term, but if there is a good offer on the table that makes the team better a few years from now and for a while after that, they should be strongly considering it. My opinion is to build around the "new core" (Kotkaniemi, Domi, Drouin, Mete, Juulsen) and not worry about the old core (Price, Petry, Weber). That's just me though, I've always been a strong believer in rebuilds through strong drafting and development. I want the Habs to build a Chicago/Pittsburgh type team that can win several Cups in a decade long period of contention as opposed to a team that might win one Cup in a 4-5 year window and then back to the drawing board.
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