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    You may have been intrigued, I felt like barfing and if I could have gone back in time I would have pulled out the hair I used to have.
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    Our prospect pool (in the farm system) is ranked sixth by both ESPN and the Athletic. St Louis is #3. Pittsburgh is #23. Boston is #27. Calgary is #31. Colorado is #2. Dallas is #24. Winnipeg is #28. Apart from the Blues and the Avalanche, those teams do not have stronger pools to draw from. I disagree on a LW panic move. I hope Bergevin is staying focused on finding a top LD for us, that will make a bigger impact than emergency top-six winger. And we don't have cap space for both.
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    It was marginal, but you don't even open the door when down a goal. There was just no need for that action.
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