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    Yeah, I quite agree with you. The whole idea of "addition by subtraction" is one I have been opposing for years (I opposed it for Ribeiro and Grabovski, and I still oppose it today) and "getting rid" of a guy because he is a disappointment relative to expectations is dumb. The aim should be to intelligently manage assets so as to ice the best possible team. I'm a bit of a Drouin skeptic, but he is a legitimate, if flawed, young top-6 FW. You trade him if it makes the team better, and for no other reason.
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    Uh, would you tear off your front door to repair a leaking window? Trading Danault now would cause far more problems than it would solve.
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    Sure glad I didn't have tickets for this one in my package. Would have been a shame to attend or, worse, sell them to a friend.
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    Evans is solid. It'd be nice to see him in a bottom 6 role.
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    I dont know why you were downvoted. You were 100% correct. Danault provides something that no other habs centre currently provides. Kotkaniemi might be there soon but its a lot to ask of a 19 year old to play against the other teams top lines. He is suggesting domi, kk, suzuki, poehling? What? Domi isnt good enough defensively for the role and is about to start his second season as a centre. Poehling and suzuki are a pair of 20 year old raw rookies, who have played zero pro hockey. Kk is a 19 year old in his second nhl season. Its crazy to think any of them is ready to do what Danault does as the top checking centre.
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    I don't see the upside in losing 6-5 instead of winning 3-2.
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