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    So this turned into a brilliant deal. Bergevin turns a 4th rounder in 2020 - into a 2nd rounder in 2020 and a conditional 4th in 2021. Good luck to the MB haters trying to find something to criticize here.
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    I'd be very curious to see some source for those 2 statements.
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    Hey I had to go take a cold shower after I felt sick 😎🤒
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    I'm just quoting so I have a historical moment captured on my profile
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    Back then, there were many other GMs looking for big, gritty centres, too ... not many of them foresaw the game changing the way it has.
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    So..... why don’t we throw 10 different negative angles that contradict one another out there and then maybe one of them will stick. The plan this season was to make the playoffs. MB didn’t do enough in the offseason to improve our team. Whether or not it’s true, that’s all that needed to be said. We were not rebuilding this year so all that trade Price and Weber talk is moot.
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    I was against trading Petry for the same reasons that Cucumber outlined but if the recent trades are any indication then Petry would bring us a mighty return. If we can turn Tatar, Petry and Domi (I'm not convinced that he is more than a one year wonder) into a grade A forward prospect, 2 grade A defense prospects and 3 1st rounders then we would be crazy not to do it. This kind of return would greatly speed up our reset. If by some miracle we can get a good return for Drouin then we jump on that and count our blessings.
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    Not just about NHL potential, but AHL pedigree. Peca should be doing much better than he has been. Weise has been a better NHLer than AHLer. Varone and Barber are underperforming at least slightly considering their previous numbers. Olofsson is way off his AHL standard (but did miss an entire year to injury.) The defense as a whole should be much better with guys like Ouellet and Alzner playing at the slower AHL pace... And while I was typing all this Brian swooped in and made all my points.
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    But look at the veteran supporting cast. Varone has been a top AHL scorer, Barber had a huge year last year. Ouellet is a top AHL d-man. Olofsson's not too shabby. Alzner is a stable shutdown guy. Peca's no slouch at this level either. They got Folin for a bit (and he's back now). That's one of the better veteran groups in the league but pretty much every one of them has underwhelmed this year. That's a coaching issue.
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    In Trevor Timmins' time with the CH, he has drafted the following on the top 50: A.Kostitsyn, Urquhart (bust), Chipchura, Price (elite), Latendresse, Fischer (bust), Maxwell (bust), McDonagh (elite), Pacioretty (elite), Subban (elite), Leblanc (bust), Tinordi (bust), Beaulieu (bust), Collberg (bust), McCarron (bust), DeLaRose, Fucale (bust), Scherbak (bust), Juulsen, Sergachev (potential to be elite) => That's a 50% success rate and 4 or 5 elite picks To me, it is the number of picks traded away that Timmins didn't have to hedge his late 1st round gambles: No 2nd in 2004, No 1st in 2008, No 2nd in 2009, No 2nd in 2010, No 2nd in 2011, No 2nd in 2012, No 2nd in 2014, No 2nd in 2015, No 2nd in 2016 That is nine top 50 picks, or half a dozen core players that he did not get a chance to draft. I do not think the problem is Drafting or Timmins at all.
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    I know - 'recalled' beside Ryan Culkin is never a good thing...
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