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    Props to not caring about facts and just spitting negative feelings everywhere
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    I'm sure whatever happens Bergevin is the worst! Can I get a hell yeah?
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    Watched the game on the PVR. Like the CH, I am dialing it in On teh positive, due to injuries Mete and Ouellet are playing on their off-side (ahead of Folin, which does not bode well for him). They are doing OK, but get burnt on the outside a couple of time each game. I liked Evans game centering the 4th line more than what I remember of Poehling playing that role. My memory is sh!!#@t, so take it for what is worth Suzuki has clearly established himself as the CH's 2C. Which makes Domi expendable, Even id Suzuki struggles next year and doesn score as much, his defensive awareness and positioning makes him a decent option on the 3rd line next year. If the CH doesn't sign a top LD, I hope they re-sign Scandella. He is an NHL-level LD that can shelter Mete or even Romanov (if he makes it) next year. Kovalchuk is cooling off, but Drouin tends to get hurt for long periods every second year and is inconsistent at best. I would keep Kovalchuk next year as an insurrance policy to cover for Drouin when we need to sit him We need a backup goalie more than an LD. F*..!ck this "ride the $10M man" thing and get a solid backup
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    Reffing was horrible but the stars took away the neutral zone halfway through the second and for some reason the habs decided to give the puck away every time they had it. You have the lead. If there's no play dont force one. Especially with the lead. Deserved loss I says.
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    That's hilarious. Made me laugh.
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    Gallagher and Domi both go to the dressing room. The "Habs can't have nice things" file is an entire cabinet now.
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