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    Neal - McDavid - Kassian Nugent-Hopkins - Draisaitl - Yamamoto Gagner - Haas - Chiasson Nygard - Sheahan - Archibald Nurse - Bear Klefbom - Larsson Jones - Russell Smith Tatar - Danault - Gallagher Kovalchuk - Domi - Suzuki Lehkonen - Kotkaniemi - Cousins Poehling - Thompson - Weal Scandella - Weber Kulak - Petry Mete - Fleury Price
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    I think i read that the scouting department has had the same leaders for closer to 15 years, they are not good Im of the opinion cleaning house in management, scouting and let the new GM decide CJ fate.
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    Let's boil this down to a simple truth. Yes, the plan is flawed. Why? Our record. It really is as simple as that. You can throw all the excuses about injuries, guys having an off year, ect out the window because those are variables every other team deals with over the course of the season too. Bill Parcells said it best: "You are what your record says you are".
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    I think I’m the only one who wants Kovalchuk to spend a little more time with us. Admittedly, I’m still not over losing Radulov, and to a lesser extent Vanek, after such short stints with our team. If Kovalchuk somehow brought us a player and a draft pick, or a 2nd rounder+ then by all means, manage your asset. If the most we could get was something along the lines of a 3rd rounder, I’m not all too excited about seeing him go at the deadline.
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    All those fancy stats don't really mean much Habs are 3rd in Corsi and garbage for what counts, eins and losses
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    The more I look at it if we did blow the team up and trade guys like Price, Weber, Petry, Byron and our UFA's, I would keep Gallagher make him the captain And a leader for the younger guys.
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    KHL contracts typically expire April 30th. Teams can let a player out early (to go to the NHL) but I believe if they do so, they lose his rights if he decides he wants to go back to the KHL down the road so they rarely do so. That happened with the Rangers last year when they wanted to bring over Vitali Kravtsov but ultimately had to wait.
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    That reason was the 6+ million dollar cap hit that had another season attached to it.
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