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    The Habs have been slumping badly these last couple of weeks. As a result, it's time to turn to one of the forum's most trusted slump-busters. It's small but it's also speedy and elusive, elements that haven't been as prevalent in recent games (especially when it comes to getting back on defence). I speak, of course, about the dancing banana. Dancing banana, may your wiggling inspire the Habs to play with pace and speed and perhaps remind them what to do in the defensive zone against a Flyers team that just put up six against Detroit yesterday afternoon. Puck drop is at 3 PM on Sportsnet (national) and RDS (regional).
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    I agree there is a huge difference between black face and the N word if that's your point. I think what Trudeau did was based on ignorance not any sort of racism. I am no fan of Trudeau but am willing to give him a break on that one. I am not a young man but it's only because of what came out with Trudeau that I have come to understand what black face is. I have known for a long long time that the N word is horrible. Peters should have known better. There is no excuse for his behaviour.
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    It's not a question of doing nothing. Panic moves rarely work.
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    Montreal is 2nd in the league in Corsi for... not 30th.... (2nd highest... high being good) Montreal is 12th in the league in Corsi against.... (12th lowest... low being good) Montreal is 2nd in the league in Corsi% (Corsi for divided by corsi for + corsi against). (2nd highest... high being good) Montreal is 5th in scoring chances for... as well.... (high being good)... and 3rd in scoring chance % (high being good). so yes, they have lots of shots... but they also have a very high percentage of those shots being high danger chances. If they were taking too many bad shots from bad areas... the CF would be high (which it is) and the Scoring Chances would be low (it isn't).... which means the shots they are taking are good shots from good areas of the ice. They don't have too many shots that are blocked and leading to scoring chances against.
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    🦋🦄🌈 🤪...but it makes me see all these colours 🦋🦄🌈 🤪
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