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    Shattenkirk to Tampa Bay, one year and $1.75MM. That's a really nice pickup for them although they may have to go make another cap dump trade unless they force Point onto a bridge deal. They're also at 49 contracts with Point (and Adam Erne) to re-sign so they'll have to trade a player or two to get into contract compliance as well.
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    Brassard had a bad year. I figured he'd need to take a 1 year "show me" contract, like 1 year/3 mill. 4? Yeesh.
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    You always allow an AGM to interview for a GM job, so long as its off-season and doesn't effect the team right now. Its just being fair to your employee... if he can get a promotion, you let him go. If you become the team that doesn't do this, you then will have a hard time getting good talent going forward cause if they have a choice between you and someone else, they will go with the team that wouldn't hold back their career.
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    It wouldn't reflect very well on them if they denied Mellanby an opportunity to get a promotion. He has interviewed with a few teams in the past for their GM job.
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    With respect, the context being missed here is this team has gone into a full blown retool and building through youth for over a year now, expecting to make the playoffs during such a transition is setting the bar at an unrealistically high level to promote the rhetoric that he is continually failing. MB has not been very good during his tenure as a whole, he has also not been nearly as terrible as some make him out to be, the truth, as usual, is somewhere between both biased parties of the argument. He mismanaged some assets and even an entire offseason, he has also surprisingly shown great poise and solid asset management and strategy since embarking on this retool, it has thus far been the beginning of a redemption story for him. If you are going to give the guy a chance to redeem himself from past mistakes, then you have to, at some point, put those mistakes in the past and judge him based on what he is doing while trying to redeem himself. I have little complaints since the retool started about him, with the exception of the current passive offseason, but I do understand the offseason is far from over and things can happen by training camp. All in all, what I am seeing is a team with a top 5 prospect pool in the league, and miles away from any kind of cap hell, those are his dues to collect, there is no other regime to give credit to, there is no one else responsible for this current situation. So while it is easy for some people to continually pile on the dog poop about his past blunders, those same people are seemingly nowhere to be found when it comes to giving an honest unbiased assessment of his retool management. While I think it is easy enough to see why they steer clear of any positive assessment and only jump in the fray when there is mud to fling around and dead horses to beat on, it doesn't make it right by any stretch.
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