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    I love your favorite Hab.... me too...
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    I enjoyed Super Bowl weekend, because the Habs played twice.
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    Yeah, 8 overall in the league and if the power play was better and helped them win a few games they could have been as high as 4th. Its been a good season so far, lots of hockey to play but they have to be proud of what they have done so far.
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    Judging by the haircut, definitely not Drouin!
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    I know Drouin can be frustrating at times and sometimes takes games off and has lazy plays but if he wants to he can completely take over a game. He has that kind of talent. Watch for the playoffs to really show this as he did in Tampa a couple years ago. I’m telling you guys Domi and Drouin will be playoff hero’s.
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    Games are all getting tougher to win down the stretch. The habs aren't scoring much and starting to play really dumb hockey,. Not a recipe for success. We'll see what they are made of down the stretch
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