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    Same goes with forum writing... If “someone” goes on writing the same over and over with same results : it is the definition of insanity ! No tangible results from ranting on the last twenty years. No constructive contribution or insight.... #JustSaying
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    Fleury, Kotkaniemi, Ylonen, Romanov, Vejdemo, Poehling, Primeau are exciting picks Please start the washing machine and close the lights on your way out of the “rain on my parade” party
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    Is all right grumpy, team is tanking so is your time to shine!
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    I don’t give a crap if the team is better than it was two years ago. It’s still a crap team.
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    If Bergevin can't get a 1st for kovalchuk, I will package the 2nd round pick we just got from St.Louis along with kovalchuk for a 1st round pick coming back to us.
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    Lets just hope Weber is ok and he isn't holding of surgery or even needs surgery. Because boy will I be pissed if weber misses the start of next season because he has surgery in the off season.
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    Hey I had to go take a cold shower after I felt sick 😎🤒
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    Bergevin just got a 2nd for scandella. If he gets Bergevin a 2nd, then kovalchuk gets him a 1st. This is for all the Bergevin lovers on here well done Bergevin 👍
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