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    I hear they are recruiting for members on the Leafs forum... #JustSaying
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    Yes. Price was a poor pick because he has yet to score 70 points in his career. /s
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    In Trevor Timmins' time with the CH, he has drafted the following on the top 50: A.Kostitsyn, Urquhart (bust), Chipchura, Price (elite), Latendresse, Fischer (bust), Maxwell (bust), McDonagh (elite), Pacioretty (elite), Subban (elite), Leblanc (bust), Tinordi (bust), Beaulieu (bust), Collberg (bust), McCarron (bust), DeLaRose, Fucale (bust), Scherbak (bust), Juulsen, Sergachev (potential to be elite) => That's a 50% success rate and 4 or 5 elite picks To me, it is the number of picks traded away that Timmins didn't have to hedge his late 1st round gambles: No 2nd in 2004, No 1st in 2008, No 2nd in 2009, No 2nd in 2010, No 2nd in 2011, No 2nd in 2012, No 2nd in 2014, No 2nd in 2015, No 2nd in 2016 That is nine top 50 picks, or half a dozen core players that he did not get a chance to draft. I do not think the problem is Drafting or Timmins at all.
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    You dont seem to like the Habs either.
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    Tomas plekanec 2009-10, 25 goals 45 assists 70 points. Fake stats once again?
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    Tampa has done a fantastic part in developing their players and don’t generally rush in 18 year olds. I can’t think of anyone other than stamkos and posssibly Hedman who came in in their draft year. You can draft later if younc give guys a few years to develop in the minors which most of Tampa’s core did - they weren’t rushed in for PR reasons just because the team sucked. We rushed in Kk, we rushed in Mete, just like we had Riad he’s in latendresse and ribeiro in the gainey regime. Yzerman also made sure he had good development people, not his buddies he grow up with as kid. There no friggin way Lefebve would have lasted over a year with Yzerman and you can bet Therrien would never have been hired and I’d the mistake to hire him was made, he would have been fired within his first 3 years.
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    Brett Connoly is another top 5 tampa bust. Again, you cant judge drafting success/failure by only looking at firsts.
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    Tampa does very well in the later rounds (as has Timmins over the years). Which is why judging by first rounders only is not that informative. Vasilevskiy was also tampa's second first round pick that year. Koekkoek was taken 10th overall and hes a bust.
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    don't see how anyone can reasonably come to that conclusion... hes shown great signs of future success but also shown that he needs more time to develop and mature. For heavens sakes he's 19.
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    Blake coleman to tampa for Nolan Foote and Vancouvers 2020 first round pick. I concede... if thats the price for blake coleman, trade everyone. Tatar, Kovalchuk, Petry, Thompson, Cousins, Weal, trade em all. Blake f'ing Coleman is worth 2 firsts. Tatar is surely worth both Lafreniere and Byfield in this marker.
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